Claustrophobia! - Play Test Version
Written by: Rodney Sloan
Published by: Rising Phoenix Games
Category: Fantasy
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Captains Log, 19 May 2012. The time now is 9:00, we’re approaching the Upper Mantle… things are about to get hot in here boys!
Welcome to Claustrophobia!, the game about crazy gnome explorers on board the doomed Nuclear Subterrine*, the sentient vessel HMS Keeton. When standing around in the garden becomes too much, colonies of gnomes turn to a life of adventuring or crime, the later being the preferred, less hazardous change of occupation. For those adventurous gnomes there is but one choice, take up their shovel, wheel barrow or fishing rod and tackle the greatest quest any gnome can undertake: a journey to the centre of the earth. Prepare to face hardship, danger, and more than likely extreme cases of Claustrophobia!

You have been warned.

Claustrophobia! uses piles of 6 sided dice in a unique way to allow you to tell the stories of heroic garden gnomes you've always wanted to play!

You can join the play testing on the blog: Read up about how you can earn your free copy of the final release containing more monsters, all new art, additional rules and more. Play Testing ends 31 July 2012.

* A subterranean submarine, usually constructed by gnomes out of surplus garden supplies and powered by a home made and somewhat dangerous nuclear power plant.
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