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Nerd Watching: Go Vote For Our Competitors!

Written by Nicholas - Published on July 26, 2009

Nicholas is the columnist in charge of Nerd Watching and part-time Expy wrangler. He also works as the community manager, so keep an eye out for him on RPG blogs and forums.

Cast Your Ballot Now

ENnie award season is here again! The nominations are in and it is time to vote on your favorite products and sites. After winning an award last year, the folks at Dungeon Mastering decided to sit this year out and cast our support behind some of our other very deserving contemporaries. I’m endorsing our fellow bloggers at Critical Hits for “Best Website”! You don’t need to vote in every category, but Critical Hits faces a tough crowd this year so get out and vote! Just remember that voting 1 is high, voting 5 is low.

So why should you vote for Critical Hits? I’m tell you (and put in my own entry for their quotes page). Critical Hits consistently puts out truly original articles on familiar subjects. They open and continue a dialog with their readers. The site also has enough vitamin C to fight off even the toughest cases of scurvy!

If you need more proof of their excellence, just check out their newest feature, The Guide to 4e Accessories. They have put together this guide of all tools, physical tools, websites and even iPhone apps that will help you to run a 4e (and often other sorts) of games.

We Can Rebuild Him, We Have the Technology

We got a first peek at the new Monster Builder program this week. It comes in the form of a “Confessions of a Full-Time Wizard” article. From the sound of it, the program will provide a simple way to make monsters that scales up to your . The program auto calculates attack bonuses, hit points and such by what role, level and stats you assign to the monster. It also features a powers database of suggested powers that you can customize for your new monster. Also, like the Character Builder, you can take the Monster Builder off the rails and house rule your monster anyway you want.

There’s just one obvious feature which is not discussed in the article. Shelly doesn’t talk about any way to share your monsters with others. She says the monster goes in a personal database so that it can re-used, but not a way to make it public. It seems like a waste for everyone to make their own monsters but for them to stay unseen except in their private groups. Our own DM tools have a search-able public database. I hope once you make monsters in the shiny new Monster Builder, you’ll come over here and share them with us! (Or just come by and mooch).

Just an Excellent Link

I had the good fortune to see this on Johnn Four’s twitter. Now I pass it on to you. Top 10 New Dungeon Master Mistakes on Beneath the Screen. I was not familiar with the site, but the article is pure truth. I’ve seen those mistakes over and over, not just from new DMs. I suggest you check it out. Are people in your campaign world just know as “that shopkeeper” or “the one-eyed guy in the bar”? Do you let your NPCs overshadow the main party? The first step is identifying and admitting your problem. Check it out!

What do you want out of the Monster Builder? Did you make any of the 10 DM mistakes? Leave a comment!

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Written by Nicholas

Nick DiPetrillo is the original author behind the games Arete and Zombie Murder Mystery available at http://games.dungeonmastering.com

Nick is no longer active with DungeonMastering.com, however he is an accomplished writer and published his first game in 2009.

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Nicholas is the columnist in charge of Nerd Watching and part-time Expy wrangler. He also works as the community manager, so keep an eye out for him on RPG blogs and forums.



6 Responses to “Nerd Watching: Go Vote For Our Competitors!”
  1. Storyteller says:

    Nicholas, thank you so much for the link and kind words! I’m so happy that I was able to attract so many eyes over to my little blog :) I hope I can continue to write up such noteworthy posts!

  2. Dave T. Game says:

    Thanks much for the endorsement, Nicholas!

    I never really considered us competition to be honest… unless you’re talking about a fight between our mascot and yours. THEN there’s fighting!

    I was more than happy to endorse Dungeonmastering last year and be there when Yax picked up his medal. Now I hope we can be in that spot.

  3. Bartoneus says:

    As Dave said, thank you very much for the support! I think without it we would have no shot at gathering the votes to get ahead of sites like Obsidian Portal or Kobold Quarterly, who knows we still might not have a chance but I’m hopeful!

    Last year it was definitely great being there to see Yax win, and I’m literally shocked that now we have the chance at the same thing.

    @Dave: Honestly, a Red Dragon vs. an Umberhulk riding a Bullette just isn’t fair….it’s 2v1. :D

  4. Yax says:

    Wait a second, a red dragon would obliterate an umberhulk riding a bullette! That’s not even a close call.

  5. I dunno, Yax… it’s an UMBERHULK riding a BULLETTE. Expy might pass out just from the shock of how awesome that is.

  6. Yax says:

    No respect for red dragons. Dangerous opinion to have.

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