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4 ways to make better PCs and NPCs with Martial Flavor

Written by Expy - Published on November 1, 2009

Play richer character and NPCs with Martial Flavor, a book featuring five unique martially-themed subcultures for your 4e D&D game, with over 50 pages of background and the feats, class features and utility powers to back them up.

I’m really thrilled to recommend Martial Flavor. Chaotic Shiny Productions was developed by Hannah Lipsky, who’s written for RoleplayingTips.com and Goodman Games. You can get many excerpts and samples from the book here, so I will let you judge for yourself how the book will make your D&D game better.

Martial Flavor

Here’s how I plan to use the book:

4 ways Martial Flavor can make your PCs and NPCs better

#1 – Agressive looting is fun!

Gamers are creative people. Personally, I have no trouble coming up with great character concepts. But the great characters are built on details and Martial Flavor offers a lot of cultural tidbits. I intend to loot shamelessly! It will allow me to quickly create NPCs that are more than stat blocks

#2 – Powers that players don’t know

Does everyone have one player who knows everything and has read all the D&D books out there? I sure do. Having just one unique power per NPC keeps the element of surprise alive.

#3 – Wiki content and art

Here’s one thing I do when I have a little time to prepare, but don’t quite feel like working hard on my campaign: I copy and paste existing material in my campaign wiki! It makes my game world richer. It hardly requires any concentration. And Martial Flavor has enough artwork to make my wiki look polished.

#4- Get your imagination going

Reading D&D books always gets my creative juices flowing. Martial Flavor will do that to you.

#5 – Backstory + min-maxing = awesome

The characters I remember fondly from past games all had extensive backstory and kicked major ass. Martial Flavor offers backstory suggestions, cultural fluff, and powers and feats to match.

Samples, excerpts and more

Chaotic Shiny offer a few sample pages for free, design notes, and excerpts on the Martial Flavor webpage.

Martial Flavor

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Written by Expy

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5 Responses to “4 ways to make better PCs and NPCs with Martial Flavor”
  1. Swordgleam says:

    Thanks muchly for the write-up, Yax!

  2. scott says:

    Awesome work Swordgleam.

  3. Yax says:

    @Swordgleam: You’re welcome. Good luck with the book.

  4. Dave Kester (djkester on twitter) says:

    Can anyone point me to a crunch review of Martial Flavor?


  5. Swordgleam says:

    @Dave – I couldn’t find a better way to contact you, so here’s hoping you check this. No one’s reviewed Martial Flavor with an eye to crunch yet, so I’d be thrilled if you would like to. Email me at swordgleam at chaoticshiny and I’ll send you a review copy.

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