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DMing features in September

Written by Expy - Published on September 6, 2007

September is here and I am very excited about this month’s upcoming DMing projects. I have a lot of posts that I want to publish right now because I’m hoping for enthusiastic reader reactions. Since I can’t post everything on the same day I thought I’d give a sneak peak of the month ahead.

Upcoming Dungeon Mastering projects

  • The Parallel Adventures Project debuts at the end the month. Every parallel adventure will be a short adventure in pdf format – 5 to 10 pages long – and will feature a video commentary and screen capture overview. Dungeon masters will be able to read the few pages of the module, watch the video, tweak a few details and add the parallel adventure to an ongoing campaign by investing less than 30 minutes in prep time! This project started a few weeks ago when published adventures were discussed.
  • I’m wrapping up the Instant campaign builder project by next Tuesday – 4 more articles – and I’ll package all 10 articles, relevant comments left by readers, and links to complementary resources in a handy pdf file.
  • The Instant World Builder Project will debut mid-September.
  • I’ll add to the D&D bling series take a look at the stylish accessorizing of rogues.

Top commentators

The top commentators links in the sidebar have been reset on September 1st. If you run a blog or website you can get a free link in the sidebar of DMing by participating in the discussions and leaving comments.

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Written by Expy

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2 Responses to “DMing features in September”
  1. Dave T. Game says:

    Parallel Adventures sounds awesome. I’ve always felt there was a market for published adventures that didn’t take as much time to read through as planning them yourself. I also like it’s an extra multimedia level.

  2. Yax says:

    Yeah! I’m really looking forward to that one. The video will allow me to suggest a bunch of possibilities that would be ridiculously long to write down or read.

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