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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Dungeon Blogger?

Written by Expy - Published on February 25, 2010

DungeonMastering.com Challenges You…

The administration at DungeonMastering.com is throwing down the gauntlet!  Every reader can now become a Dungeon Blogger for a day!

What is the standard for submissions?

1) A blog post must have a minimum of 500 words. Smaller submissions will be completely ignored.

2) The blog post should be written in article format with a clear introduction, explanatory paragraphs, and conclusion.

3) All writing must be original. It’s acceptable to cite an occasional phrase but do not cite large passages from other written works.

4) Must be written in good English, free of any major grammatical errors.

5) The topic should be interesting to a wide range of DnD players, not just to you & your friends.

6) DISCLAIMER: All submissions become property of DungeonMastering.com to use as the administration sees fit.  Submission is no guarantee of being published, and DungeonMastering.com may see fit to use submitted content offsite.

If we really like your work, you may be invited to write for DungeonMastering.com as a staff writer!

Send all submissions to yax.dming@gmail.com

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Written by Expy

Meet Expy The Red Dragon

Expy is the mascot for DungeonMastering.com and the real mastermind behind Expy Games. He likes to hoard treasure, terrorize neighbors, burn down villages, and tell white dragon jokes..

No matter how fearful the legends claim dragons are, they always end up being defeated in 5 rounds by adventuring parties they encounter. That’s what dragons are – experience points for the heroes in your Dungeons & Dragon party. And this mascot is no different, hence the name Expy.

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17 Responses to “Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Dungeon Blogger?”
  1. Elderon Analas says:

    Yay. This is just the sort of thing I’ve been waiting on. I’ll try and get to work right away. I just hope I can come up with something usefull and exciting. I’ll have to go through my numerous stories and find something I can use. My blood is burning with excitement now. I’m just glad to have this oppertunity.

  2. TheWhite says:

    Agree 100% with Elderon. I love writing about subjects I enjoy (as you may have gathered from some fairly long winded replies). Work has been done on an article and an entry submitted. Fingers crossed.

  3. Jason says:

    Should we just send the entire article/post to you straight away, Yax, or should we send a pitch-style email first?

  4. Admin says:

    Just send it to us right away, that’s the only factor that will really determine whether or not we publish it.

  5. Elderon Analas says:

    Well I got my article in. Hope you like it. I would also like to hear about your guys’ articles. Hope to see you guys get a place too.This is so exciting. I may have to go to the tavern and pick a fight just to take my mind off this.

  6. Elderon Analas says:

    I’m glad you support me. And I hope you get your articale posted as well, my tastey human friend.

    I’m not so much hoping to become a full time writer, mabey to at least get my one article up see how people respond to my writing style. See if people like me that sort of thing.

  7. Jason says:

    And now my article is submitted as well. Yax, can we send multiple submissions? Or is it a one-entry contest? Looking forward to the results.

  8. TheWhite says:

    Like you I’m not so much looking at going full time or anything (although that would be awesome), just getting some stuff out there and helping out fellow gamers is enough for me. Can’t wait to see what everyone else has done

  9. Elderon Analas says:

    Even if my article doesn’t get posted I will still know I tried. I’m hopeing Yax may send back ways I could improve it. Or I could send it to Krystal where she could help me.

    Hopeing we can make multiple submissions too.

  10. Brian says:

    You guys are more than welcome to submit as many articles as you’d like for potential publishing on the blog. In fact, the more you submit, the better chance you’ll have of getting one published. =) We’ve had a great response so far and some of the articles are looking pretty sweet! We’ll be posting the first approved submissions within 48 hours (likely sooner). Thanks to everyone who’s contributed thus far!

  11. Elderon Analas says:

    YAY! Brians comment awnsers all my questions. (1) Multiple entries are allowed. (2) More than one person will get there article posted. (3) Theres alot of competition.

    Oh and I allmost forgot. FIRST COMMENT YAY! [breathes a bit of fire on computer in excitement] I’m glad I found a firef proof computer.

  12. kocho says:

    is there a deadline for submissions?
    because i’ll probably have an article in a couple days

  13. Admin says:

    We’ll leave submissions open for the entire month of March!

  14. kocho says:

    It should be in sometime this week.

  15. kocho says:

    ok, so subject lines for the emails should be something along the lines of “article name” (creator name) right?

  16. Tourq says:

    I’m interested in reading what others have to write about. Should be fun.



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