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Evil names are popular

Written by Expy - Published on December 21, 2007

Meta-blogging alert

I need to share this with you:  the top Google search keywords through which people end up on Dungeon Mastering is “evil names” and “evil name generator”…  And these people end up on my semi-rant article about generators: WTF: evil name generator

What’s troubling is that over 1,000 people ended up on this site because they were looking for an evil name generator!  This really fascinates me.  I wrote once about evil names and hundreds of people found out about it!  Hopefully journalists and bloggers who write about important issues get found too.

5 month anniversary

I was digging down in my website stats because I was celebrating 5 months of Dungeon Mastering – even I promised myself I would be on blogging vacation.

Anyhow, here are the articles that got the most pages viewed.  read them if you haven’t:

  1. What’s your inner D&D character? (55,000)
  2. Famous D&D last words (15,000)
  3. 300+ free D&D maps (6,500)
  4. 80+ free D&D adventures (6,400)
  5. Top 50 RPG websites (5,000)
  6. WTF: evil name generator (3,000)
  7. D&D instant campaign builder (2,000)
  8. How to prepare a great game in less than 30 minutes (1,500)
  9. Mad map drawing skills (1,500)
  10. D&D4E will be the worst RPG ever (1,300 – way more than the less incendiary D&D4E will be the best RPG ever)

I hope you didn’t mind the shameless self-promotion!

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Written by Expy

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2 Responses to “Evil names are popular”
  1. Maikl says:

    I don’t mind. Nice stats imo, considering that you’re writing such a small niche.

  2. To put a positive spin on that figure perhaps people are so, essentially, “good” that they have problems coming up with evil names and so need assistance?

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