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Get paid to write for D&D Insider

Written by Expy - Published on October 26, 2009

Here’s a bit of news that might interest a lot of you. You can work for Wizards! They need D&D Insider articles.

Here’s the link to the submissions guidelines:


Here’s the link to a blog article on the topic, with more details on submissions for this particular project, from Trevor at the Wizards Community site:


And here’s my advice…

5 ways to get noticed when you apply for a writing gig

I get about 50 article submissions per month. I reply to everyone but I must admit I don’t read everything I receive. I only have 24 hours in a day so I rely on snap judgments, even if it means I could miss a very talented writer.

  1. Do it. Just do it. Go for it! This is a great opportunity to get noticed by a roleplaying game company that pays writers and freelancers. Working in the RPG industry can be tough – so many people do it for free and the quality standards are high – but it beats almost any other gig.
  2. Send more than one submissions. It’s easy to ignore one submission. But when I see a name pop up over and over again I usually take  notice.
  3. Catchy titles. Any title that ends with a question mark is a good start. Avoid titles that don’t mean anything to the reader unless they read the article. The point of the title is to get people to read the article, not make you look smart and punny once they do.
  4. Reach to WOTC staff members on Wizbook.
  5. Don’t be a fanboy. I can’t stress this enough. You’re a professional, not a fanboy.

Good luck!

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Written by Expy

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5 Responses to “Get paid to write for D&D Insider”
  1. DandDGuy says:

    Thanks Yax, this might be just the thing that I need. I have had Ideas for Role playing Games in the past and they have all fell through for one reason or another. I just keep cranking them out though just because I love doing it. Could I post some of the Ideas that I have had in the past and see if any one here likes them you never know an editor or two may be watching the site I doubt it but it could happen.

  2. Nicholas says:

    @DandDGuy: You can’t rely on people stumbling upon your ideas and taking the initiative to recruit you. There is a ton of fierce competition out there that is actively pursuing the limited number of jobs out there. If it is something you really want to do professionally then you have to go for it and get your ideas to the right people yourself.

  3. Brett says:

    Thanks for the advice. I wrote a query letter to Dragon last year, but I never got a response. I was discouraged, but next time I will send in multiple letters around the same time.

  4. DandDGuy says:

    Thanks I won’t narrow my options like that any more nick

  5. Donato says:

    well, is worth the try.

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