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Must-Haves for the Dungeon Mastering Enthusiasts

Written by Expy - Published on October 22, 2015

Dungeon MasteringDungeon mastering is a critical component of all Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. In fact, your skill has a DM has the ability to make OR break the campaign that you are running and the experiences of your players. Those that specialize in dungeon mastering are expert storytellers, mediators, judges, and several other things. As a DM, it is your responsibility to guide your players on an adventure that may or may not involve mystery, exploration, treachery, glory, and even death. Forests, deserts, caverns, coasts, and mysterious terrains may be explored. A dungeon mastering enthusiast rewards players and punishes players.  It is your responsibility to enforce the rules and encourage the progression of the game. In order to succeed at all of these tasks, you will be required to have certain supplies. Here, you will find the must-haves for the dungeon mastering enthusiast.

The Absolute Necessities
There are several supplies that are absolutely necessary as a dungeon mastering expert. These include the following:

  • First, you should have a plastic grid that may be used to create maps and place the miniatures that you elect to play with during the campaign. If you are unable to obtain this type of grid, you may use a poster board or another product to make one for your campaign.
  • You will need a set of tokens. These special items are intended to represent the players and their positions in your campaign. You may use just about anything for tokens from dice to pieces from other games, such as Monopoly.
  • When dungeon mastering a campaign, it is important to ensure that you have a laptop or another type of mobile device that has the capability to connect to the internet. This way, you may access websites and pdf files that you may need for game play.
  • Finally, you will need to obtain a DM screen. These are very helpful resources.

Playing the Game
Once you have all of the dungeon mastering must-have items, you are ready to engage in game play. First, everyone should be informed of the rules of the game from the Player’s Handbook, as well as the house rules that you will elect to enforce. You should then make certain that all of your players have all of the items that they require to successfully play the game. Once everything is intact, you may then introduce your players to the world that you have created for them. Remember, as a dungeon mastering enthusiast, it is imperative that you bring the world to life for your characters. In taking this step, you will find that the people in your campaign thoroughly enjoy your role as a dungeon master. For more information on dungeon mastering or to discover more must-haves for your campaign, click HERE.

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Written by Expy

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6 Responses to “Must-Haves for the Dungeon Mastering Enthusiasts”
  1. Jarrett says:

    You do not need any of the four items you listed. Please stop spreading misinformation. None of those things are essential.

  2. Mad7eo says:

    Maybe for pathfinder or d&d from 3.0

    Never used a grid, laptop or tokens when playing ad&d

    I seldom use minis, just for important combats

    None of this things are essential to me (but the dm screen is useful)

  3. jasp says:

    Only one on that list I use is my lappy, and that’s for music (which is a GMing luxury anyway).;

  4. Alex says:


    Even though I use all of those things I do not agree.


    That’s all you really need. Anything else is just gravy. (You can even play with less if you play a diceless game!)

  5. Delta Demon says:

    What you’re saying is that, before the mid 90s people, could never have played roleplaying games because few had internet access. Odd that D&D started in the 70s. I guess it wasn’t really roleplaying because they had no computer or internet.

    I’ve had dozens of campaigns and never used tokens, stopped using DM screens in the mid 90s, often don’t even use miniatures and a battle mat. I started using computers as playing aid in the early 90s but, only started using internet accessed computers in the early 2000s.

    I’ve even played roleplaying games without the rules (improvised the rules) and without dice (to randomize, we played “guess the number” with the difference being the number rolled) although I guess that’s extreme.

    Seriously, did you even think this through. It sounds like you’re trying to sell people something. This is your most idiotic article ever.

  6. Jay A. Johnson says:

    I have to join in with the other folks who are saying that the first to items (grid and tokens) aren’t necessary to running a game. They may make it easier, but as someone who has been a DM since 1977, I can testify that I have run several long-term campaigns (1+ years) that used neither grids or tokens. As for a laptop (or any other computer for that matter) I have never had one at tableside and I actively encourage my players to turn off their devices as well. We’re together to role–play, not to surf the internet.The only item on your list I regularly use is a DM screen of some sort – but only to hide my dice rolls from the players. I often hedge roles in their favor, but I don’t want them counting on it. The screen doesn’t even have to be for the game I’m running. I often use the Kenser DM’s screen because it’s huge and looks impressive, and does have a lot of idea stater sorts or tables. It looks funny with all my Gamma World books by it, but it does what I need a DM’s screen to do.

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