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Top 5 GM Lessons from Game of Thrones

June 16, 2012Written by loganbonner - Published on

Welcome back to the column that breaks down gaming into what’s really important, five things at a time! (Okay, it used to be ten things at a time, but the posts kept running long!) This is Game of Thrones month here at DungeonMastering.com, & GoT presents a detailed fantasy world with rival factions, complex characters, […]

Winter is Here: It’s Game of Thrones Month at Dungeonmastering.com

June 10, 2012Written by MythicParty - Published on

Valar Morghulis, the Season Two finale of HBO’s current masterpiece, Game of Thrones, ran last Sunday night.  If there was any doubt whether the show would keep up with the quality from the inaugural episodes, it was answered with the bar not only being met, but raised week after week.  In fact, Game of Thrones […]

Save your Game

April 30, 2013Written by MythicParty - Published on

Hey there Loyal Reader.  Our last article was supposed to be another ‘Tales From the Other Side of the Screen” where I respond to Darkwarren’s DM Dispatches about hit points. You may have noticed that instead of reading my brilliant rebuttal to his Chaotically Evil stance against giving players maximum hit points, you were instead […]

Question Keith #9: A Game of Dungeons

August 3, 2012Written by Keith Baker - Published on

Roberto V. from Stafford, NY asks… Keith, all of the complex political maneuvering and back-stabbing (sometimes literal) plus the brutal battles in a low magic setting are what makes Game of Thrones so addictive to me.  How can we adapt those elements to our Pathfinder/D&D game while still making it fun for the players?  And […]