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The Deadly Dangers of Gen Con

August 27, 2012Written by MythicParty - Published on

For those of you who didn’t put any ranks into ‘Knowledge Nerd,’ Gen Con is a Storm Giant-sized annual gaming convention, currently held every August in Indianapolis Indiana.  It is billed as ‘The Best Four Days of Gaming‘” which is actually a complete & total lie because so many people now show up early that […]

Making an RPG ‘Bucket List’

April 9, 2012Written by Darkwarren - Published on

After a previous DM’ing article and the first commenter asked for more bucket list stuff I thought I would write an article regarding d10 RPG Bucket List items.  Here are mine. 1. Play a party that is the same race We already have an article regarding this particular type of campaign.  But in order to […]

Golden Scrolls – Becoming a Better Player

June 4, 2010Written by Expy - Published on

by Ben McFarland First, let me thank Expy for his kindness and consideration, permitting me to indulge in my series of exercises over the last five months. This time, though, I don’t want to talk about what to do in a game to make it better, but rather some things you should go read outside […]

A Look Back and Farewell

January 30, 2010Written by Nicholas - Published on

I say my goodbye to Dungeon Mastering and look back at what gaming has meant to my life.