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Dungeon Masters Descend into the Depths with “Rage of Demons”

Written by Expy - Published on October 9, 2015

rage-of-demonsDungeon Masters Descend into the Depths of Evil with “Rage of Demons” – The Newest Dungeons & Dragons Storyline

Dungeon Masters may now descend into the depths of evil by using the newest Dungeons & Dragons storyline, “Rage of Demons”. Now, D&D players have the unique ability to fight beside Drizzt Do’Urden on their computer, their console, or on their tabletop as of Fall 2015. In this amazing and brilliant storyline, the demon lords of the ever-popular roleplaying game have been officially summoned from the popular “Abyss”. Players must attempt to stop the immense chaos before it turns into an immediate threat.

Dungeon Masters and players all over are absolutely thrilled about the release of this new storyline because it follows on the critically-acclaimed stories of “Elemental Evil” and “Tyranny of Dragons”. This new story will actually transport players to the insane and potentially life-threatening underworld. In the Sword Coast, rumors about demon lords with an immense level of power have started circulating. It is said that demon lords like Orcus and Demogorgon are terrorizing the denizens in the Underdark. Madness, chaos, and ultimate levels of discord are plaguing the caverns. The Dungeon Masters will create a powerful team with Drizzt to investigate and to fight against these evil demon lords. The question is, will the players succeed before Drizzt gives into the darker temptations?

This Fall, a new computer-based roleplaying game called “Sword Coast Legends” will be available on PC. In this, the master themes of discord and high levels of treachery in the region of the Underdark will be expounded upon. Most D&D players will consider this to be an epic campaign. Players that play the MMORPG, “Neverwinter”, a new expansion will emerge called, “Neverwinter: Underdark”. This expansion will allow players to travel with the ever-popular Drizzt to the drow-based city, Menzoberranzan. For those that prefer tabletop Dungeon Mastering and gameplay, a new adventure called, “Out of the Abyss” will be released. Furthermore, players may enjoy learning more about the mind of Drizzt in the new novel by R.A Salvatore, “Archmage”.

If you are a Dungeon Master and love to create new and exciting adventures for your players, you are sure to enjoy “Rage of Demons”. Not only does this involve all of the expressions and expansions of the game, but, it integrates the most recognizable fantasy-based character – Drizzt Do’Urden. Best of all, players have the ability to enjoy the new storyline in many different ways – on a computer, a gaming console, or a traditional table. If you are a Dungeon Master, it is important that you learn as much as possible about this new storyline. You may also want to read the novel in order to better understand Drizzt. The people that you elect to play with will be expecting the “Rage of Demons” storyline to be incorporated into their gameplay. If you have an interest in obtaining supplies, books, and other products to enrich your Dungeon Mastering activities and to improve the experiences of your players, you may click HERE.

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Written by Expy

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