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The Art of the Small—Analyzing the “Crunch” for the “Fluff” #2

June 25, 2011Written by LanJemWezz - Published on

Choices like these give us starting points to pursue more engaging role-play, and provide means of breaking the ice at the gaming table and getting players to look for their own ways at dressing the stage and setting the tone.

The Art of the Small—Analyzing “Crunch” for “Fluff”

April 29, 2011Written by LanJemWezz - Published on

Well met, fellow gamers! Join me in a series that takes a 20 on a Spot Check examining details within the D&D game that provide role-playing cues. In this edition, we learn how to appreciate low ability scores, why ability scores improve “in-game,” and what else a language tells you about your character. Part the […]

Thankful for ‘The Original Social Network’

November 24, 2012Written by LanJemWezz - Published on

All this month we’re asking our various Dungeonmastering.com contributors what D&D means to them, whether its delving into their Geek past, looking at how the game currently manifests itself in their lives, or wondering what the future with it holds.  Here is what Lance Wright, our expert on finding fluff from crunch through his The Art […]