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Top 10 Tricks to Make your Villain Stand Out

September 30, 2011Written by loganbonner - Published on

Welcome back to the column that breaks down gaming into what’s really important, ten things at a time! Any story arc needs a good villain. The best big bads are more than just another devil or vampire or dragon. These ten suggestions can help take your villain above and beyond the ordinary and give your […]

One Die Short: Keeping Secrets

August 12, 2011Written by One Die Short - Published on

Greetings!  And welcome back for another installment of One Die Short.  The below page depicts the first meeting of the PCs, an important, and sometimes overlooked aspect of building a good campaign.  Interaction between PCs is crucial, and can make or break a game.  Surprisingly, it’s also something that isn’t often used to its fullest […]

D&D Monday morning speedlinking

June 23, 2008Written by Expy - Published on

The grossest images in gaming, a point buy calculator, great campaign building advice, and more in this week’s speedlinking.