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Why you, as a DM, need to grow a pair

December 30, 2013Written by MythicParty - Published on

And I’m not talking about dice. Let me begin with the situation going on in my local gaming group.  There’s 7 members, & we’ve been playing together for at least 5 years.  Some twice that.  Now, there’s literally NOTHING else that all 7 of us have in common except for D&D.  We even sat down […]

D&D Monday morning speedlinking

May 5, 2008Written by Expy - Published on

DNDMMSL 05-05-08 It’s Monday morning and you painfully get out of bed, dreading every second at work.  Thankfully you have the prospect of an epic Cinco de Mayo party to keep you going.  If you don’t you’ll have to rely heavily on caffeine.  You might want to brew one or two liters to get you […]