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3 Adventure Starters for your D&D Campaigns

Written by Casey Hill - Published on June 11, 2015
By Mates Laurentiu, http://www.AvatarArt.com

By Mates Laurentiu, professional fantasy artist. Get your own custom images at http://www.AvatarArt.com

Sometimes you as a Dungeon Master want to run an adventure somewhere between ‘Just buying someone else’s idea’ and ‘Making it all up on my own.’  With that in mind, here are 3 Adventure Starters that will provide you with creative material to go from while still letting you fill in most of the blanks using your own creativity.

1. Allegiances for Adventurers

While staying in one of the wealthy mercantile towns of Tashalar, nestled along the coast of the southern Shining Sea, the adventurers awake one morning to a surprise. Large platoons of armed soldiers from the town are performing drills in public view. A mentor of the heroes, a well-known blacksmith by the name of Artemis, informs them that the recently elected leader of the city, a young prince named Josel, who just took over for his deceased father, has plans for war. The cities soldiers are preparing to be mobilized for an offensive invasion into some key territories in the nearby Hazuk Mountains, home of the resource wealthy dwarves.

Josel addresses the citizenry in person that morning, summoning everyone to the town square. He informs the masses of his plans and states that the dwarves of the Hazuk Mountains have been seizing and capturing trade caravans and causing economic disturbances. The sentiment resonates with many of the town’s people, merchants and middle class whom have personally felt increased economic hardship in the past several months. Artemis tells the heroes he worries some rich nobles may be behind the scenes influencing Josel’s decisions.

…This adventure will begin with the heroes’ attempting to find out more information about the ensuing events and then having to make some pivotal decisions about where their allegiances lay.


2. Debauchery in Drexal

Something is clearly amiss in Calimshan, a large region in southern Faerun. In the misty town of Drexal, an unknown spike in murders, kidnappings and thefts is terrorizing the population.  Rumors of sinister figures and shapes in the night have percolated throughout the citizenry. Some claim the acts are the doing of the Black Raiders, an infamous group of bandits whose acts of violence and thuggery have plagued the area for decades. Others assert that the bandits were all but eliminated nearly fifteen years ago under the imperial edict of the sultan Joseph, who led a campaign to purge the many towns of Calimshan of mercenaries and bandits. Many middle class merchants and craftsmen point to the spike in affluence of the Northern Grove region of the city, whose nobles have increasingly been flanked by larger details of security and whose gaudy opulence has been flaunted more then usual in the recent months, as the rest of the city grapples with despair and hardship. Still others have made note that a number of potential future magistrates in the city council have recently been murdered.

…. This adventure will begin with the hero’s attempting to find the cause of these debaucheries and bring back safety and peace of mind to Drexal.


3. Invisible Alchemist 

It was night in Havenwood, but one could hardly tell. The houses and streets were covered in thick, luminous coral that the town had implemented to create continual light. Unlike most towns, the activities on the streets had not died down at sunset. Merchants and wizards crowded the thin streets and worked tirelessly into the late night. Although not particularly affluent, Havenwood was a town of magic. Nearly one in five members of the city were either a wizard or sorcerer.  Many were drawn to the city to study under Magus Reginilus, who taught at a small but prestigious arcane magic academy.  The heroes are summoned my Reginilius one cool and ominous evening to discuss some urgent affairs. One of the towns leading alchemists and scholars has gone missing. His lab was found completely trashed, vials smashed, and the door to his store collapsed in two and many important texts missing. Reginilius beseeches the adventures to help recover the alchemist and find and bring back the texts. He warns that the implications of not bringing him back soon, could be grim

…This adventure will begin with the heroes trying to grapple through the puzzle of why the alchemist went missing and the significance behind his disappearance.

What do you guys think of these?  What else would you like to have before trying one, or, would you yourself add to make them complete?  Let us know in the comments below.

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Written by Casey Hill

Casey Hill

Hello my name is Casey Hill and I have worked in a number of industries, from biomedical research to engineering software. In the start-up realm, I launched a Magic the Gathering side-business for a while that went through three formal phases (Buy and Sell, Wholesale and eGuide). Throughout this time I have always been an avid writer and fan of Dungeons and Dragons. Recently, I teamed up with my brothers and a few others and decided to take a leap of faith and try starting a gaming company that would produce original Dungeons and Dragons content. We are still very early stage and are working at first getting our first campaign refined and up and ready, and then we want to work on establishing a web and social media presence.

I am passionate about creating high quality, intellectually challenging and immersive campaigns.

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