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3 More Adventure Starters for your D&D games

Written by Casey Hill - Published on June 27, 2015
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Get your own custom art: http://www.AvatarArt.com

We’ve talked before about how there’s a middle ground of having to buy a module or creating absolutely everything yourself.  While there’s an advantage in time saving to simply running a pre-published thing and there’s an advantage in customization with making everything up, it can help to take an idea, use it as a springboard for your imagination, then make it best fit your group. So here are 3 more Adventure Starters for you to make as your own.

4.) Save a Kingdom, Get a Kingdom

A prince in a nearby kingdom has made an enticing offer to anyone brave enough to assist him. Last year a mysterious figure united previously divided goblinoid tribes and they conquered, then settled the land’s mountainous region. Once home to  prospectors, miners and hunters, most of the citizenry were enslaved. However, a small resistance has started and the prince wants to aid this underground. Especially after conventional attempts to reclaim proved ineffective; the monster’s mystery leader is surprisingly strategic and the combined tribes routed the royal army.  As a reward for successfully freeing the people, the prince is offering not only titles of nobility but also titles to that same land.

…This concept takes a straightforward goal in which the players are attempting to clear evil. How they accomplish this is up to them: stealth, guile, diplomacy are all possible tactics.  The success of the mission can be far from simple; perhaps the Prince isn’t telling the party the whole story. And who is this mysterious leader?  Furthermore, the prospect of being able to own land in a frontier area adds the possibility of establishing their own base of operations. That is if they can keep it.

5.) The Darker Sides

The players are secretly meeting each other in a grandiose tower near the center of their underground city. Below, a mix of aristocrats, slaves and warriors bustle through the streets. The community is divided even architecturally amongst various noble houses vying for power, with each character connected to one. In the center of the metropolis is an enormous spire, which eclipses all neighboring buildings. But more insidiously, it serves as a perennial reminder to the citizenry that their diety is always watching. Suddenly, the players notice intruders behind them. A group of Surface Dwellers! They warn of an ancient evil lurking under the city, and have learned that of a sinister ritual soon being performed. If not stopped, this ceremony will summon an unspeakable being- even for Drow. They propose a temporary partnership to prevent the entity being unleashed.  But can they trust these humans? Can they even trust each other?

…This adventure revolves around a different concept: an-all Dark Elf group with each player having both the main shared goal as well as personal private ones. I’ve previously written about such individual motivations and what better way to try some subterfuge than with Drow?! This political web could take the players into a plethora of drama; not only must they discover the culprits behind this ritual and stop it before it’s to late, they also need to navigate through a deeply divided city, with factions that have been embroiled in conflict for years. All while working with- or against- a party of typical PC adventurers.

6.) Sail Away, Sail Away

On the first full moon of the month the adventures set sail to a far away rival city. Aboard a stocked galley, the party is entrusted with the timely transportation of a giant egg as a condition of a carefully negotiated treaty. But as they hastily journey to the exotic destination, a strong storm and a blistering current throw the vessel far off course. When a sudden burst of wind tears the sails, and pushes the vessel ashore onto an unknown island, calamity strikes. The captain of the ship and several of the crew are badly injured so command falls to the adventurers. Will they be able to repair the ship and still sail to their goal? Or at least to safety? And what’s that sound coming from the egg?

…This adventure is built around the idea of a more open-world exploration such as a sand box style play in which the characters investigate their strange island surroundings. With numerous hurdles for the adventurers to overcome (repair the  damaged ship, stabilize the injured crew, deliver the treasure in time etc.), such a scenario will require quiet a bit of planning and innovative thinking if they hope to all make it off alive. Yet the cracking egg is a reminder that they have a looming eadline. One that could be lethal if it hatches too soon.

What do you guys think of this round?  What would you do to customize these ones?  Do you think any would make good fully finished adventures? Let us know in the comments.

If you liked my Adventure Starters, please check out my module: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/147044/Khatogon-5th-Edition-Dungeons-and-Dragons-Adventure which is still on sale for just $2.99 for a few turns longer.  Thanks!

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Written by Casey Hill

Casey Hill

Hello my name is Casey Hill and I have worked in a number of industries, from biomedical research to engineering software. In the start-up realm, I launched a Magic the Gathering side-business for a while that went through three formal phases (Buy and Sell, Wholesale and eGuide). Throughout this time I have always been an avid writer and fan of Dungeons and Dragons. Recently, I teamed up with my brothers and a few others and decided to take a leap of faith and try starting a gaming company that would produce original Dungeons and Dragons content. We are still very early stage and are working at first getting our first campaign refined and up and ready, and then we want to work on establishing a web and social media presence.

I am passionate about creating high quality, intellectually challenging and immersive campaigns.

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One Response to “3 More Adventure Starters for your D&D games”
  1. RPG GM says:

    These are definitely some good idea to mix in with you regular game, thanks! I create my https://fyxtrpg.com/ games with 75% or so custom but use things just like this to spice them up and expand the world. The Fyxt RPG is specifically designed for custom game creation. It works perfectly with things like this where you can use a great adventure starter like this to get your GM mind working. Then mod the specifics around the characters and the greater story of the campaign. Thanks a ton for posting these!

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