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3 Surprising Benefits to Dungeon Mastering in a Dungeons & Dragons Game

Written by Expy - Published on October 28, 2015

dungeon-mastering-3-benefitsIf you specialize in dungeon mastering in a Dungeons & Dragons game, you have probably received a lot of criticism. Throughout history, many consider this particular roleplaying game to be a form of satanic worship. Many believe that the game leads the players to become mentally unstable. Still, there are several that believe that the game is a complete waste of time and results in the player being unable to effectively distinguish what is imaginary and what is real. The truth of the matter is, dungeon mastering in a Dungeons & Dragons game is an educational experience. In this brief guide, you will learn about 3 surprising benefits to dungeon mastering in a D&D game.

Critical Thinking Skills and Problem Solving Skills
The first surprising benefit associated with dungeon mastering a Dungeons & Dragons game is that the gameplay allows you to improve your critical thinking skills and your problem solving skills. As a DM, you must create a world, create the races within the world, and the adventures that take place in that world once you pull your players in the game. Your players will stumble across monsters, treasures, towns, and quests as they advance through their game. You must be able to think through all of the actions and reactions that may occur. Not only will you need critical thinking skills and problem solving skills as a dungeon mastering expert, but, these skills will be enhanced each and every single time that you create and initiate a D&D campaign!

Mathematic Skills
Dungeons & Dragons is a game that utilizes certain types of mathematical skills on a continual basis. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are typically used in each and every single campaign. Furthermore, you may find that you have to create and/or read various types of tables and graphs. Nearly every single fight encounter requires the use of mathematics. Essentially, numbers are considered to be a matter of “life or death” when it comes to characters within your campaign. By dungeon mastering, you are sure to discover that your math skills are improved.

Social Skills
As a dungeon mastering expert, you know that social skills are a necessity to run an effective campaign; however, by running the campaign, you are actually increasing your social skills! Not only will you learn how to communicate verbally, but, you will learn to communicate in the written word, too! By observing your players, you will learn how to read others and develop a solid understanding of their emotional reactions. The more that you engage in dungeon mastering, the better you will be in social situations.

Despite the fact that a lot of negative hype surrounds Dungeons & Dragons, there are many surprising benefits to becoming a dungeon mastering expert in the game. First, you will improve your critical thinking skills and your problem solving skills. Next, you will improve your mathematical skills. Finally, you will find that your social skills are optimized. If you would like to learn more about how to use dungeon mastering to your advantage, or are interested in obtaining dungeon mastering supplies, click HERE.

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Written by Expy

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  1. Rock Stone Says:

    While I agree wholeheartedly with the content, wouldn’t it be great if there were some studies done to back up your assertion?

  2. Joseph Says:

    I think the social aspect of the game is most important and the end goal. I’ve had good games with good gamers, but who didn’t socially connect. It was only with my groups who developed genuine friendship that I would every relive.

    Time shared is always time best spent.

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