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Attack on your wallet Part Deux

Written by MythicParty - Published on December 1, 2014

unnamedWell folks, another Black Friday has come & gone.  This time without even any major trampling happening.  But the 9th anniversary of Cyber Monday is almost upon us.  And a few more pretty good deals have come to our attention, so we’re passing them along while there’s still time.  We apologize in advance to your shrinking wallet.  Kind of.  Here we go…

frp_header_logoFRP GAMES, aka Online Hobby Gaming Store: “CYBER MONDAY SALE – ALL WEEK LONG! (now Until Dec. 5th, 2014). Huge Product Discounts! 1,000s of Hobby Gaming Products are 30-90% off Retail, while supply lasts! CLICK HERE to View Complete Special Cyber Monday Sale List *BONUS! – Save an Additional 10% off discounted prices! Use code “CYBER2014” at checkout!”

6654a581d9a218201766475a6ef68d4fWRIGHT’S WARGAMING TERRAIN, aka awesome 3D pieces for your table : “Wright’s War Game Terrain began as a passion by playing miniature war games. Tired of not seeing highly detailed terrain for battle scenarios, he started making his own. With a degree in Urban Planning he designed, built, and launched completely new layouts for the best wargaming experience possible!  Alex is busy creating new layouts for war gaming. He can also design terrain boards of your choice as a commission order and is always looking for board ideas!  Talk to us this week for extra great deals on either pre-made pieces for sale or getting your own custom one created to order.”

unnamed-1FAT GOBLIN GAMES, aka a bunch of guys like you: “For Cyber Monday we will be offering Sir Reginald Lichlyter’s Trusty Tavern Tome for only $1.50. It will be available at this price for just one day. This book offers  hundreds of new alcoholic beverages from standard ales, fantastical wines, and magic liquors! This tome provides expanded rules for drinking (while keeping the mechanics simple), breaks down the various types of beverages (while providing hundreds of examples), and even provides an assortment of rare alchemical and magical booze to keep any dwarf happy!

Every drink presented in this book comes with a detailed description of its color, taste, and production process as well as how it is typically served, where to find it, etc. But that’s not all! Inside you’ll also find simple rules for your adventuring party to run their very own tavern or inn! Pour over the lists of supplies you’ll need, study the various types of establishments, and roll the dice to see what types of profits you made today! It is for 3.5/Pathfinder games, but there is so much descriptions and details, it could be perfect for any system. And it is 62 pages of full color.”

DTRPG-HugeDiscounts-BannerBDRIVE THRU RPG, aka the Largest RPG Download Store: “This week’s discounts and deals on RPGs, Adventures, Maps, and more! Check out the latest Cyber Monday offers from all of our publisher partners! With the discount deadlines counting right down.” 

OK, if we missed any other great deals on great stuff please let us know in the comments.  We tried to find a wide range of things as well as prices;  i.e. a $1.50 PDF up to $300 terrain.  But we might do 1 more of these right before the holidays, to help us err, you, find last minute gift ideas.


Written by MythicParty

Dog-loving, movie-watching, pizza aficionado. Content Editor for DMing.com, Project Manager for AvatarArt.com, & player of the coolest characters in a weekly D&D game. Halflings are the real heroes.

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4 Responses to “Attack on your wallet Part Deux”

Zombie Murder Mystery
  1. Michael Perry Says:

    I love the, “Trusty Tavern Tome”. Thanks for posting these.

  2. MythicParty Says:

    De nada.

    Every vendor or service we’ve included in this list or the other list or in future lists is a vendor or service that we ourselves have used & would recommend because we’d give them our $ again.

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