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Burlesque D&D

Written by Expy - Published on August 16, 2007

Random thoughts

I finished reading a book yesterday. Most of the action took place in the arctic and at sea. I need to try these settings out in a Dungeons & Dragons game eventually. I’m scared of the marine setting though. One of my players is an oceanograper – she’s going to be hard to impress. And the oceanic terrain would certainly hamper my mad map-drawing skills.

Taking the game seriously

I’ve probably DMed – is that a verb? – over 200 different players in my DMing career and I met my share of amazing players. Some were awesome group strategists. Others had leadership or roleplaying abilities that put mine to shame. But my buddies and I don’t take our game too seriously. It’s the only time – except for raging parties – when we manage to all be together. So we take plenty of time chatting, eating, and cracking up.

So I was thinking why not take the unseriousness – is that a word? – of the game to another level and make it a weird, over the top, even burlesque Dungeons & Dragons campaign?

Twisted inspiration

I mentioned before that I get my D&D inspiration from art – it doesn’t have to be medieval fantastic art either. If I’m going to be inspired for a burlesque game I’m going to head right to the Head Injury Theater. I’ve covered one of their articles about stupid D&D monsters before, but there is so much more than a blog on that website. Hundreds of weird, shocking and funny drawings and paintings.

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Written by Expy

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3 Responses to “Burlesque D&D”

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  1. Stûnibu Says:

    WATER! it scears me in and out of games! Ive never even had a water adventure let alone a campain, its a whole new world down there and I think i will leave it till ive got more of a hold on the one above sea level!

  2. Yax Says:

    Yeah. It can be challenging enough to handle terrestrial events. I guess that a lot of outside the box thinking would go into an aquatic adventure.

  3. Russell Says:

    You mentioned that one of your players is a oceanographer. Get her to help you with mapping and environments. She won’t need to know the details of what’s going where, but she can help you with the details. And not just mapping either I bet. She could probably help you with the natural sea life, how much sunlight can be seen at any given depth. And water pressure! That’s something D&D never describes is the pressure at certain depths! My father-in-law was a sunmariner in the Navy and he could tell you some great stories about what pressure does at 500′ below the surface.
    If you get her to help, I bet she’ll likely be even more impressed when you use the information she gave you.

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