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D&D Blog Hop Day 1

Written by Darkwarren - Published on January 1, 2014

Day 1: First person who introduced you to D&D? Which edition? Your first Character?

My older brother introduced me to D&D, I was in 2nd grade and that means he was in 5th. I’m pretty sure that he learned to play from other students in the gifted student program at out elementary school. It was right about a year before he was too cool to hang out with his younger brother. That stage also happened right around the same time that D&D was also considered uncool so not only was I not able to hang out with my older brother as often as I wanted, my only roleplaying partner abandoned the hobby.

He was nice enough to give me the box and all of its contents. It was the “Red Box” edition. I should check out my parent’s house and see if I can find it again. It would be real cool to share it with my gaming group and my own sons as well. Equal parts nostalgia, history, and art make for a fine heirloom.

I cannot remember my first character’s name but I remember him being an elf because I wanted to use weapons AND be able to cast magic. I remember that even in the second grade I asked him why I couldn’t be a dwarf who cast magic or an elf thief. He didn’t know exactly and just pointed to the rulebook. I didn’t like the restriction and before I even played AD&D I started coming up with my own rules for separating race and class (although I think I called it a “job”). I can remember this elf fighting a hooded figure with a glowing “lightsaber-like” sword named “Nerf”. I beat Nerf in one on one combat and took the sword. My first character was a one dimensional bundle of stat’s that allowed me to take a pencil, some loose leaf paper, and a set of cool new-fangled polyhedral dice and be a hero. I remember being fascinated with the dice. They looked like big gemstones and in my younger days I had a bit of a problem with trying to buy a new set of dice every time a made a new character. My mom put her foot down and wouldn’t let me buy any more dice. My obsession changed into creating characters. I had entire notebooks filled with stat’s and race/class combinations. But there was little in terms of character background or history. It was almost all “roll playing”.

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Written by Darkwarren

Matt W., aka Darkwarren, has been roleplaying ever since his older brother introduced him to the red box set when he was 7 years old. Since then he has game-mastered SSDC’s Battleords of the Twenty-third Century, WEG’s Shadowrun and Star Wars, and of course Dungeons & Dragons in a variety of forms. At thirty-four years old he takes turns on both sides of the screen with the group that he helped found in 2000 when 3.0 hit the stands and has met every week fairly regularly ever since. Currently they have been running a variety of the Paizo Adventure Path scenarios, so that’s his wheelhouse. He was almost famous when two of his adventures were green-lighted for possible publication right before Paizo relinquished the rights to publish Dungeon magazine.

Matt also has years if experience in improvisational comedy, fiction, and non-fiction writing. He is currently working and studying to attain a master’s degree in theology, to enhance his career as a religious studies teacher. Lastly, his greatest passion is his family, especially the three sons and dog that he shares with his wife in upstate New York.

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