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D&D Blog Hop: Day 16

Written by Darkwarren - Published on February 16, 2014

dnd40hopbadgeDay 16: Do you remember your first edition war? Did you win? ;)

I’ve read some blog posts and message board threads that get into these type of debates but they typically spiral into a flame maelstrom that I’d rather not be involved in. As I said last post, there hasn’t been an edition that I haven’t enjoyed on some level.

But I’ve interacted with my fair share of edition elitists and most of the time I run into these particular geek snobs at gaming stores. What confounds me even more, beyond the fact that someone is going to rail on someone else’s gaming preference – is that they were typically the employees or the super-regular customers. If you love the roleplaying game industry and you want to support local businesses, then why would said proponents of a particular industry/business turn away customers with their condescending tone? It’s as if many of these guys (and they were always guys) felt that this was the only social environment where they could be the alpha male. (I’ve seen some similar behavior at comic shops so I believe my hypothesis is a sound one.) As Rule 0 in all roleplaying games is “have fun” it really shouldn’t matter which edition someone else likes.

In my particular group a lot of the guys have played since the first D&D editions as well and so they’re familiar with the pros and cons of many of the editions. We do have a member of our group who got soured on a company changing rules to sell more books. He was an avid Warhammer player (Dwarves – of course) and got upset when he brought his army to a tournament and found that his army and the books he was using were invalid. When 3.0 became 3.5 he reminded us all about how ridiculous he felt this all was and coined any new rules iteration “Metallica rules” as he thought it was the company selling out to make a profit – similar to his view of the band Metallica. While we sweetened his disposition on the 3.5 Pathfinder rules and he’s been playing with us for years, a big reason that we wasn’t as upset was that we all share our books with each other. He didn’t need to purchase one of every new book, as long as someone owned it he had access to it. Another great thing about the d20 Open Gaming License was that so much of it is available online for free:  http://paizo.com/prd/ That accessibility is HUGE when it comes to my favorite edition and frankly, once the genie’s out of the bottle it seems hard for me to want it back in so that I can play 4e or 5e exclusively.

How about you?  Pick any one edition over another?

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Written by Darkwarren

Matt W., aka Darkwarren, has been roleplaying ever since his older brother introduced him to the red box set when he was 7 years old. Since then he has game-mastered SSDC’s Battleords of the Twenty-third Century, WEG’s Shadowrun and Star Wars, and of course Dungeons & Dragons in a variety of forms. At thirty-four years old he takes turns on both sides of the screen with the group that he helped found in 2000 when 3.0 hit the stands and has met every week fairly regularly ever since. Currently they have been running a variety of the Paizo Adventure Path scenarios, so that’s his wheelhouse. He was almost famous when two of his adventures were green-lighted for possible publication right before Paizo relinquished the rights to publish Dungeon magazine.

Matt also has years if experience in improvisational comedy, fiction, and non-fiction writing. He is currently working and studying to attain a master’s degree in theology, to enhance his career as a religious studies teacher. Lastly, his greatest passion is his family, especially the three sons and dog that he shares with his wife in upstate New York.

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