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Deity Dating & God Gossip

Written by Expy - Published on July 28, 2007

Here’s a fun resource for all dungeon masters that are in need of some inspiration when they’re creating a new world, campaign, cult, or whatever.

The God Checker soap opera

God Checker
is a fun, somewhat educative site that archives gods of all mythologies. They actually claim that they have more gods than you can shake a stick at – which is a lot. The twist is that the website refers to gods and deities like they were celebrities or characters in a soap opera. Well, you have to give it to the Greek gods – they had a lot of drama going on.

Here’s an example of what makes God Checker awesome. Their view of the greek mythology:

Greek Mythology is a veritable blockbusting soap opera. What can ZEUS possibly get up to next – and with whom? How will HERA take her next revenge? Where will APHRODITE discard her nightie? Who has been barred from Olympus lately – and why? When is the next big punch-up? And will HERMES be sued for selling counterfeit sheep?

Have fun and let me know if you have any comments and suggestions on the blog. (e-mail me or leave comments below)

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Written by Expy

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3 Responses to “Deity Dating & God Gossip”
  1. Pal Mercy says:

    This website is pretty cool. Thanks

  2. "James Carter" says:

    The one thing that many people overlook (or simply ignore) is that many of the gods were bisexual. Wonder why that didn’t carry over to the D&D pantheons….


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