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Dungeons and Dragons Races – The Dragonkind Races Highlighted in Races of the Dragons

Written by Expy - Published on July 24, 2015

Dungeons and Dragons RacesNumerous Dungeons and Dragons races exist; however, none captures and excites a player’s imagination as the races of dragons that exist in the supplement, Races of the Dragons. If you are to become an exceptional Dungeon Master, it is imperative that you learn about these amazing beings. Ultimately, these creatures have the capability of being adversaries, as well as allies. In a brief review of our history, we find that there are a multitude of myths and legends surrounding dragons. This is, in part, why these legendary creatures hold a special place in the heart of those that play Dungeons and Dragons. In most instances, the presence of dragons in a campaign indicates that the players involved in that campaign have acquired a mastery of the skills required to be a proficient D&D player. If you are ready to join the ranks of the highest respected Dungeon Masters in the game, you must know about the Dungeons and Dragons races that directly pertain to dragons.

Dungeons and Dragons Races of Dragons

The dragon races highlighted in the Races of the Dragons supplement include the dragonborn, the half-dragons, the spellscale, draconic creatures, and the kobold. Below, you will find the other dragon races as outlined by various books that are part of the Dungeons and Dragons game:

  • In the Draconomicon, you will find numerous dragon races. These include the half-dragons, the dragonkin, draconic creatures, dragonnel, storm drakes, elemental drakes, shadow dragons, faerie dragons, planar dragons, fang dragons, landwyrms, and the spiked felldrake.
  • In the Fiend Folio, you will discover the Dungeons and Dragons races of the sunwyrm and the sea drake.
  • In the Monster Manual, there are the dragon races of the wyvern, true dragons, ravid, behir, kobold, the pseudodragon, and the dragon turtle.
  • In the Monster Manual II, you will discover the dragon races of the spellweaver, the gem dragons, the linnorms, felldrakes, hellfire wyrm, and the frost salamander.
  • In the Monster Manual III, you will find the dragon races of the ssvaklor, the ambush drake, the rage drake, the dragon eel, and the dracotaur.


If you are to master being a Dungeon Master, it is important that you learn as much as possible about all of the Dungeons and Dragons races, as it relates to dragons. While it is true that most players will not play such a race in a campaign because of the immense power and capabilities exhibited by the races, you are likely to include dragons in your campaign. In fact, if you want to be hailed as a successful DM, including dragon races in your campaign is an absolute necessity. For information on adventure sites and various types of NPCs that may be used in your campaign, be sure to check out the supplement, Races of the Dragons. For further information on how to achieve the ultimate level of success as a Dungeon Master, you may visit our website today at: http://www.dungeonmastering.com/

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Written by Expy

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One Response to “Dungeons and Dragons Races – The Dragonkind Races Highlighted in Races of the Dragons”
  1. JRCameron says:

    You’ll also find dragons in the Epic Level Handbook, such as the Force Dragon. I think Heroes of Horror had an entry on dracoliches as well, but that might have been another undead-focused splatbook.

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