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Geeks Next Door – True Intentions

Written by Geeks Next Door - Published on January 6, 2010

Jessi, Mattt, Barry, and Maggie share their adventures with Dungeon Mastering readers. Follow them on Twitter: Barry, Maggie. You can read more GND @ GeeksNextComic.com

This is a guest post from Geeks Next Door. They agreed to write D&D-related strips for Dungeon Mastering and share their thoughts on their creative process, as well as their Dungeons and Dragons adventures. Enjoy!


Thoughts from the Geeks Next Door

The GND crew agreed to give their thoughts and comments on the strips they write for Dungeon Mastering. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment. I hope you enjoyed the webcomic.

MATT – In theory, this is the best time for a DM — when the players are talking in-character among themselves, and the DM can just sit back and relax/plot.  Also, Jessi, remember that the Atonement spell exists for a reason, Li’l Miss Lawful Good!  (On the other hand, I tend to figure that if the PC can justify it, then they deserve a bit of slack on potential alignment violations.  Makes things more fun that way.)

JESSI – AUUUUGH I’M SO BAD AT BEING LAWFUL GOOD. At least Erz told the truth… …how embarrassing. You ever have one of those “oh crap, my alignment” moments? Like, you do something that goes totally against the grain and looks really bad for your character? Tell us about it! I don’t want to be alone in my shame. Maggie will have comments for us next time, since I know she’ll have a lot to say about it…

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Written by Geeks Next Door

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3 Responses to “Geeks Next Door – True Intentions”
  1. wlkeR says:

    You just don’t want the item to fall into the hands of a malevolent evildoer?
    Hmm, looks like my friend’s “anything can be justified for any alignment” theory works fine on this one. One reason I fully embraced 4e’s Unaligned concept, too.

  2. Starwind1985 says:

    My reformed chaotic good (formerly chaotic neutral) rogue had a slip the other night. After being KO’d due to mistaken identity, he later pickpocketed the guy out of spite.


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