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How to Befriend a Dragon

Written by Expy - Published on April 14, 2010

By Guest Blogger Alan “Elderon Analas” Patton

The Basics

Now I know what you’re going to say, “You can’t befriend a dragon, they’re just killing machines.” Now, I’m here to point out all the things wrong with that sentence. One, yes you can befriend a dragon, some are just tougher than others.

Two, we’re all not just killing machines; (though your DM may portray us this way) it’s simply not true. I will go into further detail on both of these subjects shortly. But in the meantime, I would like to talk to you a little bit about me. (As I love to do.) I grew up in a small cave outside an even smaller town, there I was raised by a very loving family of adventurers who had stopped adventuring. I loved to hear there stories of adventure, though I didn’t much like the ones where they killed a dragon but, they tended to stay away from those. But now I’m rambling, lets get back to the topic at hand. I’ll start off with why dragons can be friendly. Then I will go into how we are all not killing machines.

First, We can Be Friendly

There are several ways of befriending a dragon. A few pointers:
  • Never come to one of us with a weapon.
That is always a number one sign you’re here for a fight not a friendship.
  • Always have a good sum of gold on your person.
This will be a good peace offering. It shows us that you will freely give us your wealth and that you are kind. If a dragon has respect he will take it, but often give you something in return as well as his or her trust.
  • Show your respect.
One thing a dragon doesn’t like is a rude adventurer walking into his lair and talking to them as if they are equals. Dragons see themselves as a higher species to all other creatures.
  • Talk kindly about the dragon.
A few complements never hurt anyone, but none can get you killed.
  • Kindness goes a long way to a dragon.

You saying a few nice things can really make a difference, as well as keep you alive. It will also make a young dragon like you all that more, and a older one a bit more trusting.

Follow these tips and guidelines and you should have a more pleasant experience with your next dragon.

Second, We’re All Not Killing Machines

Now onto the subject of “All dragons are killing machines.” which again is not true. Now most dragons appear vicious and we are, when we want to be. But more often than not we are kind hearted. We look down on most creatures but, this does not mean we don’t like them.


Some dragons go so far as to have a favorite species or type of creature. I myself have grown fond of humans. Particularly because I was raised by a human family as a small dragon, as I said above briefly.

Your offering:

We like food along with your offering of gold. A dragon is much more apt to listen with full stomach. This means we will be looking at you as a person, not a snack. But, that’s beside the point. Most dragons will listen to any ones offer for friendship it’s just in how you do it.

Your Personality:

The way you speak will be a very large influence of what the dragon thinks of you. Talking in soft calm tones is much easier on our ears rather than doing something similar to just barking commands. These soft tones will let the dragon know you’re a kind person and will be more likely to get along with you.

The Dragons’ Age:

The dragons age also makes a difference as well. There are several things that are influenced by a dragons age, but for the most part it is what the dragon thinks of itself. A young dragon would know that you could defeat it easily so it would be more likely to stay with you for protection. An older dragon (like me) knows it can survive on its own and won’t need your help, this means he’ll be harder to convince. Now, I said harder not impossible.

The Finish

So what have you learned? Lets sum it up shall we.
1.Always come unarmed.
2.Bring an offering of some kind.
3.Talk in a soft gentle tone and always offer some form of a complement when you can.
4.Be nice, we like that.
5.Never use harsh or foul language.
6.Be respectful, the dragon is the higher species.
7.Try and find one when it’s young.

Follow these and any other ideas they may bring you and you just might gain a new dragon friend.

Do you have any dragon friends? Have you met any dragons you liked? Have you ever thought about what a dragon thinks of you? Tell me here, please leave a comment.

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Written by Expy

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No matter how fearful the legends claim dragons are, they always end up being defeated in 5 rounds by adventuring parties they encounter. That’s what dragons are – experience points for the heroes in your Dungeons & Dragon party. And this mascot is no different, hence the name Expy.

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310 Responses to “How to Befriend a Dragon”
  1. Jeb Potly says:

    Sounds an awful lot like dating.

    Seriously, though, awesome article. I love the paradigm shift that monsters are not just a CR.

  2. Noumenon says:

    Wow, this is astonishingly different from the writing in your blog posts and comments. Either you really know how to turn on the professionalism or you have an extremely involved editor.

    Fun article. I can really imagine myself trying for a “roleplaying only” dragon encounter and being as obsequious as possible. Imagine a dragon ally in your campaign!

  3. This just gave me a ton of ideas. Man I love new ideas!


  4. Brian says:

    Way to go Elderon…Nice article

  5. Krystal says:

    I met a dragon once.

    ………..he was not happy at all, tried to strike a deal with him cause someone took something of his..

    ………………….not happy at all………

    ………………………………………narrowly escaped! I had to use half my party as bait though. xD

    Good article Elderon.

    I also had a pet dragon once.

    ….er I mean…I was…a pet…there was…I mean..he was my friend?


  6. ScarletStorm says:

    Love this article. One of my players has been begging me to have a dragon for a mount….and i have ben completely against it. But maybe, just maybe, with this info, he can befriend one, and we’ll see where it goes from there. i think he will be pleased with the compromise. :)

  7. Doug says:

    If anything, the real challenge is befriending an adventuring party.

    GM: At long last, you round the corner, and come upon…a Dragon. It slowly raises it’s head and begins to speak. (Shuffles around for notes on the Dragon’s introductory speech)
    Player1: Sweet, we have a surprise round while it’s talking! I use my last rage, then charge it!
    Player2: I cast the Maximized lightening bolt I’ve prepared just for this – as a red dragon it’s not electricity-resistant.
    Player3: When it opens it’s mouth, can I shoot an arrow into it’s mouth? Would that bypass any Natural Armor? What would the penalty be to shoot it in the mouth?

  8. kocho says:

    yeah, we adventurers can be just terrible in an encounter
    we often don’t negotiate or even listen to what you say
    heck, some of us (i am not one of these) even will just hunt dragons because “I needed the xp!” or “Hey, they’ve got a lot of gold and I need it to buy the +5 sword of awesome in the shop!”

    these are the worst kind of adventurers and, sadly, the most common kind

  9. Elderon Analas says:

    I quote: “I also had a pet dragon once.
    ….er I mean…I was…a pet…there was…I mean..he was my friend?

    …donteatme.” This is guite a funny little snipit you threw in there. I’m a bit confused. Some smaller hatchlings will be inclined to possibly follow adventurers around, making sure to stay hidden and only come out to swipe a guick meal when the person isn’t watching his food [laughs to self] some may even aproach at night just after the adventurer has gone to sleep to do a bit of investigating, (and mabey loot a bit of the shiny bobbles) to see what he or she is up against. If the dragon is found out it will more than likely stay hidden and try to comunicate, or fire its breath weapon to try and scare the adventurer and take to the skies and flee. It may return its persuit several days later. If the person is kind and gental twards the small dragon, he may very well earn himself / herself a new friend. So to go back to your first little snipit there. YOU were the pet, the dragon was a follower. And please. Like I said several times before. “I WILL NOT EAT YOU Krystal. YOU ARE A FRIEND.” “Wux re si bensvelk thurirl.”

    No I did this all by myself, it took a few weeks and much revising and editing (and resubmitting it about 5 times). But, it’s here now and I’m so glad you all like it. I really encourage the “roleplating only” dragon encounter as Kocho well knows about60 to 65% of my world population is Dragon or of some sort of Dragon race (Half-Dragon). I even have a dragon city by the name of WarFang. All dragons assume a humanoid form and wear special pendants to identify themselves. (very simple, yet so har for newcomers to understand) The normal humans, elves, dwarves, ect. all wear different pendants. The pendants also act as a rudementary census. Each evit post keeps track of how many people enter and leave the city and then it is locked down at midnight and a total is calculated from all the posts. This is a bit harder to do, but we’re dragons, not that hard. besides the point thank you and hope to hear of your dragon stories. check the comments of the last article you should be able to find my email, I want to hear all about them.

    You remind me of someone, oh yes my wife. She is a red dragon almost 1,650 now (shh, she doesn’t like it when i tell her age) and her name is Scarlet (for obvious reasons). we’ve been married for about a century now. It has been great. but anyway. What age was the dragon, or what age will it be. if anything lett it be juvinile (about 100 years old should be good) Ihat’s big enough for the d PC to ride on, and small enough for the dragon to walk through most doors and man sized hallways.

    I remember the looks Kocho got when he rode into town on my head. Oh that was priceless.

    I know I mean i stroll into a town just wanting to visit the taver and suddenly I’m stareing four high and mighty adventurers in the faces. I mean all I want is about 20 – 30 beers and a good sized meal. BUT NOOO! i got to stand around with these four clowns and smack a few through a window, then i’m tired, annoyed, even hungrier, and more likely to burn someone to death, more than likely the stupid fighter with the nise shiny armor [stares into space “ahh shiny armor”] Oh sorry i like shiny things. anyway, yeah I have to burnsomeone and by this time I don’t even feel like having fun at the tavern. But, I do like the attacks your small party made, srrow down the throat “Wow!” i wouldn’t expect that. I mean if you adventurers talk to me I calmly sit listening, but noo, you two leggers can’t do the same for us, [dracoic curses] It makes me so angry, but this is nither the time or place to get into a heated argument. I’l’ save you the time.

    ithquent xsio darastrix marinxar! astahii re ini karif wer tisvelkilti di jiakali. wux shilta ti gethrisj jalklar ios astahi bragging vur gloating zahae asta last svent. coi ui revolting, wer tisvelkilti ui svadrav astahii tepoha wer fothisev usv re wearing wer ternocki usv lyrik mamiss parts ekess prove coi. si beleave batobot wer ergriff rekisix batobot shilta svaklar darastrix ternock litrix usv ofilnarir re darastrixi persvek munthrek forms.

    oh sorry. here i’ll put that in english of the rest of you:

    God damn dragon hunters! They are by far the worst of all of you. You can not go anywhere without them bragging and gloating about their last kill. It is revolting, the worst is when they have the head or are wearing the scales or other body parts to prove it. I beleave that the only creature that can where dragon scale armor or clothing are dragons in human forms.
    if any of you agree pleas say so. or if you have dragon scale armor, what dragon KINDLY offered their scales to you and what was their name? If they were gotten through harmfull means, just say so, I will NOT eat you. I promise.

    Well i think that is enough from me for today.

    Your Friendly Brass Dragon,
    Elderon Analas

    PS. Krystal next time you plan on meeting a dragon, bring a sacrificial cow or something. It will make the dragon alot happier. Thake it from a dragon, I know what I’m talking about.

  10. Elderon Analas says:

    alright that’s it Kocho gets a custom pic and I don’t! Please someone tell me how to do this. Please!

  11. Krystal says:

    Psh, I never PLAN to meet a dragon, I like to stay the heck outta their way :P

  12. Elderon Analas says:

    [sniffles] But…But… You met ME. I thought.. you know we were friends.

    [tear] I thought that you liked me and that we had a good friendship.

    [angery snarl] I thought we were friends. I thought you and me were getting along fine, then you go and say something like that. [low growl] You were so nice to me. And I you. We agh….yth jahen zyak lotoc vur yth tepohada vi bensvelk youwe gethrisjir, si tir ti vucot kii wux ornla yenta creolnali hefoc batobot? tir wux ti hefoc ve tikil throdenilt?. Well? Do you not like me anymore is that it?

    And I had started making a saddle for you to use to ride on me. Well now I’m a sad dragon. [lays on gold pile] Well I don’t know what else to say, I’ll wait here for your reply, please elaborate.

    Elderon Analas

  13. Geode says:

    I have a friend who is a dragon. Her mother was the worst kind of monster – not because she was a dragon, but because she was planning to sacrifice her egg for a cult of undead-worshippers! We rescued the egg, which hatched a bit prematurely due to the trauma, but the wyrmling survived and we has been with us ever since. I admit that a quest to end a mad cult’s bid to take over the world is usually not the place for children, but young Westali has benefited from the rapid development common to adventurers and is unusually large and strong for her age, so it seems to be working out OK. Even better, after I semi-accidentally banished her mother to the Garden Plane and a deity had a long talk with her, we’ve even managed to end hostilities with her too. Westali is still part of OUR “family” though – If nothing else, I don’t think you could pry her away from us since we started finding all these big piles of treasure. Bringing a black dragon into town with us can be a bit awkward at times, but so far our paladin friend has managed to keep the authorities from doing anything rash. No doubt it would be easier if she took a humanoid form, but you don’t see me stretching my well-proportioned dwarven form to look like humans just because a city happens to be primarily human, so why should she have to make an even more extreme change? Anyway, Westali may be young but she’s a good friend and a valuable part of our adventuring party.

  14. Elderon Analas says:

    But the dragon gods will surely smile upon you as you now traqvel for your great deeds of draconian heroism. May I be one of the first to offer you my blessing as I am a trusted dragon preist. YES WE HAVE PREISTS! Im not going to start with religion now but, this will certainly put you two leggers on our good sides. But please if you ever pass into the Amarambi deasert in the far west stop by the trade town of Silverton. They will gladly direct you to me, I would be honored to meet the saviors of one of our dragon kind. I would also like to speak to Westali myself. But for now, would you kindly pass along this message?
    “Nomag wer darastrix ithquenti tiichi wux lae wux gogetoi shafaer. Nomeno ui vi jennu tiichi vur si majak wux sia tiichir lae algbo.”
    She should understand this easily, unless her time with you has caused her to forget her natural language. (if this is true, I am deeply saddened.) our language is tied deeply to our heritage. If a dragon cannot speak Draconic, that is something of great sorrow. [tears fall] Well great, now i’m crying. I always tend to get too emotional, but this is a subject of great importance. But I fear that i must go, I hear the sound of footsteps approaching my treasure room, if you will excues me i must go devour an intruder.

    (you know who)

  15. Geode says:

    Westali fortunately hatched safely with all her racial memories fully formed. As a wizard, I have studied Draconic myself and can assure you that she speaks it well. I, of course, have the usual thick accent of my race, but I enjoy reading the writings of your people – particularly dragon historians, who do a much better job of keeping things in perspective than humans, and don’t fill the book up with flowery opinionation like so many elven authors. Anyway, I will pass along your thanks to Westali; she’ll be partidularly pleased to hear it from another dragon I am sure.

  16. Elderon Analas says:

    That is good to know that she remembers her heritage. It put my firey heart to ease. Please do take the invitation to my home into consideration. This is something I do not do often. As for you, I take it you are an elf, or a human. But on the subject of history. Yes you people tend to bend the truth on our kind and never really tell the whole story. I’ll give you an example. You probably know of the great King Arthur (or however it is spelled). And of the great wizard Merlin that helped him. What you do not know is that Merlin was taught by a dragon in the ways of wisdom and magic. [smirks a bit] This I take great pride in, though none of your kind know of this. Tis a sad thing, some dragons still belive that that dragon is still chained under the castle in the underground caverns. But I digress. This is all a bit trivial. I wish you all happiness and prosperity on your adventures, and may much wealth befall Westali.

    Your Brass Dragon Friend,
    Elderon Analas

    PS @Brian: Is it possible that I may sobmit more articles as a…um… “constant” author. I really like writing my articles and stories, but I am in no need of monitary compensation. I only ask because I like to write here and I would like to continue doing such. Everyone seems to like my writing style and well I like writing for friends and anyone who will listen. But my point is, is the position open for me to give you guys another article submission when I have one ready?

  17. Dominus Kerrn says:

    I think eating them helps… my “friend” the rabbit doesn’t seem to mind at all when I eat his buddy.

  18. Elderon Analas says:

    Yes eating people is fun. But me and Krystal are good friends. I would never, and I nean NEVER do anything to hurt her. And as long as you keep puting thoughts like that into my head about eating my friends remember, your my friend too.

  19. Thywolf Thespian says:

    Well dragons are fun and all, conversing with dragons is all up to a DM, yes i have tried, several times in D&D (and yes i know draconic) Its all basically how the DM wants it to turn out, luckily as long as i can stretch it out for 3 rounds before becoming an enemy, quick draw and deadly strike come in handy

    Also btw *casts ‘hide from dragons’ on myself and sneaks away*

  20. Elderon Analas says:

    *Casts Dispell Magic* You can’t really slink away so easily. I only hope that you will stay a moment longer to have a plesent conversation with me. I am a dragon of peaceful talking, not fighting and death. If you have any intrest in haveing a pleasent conversation with a dragon now, be my guest. If not, you are free to leave. I would just like that you leave with honor, and NOT by turning yourself invisible and slinking away like a coward! Sorry for yelling, but if you would liketo talk then please add another comment.

  21. Thywolf Thespian says:

    *holds up my hands* I am a rogue assassin, its what I do, anywhoz *is waiting for next level to take the feat dragon cohort. DM finally got the book, even though i had it all along but now is allowing us to use the fun stuff in dar :3

    How’s life going

  22. Elderon Analas says:

    Life’s well, I have much gold, I am content in my home, and I have a loving family. So, my stealthy friend, were you planing on pilfering my hoard and running? I see you are unarmed, and…. oh, is that a cow I see behind you there? Is that for me? I do so hope it is, may I have it? But, if you were planing on stealing from me, well I can’t have that. But, you came unarmed, you brought a cow, and I can smell the gold on you. I take it you either want to strike a deal, or have come to pay tribute. But, if anything I will be pleased with just talking, *licks teeth while staring at cow* though that cow does look delicious. But, I will stay and be nice and listen to you, or you can leave, it is your choice.

    Your dragon friend,
    Elderon Analas

  23. Thywolf Thespian says:

    Yes…. umm.. I am unarmed… *itches tattoos* very.. unarmed *rolled low on bluff for a total of 64*

    The cow, by all means have it, not like I need it for anything. The halfling that was riding it died of unknown causes…. very unknown causes… yes… very unknown.
    And I’ll talk willingly to you… no sense being buried like last time i met a brass dragon… not to say you would

  24. Elderon Analas says:

    Well I probably would bury you, just it isn’t that likely. Now if you excuse me… *reaches head past you. Grabs cow, swollows whole* …where was I? Oh yes, I won’t bury you, and I am glad you will stay. What is with your tattoos? They are quite exotic and intrest me greatly. Can you explain them, they seem magical. Are they? But, if you plan on harming me. Then you’ll be in for a tough fight. *snorts some fire and smoke, but sits back on gold pile casualy licking teeth*

  25. Thywolf Thespian says:

    Well lets see…. *pulls off a tatoo that looks like and it turns into a flintlock rifle* Ta-da, makes them easier to carry around *puts the gun back into my arm* You also might like my gauntlet, *holds up my hand and a blade shoots out and slips back in quickly* It works rather well with Mosquito bite.One of my favorite spells… along with this one *casts alter self and shifts into a Juvenile brass dragon* si ornla tepohada gethrisja mrith vutha shar…

  26. Elderon Analas says:

    But, you respect me in knowing that a pair of black dragons destroyed my home town and nearly killed everyone that lived there. [tear falls] Well if you excuse me, you have some nice items to show me, let me show you a few of my weapons. *polymorphs into a middle-aged man (about 45). Wearing a brass dragons scale jacket vest, with a simple white shirt underneath. Pants are a simple cloth. On the mans waist hangs two leather holsters. In them protrudes two silver and black handles. He pulls one out.* This is my weapon of choice. *you see that it is a long metal object in the shape of a L. The long leg is enscribed with draconian letters that you can’t quite read.* It is a 50 caliber Desert Eagle fireing hollow point AP rounds magicaly imbued with fire. I can’t tell you much, if anything I can’t tell you anything about this. But, feel free to ask me any question you want. I’ll answer what I can. Now, what can I do to make you feel more comfortable? Would you like some food, mabey something to drink? I have a fine assortment of meats and vegetables, as well as several casks of ale, wine, and other drinks.

  27. Thywolf Thespian says:

    *shakes head* I am very fine over here in the shadows….its where i grew up and how i make a decent living for myself, but i hear brass dragons have art collections, would you mind showing me yours? I have a small collection of my own… it fell of a caravan and i knew the owners would no longer be of need of such artwork. *somehow is telling the truth*

  28. Elderon Analas says:

    *holsters weapon* Yes I have a very extensive collection of art. I sketch and paint most of it myself, well except for the one of me. I also collect it, my favorite subject is, you guessed it, dragons. I also have a very nice painting of my wife perched on a mountain peak in the morning sun as the clouds drift by. It is my favorite. (post your email here and I will send you the actual pics I am talking about)But I would like if you would at least share a drink with me. Will you?

  29. Thywolf Thespian says:


    sure, we can have a few drinks together, I can see no harm in it

  30. Elderon Analas says:

    Very Good! Please follow me. *he (I) walk down a long corridor cut into the crystalized sand. Upon the walls and leaning upon the walls from the floor are several large paintings and large paper sketches. Several moments later you enter another large room. You see along one wall several large woodden barrels with taps. There are two chairs next to a table. He walks over grabing four large mugs and fills them with a liquid from one of the casks. He sits in one of the chairs sitting the mugs down.* Please take a seat. But, I will warn you, I know how to hold my alcahol, well at least the 20 gallons or so. But you can have all you want.

  31. Elderon Analas says:

    i had a problem with your emil. It is thywolf@live.com or is it .org or .net? Please clarify.

  32. Elderon Analas says:

    Thywolf you should just email me. I’m at elderonthedragon@gmail.com But, I do not like spam. the more spam I get, the more people get hurt, and I don’t like hurting people.

  33. Elderon Analas says:

    Thywolf if you could respond to my emails I would like to continue our campaign, but take your time. That is why we started playing through E-Mail. So we could play at our own pace. I just want some kind of notification as to weather yourecived my E-Mails or not. Just in case I need to resend them.

  34. joe says:

    Hay how’s the sky up there? U have room for one more buddy? Now I didn’t mean another buddy in your belly. Oh that came out wrong. Uh, hi?…………..pleas don’t eat me. There is not a lot of meat on me. If your hungry pleas eat my cow. She is plumped and juicy.

  35. joe says:

    You know I really liked your article. To be honest I don’t complement dragons that much but you seem to be a pretty cool one. I wish humans could be a little more observant like you guys. Oh I’m sorry forgive me I didn’t introduce my self. My name is joe and I like dragons more then my kind, my race. Personally I don’t know why you want human friends. Humans are dumb panicking wild animals that always want’s to quench the thirst of war and blood. Well, not all of them. Some mean peace and happiness. I am a human after all. But I don’t understand humanity. Why must we fight? Sorry to ask so much in such short notice. Sorry krystal didn’t want to see you face to face. I’m hart felt, sad for you. :'( I bet gold may cheer you up, or maybe that juicy cow I promised you.

  36. Well Joe, The skies are fine. The cool wind under my wings is amazing. And, I do have room, I also have a saddle custom made for me, so, I can take you up. I’d like to get to know you a little better. I’ve linked my private chat page to my name so joe if you want to talk, click there. Or, we can take a short flight if you want. Also, *licks lips* that cow would be delicious but, if you want to keep it… to bad. *eats cow*

  37. joe says:

    Well, I was going to share the cow but you can have this one. In fact I have a farm out in north texas. It is filed with numbers of thousands of cows. But if I was you I would not eat so much of them. If you want to fly you need to get off the ground. All of them cows won’t help. Yeah we can chat. To be honest you are the first person or dragon I have spoken to on the internet. Now I know what your thinking. Why talk to you when I could have talked to any other person? Well you a cool friendly lizard. No, no I mean dragon, dragon. Sorry you the first dragon I talked too. I’m kinda nervous.

  38. Well you really shouldn’t insult me by calling me fat. *growls at Joe* Mabey I’ll go burn that farm to the ground now. *sighs* Eh, ok ok, Get on, just don’t be calling me fat. Or, I might just drop you. *lays down and lowers wing* Just walk up mate. You aren’t gonna hurt nothing. *waits for Joe to get on* (Please PM me on Chatango. Go here http://elderonanalas.chatango.com/ )

  39. joe says:

    No…….. I mean eating all those cows will put wight on you. That’s what I mean. Why would I say your fat? I ant that kind of human. Sorry for the miss under standing. Now, ware should we go?

  40. joe says:

    Well if we want to know each other better we can chat about hobbies. Are favorite meals or just discus art. That’s right, I know you have an art collection and I am a art creator. I sketch mostly dragons as a mater of fact. You should see them. Oh but there not evil. They are peaceful, strong and wise, just like you. :)

    Your friend, joe

  41. joe says:

    I don’t exactly know how to get in. I tried five times and still had trouble getting in chatango. Sorry.

  42. joe says:

    Hay, long time for a human and no speak. Is every thing okay?
    I’m concerned about you. Every thing well? Pleas speak up, I am sorry if I had pushed feelings out far from friendship. I shall what for your response. Take time that you need, I can wait.

  43. cyberkyd says:

    Hey, in Alteria (Where I come from) for the longest time there were only dragons from the Realm of Chaos. Those ones pretty much made us despise dragons. But then the other dragons came from the Plane of Order… All I have to say is that it took us a while to figure out that these new dragons were not evil… Hehe… Although I personally never took part in any dragonslaying… Myself… But anyway, the new dragons got so ticked off at the old ones for making us want to kill them that we all worked together to destroy most of the evil dragons. As a result of this, some dragons killed in the battle on both sides were saved by the bond of war between humans and dragons. Their souls purified and they came into symbiosis with humans, forming the Dragonling race. The first Dragonling, the warrior lady Clermia, gave her enchanted sword, forged from a dragon scale, to the race of dragons when her body fell prey to a Dark Dragon’s fiery spell. With her dying breath, she charged the dragons to pass on her sword only to a Dragonling who would protect the races of Dragons and Men. The dragon spirit protecting her up to this point finally let go, and Clermia and Uruthei the dragon ascended to the Divine Plane. Clermia’s blade, enchanted in a way that keeps its user from harming all dragons and Good men, has been handed down through Dragonlings ever since.

  44. @Joe- Yes, so sorry to have been gone for such a long time. My apologies human. Though, I’d prefer to keep you waiting, rather than the other way around. I tend to be impatient and well, people get burned. Oh, and you talked earlier about my favorite food, *looks at Joe licking teeth* I think you could guess. *chuckles* No, I stay away from humans, not enough meat. I stick to cows and the hefty livestock. I’m also glad you know of my art collection, I paint and draw most of my own art, collecting the others, and getting some nice things as gifts. I’ve recently been reviving special dragon made armor as well as a few magical items. And, whether or not you paint evil dragons, matters not to me, I paint an evil dragon every now and again, it’s always fun to paint a scene of a dragon pillaging a town, or fighting an army. *pauses remembering his youth* Ah, those were the days, but, now I’ve settled down and have a town all my own. But, I still burn down a house or two every now and again, mostly the villages that fail to pay tribute, the ones at the outer edges of my domain, tend to be stingy.
    @cyberkyd- I always enjoy hearing lore such as this, I am an avid history buff. Have you heard of my deity, The Ninefold Dragon, the great Io, creator of all. He is one and all. The creator of all dragons. Though, this is common knowledge. I shant bore you with the tale, that and I’m not in the mood to recite the legend.

  45. cyberkyd says:

    @Elderon Analas: Thank you. I would say that humans have such short lives, so it would be better for you not to tell me the tale, except for the fact that I am not quite hu- Anyway! I hear Dragons have a love for games of wit. Care to try your mind, Dragon? Or as my kind put it, Fyr Wyrme?

  46. Please by all means, do test me. I do love a mind game but first, I have a riddle for you. “What do you buy for someone else? Get but never hope to use? And, when we do use it, we have no idea we are?” (please excuse me but, I may have not worded this right)

  47. cyberkyd says:

    @Elderon Analas: You delve deep into the past, Fyr Wyrme. My guess to your riddle is ‘advice,’ although something tells me that I am wrong. But before you breathe your fire upon me and reveal me for what I am, listen to me: You delve deep but I delve deeper. I turn back to a time when Dragons and Men alike shared the lands in peace. Even your racial memories may not recall such a time as this. I ask you:

    What does a man love more than his life?
    What fears he more than death, or strife?
    What the have, and the rich require
    And what a content man desires.
    What a miser spends,
    What a spendthrift saves,
    And all men and Dragons carry to the grave.

    Answer me this, if you can, and behold the red blade on my back. Forged from a Dark Dragon’s scale, and dyed red with his blood. I am not able to wield this blade, but if you answer my riddle, I will entrust it to you to give to one who IS worthy. If not… Well, you will see.

  48. Thywolf Thespian says:

    *Steps out of the shadows placing my paws together* Sorry to cut in on your mindgames but i though riddles was more of a sphinx thing… *looks around and mutters something about 3 riddles killing a party he was with* I can think of nothing for your riddle kyd *chuckles* I got one for you. What can’t be burned in fire, nor be drowned in water?

  49. Elderon Analas says:

    @Cyberkyd- I am sorry I know not the answer in which you seek.*looks ashamed* even my great tomes of books and centuries of knowledge have failed me. But, I shall make a guess. Is the answer: ‘time’?
    @Thy- How have you been my old firend! What’s it been 200 years! Oh come here you big Incubi you! *punce huggles Thywolf* I’d started to wonder if you would ever return. *lets go of Thy* But, I’m glad you’re back for a visit. *nuzzles Thys’ chest* Also, tis the answer to thine riddle, love?

  50. cyberkyd says:

    @Thywolf Thespian: Well said, for you have mistakenly guessed the answer: The answer is ‘nothing.’ A man fears nothing more than death. A content man wishes for nothing. And so on. But in answer to your riddle, you should not ask such an easy thing of one from the frozen lands. The answer is Ice. Ice, which burns not no matter how hot the fire, Ice which survives in the deepest depths, that which came from water.

    @Elderon Analas: You have failed, Dragon. Perhaps I should give you one more chance…

  51. Thywolf Thespian says:

    Oh no I didn’t accidentally answer your riddle *smiles* I simply disguised the answer to this cute dragon over here *hugs Elderon back* He may be cute but he is a killing machine to the coil *pokes his belly and giggles*

  52. Elderon Analas says:

    @ Thywolf- “Hey, I’m no… ok, yes, I do like to kill things, you got me there.”, Elderon says as he hugs Thy tightly. “I’ve missed you, I’d do a little more than hug you but, we’re in public. Aww what the hell.”, Elderon says as he picks Thywolf up and gives the Incubi a kiss and presses him to the dragons warm pulsing chest. He likes the feel of Thys fur against his smooth unberbelly scales. He then set Thy down after another kiss and his scales darkened as he blushed. He turns his attention to cyberkyd before Thy makes him to, ‘frisky’ so the huamns say. But, it was his mating season and, he was craving sex like his life depended on it.
    @ cyberkyd- “I shall not task my brain anymore with your riddles. I’m more of a ‘hands on’ kind of problem solver, if you catch my drift.”, Elderon says as he begins tapping his sharp claws to emphasise his point. “Though, I will take another try if you wish. But, I had yet to formally welcome you to my cave, I say that to both of you.”, Elderon says as he, in turn, looks to Cyber and Thy. Elderon lays down on a pile of gold.

  53. joe says:

    Well, well,well.*joe chuckles*. I don’t mean to upset you cyberkyd but it seems some of your riddles are not entirely correct. You say death is what scares a man the most but I’m afraid you are wrong. The thing that haunts a man the most is to lose a child or a friend. And I should know, I lost one. I’m not afraid to die. We always die eventually. It is time to except that all of us don’t have long. I would take a sword for him, hell I would give my life to save my friends. elderon as well. Which reminds me, I have mist you, you brassy dragon you! I’m so sorry I have not spoken to you. I just finished a art project about a dragon flying high over the cold mountains. Next one will be about you. Its going to be a picture of you sleeping on a hill of golden coins and livestock in the background. But I guess I could put some friends in their too with you.

  54. Elderon Analas says:

    “I think I would rather not be sleeping. Contraty to popular belieif… we dragons are not lazy layabouts that sleep all day and only wake up to kill and pillage.”, Elderon says shaking his head. “But, if you re going to be doing a portrait of me, that is nice. If you could human, um, Joe, I’d much rather be doing something fun. Usually in my quiet moments alone, I like to wallow in my gold, rolling around in it much like a pig would in mud. I do so enjoy it, though the only person who’s seen me do it in person is Thywolf.”, Elderon says looking down at the Incubi. He begins taking his tail and shapping the mound of gold he’s sitting upon as he begins to speak again, “Yes but Joe, I again thank you for the kind sentaments, and I so very much agree with your answer to the riddle. If I were to die, that is nothing to me, if my mate Scarlet were to be slain…”, He stops turning his head away for a moment. Bringing his head back around into view, “… I think I would just go into an emotional storm of depression and anger. If you ever catch wind of a dragon burning down villages and towns while he’s crying… you’ll know what’s happened my friends.”, Elderon brings his head close to Joe, his hot breath moving the humans hair with each gust, “I don’t know about you Joe, you’re different, I like that. You may come back any time you like, I shall ommit the wards to let you pass, and give you some minor hints as to whaere all the traps in this cave are.”, he says before giving Joe’s face a little lick and raising back up.

  55. joe says:

    Well, it sounds like you have a real bound with Scarlet. Who is scarlet? Is she a girl friend? I’m sorry I don’t know what to say after that. What you said was touching. Would you want to talk about her?

  56. Elderon Analas says:

    “Scarlet is my rumag, my mate. She is a very loving and very beautiful red dragon. Slender built with bright orange eyes, red pupils. Her smooth scales brighter and more briliant than even the most precious of rubies. Her strong heart full of love. She just… *moans with a guteral murr* … ho, she makes me so happy. I can’t think of living without her.”, Elderon says as he begins to drift off into a daydream. With a shake of his head he looks back to joe. “So sorry, I was just caught up in memories. God does she know how to make me feel so good.”, Elderon says as he folds a wing in such a way to block his lower body from view of the humans. “And, the things she can do with her tail, the places she can reach. *moans* She is one hell of a mate. She is very good at making love is what I’m saying, if you couldn’t tell.”, he says blushing a little. After a moments pause Elderon looks to Joe, “So hum… Joe, anything else you would like to know? I love to talk and, I know you may have a few more questions. So, ask away my friends, I will answer them to my best abilities.”, Elderon says as he folds his wings up and lay down on his gold, again resting his head close to joe. Elderon looked at the human with his big redish-blue eye, his inner pupil rotating and expanding to focus in the close human. “If you have any questions about dragons, I’ve recently come across several tomes of information, though I disregard anything I know for a fact to be a falsification.”, Elderon says slowly, lifting his head some to allow his jaw room to move.

  57. joe says:

    So Scarlet is your mate, huh I don’t mean to get personal or any thing but have you had children? You know, raise a family? Do you see her much?

  58. Elderon Analas says:

    “Joe, you’re starting to cross the line.”, Elderon says as he leers at the human. Elderon then smiles, “And yes, we’ve had children. One, his name is charmortis, though I do have a half-dragon son named Issaic. He lives with me, running the tavern in Silverton, the small town I grew up in. It’s about half a days flight south of here. Charmotis lives with Scarlet. The two of them live in her cave in the FrostCap mountains to the north. About a 5 day flight over the WinterLeaf forest. A trip I have no problems making.”, He says as he stands from the pile of gold. The big dragon then starts walking past Joe and out into the desert. “Come on if you’re coming. I want you to meet Issaic.”, He says looking back to Joe.

  59. Thywolf Thespian says:

    The Incubi demon know as thywolf appeared ontop of Elderon’s nose “Oi, hide if this demon tags along.” His tails sway softly as he started the Dragon’s nose ~<3

    "Oh and I'll just set this link here too"


    "A roelplay site :D"

  60. Elderon Analas says:

    “Well Thy, if you ment to ask if I don’t mind, then yes. You can come, if I remember right, you haven’t met my son either.”, Elderon says, his eyes focusing on the incubi. “But, I would like to wait on Joe.”, He said out loud then, with a little telepethy told Thy this, “I also really don’t want that human here with my hoard unguarded. I don’t trust anyone enough to do that, not even you Thy.”, He finished talking mentally with Thy and he slowly turned his head some to look behind him, making sure Jow was still there and to see if he was coming.

  61. joe says:

    Joe smiles at the grate dragon and says “well sure, I would love to meet your son.” But in joe’s mind he didn’t want to make a bad first impression. He had some thought and decided to still go.

  62. “Don’t take this personally.”, Elderon said as he reached down and grabbed Joe in his mouth. Holding him gently, so he wouldn’t hurt him. He then started out of the cave in a run. He spread his wings and took to the air, heading to the south. He glanced upward noticing it was still noon. He liked the hot air, and remembering that Joe was in his mouth he kept breathing through his nose, so his hot breath wouldn’t boil the human alive. He knew Thy would have no trouble flying if he did fall of his head, that he didn’t worry about.
    Elderon slows and lands several miles outside the city of Silverton. He stopped and placed his head close to the ground, opening his mouth and dropping Joe into the sand. He chuckled a bit at the little human covered in his thick goopy saliva. “Joe, I’m sorry but, you look like crap. Even though I did it, you look worse than what I thought you would.”, Elderon says as he makes a few paw gestures and laughing softly the whole time. He slowly started walking toward the city, his tail swaying behind him, his wings folded close. A couple minuets pass and Elderon polymorphes to his human form. Dressed in simple travelers clothes, though he wears a brass colored dragon scale vest, his family crest/symbol on its back and left breast pocket. They were still several minuets from the city. “Anyone have any stories to tell? Thy, want to tell Joe one of our little tales? We have had quite the adventures.”, Elderon says looking back over his shoulder.

  63. joe says:

    Hay, I don’t mean to interrupt story time but, I’m still covered in thick gooey enzyme filled saliva here! I don’t mean to be rude but I am not use to walking all over town wile being covered in layers of spit. Do you think your son would like this look you have given me? I for one think it’s hilarious, but not a stile I would choose. But still, as humiliating as it was joe couldn’t help but snicker at him self. Then joe looked at Elderon and Thywolf and gave a smile and says “that was pretty funny, was it not?” As they walked closer to silverton.

  64. “Oh yes, I almost forgot. Joe you may want to find a way to get that of, it’s your problem not mine.”, Elderon says as he chuckles a bit more, a moment of thought later, “Fine, I’ll help.”, Elderon says stopping and turning to the human. He says a simple magic word and Joe is all neat and clean. “There now, lets get a move on, we’re wasting daylight.”, he says as he looks to the sun to check how much more time till sunset, quite a bit actually. He walked along again his tail swaying happily ans his wings unfurled a little.

  65. cyberkyd says:

    As Joe looks amazed down at his now-clean hands, he feels a coldness coming towards him. He looked up. “Hey Elderon, who’s that?” The dragon quickly recognized the figure approaching as that pesky not-quite-human that had been bothering him with those idiotic riddles earlier. “So, human. You are here now.” With his great wisdom, Elderon quickly realized that the strange being must have powerful magic to be able to transport such a great distance. “Oh, actually I didn’t use a spell.” Cyberkyd stretched his back as he came near. “I flew.” Joe started edging away. “Oh come on. I’m not going to hurt you, Joe.” He turned towards Elderon. “Well, dragon. You’ve failed my test. You cannot be the bearer of the fabled Blade of Clermia. However, I still must entrust the blade to a dragon. Do you know of any? Oh yeah, and I heard some words about stories. Can I tell a story?”

  66. joe says:

    Finally, I’m clean! A few scents longer and I would have gone insane. Well, it’s a good thing I had my tape recorder out when you said the word. Now I can ,uh. Wait a minute. It’s dead. Oh man, there’s no battery in here. Well looks like the joke is on me. Yeah, let’s keep moving. Joe wondered if elderon did more than just disappeared the spit, and why joe could have had a sun hat and got on elderons back in the first place. “May be he just wanted me out of the hot sun.” Joe said in his thoughts. Elderon looked back at joe and grind. Joe then thought “wait, did he somehow here me?” Joe leans his head in confusion.

  67. “Yes Joe, I can hear you just fine.”, Joe would hear Elderons voice but, he would not see the dragons mouth move. “I do have telepathy you know”, he would say again inside Joes’ mind.

    He chuckled a little as he looked to ‘he who gives many riddles’ and cocked his head a little as he started walking. “Hmm, do I, a dragon, know any other dragons? Such an odd question. But, yes, there is my mate Scarlet, my son, if he qualifies. I have a few other dragon friends though, I doubt they would be a worthy as I or my family.”, Elderon says as he walks around the riddle man and continues walking to town, “I see no harm in a story, though, I just hope to get my ale and a meal and just talk with you, my new friends.”, He says as he looks to his hometown.

  68. joe says:

    Hay, just to let you know I was not scared. Uh, I seen a bee. Yeah let’s go with that. Let’s see here. What kind of stories shall we tell elderon the mind reader?

  69. Thywolf Thespian says:

    Thywolf started to sing, still sitting on the dragon’s nose

    “I got spurs that jingle jangle jingle
    (jingle jangle)
    As i go riding merrily along
    (jingle jangle)
    And they sing “ohh ain’t it good to be single ”
    (jingle jangle)
    and they can be farther from wrong.”

  70. (Thy? How in the name of the great dragon are you on my nose? I’m in the form of a half dragon, you know, huminoid form… it’s completely inconceivable that you are still on my nose, if anything, you fell off when I transformed, going down 50ft.)

  71. joe says:

    Joe takes a look at the humanoid’s nose and said, “I guess anything is possible.” Joe can see thy shrunken to the size of a thumb. Thy was laying back and relaxing on elderon’s nose. Joe looks up at elderon and says “you must have shrunken him.” Try changing back, see if it works.

  72. “Eh, he’s a strong demon, he can do it himself.”, Elderon says as he puts Thy on the ground and keeps walking, now only minuets from town.

  73. joe says:

    Joe looks at Elderon. “You know Elderon, I should really thank you for what happened earlier.” joe said. Then he shrugs his shoulders and speaks again. “I don’t often thank dragons for putting me in there mouths, but if you hadn’t, I would have suffered major heatstroke.” Joe paused and spoke,”Thank you, I guess is what I’m trying to say.” Joe smiles and says, “I’m really looking forward to meeting your son.

  74. Thywolf Thespian says:

    Did you forget I can shapeshift into almost anything *huggles the nose* :

  75. joe says:

    I thought you could teleport place to place, and tern invisible. But shape shift? That’s a new one. So you can tern into almost anything. But can you grow into size?

  76. Thywolf Thespian says:

    have earned a vast amount of things, sure some of my powers are aquired via other means but its all fun

  77. joe says:

    Ha, it must be fun. All we humans can do is, well the basics. Though I’m sure there is a reason why we don’t have supper magic powers. Perhaps we would abuse them. Who knows. It is all about fate I guess. Do you believe in fate? something we are all destined to do before we die?

  78. joe says:

    Hmmm. Well here. I have a question for you elderon. Thousand’s of years ago there was so many roomers of dragons all over the world. Everywhere. Grees, rome, china, america, Scotland everywhere. And back then humans couldn’t travel country to country. So, as years gone bye, less roomers where revealed. Soon after the day of the son of god died, dragons somewhat just faded away. Now in Egypt, there was something strange going on. Apparently some scientists found out that there may have been extraterrestrials from other worlds. Now don’t think I have lost my mind or something, it’s just that human scientists found out it was the same time when the son of god dragon roomers faded when these aliens where in there campaign to teach man how to build. What I’m saying is do you know why? I know humans didn’t weaken the numbers of dragons. Because I don’t think a single human could take on a dragon. And in china they love dragons. They gave food and offerings to your kind. They gave you all the respect that you guys deserve. The Chinese saw you as kings or gods. So I don’t think dragon slayers could travel to the other side of the world just to cut your heads off. Besides, they thought the earth was flat! So, I know for a fact humans aren’t the reason why dragons are so rare to find. So what happened?

  79. joe says:

    Uh, yeah that last comment was not from me. A so called friend of mine snooped in and typed as my name. He like’s to mess around with my things. Sorry about that Alan. It will not happen again. He always was a little annoying, and he apologizes for doing so. Anyway speak up whenever and I hope you have a happy new year. *then joe chases his not so sneaky friend with a random Slughammer* “Elderon may not be a killing machine, but I can be!” Joe says with a wicked grin wile he swings his hammer around.

  80. Elderon smiles as the human shows his more aggressive side. “Well, i had given his question many a good thought.”, she says with a smile as his body changes to his human form, a man in his mid 30’s, simple cotton shirt with a brown leather vest over that and dinum jeans underneath. “This is how we are so ‘rare’ because we are smart to the changing ways of human. As I was one of the dragons born before the son of your god. I had actually seen him do that trick when he parted the Red Sea… but I was but a young one then. Born in the year 989 BC. But, that matters not. What matters is that the dragons are still here, living among the humans. Teaching their children how to blend, even if that means keeping them in hiding in some basement for a couple decades teaching them the required magic to do such.”, she says with a smile as Darastrix, his magic black steel sword, appears in his hand. Swinging it about he looks back at Joe. “And tell your friend i accept his apology. I should like to have him for dinner if that is ok.”, he says with a kind smile.

  81. joe says:

    “Oh yeah sure.. Wa- wait what?” Joe stuttered of realizing what the dragon in human form said. Have him for dinner or have him over for dinner? I don’t know eldy. Eating him won’t make much good. Even though the jerk may deserve it, witch I think he does. He would be too small to even be considered a meal. But I will deny you nothing you desire. “Feel free to do as you wish.” Joe says with a nervous facile expression hoping his friend doesn’t get eaten. Then joe thought of a way to change the subject to something less messy. Oh uh, h-he also told me to ask you something. You said your son Issaic, is a half dragon right? Well, what exactly did you mean by HALF DRAGON? Mike really want’s to know for some reason. Oh yeah, his name is mike, I forgot.

  82. “I would like to have him over for dinner my friend, a nice steak and wine. a good meal i supose. I meant no confusion, sorry.”, he says chuckling as he turns and keeps walking toward the town in the distance. “And what i mean by Half-Dragon is that i was like this, i disguised myself as a human to live amungst the humans of my town, without being treated like a dragon, to try and live a normal human life for awhile. Then, i fell in love. A few months later, my son was born. A grand day, but lil ol Issaic still had his tail, wigs, and other dragon features. And being covered in scales didn’t help him much either. Samantha was not pleased, she didn’t like that i had lied to her about what i was. A few years later, when Issaic was 5 and old enough to take care of himself fairly well, Sam left. I haven’t seen her since, but that was 200 years ago. So I’m guessing she is dead. Issaic barely remembers her, but, I think it is better his way.”, Elderon says as he keeps walking, glancing over his shoulder as he talks. A moment later Joe’s vision would be blinded by a white flash, and when his vision cleared he an Eldy were standing in a small market square. “Sorry, i don’t really like walking to very much.”, she says over his shoulder as he shakes a few peoples hands and gives one woman a hug. “Unfortunately, or fortunately, almost everyone in this town knows what i look like in all of my usual forms.”, he says chuckling as he starts heading for the tavern.

  83. joe says:

    “Wow, what a beautiful place!!! It- it has….everything!” joe says with his eyes lit up and mouth a gape. He quickly closed his eyes and shook his head to see if he was dreaming or not. As if that flash was his death and he went to heaven or something. Joe drifted his eyes to a sign down the road that says “WELCOME TO SILVERTON!!!” Joe looked back to the friendly people shaking eldy’s hands saying,”Welcome back Mr. Analas, I missed you.” The others said similar things to him. Joe smiled thinking ” I wonder what Scarlet would say if she cached him hugging the woman?” Joe just chuckled at the thought and regain his mind back into mature reality. Well, Silverton is almost to beautiful to be called reality. To joe anyway. He just stood and smiled, observing and studying his surroundings.

  84. “I’m glad you like my town. I’ve spent a large protion of my hoard making this place the best trade city in all of the Ambarambi Desert.”, he says as he turns around and sees the shock on Joes face, “Yes i said i SPENT my treasure. But, this town has returned it two fold to me. And has provided me with much more joy than treasure could.”, he says as he looks around the grand marketplace, large shops both on wagons ready to move to other towns, and stationary buildings line the large courtyard full of peddlers on blankets, as well as small stalls. The Market had everything fruit and meat, to gems and statues, swords and armor, and everything else imaginable. Elderon smiled as a woman in a long flowing red dress walked up behind Joe. Eldy gave a small wink.

    The woman in the bright red dress tapped Joe on the shoulder, “I don’t think Scarlet would mind one bit. Considering she knows her mates long connected history with this town and its people.”, she says as she walks around Joe, going strait for Elderon as she chuckles a little. They wrap their arms around each other hugging and laughing, both in their usual hissing tones. “How are you honey, I was wondering where you’d run off to? Things doing well here?”, he asks Scarlet before his kisses her. “I haven’t been doing much, just tending to the market, and saying hello to our son. I was just about to head back.”, she says as she lets go of Eldy and looks at Joe, “So, who’s the human?”, she asks, “Haven’t seen him around here, and I know almost everyone in this town by name now.”, she adds as she turns to him with a small smile. “Oh, and please forgive me. My name is Sacrlet Analas, pleasure to meet you human.” she says giving a small curtsey.

  85. joe says:

    Joe mentally laugh’s at himself for misunderstanding scarlet for some other person. Then he replies with a little smile. “Hehe. Likewise. I herd a bit about you thanks to Eldy here. And please, I, I should be the one apologizing.” *Joe says with blushed red cheeks.* My name is Joseph Delapena but my friends call me joe. I don’t give my last name out too often. People find it amusing for some reason. He says as he roles his eyes with a small grin. It’s a grate pleasure to finally meet you. I must say, this town is quite…*he pauses looking around * impressive. He says as he look’s back at Scarlet with a smile.

  86. Scarlet blushed a bit, “What did he tell you?”, she says glancing at Elderon, who was currently on his way to the tavern. “I hope it was good things.”, she says with a smile and looked back to Joe. “But, enough of me husband. I think you were going to see my son-in-law? He is in the tavern, but I suppose you already know that. I was just heading back to the cave myself, I’ve spent all the time i want here.”, she says as she comes over to Joe and gives him a kiss on the cheek, “Goodbye Joseph. May we meet again soon.”, she says as she turns and walks away.

  87. joe says:

    “O- of course. Take care Scarlet.” Joe says as he place’s his hand on his cheek. With a cherry red blushed face he looks over to Elderon. Joe paused for a moment. Joe gives a chuckle and says,”Hey. Don’t get any cute ideas about me you large lizard. You and scarlet are together, I’m involved with nothing.”

  88. Cyberkyd says:

    Suddenly there is a thumping sound as Cyberkyd falls face first into the ground after tripping over a sentient rock, which proceeds to edge away. “Gah! What did I miss?” He asks as he rubs his head. He looks down at the rune-inscribed scroll he was writing, now covered in blood from the fall. “Ah, look what you made me do to the Loresong that I’ve been writing for the last four hours…”

  89. joe says:

    Joe terns around to Cyberkyd. Joe grinned and shook his head. “what in the world just happened to you?”, Joe asks in confusion. Joe lifted his right arm out for the clumsy yet human like creature. “Need some help riddle man?” Joe asks with a smile as he extends his arm out farther for Cyberkyd to grab on and bring him on his feet.

  90. Elderon Analas says:

    Elderon heard nothing Joe said, nor did he see the kiss. He was too busy making that rock trip Cyberkyd. The dragon burst into laughter, falling onto his back. “Sorry Cyber, couldn’t pass that chance up if my life depended on it.”, he says slowly getting up and brushing sand off himself. “Um Joe, did you say something?”, he asks looking to him, then the tavern, then back at joe, “We really should get going, evening crowds gonna be comin in soon.”, he says as he turns, forgetting his previous question, not really careing.

  91. Elderon didn’t hear a single thing Joe said, he was busy enchanting the rock to trip Cyberkyd, therefore he also missed the kiss. When Cyberkyd fell on his face Elderon burst into laughter, falling onto his back as he clutched his chest. “Sorry *laughter* Cyber… I couldn’t resist. You don’t get away with *smaller laughes* being so distracted in my town.”, he says still chuckling a little as he gets up and brushes the sand off his clothes. He watches Joe help Cyber up and he stops laughing entirely. “I’m sorry for ruining your scroll, I can make you another one.”, he says with sympathy. Then he looks at Joe, “Um joe, did you say something earlier? I was a little busy with that rock.”, he says as he points to the rock scuttling away.

  92. sorry for doubple post, first one was made on my PS3, and it said there was an error and that my comment wasn’t posted, so i went to pc now and put it up, not seeing that it was posted…. please, use second comment. Thank you.

    Your Dragon Friend,
    Elderon Analas

  93. cyberkyd says:

    Cyberkyd shakes his head and digs around in his pocket for a minute. “Oh, no need for that, oh great dragon. I’ll just tell another one that I already have inscribed on this piece of Wyrmwing parchment.” He glances up. “Of course, this is made from the Naga tribe of the desert, not of one of the noble Sentient Dragons. Actually, it was taken from the corpse of one we couldn’t save after a Roc attack. Although we of the Draiklairds would never kill a dragon, taking the wing of a fallen dragon to further the cause causes no shame. And the results are well worth it, for now I can weave a tale such as has never been heard before- a tale of the great Chronos Dragon who saved my grandfather, all those long centuries ago. It is a fine tale.”

  94. “Hmm, Wyrmwing. Well, i shall hope his or her soul rests well in the hands of Io, and that he or she finds their own little demi-plane haven quite nice.”, Elderon says as he bows his head, reciting a short draconic prayer. “Oh for the great dragon gave us life and a life we lived, a burning soul put in flesh and bone, now that soul shall come back home, and live in everlasting gold.”, he whispers and looks back to the two. “Now, if that had been Wyvern wing, i would have no problem with it. I hate wyverns, they give us bad names, they’re basically our retarded cousins. Don’t even have four legs, BAH!”, he says scoffing. Then he turns and walks into the tavern, “C’mon. I’ll get you guys a round of ale, on the house.”, he says over his shoulder as he pushes the door open and walks in.

  95. cyberkyd says:

    Cyberkyd gratefully swallows a mouthful of the ale, noting its fine flavor, but decides to save the rest for after the legend. He coughs, and then looks up at Elderon. “Um, Elderon, I sort of… need a drop of Draconic blood to activate the Loresong. May I?” He holds out the Wyrmwing parchment, gesturing to a circle with two drops of blood already on it.

  96. “Well, that is fine by me, but as Joe will recall. Your song is not the real reason we are here, no offense.”, Eldy says as he comes back to the table with two flagons of ale in hand and a half dragon trailing behind. Elderon sets in his chair and puts the ale down, the half dragon sets beside him in the last free chair and calmly looks at Joe and Cyber. The half-dragon was wearing tavern work clothes and a couple daggers on his hip. “Guys, this is my son Issaic.”, Elderon says patting his son on the shoulder. “Good little half breed he is. Made me and his mother so happy.”, he says with a smile and passes one flagon to Issaic. Issaic takes it and sips it a little, some froth on the end of his snout. He licks it away with his forked tongue, “Pleased to meet you two, always a pleasure to see new faces in here, and since you’re dads friends, i know i can trust you two to behave yourself here in my tavern.”, he says, then sees Eldy giving him a look, “Er, his tavern… I’m just the bartender. But what i say goes, got it?”, he says going from apologetic to commanding as he talks. Then taking another sip of his ale he sets down the large mug.

    The tavern common room was empty save a small handful of men gambling in the corner and the 5 wenches working on cleaning tables and the two cooks in back, and the second bartender currently cleaning the bar and covering for Issaic. Business was slow now, but in a few hours the general crowd would be coming in. Not to mention a few of those always rowdy adventurers and the trouble they tend to bring.

    Elderon smiled and waited for introductions to start as he and Issaic conversed telepathically about both Joe and Cyber, and about the recent happenings in town.

  97. cyberkyd says:

    Cyberkyd smiles and puts the Wyrmwing parchment on the counter. “Ah, of course. If YOU remember correctly, meeting your son is the REAL reason I’m here.” He turns to Isaaic. “Hello Dragonling. We are not so much different from each other, you and I. I have come to ask a favor of you.” He retells the story of the Blade of Clermia, and then pulls the bundle off his back, before taking the cloth off. The candlelight glints off the blade, stained red by blood, and the wrought Mithril handle. “This sword is yours, Isaaic…” He looks up, with his eyes glowing a fiery red. “…If you pass my test.”

  98. “I-I’m not sure. What sort of test?”, Issaic asks looking at the sword, a little startled as Cybers eyes glow red for a moment. ‘He must be a demon, this sword is cursed, it would be the death of me.’, Issaic thinks as he steadies a trembling hand. “No son, he is no demon. Just… odd. The sword is not cursed, as far as i know. From what he says, it is a grand honor to carry the blade. I failed the test, simply because i over thought it. You could easily pass this test my son.”, Elderon says inside Issaics head, giving him only the slightest glance and a rub on the shoulder for encouragement.

    Issaic took a breath, “Very well. Give me you test.”, he says confidently as he set his hands back on the table.

  99. cyberkyd says:

    Cyberkyd smiles. “Very well. Because you are a halfblood, not a full dragon, your test will be different from your illustrious father’s.” He nods towards Elderon. “First, a riddle. When Darkness and Light embrace, this form of power shows its face. What is it?”

  100. joe says:

    “Uh, yeah sure.” Joe says with not a smile but a frown as he pull’s poor Cyberkyd back up. Joe did feel a bit sorry for Cyberkyd for the cruel prank. Joe just gives a little nod to Cyber and turns to elderon. “Okay, let’s go.” Joe say.

  101. joe says:

    “You said there would be a crowd here soon.” Joe says to eldy.” I think we should continue the riddles later.” Joe says as he rubes his hands getting the dirt off from Cyberkyd’s hand. “Oh, bye the way, I think the answer is Elderon. He can be light, witch mean he can be nice,and darkness is when he is playing pranks. At least, that is in my answer of opinion.” Joe says with a smile as he looks at Elderon. And the shown face would be yours Cyberkyd. Your face print in the ground back there. Ha ha ha ha ha!

  102. joe says:

    Oops ,old comment. Please forgive or the ps3 dies.

  103. joe says:

    In fact. All resent comments I posted didn’t count. I simply saved the page yesterday but forgot to tern the connection off. My system was on all day and I did not see the comments of today. So don’t get any weird thoughts of me. But if you have already did long ago I guess there is nothing I can do about it.

  104. (i forgive you, no need to explain, it’s just I’m busy now with stuff and i probably won’t be able to reply today. And I’ve never had any wired thoughts about you.)

  105. joe/mike says:

    Never had any weird thoughts of him huh? Well I could have sworn that hitting a person with a large slug hammer for trying to have a little fun with his things would be a bit extreme, but okay. If you say so. Anyway, joe is out exploring and doing some human things. He said it would be okay to be here as long as I have his permission witch he grant’s me. He’s a okay guy but he has some dark sides. But other then that he cool. Since it seems your nearing the end of your adventure or maybe not, I was wondering if I could join in if that is fine with you. And yes I have some cows and some wealth. But no gold. Hopefully you won’t bite my head off for that. Joe actually talks about you from time to time. And yes they are good things. Though I laughed when he told me about when you spat him out onto the ground. The was rich! And your chat about scarlet. Don’t let him see your second tale when do so! Lol! Oh, he even wants to work on a portrait of you. Witch kinda seems odd to me. He does do some good paintings for a young human. In fact some of his artwork got in to the state capital and he got an award! He was in eighth grade then but now he’s still the best in the school. So you want to invite me over to dinner not over for dinner right? If so, I would be happy to abolish, and drinking sounds like may way of living. Yeah, sure. We can do that. But I would feel more uh, safer with joe coming along to. If you don’t mind.

  106. Elderon Analas says:

    1) Is excited for portait. 2) I’m fine with you joining, on condition, please seperate who is talking correctly if you both talk in same post, like i do with eldy, scarlet, issaic, ixen, lexa, Samantha, Tera, and my DM stuff. (I have many characters) 3) I’ll show my second tail if I want, but i don’t want joe getting jelous, considering i’m longer than he is tall. (My body is 60ft long, 20ft wide, you do the math.) 4) No tribute required for dinner guests, we’ll even set a nice table and use half-dragon forms just to make you a little more comfortable. 5) When Scarlet gets drunk she tends to get… frisky. Don’t try anything with her… unless I can be involved too. Though I may just take pleasure in watching. 6) Have a good time, away from my hoard.

  107. joe says:

    Mike says: Oh, why thank you for the specifics info. But I really did not need to estimate how long your, you know, second tail is. I just might lose my appetite just thinking about it. I will have to ask joe all these ways of messaging. Plus, he will be relieved to know how large you are. He can finely put you in the pile of gold with your exact size in the painting. He was driving himself nuts over it. I think your suppose to wallow around in the gold or something. That’s pretty much what I can figure. But he’s not going to put your second tail in. Your right, joe probably would get jelous about it. And obviously you don’t want him swearing or using bad language. Anyway thanks again for the info. But not the tail one. Let’s just leave that subject out once and for all. I suffered from severe Chronic Diarrhea last week, but I think I have a good shot on keeping my food in my system for this week. So please, for the love of god, your god, no more tails. Otherwise I’ll vomit! *lol*

  108. cyberkyd says:

    Cyberkyd, who was following Isaaic waiting for an answer to the riddle, suddenly perks up from his sulking at being ignored. “Oh, you have a sister, do you? She is… fond of humans? Perhaps I should test your sister first. After all, the original owner of this sword was also a female. Perhaps it is more fitting. Of course if she passes and must take the Journey I, as the sword’s guardian, must accompany her. But anyway, might as well try…” He quickly casts the lv. 24 Travel-Stain Removal on himself, straightens his clothes, and starts to saunter into Samantha’s room.

  109. [Eldy] Elderon licked his lips seeing the chicken. “I have a few ideas what you could do with it. Set him free here in the cave. I like to play games, i’ll… i’ll just chase him a round a little… i… i need the exercise anyway.”, he said chuckling as he was salivating over this chicken. He licked his lips and teeth again and then polymorphed into a much smaller dragon, about the size of a hatchling, “And now it will be a little funner, i always did like to play with my dinner… er… pets.”, he say stepping closer off his hoard and his stomach rumbles as he gets close to the chicken.

    [Issaic] Issaic had finished showing Mike his room, when he turned the corner he saw his sister making her sexy little strut down the hall towards him and Mike, but Cyber was in between. “Wonder how this will go?”, he asked himself as he leaned against the wall, folding his arms on his chest, and watched.

    [Sam] Samantha hadn’t had visitors in quite the while, especially not male humans. The thought just sent a tingle from the back of her neck down to the tip of her tail. Most of her dad and brothers quests tended to be female, and Sam didn’t play that game. She adjusted her clothes making sure she was comfortable, and when she looked up, there was a man standing in front of her. She took a step back, startled. “Um, hello? Are you friends of he family, because if not, I get to eat you now.”, she said trying to be threatening, but she was really to busy looking him over with a faint smile to be threatening. Her tails swished happily, then she figured this wasn’t the human she saw with Issaic, this wasn’t the human she was seeking. “I’m so terribly sorry, I suppose you must be a friend, considering you are this deep in our cave, and not weighed down with much gold.”, she said idely. “I’m sorry human, but you are not the person whom I wish to see. I heard a little taking, Mike I believe his name was. So good sir, I bid you farewell.”, she says as she walks past him, snickering a little as her wing ‘accidentally’ spasms and hits him in the face. She started down the hall again, her hips swaying and her tail swishing nonchalantly in the same manner. She was the hottest thing in this cave, flaming blood not being a factor, and she knew it. She walked past Issaic who was chuckling at seeing Cyber get hit in the face. Sam saw him motion with his tail where Mike was. She patted his shoulder and went to the humans room, standing in his doorway, leaning against the wall looking in. “Hello, anyone here?”, she asked politely.

  110. Out Of Character (OOC): I am just wondering if the site admins would not appreciate if this escalated past something of a PG-13 level (shooting to move to XXX ratting). I’m pretty sure we are he only ones who even know about this article, so i suppose an intimate time between Sam and Mike would not be hard to do. Though we can always, as i had planned if things went sour, say she seals off the room and we don’t get to see what happens as an occasional roar or loud moan works through the stone barrier of a door.

    Elderons’ Human Translator, (and best friend)
    Alan P.

  111. cyberkyd says:

    Cyberkyd rubs his face, disappointed but not overly surprised. “Fine… probably wouldn’t have made a good Guardian anyway. Males are much stronger. Right Apolyon?”

    Apolyon unwrapped himself from around Cyberkyd’s soul and flowed out as an ectoplasm that only Cyberkyd could see. “HAHAHAHA! She just blew you off like an iron arrow!” He gasped out as he rolled around in midair with laughter.

    Cyberkyd made a half-hearted swat at the dragon spirit. “Ah, you shut up. Although that’s about the 50th time thats happened in the last 160 years… Hmph.”

    Apolyon sat up, cleaning scraps of tainted soul off his scales. “Well, at least it ended differently than that last time with the Silver Dragon. Remember, that time 70 years ago?”

    Cyberkyd slid to the floor, his mood not being helped by the spirit. “Yeah, well it was her fault for trying to eat me. Besides, she had it coming for killing those innocent Acolytes.”

    Apolyon slips back into his symbiote, still chuckling. He communicates a thought directly into Cyberkyd’s mind. “Hehe. It still cracks me up whenever someone calls you a human.”

    Cyberkyd ignores him and gets up, brushing off his clothes. He casts Detect lv.8 to find where the others went and sets off in their direction, still muttering to himself and plotting his (mild) revenge.

  112. joe says:

    Well eldy, since you seem to enjoy chasing my chicken I’m gonna go see if mike’s doing well with issaic. Joe says as he sees elderon zig zaging around the fat juicy bird. Eldy didn’t pay any attention to joe. He just kept chasing the chicken. Joe just roles his eyes with a grin as he goes to find mike. Joe was jogging down the cave, real quickly. Joe accidentally slammed against Cyberkyd and sent him to the ground. “Oof, sorry Cyber. I got to find mike” joe says as he continues to jog down the cave. Joe finally found issaic. “O-oh, issaic there you are.” Joe says as he takes deep in hails and out hails. “W- where is mike?” Joe says as he starts caching his breath.

  113. cyberkyd says:

    Cyberkyd extricates himself from the ground, groaning as his 4 broken ribs, smashed face, and ruptured spleen all cause immense pain. “How can such a scrawny human cause so much damage…” he groans as he casts Full Heal lv. 17 on himself. Simultaneously, Apolyon casts Detect lv. 20, having had the previous spell’s power broken by the breakage of body. What he finds stops both Cyberkyd (whose mind is linked to Apolyon) and the dragon spirit dead in their tracks. Cyberkyd starts to smile evilly, and Apolyon sighs. “You and your petty revenges. Fine, I’ll help.” He casts out his mind to Elderon. As the majority of the people here will not understand either Draconic or Alterian Draktongue, I will just put the message in English. “Noble brother, my partner will not cause any great harm to your kin or hoard, but this will be amusing and well worth your while to observe. Please be an outsider to this situation.”

    Then, Cyberkyd, still chuckling evilly, casts Lust lv. 40 (with a little extra OOMPH from Apolyon so it will affect Sam) on Sam and Mike, along with Jealousy lv. 80 (bringin’ out the big guns) on Joe. He also casts Brotherly Protection lv.65 (again with an extra shot of power and stealth) on Isaaic, to make things even more interesting. Then, Cyberkyd sits back in a chair to finish his ale and watch his handiwork unfold. (utterly exhausted from all this magic, even though Apolyon was lending him strength.

    He turns his head to Elderon, sitting next to him. “So, great dragon, your wife is a full blood too? Would you be against my testing her if your son (or possibly daughter [he just won’t give up on her]) both fail or reject the test?” He takes another sip of the fine ale.

  114. [Issaic] Issaic chuckled, “Well, my sister is probably having her way with him by now knowing her, ‘hot’ temperament. She’s probably introduced him quite well to his new bed.”, he says chuckling as he glances off behind him, seeing his sister just leaning in the doorway. “Or… she may be taking this a little slower… odd, but she may just be waiting for him to just acknowledge her. She does like to try and be polite, that much she has learned from Scarlet and Eldy. Um, would you like to say ‘hello’? I’d really rather not be the one cleaning that room of burn marks and whatever fluids come from what she will be doing in less than a minuet or so.”, he says turning and walking down the hall. “Sam! Oh Sam! There is another guest I would like you to meet!”, Issaic calls down the hall to his sister.

    [Sam] Sam stood watching the human as her tail swished happily. She was actually content with just watching the man work around the room. Then, she heard her brother calling to her. She turned and started looked at the third human of the day, though the last had an odd aura about him, it was quite disturbing. She had always been able to see the aura around people, the colored life force surrounding everyone. She smiled at the human, his aura was clean, a pure color, mixed in a few places, and was good. She smiled, “Oh, I hadn’t known we had 3 guests. I’m so sorry for not finding you… human.”, she says walking down the hall to greet the man. She gave a neat curtsey and a small bow, “Pleasure to meet you. My name is Samantha Analas. Daughter of Elderon and Scarlet Analas, Sorceress.”, she says with a smile, giving a grand flourished introduction.

  115. @Cyberkyd– I applaud you evils scheme and can easily see where you are going with this, but as DM here, i shall say this now… I do not want PC going at each others throats like this. (issaic can easily kill Joe. Elderon would not stand for this, And Scarlet would most likely emerge to help where it is needed.) I am as of now, making you last post on January 18, 2011 at 8:59 pm Null and Void. I am sorry. I would also like for you to elaborate on your ability to cast Lvl 80 spells, I have never heard of such things.

  116. cyberkyd says:

    Hehe! Of course you’re right. I completely submit to the DM’s ruling. As for the lv.80 spell, I apologize for the lack of clarification. I really have no clue how spell levels work in D&D. I was using the spell system for BlakLite d20 system, where spells go up to lv. 100. Of course, the levels are not the same as D&D levels, I DO know this much. (AKA a level 8 BlakLite d20 spell of the same type is not as effective/powerful/whatever as a D&D level 8 spell) shall I just use the spell’s name instead of level from now on? Basically the level just tells you how powerful it is, not an effectiveness against a PC of the same level.

  117. cyberkyd says:

    As Sam finishes speaking, she feels a sharp pain at the base of her skull, and then an echoey voice speaking in her head, somehow different yet similar to how her mother, father, and brother speak to her telepathically. “Hello little girl!” Says Apolyon.

  118. (I was just assuming that it has something to do with power, but D&D spells only go to lvl 9. one every 2 caster levels starting at lvl 3 (some simple cantrips and a couple lvl 1 spells at lvl 1 then lvl 2 spells at lvl 3) and id it continues like that till lvl 20. Or at least that’s how i remember 1st edition. (the main edition i base all my games off of, with a bit of 3.5 knowledge and skills, as well as races and all that… but my home rules are beside the point)

    [Sam] Sam groaned and placed a paw at the back of her head, rubbing the stop between her horns, “Oww, what the name of Io? Who are you? Explain yourself?”, she thought, knowing whatever creature had entered her head could hear her thoughts. She began erecting strong mental barriers in the small castle that was her mind (if you’ve ever read Hannibal You will know how i think of a character entering their own mind. Basically it is the interior of a building of their design with many areas and rooms dedicated to a single group of a few related thoughts, and the room reflects this, Happy memories may have a sun-dappled room, dark horrible memories may be found in a torture chamber or something) Many of the barriers were complete and several double layers, having this done quickly her mind was on high alert, she despised intruders. “If you excuse me, i must take care of a small internal affair. Issaic, please elaborate to our guest.”, she said as she sat down against the wall and closed her eyes, when she opened them she was standing in the large marble foyer of her mind, the room leading off to the many areas of her mind, “Hello, show yourself.”, she said aloud, her thoughts now coming as verbal speech. She looked around, her mind was secured, the portcullises had dropped on many of the halls and she could see the others had formed every 20 ft or so. She looked up at the grand skylight in the ceiling, the sky was generally barely cloudy, the small puffy clouds being pleasing against the nice blue sky. But now it was dark with grey clouds and no sun. The only light in the room came from the brazers around the room in front of the marble columns supporting the roof. She waited for her intruder to show himself.

    [Issaic] Issaic let out a sigh, “Well, she is off in her own little world now, literally. But, it must have been of dire importance to pull herself away from a new guest.”, he says as he looked at his comatose sister. “She is currently making a mental projection of herself inside the confines of her own mind Joe. It is a trick that everyone in this family can do, though as you can see, it incapacitates the physical body. So we only do it in times of security, or when we can be guarded. She should be back in no time. But while she is gone we need to stay here, though we can talk, she can’t hear us.”, he says as he sets down beside across from her in the fairly wide passage. “So um Joe… care to answer a personal question? I will think nothing too deeply of your answer, and i will ask first, an weather you answer is your choice. So here goes, er Joe. Do you think my sister is… attractive?”, he asks looking up at the human, then back to his sister. His eyes moving over her elegant face and head, nothing to very dramatic there, then down her body, over her ample breasts under her tight cotton shirt, which really was to small, the low V exposing a bit of cleavage, He moved on, looking at her slim but muscular figure, stout arms legs, her waist and hips in her tight leather breeches. He had always thought his sister was, a fairly good looking dragoness, he tended to think that she would always end up finding a mate before him. And he knew she knew she was very attractive, she tended to try and flaunt herself before guests, though she never seemed to do anything more that get a short gratification of a one-night-stand. “I will not judge you on your answer, nor will I tell Sam what you say. This is between you and me, or just you if you choose.”, he said as he pulled blew a puff of fire in his palm and formed it into a small ball, where he began to play, bounding it idly on his claw-tips, still looking to Joe for an answer.

    [Eldy] Eldy soon gave up on the chicken and laid down. He glanced over at Cyber sitting at a table with a mug of his family ale, “So you found our little stock of drink did you?”, he asked sarcastically setting down by the table. He didn’t really trust/like Cyber but he was a guest and must be treated as such, besides he had done no wrong and he was a person to talk to. Elderon had no real objection past that.

    [Scarlet] Scarlet stood in the deep pool of water in one of the lower chambers of the cave complex. An underground river ran here and made a fairly strong waterfall, which had turned this chamber into the washroom. She stood here under the water cleaning herself, rubbing with her paws and working some sand out from under her scales. Scarlet was simply enjoying the pleasure of just being clean. She always liked good hygiene and insisted a second water chamber be dug for a lavatory instead of using the wash-pool. And so, the water exited this room and into a small tunnel ,then came into another chamber where it was a 2ft deep fast flowing stream, with shallow banks for small creatures to use as a bathroom, and it pleased scarlet, because the wash pool had several dead stops, the places where water tended to not circulate so well, it nearly made her gag thinking that she could have very well ended up bathing in someones waste. She finished her bath and walked out of the pool, shaking herself dry and using a little frie to finish the job. She headed back up to see what was going on.

  119. cyberkyd says:

    [Apolyon]- Since he is is someone’s mind, he telemorphs into his humanoid form, a handsome man of about 25. Much better looking than Cyberkyd, actually. (Cyberkyd: HEY!) He looks around him and chuckles. “A mental barrier. Surely Cyberkyd misjudged your true power earlier, but this surprises even me.” He looks around and finds the pinpoint speck of Sam’s subconscious, where he knows she will have cast herself in her own mind. Then he casually breaks a few walls (reconstructing them afterwards) until he finds Sam. As he leans back against the wall in her mind he says, “So, here I am little Dragoness. I have shown myself.”

    [Cyberkyd]- Feels a huge headache, and a loss of about 80% of his power, when Apolyon enters Sam’s mind. “Darn you…” he thinks to himself although Apolyon can’t hear him. He turns apologetically to his host. “Most gracious dragon, thank you for letting me into your home. If you wish, my superiors can pay you back in full for my stay. Normally I would not insult my host in this way, but, unfortunately I believe I may require a long stay. Apol- I mean, I sense something strange about your family.” He starts to pull a wrought adamantine chain from his neck and explain something to Elederon, when a huge wave of pain from Apolyon sends him unconscious.

  120. joe says:

    “Well I uh, thi- think she’s quite the specimen. Joe says to issaic. “But please, before I answer. Why do you wish to know my opinion of sam? Is there something wrong?” Joe asks as he looked at the dragoness. Just as joe had asked, mike walked in. “Hey joe, do you know whe..” Mike paused, as he looks at sam. “Don’t worry mike, she’s just in her uh, own world right now.” Joe says to mike, calming him down still remembering sam and mike’s first encounter. Mike actually seemed quite scared then. He’s alright now though.”Oh, well that’s a relieve.” Mike says as he begins to calm down a bit. “Hey mike, can you go see what eldy’s up to? I don’t want the poor dragon to get lonely.” Joe says, just trying to make mike leave so he can answer issaic’s question in peace. “Oh uh, sure. I was going to ask where uh.” Mike says wondering what her name was. “Sam” joe says, helping out for mike. “Sam? Ant that a boys name?” Mike replied. Joe just gave a humorous smile will he hanged and shaking his head in a (no) gesture. “Mike, have you ever herd of sam being short for Samantha?” Joe says with a smile on his face. “O-oh uh, duh. Yeah I wasn’t really …thinking there for a moment.” Mike replied feeling embarrassed of his, what he calls stupidity. “It’s fine mike, we make mistakes.” Joe says trying to make mike feel better. Didn’t really work though. Mike just gave a nod and went off. “Alright issaic. uh, where were we?” Joe asked forgetting his question earlier, after seeing mike’s show.

  121. [Issaic] He gave Mike a little glare when Mike said that Sam was a boys name. But he kept calm, and was glad that he didn’t have to explain why they just called her Sam.
    “These humans, they never think.”, he thinks to himself as he hears Joe ask his question.
    “Oh, well you wanted to know why i want your opinion of my lil’ sis. And my answer is thus. I want your opinion because i care for her, most people just go for her because she is probably the most attractive thing in this cave… and the fact she doesn’t really know anything about humans, she is always too trusting. Man a man has lied to her just to lay with her, then left her alone and heartbroken the next morning. I’m usually the one who has to console her, cause if Eldy found out about all this, there would be a large pile of dead bodies outside.”, he says looking at Sam with the love of a brother.
    “I just want to make sure you have a pure heart and that if you were to lay with her… that you would at least give her the kindness of staying the next day.”, he says returning his gaze to Joe, a small smile on his face, several of his sharp teeth showing.

    [Sam] Sam cringes in pain as the invader breaks through several of her walls. And when he finally appeared she was on her knees holding her head.
    “So nice of you to join me.”, she says standing up and fixing her clothes a little.
    “Why have you come here?”, she asks looking at hims, noticing his aura… the other humans light yellow aura was melded with this black aura. It had shown in spots and patches in the human.
    “Hmm, so i take it you were what made Cyber seem… not so right. Not that I’m saying i even like that Cyber, he doesn’t appeal to me.”, she says chuckling as she gives a small smile and beacons him a little closer,
    “So what are you exactly, I can’t seem to put my finger on it?”, she asks as she looks down a hall, the barriers rattling up.
    “Come, we will talk and walk, I’d rather not just sit herein the foyer.”, she says as she starts walking down the hall. She had a place she always liked to go in her mind, relive some fond memories. It was nice but she could tell quite a bit of action was happening around her body, she needed to get rid of this man, though she doubted that was his true form, and return to her body.

    [Eldy] Elderon watched and chuckled as Cyber passed out,
    “Your my guest, you will be treated as such. And coming into my home was merely a simple gesture of kindness.”, he says softly as he conjures a blanket and it gently covers Cyber. He then turned his attention to one of the other corridors as Mike came into his chambers.
    “Oh, hello… Mike was it… yes Mike. Glad to see you have your room squared away and have had a nice look about here. I know you must not have seen the entire cave, there is much more going a bit lower behind me… but i rarely permit guests there.”, he says with a chuckle, his voice still low.
    “So, how are you doing? Liking your stay so far?”, he asks with a smile.

    [Scarlet] Scarlet let out a yawn as she turned onto a side passage, the floor covered in a fine layer of sand, this was another surface exit. She walked for a bit smelling the air get hotter and more arid, then she stepped into the sun. She was standing just a few hundred feet from a green oasis, a few trees there and grass surrounding a small pond. Scarlet smiles and walked to it, curling up on the grass and taking a short little nap.

  122. cyberkyd says:

    [Cyberkyd] Mutters something in his sleep about the rabbits coming for him and curls up. All in all, he looks pretty pathetic while asleep.

    [Apolyon] Follows her deep into her memories. “I will remind you that the deeper in we go the less time out there is passing, so we could spend an hour talking and not much will have changed out there,” the dragon spirit notes. “Please don’t feel rushed.” He begins to say something else when suddenly he gets the feel of the emotions swirling around him. His mouth stays open for a second, and then he closes his mouth and smiles. “So it is true then. I had my strong suspicions…” He pauses and looks straight at Sam. “First, you asked what I am. I am prepared to answer you, but do not tell anyone outside your family without Cyberkyd’s or my permission. Er, skip that part about Cyberkyd. Just my permission.” He steps back. “I am… a dragon. But not the kind of dragon you are used to. I exist in spirit only, for my body crumbled away many thousands of years ago, although my mind lives on. When a dragon dies, their spirit hides in the nearest living thing until it can detach itself from the physical world and ascend to the Astral Plane. Unfortunately for the both of us, my spirit sheltered in a young human who was out gathering food. Normally when our spirit escapes we hide in a plant or small animal, something without a soul that our own can occupy. However, humans DO have souls. Because of the nature of this escape, our spirits bonded together, inseparable. Cyberkyd’s village shunned him after that, for at first he became crazy with my spirit inside him. The two of us made our way to the stronghold of the Draiklairds, where after about 150 years of training we were sent on this mission. There are SOOOOOOO many more details and years of events and adventures we had, but this is the boiled down version.” He smiles, revealing Draconian fangs. “And you- I can see your aura clearly now. You share the same power as Samthia Dragonfriend, also known as Clermia the Savior of Men. Somehow her spirit is that of yours, and it is YOUR destiny to wield the Blade of Clermia, the blade of Her Who Came Wounded, Her Who Left a Hero.”

  123. [Sam] Sam turned to look at the dragon man spirit. “Well, if that is so, then I am honored. Glad to hear that. I think.”, she says as she opens a wood door and steps out into a desert, a simple little oasis right before the door. A few memories of happy times playing here with her brother when she was little come to her. She smiles and knows that that thing will be know these memories too. She doesn’t care, they were happy times, nothing that could be used against her. “So, did you not think i knew how time passed in my own mind. It’s just you arriving like this without any sort of warning put me on edge, you could see my defensive measures i implemented, though i didn’t have time to lock all the doors and set up a few mental labyrinths. So, i guess i could say, ‘Sorry i didn’t have time to give you the warmest of welcomes, you would have encountered a few deadlier things than a few old portcullis.’ But ‘t is a remedial thing really.”, she says as she sets down at the edge of the water. “Now what did you want to talk about with my bloodline or spiritual inheritance or something?”, she asks looking over her shoulder at the man.

    [Issaic] ((Refer to last sub-post.))
    [Eldy] ((Refer to last sub-post.))
    [Scarlet] Scarlet naps well, the sun on her, a smile on her snout as she dreams.

  124. cyberkyd says:

    [Cyberkyd] Continues to mumble something about rabbits coming for him. The horror, the infectious horror!

    [Apolyon] Looks around, taking in the memories around him. They reminded him of the times he spent with his three sisters in the hatching grounds, those many years ago… “Yes,” He says as he turns back to Sam. “Our original mission was to simply find a suitable Draconic guardian for the sword that Cyberkyd carries, and then leave it with them with instructions to give it to the Inheritor, if the dragon should ever come across him or her. This has proved to be a… difficult task.” He sighs and rubs his forehead. “For many, many years we have searched. However, the supreme idiocy of Cyberkyd has caused many of the dragons we come across to lose interest. We have searched for a long amount of time before coming here. I believe, however, that you are the true Inheritor. The sword sang when you came near it.” His eyes narrow. “However… There is only one test to make sure. You must make Cyberkyd give you the chain he carries around his neck, while he is fully awake and fully with his will. It’s more complicated than it sounds, and only the Inheritor can do it.” He stands up and helps Sam to her feet. “I have enjoyed this talk. I am sorry I could not be more gentle with my approach, but with your barriers I could not make myself heard. Will you allow me to talk to your mind in the future without such extreme measures?”

  125. [Sam] Sam nodded, “I will do so, but i must give you this.”, she says standing and handing him a key. “This is a key to my mind, it opens the large double doors in the foyer, they lead out of my mind, and to my physical body, for this to work properly, i must exit first, at which point i regain control of my physical body, hen you follow and return to Cyber on your own free will. The doors will lock, my barriers will be removed, and i will be all as i was before… plus a little extra knowledge.”, she says chuckling. Suddenly they are standing back in the foyer, the large ornate doors before them, Sam walks forward and opens one, walking out onto a small stone stoop and into a white light where sh disappears. The light fades then turns to a dull grey.
    Sam opens her eyes and smiles. Blinking a little and stretching as she woke. “Well, that was… interesting.”, she says, mostly to herself. She gave a smile to the human and heard Issaic ask about what happened, “Well, it’s my mind, and i know you keep secrets from me… this is just one of my little secrets. Sorry my brother.”, she said kindly as she knew he would understand.

    [Issaic] Issaic smiled when his sister awoke, he hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, “Welcome back.”, he said with a smile. “What was so interesting?”, he asked, but he nodded in understanding when she told him it was something only she should know. He looked over at Joe, as Sam smiled at him.

    [Elderon] Eldy yawned and laid down, closing his eyes. He drifted to sleep and soon he was out just as cold as Cyber.

  126. joe says:

    [Mike] mike just cocked his head in confusion seeing elderon go to sleep just like that. He must have had a long day. “Well I guess he’s to tired for my answers and moving around.”He says to himself. “I could have sworn joe said that eldy wasn’t a lazy layback.” Mike herd a sound. He looked down and saw a fat chicken clucking and walking around.” Well, you must have won the fight. Look what you did the big guy.” Mike says to the chicken making pointless amusing conversation with a creature that couldn’t even understand him. Strangely enough, the chicken went to sleep to. Mike was wide awake. “Since eldy is sleeping, I might as well search around. After all, he openly invited me to.” Everything was weird to mike. Sam which he first thought that she was giving him a hungry look. Little did he know that she was just seeing his aria. It freaked him out. And eldy didn’t take one little nibble of the chicken. And cyberkyd which mike didn’t know the name of yet was sleeping. “Ah, fine. I’ll go by myself. I just hope there won’t be any surprises of any other dragons following me again. Well, it’s time to adventure.” Mike starts walking down the cave, deeper and deeper.

    [Joe] joe just smiled back as the brother and sister was united once again. “I hope there was nothing wrong going on in there.” Joe says with a small smile. “Are you alright?” Joe says asking sam.

    [Chicken] the fat chicken began to peck eldys reptilian toes with it’s beak. Trying to pick of some skin. It must have been asking for it. What an aggressive bird. Soon it began to loose interest. Then it waddled it’s way to cyberkyd. It pecked at him a few times but looses interest with him. Soon it just went back to sleep. Nesting aside with elderon.

  127. [Eldy] As the chicken pecked at him, the dragon grumbled and growled, then he raised his foot and crushed the chicken. It died with a squak and a crunch.

    [Sam] Sam smiled and gave Joe a kiss on the cheek. “I am fine, nothing to tasking happened. But i have yet to get to talk to the human i do not know yet… besides you Joe. But I am really wanting to talk to him, his scent still lingers in the air, so, if you excuse me… i have a human to hunt.”, she says with a smile as she moves past Joe and Issaic, sniffing the air, then she takes off running, getting down on all fours as her speed nearly doubles. She dashed into the main chamber finding the scary human with the combined dragon soul asleep and her dad at the table with him, a dead bloody chicken under his foot. She took the scent in and the went off again, and after a couple minuets of tracking, she found the human she was looking for… only he was dangling on the edge of a spike pit. She helped him up and moved her hand, the pit closed. “Well, so nice to see you. Sorry I couldn’t have talked to you earlier.”, she says brushing some dirt off his clothes. She hugged him and said, “But you are safe now, and we are together.” Then she gives him a kiss on the cheek and lets him go. Smiling as she blushes a little she looks down at his feet, not really sure what to say next.

    [Issaic] “Did i mention that she is very determined.”, Issaic says chuckling as she sees the dumbfounded look on Joes’ face. He watched his sister run off and around a corner and out of sight. “Sorry Joe, she is set on meeting him, she must have seen something very interesting bout him, either in his aura, or how he looked, possibly even just his scent. All i can really tell you… Mike is probably going to be made very uncomfortable, very quickly.

    [Scarlet] Scarlet awoke from her nap. She got up and stretched and went back inside, “Ahh, nice to relax a little in the day.”, she said as she walked through the cave entrance again, coming back inside and walking the veritable maze of corridors and tunnels. Soon she was in her personal chambers, a large elegant glass chamber, many softly glowing red crystals embedded in the walls. She smiled and looked over some of the nice art Elderon had drawn of him and her, as well as a couple paintings. One of her and a self portrait of himself. She smiled and began going around tidying up a little, “I wonder what the kids are doing? I bet they’re having fun with our guests.”, she says to herself as she starts moving her gold pile of a bed around,

  128. joe says:

    [Mike] “thanks, for saving me.” Mike says as he rubs his fingers after hanging on to a sharp edge of the pit. He wandered why there would be traps in the caves. He thought to himself, “what kind of idiot would want to intrude a dragons home? Oh yeah, I guess it’s me. The traps say so.” “Uh, so your not going to eat me are you?” Mike says with his hands trembling and heart pumping with fear.

    [Joe] “hehe, yeah, I can tell she has persistence in her. She must have a thing for him.” Joe says as he sit’s down on a smooth flat rock. “If I know mike, which I do. He probably would give your sister (scream therapy). He’s a bit of a shy one. And as I recall, he has not introduced himself to anyone yet. He never saw scarlet ether. I wander if mike is finally meeting her right now.” Joe says as he lays back a bit. Joe then looked at the spot where sam was standing. Joe took a moment and looked back to issaic. “So, you want me to still give you an answer to you question?” He says as sits back up.

  129. cyberkyd says:

    [Apolyon] Flows back into Cyberkyd and wraps himself around his soul.

    [Cyberkyd] Suddenly sits up and screams “The rabbits got me!” he looks around and sees his host snoring in the room. He takes off the blanket that Elderon put on him and places it over the sleeping dragon. “Wow, that was some crazy ale,” he mutters to himself as he looks around him. “I GOT to get that recipe and give it to Martha if I ever see her again.” He smiles as he thinks of the old, plump cook that serves the Draiklairds at their stronghold. Then he focuses his attention on more important things. “Okay… I met most of the family, now only the mother’s left.” He sets off at a half-stagger into the cave, only just barely remembering tocast Trap Detection and Nullification lv. 30 on himself before he sets off. He notes to himself that drinking an entire keg of fine ale is probably a bad idea.

  130. Elderon Analas says:

    Sam chuckled, “No, I’m not going to eat you. Or at least not in the way you’re thinking. *wink* But the reason i was looking at you like that was because i was studing your aura. The air of life force that surronds all living creatures.”, she says as she smiles at him. She gives him hug and starts walking, following a twistingpath, “I will show you why there were traps here… this hall is full of them.”, she says with a chuckle.

    Issaic smiles, “Yes.I would still like to hear your answer.”, he says with a laugh and walking down a small path and into his room.

  131. joe says:

    [Mike] mike was pretty much speechless. He didn’t know what to say and afraid to say something stupid to her. mike kept thinking if there was something she liked about his so called aria. Why els would she save him? “Well, I hope there was some good in my aria. After all, I had a ruff history. joe, I don’t know. But I got to ask. I noticed scars on elderons back. What is that about?” Mike says, starting to get nervous of his question. “She saved my life. What could I say?” He says in his head.

    [Joe] joe mentally says to himself.”well he seemed to be amused of that question”. “did I say something funny?” Joe asks to issaic as he walks in the room.

  132. cyberkyd says:

    Because of his half-drunken state, the spells soon dissipate and Cyberkyd collapses with a groan onto a trap circle that transports him into a pocket of air deep under the earth of the town, where he falls into a drunken sleep.

  133. {Issaic} “I just think it’s funny that you think my sister coming back and the events that happened after my question… would make me forget it. I still want your opinion on my sister.”, he says as he looks over a bookshelf, looking at the near ancient books. He pulls out an old favorite of his, the Libris Mortis: Book of the Undead. “Love this book, very good reference material.”, he says opening the book and setting in a comfortable leather chair, looking at Joe and motioning to another close to his bed. The room was lit by and fairly dim light that seemed to come from everywhere, noting in the room cast a shadow.

    [Sam] Sam looked back watching Mike follow her trail avoiding the many traps and deadly wards. Soon they stepped into a huge cavern about the size of a football stadium, from what could be seen it was full of tons of gold coins, gold bricks, gems, weapons, armor, magical items of many kinds, and probably a few lurking monsters. “This… this my human friend, is my fathers hoard, well both Scarlets and his hoard. They combined their wealth upon marriage. But, I love to play here, it’s always fun. Just don’t start getting sticky fingers”, she says as she starts down the brazer lined staircase carved into the stone, it went down nearly 100 feet before coming to the ground floor of the hoard. Sam giggled and turned around to face Mike. “And Mike, it’s called aura. A-U-R-A, but that doesn’t matter. I like you, I saw that your aura was pure, a soft green, a nice color. I’ve always liked green, and green tends to mean sweet, or calm, a gentle person.”, she says hugging Mike again and giving him a small kiss on the lips. Then letting go of him, she backs up and pokes him on the center of the chest, “Tag… you’re it.”, she says calmly as she then turns around and runs down the little path between the many piles of gold. “Come catch me.”, she says with a wide smile and rounds a corner. She had a little surprise for him, that is if he didn’t catch her too fast. After a little running she took her jacket off, dropping it at an intersection, giving him a little marker to follow her. She did this several more times, using her clothes. She was down to her underwear and she giggled, taking off her bra she threw it down and ran off again, finding a nice little place to hide not to far from her black silk bra.

    [Scarlet] Scarlet finally got her chambers clean and decided a nice cup of tea would be good, going into her human form she went to her kettle and set it on an elevated burner, them made a small fireball under it, conjuring water inside it. She then went to prepare the tea leaves and her cup. Hearing a sound she looked over and saw Cyber, though she didn’t know who he was. “Hello human, glad to see someone finally came to see me. I don’t get many visitors down this deep in the cave.”, she says getting a second cup and getting that cup ready as well. “Who are you? A friend of Elderons’ I take it, or else you would be dead. Care for some tea?”, she asked as the kettle started whistling and she poured some in each of the cups, letting them sit and brew. She turned to Cyber with a smile and waited for him to speak, though he seemed… a little ‘out-of-it’ as the humans would say. He was swaying on his feet and his face flush with drunkenness. She wondered if he would be ok, their families’ ale was very strong, much more so than even the strongest Dwarven brews.

  134. joe says:

    [Mike] “you can’t run forever, well maybe. Mike ran around a corner and found her jacket. Why she wares a jacket was beyond him. Though he kept following the clothes laying on the ground. Soon he saw her bra laying out in the open. “Oh, I know what she’s doing. It won’t work.” Mike says as he realized that she was really the predator here. Mike’s instinct kicked in. He know she would come up with something. Mike maybe wet behind the ears, but he’s not so foolish. He use to hunt for small animals when he was younger. Laying out traps and bight. It doesn’t take a hunter long to notice the situation. Mike smiled as he thought “what a sneaky thing she is.” Mike didn’t run any father. He know she was near. Then he saw a reflection on a silver shield. It was her, just waiting for him. Sure mike misunderstood sam for a boy name but this was just insulting. “What kind of idiot does she take me for? Hmm, perhaps it’s time I show her a thing or two.” Mike thought to himself as he runs back, preparing something for her. It’s sam’s turn now. Mike grabbed a sharp sword from a pile of gold. He has done things like this many times. Mike cut his pointing finger on his left hand. He started dripping his own blood. Now one thing left to do. “Ouch!!!! Ahhhh!!! Oh god!!!!!! Sam!!! Help!!!” He shouts as if he was in intense pain. He was good at acting. He was screaming bloody murder. Satisfied, he covered his small cut and went around a corner. Then he climbed taking the high ground. He was very quiet. Now he just sat and waited for his pray to come.

    [Joe] “sounds like a book mike would read.” Joe replies with a smile as he sit’s down. *Sigh* “so, you want my opinion huh? Alright” joe says as he puts a more serious face. “Well, yes” joe says as he chuckles a little. “your lil sis is quite beautiful. But, to be honest. Looks aren’t what I’m interested in. Happiness is all that is acquired.” Joe paused for a moment and speaks again. “I am, saddened to hear that you sister has been used by humans that only seek beauty. Selfish unworthy ignorant maggots. You even wanted to know If I’m pure or not. I’m not really. Even though I could always care and respect who ever, I still doubt I’m pure of heart.” joe says as he hangs his head low, having sad memories when he was younger. The things I’ve went threw, all of it. They just might have scare me.”

  135. joe says:

    [Mike] mike felt heartbroken. This wasn’t what he wanted. *sigh* “it was a trick sam.” Mike says lowering his head in gilt and throwing the sword away at a near golden pile. “Sam…..this isn’t what it looks like. I, I don’t want to hurt you. I never did. I was doing this so I could have you right where I wanted you. When I spilled my blood, I was hoping you would stay there for a moment, not fly off. I was going to ambush you wile you where distracted by blood. I was just going to jump on to you and give you a kiss. Saying “your it!” But when I saw you fly away so quickly I forgot the sword was still in my hands.” Mike was crushed. He decided to do something he never thought he could. Mike takes a few steps forward and unhook’s a gold chain from around his neck. Mick gently grabs and opens her hands. “Here, take this. It’s all I have left of my mother, before she past away. Mike puts the necklace in her hands and closes them. Mike gives her a soft hug. “I’m Sorry.” He says with a soft and struggling voice. A tear ran down his face but he turned his head away, trying not to show weakness. Though what was the point. She could most likely tell.

    [Joe] “yeah, she chooses him. I know.” Joe says with a small smile. Then he thought about his closest friend dead in his arms. Joe shook the bad memories out of his head. joe cleared his throat and add’s.” She might have made the right choice. I know mike. He’s not some person that takes advantage over people and of course dragons.”

  136. Expy says:

    Hi All,

    This was just getting way too graphic for our blog. Please take this story to email/private message boards or take this in a different direction. If you’d like a copy of what was written, contact me. Sorry.

  137. joe says:

    [Mike] OOC: I couldn’t help but notice that a part where sam comes looking and finding me is now missing. What’s with that? Might as well delete the last comment that me and joe posted.

    Sorry for everything that happened Alan. I really am.

  138. [Issaic] Issaic nodded, “I don’t see why not, the water is constantly replaced and always clean. Its my supply of water for drinking, cooking, and occasionally for bathing. But really we have another cavern for that. So yes, go right ahead.”, he said with a smile as he began looking at a book and flipping through a few pages. He set it down on a small table near Joe, “This is a book cataloging all of the various dragons and their powers. As well as strengths and such, I have added a section here to accommodate Half Dragons like myself. This may help explain a few bit of what you gained, but note that you only gained about half of my strength and magic, where as I took half of Elderons.”, Issaic says. The book was written in Draconic runes, but Joe would find himself being able to read it, the language engrained in his blood.

    (OOC for above: I want all that happened with Joe and Issaic to still have happened, so from this point on, he is still 1/4th dragon, and the fact I remember most of what happened is good. So Joe, please keep that in mind.)

    [Sam] Sam covered herself and held the necklace to her chest, she smiled and cried, leaning forward gently she licked the tear off his cheek. “I forgive you… and I love this gift, i will wear it always.”, she said as she backed up a couple steps and put the necklace on, and then closed her eyes. Her clothes appeared in her hands and she began to dress casually. “I was planning in ‘surprising’ you too… but I don’t think Elderon would like that too very much.”, she said with a smile as she looked at him and gave a wink. “Maybe some other time in a private place.”, she added softly as she finished dressing moments later. Sam came close to Mike again and kissed him on the lips, “Now you should start running. I’m ‘it’ remember.”, she said with a smile as her tail flicked happily, she had forgiven him, and she still knew in her heart she loved him. And, she always loved to play tag.

    ((OOC: Joe in case you forgot, your last post was this>> “[Joe] joe gave a smile when he heard issaic say that he likes him. “no need to……explain. But I’m not sure if this is the worst that’s happened to me or the best.” Joe turns toward the running water. Joe went over passing issaic heading to the basin, as joe walked he limped. It was difficult to walk with stiff muscles. He got down slowly to the edge and put his hands in to the cool, clean water. It felt really good. It began to cool joe down. Joe sat there with his hands in the rushing water for about three minutes. Finally he stops and pulls his hands out. Joe began to watch the water seep between his scales on the hands. It felt very good, but he was incredibly thirsty. He wanted to just jump right in and drink like there’s no tomorrow. He was thinking about it, but that would seem kind of wired. Joe turned his head to issaic. “Uh, is it by any chance, alright if I could get a drink from here?” Joe asks with a smile.” I have all the comments logged via email notification, well most of them at least.))

  139. joe says:

    [Joe] joe was excited to have a drink. He tried to scoop the water up with his hands, but the water seeped through his scales and pored back into the stream. Joe frowned and was still thirsty. Joe noticed issaic setting a book on a table beside him. Joe listened to issaic as he explained what the book was about. Joe knows that he needs to learn all of the gifts that issaic had given him. Joe took a glimpse of the book and was surprised that he could read it. Joe never studied this kind of writing, yet he could understand it. “Oh, this just gets better and better.” Joe thought to himself in sarcasm. Joe is going to school again, and he’s going to do probably years of study before he’s considered for dragon grade school. Joe would obviously like to learn everything of what he is and what he could do. Perhaps learn the history of dragons too.

    [Mike] mike just smiled and nodded. “Sure” mike says as he wipes his her spit of his check. Mike turned and began to slowly run. As he past threw the trails he began to wonder if this whole thing was such a good idea. Mike remembered Elderon told him to stay away from his hoard. And here he finds himself in it, with his beloved samantha. Mike stoped and began to rub his head and thought of what to do. “If this is fine with sam, would it be fine with eldy?” Mike says to himself as he sits on a gold pile. Mike looked down and saw his finger, still bleeding. “Damn it.”, he says to himself after realizing that sam could easily sniff him out. Mike tore a strap from his sweater. Then he stuck his bloody finger in his mouth for only a second. He knows that saliva is a in-aseptic to prevent infections. Then he stuck it back out and wrapped it with the shredded strap. Now his finger is bandaged up and he can proceed with running. Mike decided to stick on lower ground. After all, he saw sam cheating. Flying was so unfair. Mike will have a better advantage staying in cover then being on top of piles like a fool. “Then again clearly she was only flying to see if I was safe. Hollering and screaming would defiantly get my concern.” Mike thought to himself. He smiled as he understood that she cared about his safety. He kept on running till he stumbled upon a funny idea. “She’s all alone.” Mike had a wicked grin on his face and began to grab some knight armor from one of the smaller piles.

    Joe OOC: There’s no need to remind me of what I said before. As a human it’s my job to learn and remember as much as possible. But thank you for refreshing some of the gaps in my memory. :-)

  140. [Issaic] Issaic sat in his chair and watched, snickering a little as he failed to cup any water in his hands. Joe was so unused to having scales. Issaic snickered, “Just stick your face in the water, it’s much less frustrating.”, he said snickering a little more. “And you are free to look through my collection of books, and I’m sure Dad wouldn’t mind you looking through his… though doing that may take a few years.”, Issaic said chuckling.

    [Sam] Sam smiled and watched him run off, then his blood caught her nose. She smiled and looked down, seeing a few drops of blood on the cave floor, she smiled and got on all fours. Sniffing the blood for his scent, moving and seeing some more, “He left a nice trail.”, she whispered as she began following the trail, a drop here and there, a few coins scattered in the trail. Her hunting instincts were moving in, taking control. She was moving faster, nearly running now. She didn’t know if she was close, bit, she was having fun. “I’m going to find you Mike!”, she said loudly as she swiped her claws through a gold pile, scattering coins. They made a loud array of clanging and clinking of metal. She kept following his blood, but soon came to the dead end. “So you finally stopped bleeding have you, only making this more enjoyable!”, she called out, scattering a few more coins and moving on, getting to all fours again, going slower, following his scent.

  141. joe says:

    [Joe] joe smiled as he roles his eyes. Joe reared his head near the water. Joe never drank like this before. Joe stuck his face in the water to get a drink, but some of the water went up his nostrils. Joe began to sneeze and chock a little. Then joe made a real big sneeze and fire shot out of his nose. Joe was surprised and suddenly stood still, eyes wide open, mouth a bit of gape and mind in disbelief. Joe had now idea of how the heck he shot fire out, but he was amazed. Joe didn’t move a muscle, he just turned his eyes to issaic.

    [Mike] mike was dressed in knights armor from head to tow. Mike noticed another knight mannequin standing up right. Mike heard sam coming. Mike grabbed a Jablan stick and hilt on the ground. Mike stood still to see if this amusing and ingenious plan would work. Mike began to hear coins clinging around. She was very near. Mike did his best to look like a still mannequin. Mike was starting to get hot in the very heavy armor.” Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea from the beginning.” Mike thought to himself as he starts to get tired in the armor. “I hope this works.” Mike whispered to himself. This was actually very fun for mike, but the suite could have been a bit lighter. No time for second thoughts now. Oh boy, here she comes.

  142. [Issaic] He stood and looked a little amazed himself, “Well, I didn’t think you would have inherited that ability. It seems we have alot of training to do. Come follow me. We need to work on breath control and harnessing that gift. If you don’t learn to stay in control then you may hurt someone.”, he says demonstrating himself by letting puffs of fire and smoke just spew from his mouth as he talks. “You may end up like this and it’s very bad.”, he said making the fire stop. He turned and left the room, taking a left and starting down the corridor. Issaic had alot more to do now, he had to train this human how to control his new ability, though he was still relieved he wouldn’t have to teach him how to fly. He walked slowly heading toward the cave’s dojo.

    [Sam] Sam came round a pile following the scent. She saw two suits of armor, “Hmm, dad old trophies.”, she said walking up two one and looking at the burn marks and deep scratches on the metal. “His scent is heavy here”, she said smelling the empty suit, then moving to the one Mike was in. Mike had spent so much time here and his smell (from sweating) was so strong, she could not pinpoint him. “He certainly is crafty.”, she said as she turned and walked away, moving out of Mikes sight. Then she let out a roar and tackled the empty suit knocking it down and into pieces. “Hmm, i guess he isn’t here. Well, time to keep looking.”, she said going away, her footfalls becoming lighter until, Mike could no longer hear them.

    Mike relaxed only for a moment, his knees bending and his arms falling slack. Then, he was spun around and was facing Sam, she was looking through the holes in the armors visor, “HA! Fooled you!”, she said laughing as she lifted the visor and kissed his nose. “You’re it.”, she said giggling. She let go and smiled at him. “You really are very tricky, but please could you get out of that armor, a man died in there.”, she says snickering, hoping to creep Mike out a little.

  143. joe says:

    [Joe] joe watched issaic leaving the room. Joe followed issaic. To joe, he had a lot to learn. Joe tried to breath fire again, but he couldn’t do it like before. “Oh, this is gonna be tougher then I thought.” Joe says mentally as he followed issaic down the corridor. When joe was closer to issaic, joe stopped his attempts. Joe didn’t want to accidentally burn him. Well, if a dragon could get burned. This was so strange to him. He could see so clearly and could hear his footsteps pounding in his eardrums. Then he found himself in a very old-ish dojo chamber. Joe began to observe the relics of artwork and more. Joe smiled and began to walk around the paintings.

    [mike] “oh really? Hmmm, no wonder it was so smelly.” Mike replays with a wide smile, not grossed out at all. Mike has been in much worse places, but sam probably didn’t know that. Up until now of course. Mike lifted the ten pound helmet with a smile on his face and gazed at sam. Mike paused and was in a lustily truants. There eyes met and he had butterfly in his stomach. But he shook his head. He tossed the helmet to sam. “Catch.” Mike says as he plays around with her. She caught the helmet with both hands. Mike leaned foreword, “Your it.” Mike says as he taps one of her arms. Mike was a bit surprised to see her not expecting that trick. Not using her telepathy or maybe she’s playing along too. Mike tried to run but that damn armor was so freaken heavy. Mike could barely jog. Mike collapsed to the ground face first. “Oh crap” he muttered. Mike sighed and just lied on the ground, waiting for the (your it) thing again. “How embarrassing” he thought. Then he saw a little spider crawl past him. “More dignity in that spider then in me”, he said under his breath as he lowers his forehead on to the ground. He realized he was being a total goof. Perhaps, he’s too much of one.

  144. [Issaic] Issaic watched Joe walk around the room looking at the art at such. “Now we need to work on controlling that fire.”, he said as he stood in the center of the dojo and the matted floor. “I need you to focus, concentrate on the heat that flows through you, the fire in your blood. Channel that heat, build it in your lungs.”, he said as he took a deep breath, his chest could be seen glowing red a bit as the fire builded there. “Then you release.”, he said as he pursed his lips like a whistle and began to blow. A stream of fire came from his mouth like he was simply spitting out a stream of water. He finished and took another breath, deep and slow, letting it out as smoke drifted from his mouth this time. “It’s simple to do, but hard to master. Your blood carries code on how all this works, but you will need more training than i did.”, he says as he smiles. “Now, you try. Again, just focus on the final goal, a stream hot breath, that’s all you really need to think about. You’re body knows what to do, it will react.”, he says calmly.

    [Sam] Sam burst into laughter as Mike fell on his face. She tossed the helmet aside and then rolled Mike over, helping him to his feet. Then with lightning speed she sliced and cut with sharp claws into the leather straps and thin chains holding the armor together. When she brought her hands back the armor fell off Mike in pieces. She kissed him and smiled, grabbing his hand, “Come I want to show you something else.”, she said as she started to pull him along. She smiled and giggled a little, she wanted a little fun with him. She wondered if he would like what she was going to show him.

  145. joe says:

    [Joe] joe immediately drew his attention to issaic, and stood beside him. Joe nodded. “Alright, I’ll try.” Joe says as he began to calm himself. Joe shuts his eyes, slowly inhaled and exhaled out. Nothing happened. Joe was a bit disappointed, but determined to try and try until he does it correctly. Joe shrugged his shoulders and turned his head to issaic. “Nothing.” joe says softly. Joe hung his head but try’s to feel motion from within. Joe began to wonder if he could even breath fire, without doing it by accident. He new thoughts like that could get in the way, so he tries again, concentrate on the objective at hand.

    [Mike] when sam finished slashing the leather straps holding the armor, mike was a bit surprised to see sam do something like that so quickly. “Hmm, she must have some experience with knights. Hopefully, not bad ones.” Mike thought as she softly grabs his hand. Sam tolled him that there’s something else she would like to show. “Why am I not surprised” he says as he walks along with her. Mike gazed again. Looking at her human-ish form. Mike smiled and nudged her elbow. ” You know, you don’t need to hide what you really look like. I want to see your true form.” He says with a chuckle, having no regret.

  146. [Issaic] “You were doing good. Here let me try and help.”, he said as he placed a paw on Joes head. Several thoughts, memories, and knowledge began to flow into Joes mind, he was learning very quickly. Issaic concentrated on fire breath and how he learned to control it. He smiled and pulled away, “There, that should help, you should easily be able to do it now.”, he said with a smile. He could see the whisps of smoke coming out of Joes mouth as he breathed. Joes chest would feel hot, like he had a bad case of heart burn. But the feeling soon subsided into a nice warm sensation, his body felt a little more relaxed. His mind cleared as it sorted away the new information and he began calling up thoughts and memories of Issaics and how his father had trained him in using fire breath.

    [Sam] Sam stopped walking and turned toward Mike, her eyes looking a little sad. “Mike, I am not a full dragon… Scarlet is my only dragon parent. My father was a normal human like you.” She said as a tear rolled down her cheek, “Some days I wonder what it would be like to be a real dragon like her, instead of the half breed abomination everyone thinks i am. To the real dragons I’m a freak of nature and they hate my kind. Humans think I’m just dangerous and a monster to be feared, and hated as well.”, she said as she turned around sobbing now, her shoulders heaving and her wings shaking. “Sometimes I wish i could just be one or the other. A human or a dragon. But instead I’m both, cursed to walk the earth as a freak of nature.”, she said as she grabbed a sword from a gold pile and held it, fire covered her hands as she bent the thick steel blade until it snapped, then she threw the pieces down, the places where she held it partially melted. “Some days I hate what I am! Some days I wonder if my parents really love!”, she yells as she picks up the helmet from a suit of armor and crushes it like a soda can. She then drops to her knees crying more, “Sometimes… I wonder… I wonder if I’m the reason my real dad left… my human dad. Because when I was born I only had my mother.”, she says as she starts to sob, putting her snout in her hands and crying, the fire on her hands going out. “Sometimes I just feel like I can’t go on, that I’ll never find anyone, that no one loves me, that I’m just a freak that deserves to be slain.”, she says into her hands.

  147. joe says:

    [Joe] joe was breathing cautiously, from the lack of information he received. Joe liked how fast he learned. He decided to have another go. “Thank you.” Joe says with a smile as he nods. Joe stood firm and his eyes shut. Joe was now feeling all the heat around in his body and concentrated all of it to his lungs. Joe slowly inhaled. His chest was now starting to glow. Then, he exhaled out a huge fire blast! Woosh! The fire shot out very fast and burnt the painting he was looking at earlier. The whole cave must have shook. The blast was very lowed and probably very powerful. The cloth of the painting was all but incinerated. The wall was reduced to a charcoal color. Joe was immediately tired. Fire was now leaking from his mouth and smoke filled the sealing. Joe closed his maw and began to breath normally. “Uh, how was that?” Joe asked wondering if he did good or bad.

    [Mike] mike grabs one of he shoulders and turned her around. Then he grabbed both of her shoulders. Mike pushed her up against a pile and pined her down. “Shut up!! Don’t ever say things like that!” Mike yelled, as he began to breath heavily. “You are a gift of god, not a monster! Not a freak! If your parents really hate you, you wouldn’t even be in this cave!” Tears began to run down mikes furious face. “You think your not loved? My dad would always yell at me, get drunk and kick me out of the house! When my mom died, I had no reason to be there! Does your family do that, huh?!” tears were now dripping across his face. “I know….. what it’s like. You don’t.” He says softly, breathing and struggling to form sentences. “I’ve been robbed, beaten and even at points where I thought I was gonna die! Have you experienced stuff like that?!” Mike hanged his head low, weakening the grip he had on her. “Don’t you see, you have a grate life. A grate family. Family that loves and cares about you. You should be thankful for it. Me, all I have is joe.” Mike released and sat beside sam. Mike wiped his tears and sniffed. mike felt a sharp peace of metal that was poking his lag. Mike moved over so he wouldn’t be poked, moving closer to sam. *sigh* I’m sorry. I just… I just didn’t really have a family. And you to be unhappy with yours, it upsets me. They’re good hearted, like you.”

  148. Elderon Analas says:

    (Issaic) Issaic looked at where the ancient painting used to be, “That tapestry was 500 years old.”, he said as he touched the charred wall. He held back tears, “It was one of the only things I had left of my mother.”, he said slowly.

    (Sam) Sam kept crying, but she felt better,at least a little. “I’m sorry for you. But,I can relate. Men have beaten me, I’ve been raped, more than once. And I HAVE died. Mom brought me backwith her magic, but I had died, my soul left my body. I… I was stabbed through the heart by a knight who had thought me a monster. So he killed me.”, she said as she lowered her head. Then, she looked at him, giving him a small kiss. “I’m sorry i over reacted. I’d still lik to show you that special surprise.”,she said softly as she wiped away her tears an cuddled against Mike, wiping his tears with her soft hand. She loved him,and she knew Mike only yelled at her because he… well… she just needed to be yelled at.

  149. joe says:

    [Joe] joe immediately frowned and felt terrible for the (accident) he committed. “I’m so sorry issaic. I didn’t mea….I didn’t mean to do that.” Joe was becoming nervous. A sea of gilt flooded him and he could see the sad expression on issaics face. “Is there a way….to bring it back, with a spell or something?” Joe asks in a soft tone voice, hoping for a solution to fix the problem.

    [Mike] Mike looked up and had a little chuckle on his face. He gave sam a hug and rubbed her on the back. “Your a tough one sam. To put up with something depressing for some many years, you must have a strong heart.” Mike admires sam. She is, in a way, similar to him. Mike stood up and offered a hand to help her on her feet. “Come on, let’s see what you want to show me.”

  150. [Issaic] He knelt before the ashes, picking them up in his hands. “I don’t know, I could try. Just please. I had thought you would, or should now ‘know’ how to control your fire.”, he said as he closed his eyes. A few tears fell as he whispered a chant. The old tapestry soon formed on the wall again. as it was before, even looking a little newer.

    [Sam] Sam smiled and led Mike along, taking him out of the hoard and through the deadly trapped hallway. Then coming back into the foyer she turned, looking and listening. “Hmm, Issaics and Joe are too close to my room. That means…”, she said mostly to herself in nothing more than a whisper. She smiled and turned toward the passage leading to the her garden. In a few minuets She and Mike entered into a room with grass on the floor and several exotic flowers and plants all around in a fairly large room. A small steam ran through here and emptied into a pond. Sam took Mike over the small bridge to the island in the center of the pond. “This is my special place. I come here when i want to be alone. These are some of the rarest flowers in all the world, in some cases, these are the last of their kind. That is why no fire or destructive magic is allowed here, only healing magic. And, this is the most private place in all of the cave.”, she says with a smile as she sets Mike down on his butt with a little push. She then motioned a hand and a stone wall appeared sealing the room, “Just to be sure.”, she said with a smile as she got on her knees in front of Mike and kissed him. She slid the straps of her clothing down and smiled as she began undressing… “I am your special surprise.”, she said as she got fully naked… watching Mike follow suit… they began to make sweet love under the artificial sun, in Sam’s private garden…
    {We shall leave then for now, coming back when they have finished. Seeing as I really doubt our abilities to sensor ourselves enough.}

    [Scarlet & Elderon] Scarlet was cuddling with Elderon on the side of a cliff, looking as the sun set. She smiled and kissed him, “Sia itov wux.”, she said kissing him again, her tail slowly exploring his nether regions just returning the favor to him. His paw caressing her slowly. He smiled and kissed her back, moving is paw and rubbing her smooth neck, “Sia itov wux kiri.”, he said lovingly, giving a gentle murr as he looked back to the sun, moving a little closer to her and pressing his head against hers. And this is where they stayed as the sun sank below the horizon.

  151. joe says:

    [Joe] “sorry, I was trying to get the feel of it. I didn’t mean to…..cremate anything.” Joe still saw Issaic upset. At first joe was a bit confused, unsure why Issaic was still crying. But he figured, (it was painful to see his mothers painting be reduce to ash. Reminding him that his mother is really gone.) “I guess it would be painful for Mike if I did the same thing to his gold chain.” Joe thought.

    Mike OOC: I agree with that option. I never really was good when it came to sensor things like that. Now if you excuse me, I’ll be in my room with the lights off. Don’t ask me “why”. That is between me and my uh, tail. *Lol*
    PS: ether you really like the fact of me and sam making love or it is a important part to something that you’ve planed. Or both. *suspisheus face*

  152. [Issaic] Issaic looked at the tapestry and smiled, touching it gently, making sure it was real. “Yes, this tapestry, along with all the other works of art in my dojo here, were made by my mother. They are well over 700 years old. She gave them to me in her will. Along with my magical journal, whos pages can never be filled.”, he said calmly as he turned to face Joe. He smiled and took a quick breath, and blew hard, covering Joe with a short blast of fire. He watched as all of Joes clothing was incinerated. He chuckled and looked the naked human (mostly human) over. “Now we are even.”, he said as he watched Joe try and put the fire out and screaming as if it hurt, Issaic knew it shouldn’t, but Joes mind was trained to believe fire caused pain. Or at least that is how Issaic rationalized his odd reaction. Issaic smiled and just waited for Joe to realize he wasn’t burning.

    [Sam] (don’t worry, I do believe I have a plan… and things may become a little more… fun. So to speak soon.)

    [Eldy & Scarlet] The two of them returned to the cave. Scarlet set off to find Sam, she had been having a funny feeling something was going on, and she didn’t like it.

    Elderon went and curled up on his bed of gold, waiting for Scarlet to come back with Sam, or at least come back to sleep with him for the night.

  153. joe says:

    [Joe] “ahhhhhh! What the hell?!” Joe was completely terrified of seeing himself on fire. Then he started to notice that nothing was happening. He covered his privates and looked at issaic with a surprised “face. Why did….ah!” Joe looked around himself and he was completely engulfed in flames.

    [Mike] mike gave a smile and let sam do her thing. Mike eyed on her and gazed at her alien like beauty. It took awhile before he snapped out of it.”You know, you tolled me that you would do something like this some other time when we where in the hoard. Why brake your promise? Am I really that…..HARD….. to saver?” Mike asks before he gave a wide chuckle.

  154. [Issaic] He chuckled and watched the flames go out. “Like I said, that’s payback for burning my tapestry. And I’m not giving you any clothes.”, he said with a bit of an evil smirk.

    [Scarlet] Scarlet came to Sams’ garden, She sniffed a little, she was in there, and so was that human. She let out a low growl and placed a paw on the stone wall, whispering an incantation, making the wall disappear. What she saw shocked and angered her. Sam was standing naked with that human, kissing him. She moved into the room as she shrunk her body, bearing her teeth. “What do you think you’re doing with my daughter!?”, she yelled at him. Scarlet knocked Mike out of Sams’ arms and onto the ground, standing over him and putting her paw on his chest, holding him down.

    [Sam] Sam smiled and kissed him, just as the stone wall sealing the room disappeared. She watched in horror as her mother came into the room, attacking Mike. She watched her shove him to the ground and hold him down, her eyes full of tears. “Mom NO!”, she yelled as she came over and grabbed her mother paw, trying to pull it off Mike, trying to move her. “Please mom, let him live! I love him!”, she screamed, tears streaming from her eyes, she didn’t want Scarlet to kill him, not like the others. She actually loved Mike and he loved her. He wasn’t just using her.

  155. joe says:

    [Joe] “is that so?”joe smiled and gave a small fire blast, burning off issaic’s clothes. Joe gave a toothy grin at him. “That’s for sticking your finger in my mouth you cheeky bastard.” Joe began to snicker until issaic’s things where showing. Joe shot a fire ball at issaic’s privates so they could be covered up. “I hope you don’t mind, but I don’t plan on seeing anything that you have down there.” Joe was on the point of laughter but he withdrew.

    [Mike] mike had never really met scarlet. In fact, mike never saw her. Mike sometimes would pray for death, but he actually has things in his life that he cares about. Joe and sam. He know’s they both would be unhappy if he went. Mike, for the first time in his life, he wanted to scream. He’s been in so many points where he could have been murdered, and he never pleaded for his life. But this was different. Mike wanted to scream, but nothing came out. Not even words. Mike was speechless. He didn’t know how to scream for his life. He was breathing heavily and thought that his time had come. When death himself is not needed the most, he comes. Mike shed only one tear and prepared for the worst.

  156. [Issaic] Issaic cocked his head,
    “How so, unlike you, I have enough dragon blood in me that… I took on my fathers aspect of… down there. Unlike you, my genitalia, is inside my body.”, he said as he brushed away the fire, showing his smooth crotch all except a slit in his scales where his cock would emerge, his anal vent being at the base of his tail. Issaic snickered and looked at Joes manhood,
    “Right, i could see why too, I would just make you jealous.”, he said laughing. Then, he pondered,
    “And besides, if i was interested in you… in that way. I would have probably been a little more forward about my interests. But, i really don’t find you, so very attractive.”, he said, even though he did think Joe was pretty, he would never tell him that, easily figuring Joe was strait. Where Issaic on the other hand was bi-sexual. Issaic was also very comfortable naked, considering he only wore clothes at work or when he was going to have human guests. Samantha was the same way, though she tended to just walk around in a pair of panties, Issaic thinks she just likes the feeling of the cloth on her privates.

    [Scarlet] Scarlet was moved by her daughters pleedings, she had never protected one of the men who mated with her like this before. She could tell she was serious and that what she said was true. She could also sense the humans love and longing for Samantha. Scarlet lifted her paw and watched Sam pull Mike away from her. “Do you truly love this human? You would do anything for him, you would spend the rest of his life with him?”, she asked her daughter as she watched her console and try and comfort the human, holding him close to her.

    [Sam] Sam watched as her mother let go of Mike. She quickly grabbed Mikes arm and pulled him away from Scarlet, laying him in her lap as she held him and kissed him.
    “I’m sorry Mike, I’m so sorry. Please, you’re going to be ok, trust me.”, she whispered to him as she listened to her mothers words. She looked at Scarlet as tears fell from her eyes,
    “YES! YES! YES MOTHER A THOUSAND TIMES YES!! I love Mike, I love him with all my heart!! I would go through the nine hells and back to be with him!!”, she yelled at her mother as she held Mike close, never wanting to let him go, trying to protect him from Scarlet.

    [Scarlet] “Then we must tell your father about this and let him have final judgement on what is to become of Mike. Though I’m assuming death will be the least of his worries.”, she said as she turned and began to walk away, looking back, “Come, now.”, she said sternly, “And get dressed.”, she added as she turned and kept walking, heading back to the foyer and where Elderon was.

    [Sam] Sam helped Mike dress before she put her clothes on.
    “Mike, I promise you, you will be fine. I love you, truly love you, and my parents can sense it. And they know you love me too, I think that’s why mom let you live, because if you didn’t love me as much as I do you… we wouldn’t be talking now.”, she said as she held him close, hugging him and crying softly.
    “I’m scared though. You’re the first one to actually love me, and I’m so happy for that, but IO don’t know what happens now.”, she said as she kissed him, and started walking out of the garden, holding his hand a little tightly. She was walking fairly slow though.

  157. joe says:

    [Joe] Joe shivered and shook his head at the strange sexual things Issaic was speaking. “Well, I think that’s enough lessens and information for today.” Joe says before firing another fire ball at Issaic’s groin. “I still don’t want to see. Privates or no privates, I find it intriguingly disgusting……no offense.” Joe began to walk out of the dojo. On Joe’s back where scars he reserved when he had fights, and scratch scars from a lovely that he knows back home. Joe turns back near the entrance door. “Oh, by the way, I know I’m technically related, but I think you should keep these sexual thing to yourself. And it would be VERY GRATE if you respected that.” Joe says to Issaic with a small smile.

    [Mike] he began to walk slowly along with Sam. “So, you knew all along, didn’t you? You know that I ……love you?” Mike asks realizing that she knows how he felt about her. Mike had no idea who the mother dragoness was, but he thought what might happen when Elderon hears about his and Sam’s secret. Mike didn’t stress out that much and believed Samantha’s words. How ever, he was scared. Not at the fact of dying but the fact of not being with her. There are things he likes about Sam. Like how she reminds him when he was younger. Rough but has hope. Mike lost hope awhile back but Joe gave Mike a bit of a spark, of chance. But Sam nailed it. Mike could once more,… have hope.

  158. Elderon Analas says:

    (Issaic) “I shall respect your wishes cousin.”, he said as he snapped his fingers, a silk robe appearing on him and Joe, “And i lied, I’ll let you wear this robe.”, he said chuckling as he watched Joe leave. Issaic picked a quaterstaff of a weapon rack and began to practice his martial arts.

    (Sam) Sam smiled a little, “I didn’t truely know, i just hand a good feeling, I could see it in your eyes, and your aura.” Then, Sam led Mike into the main foyer where Scarlet and Elderon waited, Sam watched as Elderon came forward. She gripped Mikes hand a little tighter as he father spoke.

    (Eldy) “Samantha, is it true that you mated with this human?”, Eldy asked, and watched his daughter nod. “And do you love him, truely with all your heart?”, again he watched her nod. “That is good.”, he said turning to Mike, “And Mike, do you love my daughter? Do you love her with all your heart, enough to die to protect her?”, he asked, his voice flat and serious. He waited, stareing at Mike.

  159. joe says:

    [Joe] he decided to let nude Issaic be. Joe roamed around the halls with the robe. He could sense the possible dangers that where in the cave. A lot of traps where sensed by him. He was like a Mine Sweep Detector. Finding every trap he came across. Soon he past through till he was starting to hear voices echoing in the halls. Joe found a entry way to where Elderon and Scarlet where. Joe was excited to see Scarlet again. But then he herd Elderon asking questions to someone. Joe looked to the other side and he saw Mike and Sam with there hands together. Elderon was asking questions to them as if Sam and mike where getting married. Then he noticed Mike’s gold necklace was on her. Joe was shocked. “How did Mike come to this?” Joe thought as he saw Elderon, asking Mike if he loves Sam.

    [Mike] Mike gave a smile and looked at Sam, looking deep within her eyes. Mike nodded. “Yes.” He says.

    [Joe] Joe was still hidden on the other side in the entry way. When he herd Mike say “yes” in response to the question, joe’s eyes opened wide and was surprised to hear that Mike actually liked someone that much. “He must have a thing for her or something.” Joe thought as he hid behind a wall.

    [Mike] Mike couldn’t help but notice that Elderon was taking this a lot easier then the mother Scarlet was. But that really didn’t matter to him. What does mater is that for the first time, he loved someone that loved him.

  160. [Elderon] “That is good, then you speak no lies. And I can sense your heart speaks true to these questions as well.”, He said to Mike, before turning to Sam. “And you have mated with him then? And you know what is to come of it if it is so?”, he asks, a somber look upon his face.

    [Sam] Sam nodded, “Yes father, we did, and I was aware of what would happen.”, she said, tears falling from her eyes, “But Mike is the one, I love him so, and he does me, you’ve seen so for yourself.”, she said as she moved closer to Mike, holding a arm around his waist.

    [Eldy] “Very well, then you have chosen your partner and with him you shall stay.”, he said as he looked back to Mike. “It is the custom of our family to mate for life. I welcome you to our family, and knowing the burden time will place upon you, I shall grant you a gift.”m, he says as he touches Mikes chest with a claw, a red ruby pendant appearing there. “This pendant grants you the long life of a dragon, and functions so long as my sweet Samantha is live and well.”, he said as the pendant flashed red for a moment. Elderon took a step back and bowed before Mike, “I welcome you to the family, son. You are now my daughters mate and thus, our son-in-law.”, he said raising again.

    [Sam] Sam turned and hugged Mike tight, kissing him deeply, her tail wrapping around his waist. “I love you so much!”, she said crying in happiness. Then she looked over as Scarlet came forward.

    [Scarlet] “And this is my gift to you.”, she says as she closes her eyes, a golden ring studded with 5 rubies appearing on Mikes ring finger, and a silver ring with 5 diamonds appearing on Sams ring finger. They both fit very comfortably. “And Mike, I am sorry for being so rough, but, I am the first part of the test. If you had fought like so many had tried, I would have crushed you. You had accepted you fate but, you also felt great sorrow that you would lose the love of my daughter. And THAT is what I had seen in your heart, what had made me change my mind. I knew then you truly cared for my Samantha.”, she said as she stepped forward and gave Mike a gentle kiss on the cheek, “I know you will take very good care of her.”, she said before backing away, letting all this sink in for the human.

  161. joe says:

    [Joe] joe couldn’t believe it. He was very proud of mike. Joe dedicated himself to show mike that there is love for him. Looks like he found her. She must be the one for him. “I love happy endings.” Joe whispered to himself as he saw mike and sam hug together. Joe almost cried in joy. Joe wanted to come out and congratulate him, but he doesn’t want to ruing the moment. Perhaps when everything settles down. Joe smiled and gave a nod at them before he left.

    [Mike] mike smiled as he turns to sam and gives her a kiss on the lips. His eyes half open and was in a heavy state of happiness. He deeply loves her. No doubted. He wasn’t sure what to say. He wanted to say something romantic but he couldn’t form the words properly to say it. So he gives her a big bear hug and says “I love you, Samantha Analas”, in a soft and struggling voice. He wanted to be with her, forever. It’s almost too good to be true.

  162. [Elderon] Elderon came forward, pushing a claw between the two lovebirds. “We have one more thing to settle.”, he said as he looked to Scarlet, she gave him a nod. “We need to settle the matter of names. Mike, shall you be taking our family name, or would you like Our daughter to take yours?”, he asked Mike, then looked to Sam, “And honey, would you take his name if he offers it?”, he asked her.

    [Sam] Sam nodded, and turned to Mike, “Mike if you offer your name, I shall take it. Though my full name is Samantha Lowan Redd Analas. And if you take our name, you will be Mike Redd, or Analas as you so choose.”, she said kissing him. She didn’t care about this part, but it was very important, the family tree must be updated. She pulled away, her tail swishing happily as she held his hands and looked into his eyes, her red ones locking with his. Her pupils dilated a little, her inner pupil rotating to match her vertical ones. “Mike, you are my love. You are the fire that burns in me, you are the sunrise in the morning. When I stand here with you, my heart aches with love, filled with fire. I never want to be without you.”, she said as she pulled him close, kissing him passionately, her tail wrapping around his waist pulling him to her until they were pressed together. She opened her eyes and backed up a little, still holding Mikes hands, when she heard a deep rumbling throat clear.

    [Scarlet] Scarlet watched as Sam started making out with Mike, she cleared her throat rather loudly, “Erm Hrm, well you two. We need an answer. And if you will be doing that, get a room, or else someone *looks at Mike* might accidentally get castrated.”, she said with a small smile. “We’re your parents, we don’t really want to see you two ‘getting close’.”, she added, still smiling. “But, your spirit is touching.”, she said to the two of them, before moving a little closer to Eldy, “Kinda reminds me of how we were.”, she said nuzzling Eldy

    {Eldy] “Yeah I know, but we can always be like that again.”, he said smiling as he nuzzled his wife back. “But yess, we need an answer Mike. Sam will take your name if you give it, but wee need to know if you will take the Analas family name?”, he asked as he looked at the two of them.

  163. joe says:

    Mike lowered his head and frowned. He felt kinda embarrassed. He didn’t want to admit it but he had too.”I…. I don’t have a last name.” Mike said, almost at the point of tearing. “My parents, weren’t exactly parents.” He added, looking back up at the two dragons. “So, I guess Mike Analas or Redd will be fine.” Mike answered with a smile as he held one of sam’s hands.

    [Mikes history]
    Mike never did receive a last name from his parents. Mom would always go out and does the things she always did. Dad was always drunk and never payed much attention to mike. Mom showed that she cared for him, which is why she goes out and make money with her ways, to buy food for him. Soon she was murdered, and dad drank more. So, Mike decided to runaway. But before all that, mike would always get into fights with bullies and sometimes thugs. He would ether fight them off, or lose. Mike has a depressing childhood yes, but the poison of hatred and misery never changed his heart. He’s just stronger, hence being a bit silent.

    [Joe] joe walked back to his room and sat next to the stream of running water. Joe could vaguely see his reflection in the stream. He could see he had sharp teeth, and slit pupils on his eyes. Joe smiled and never really thanked issaic properly for this fantastic gift. He stood up and went to go look for him but Joe accidentally bumped his lag against the table where a book issaic was reading earlier. It was still there, with the very page he was reading. Joe stared at it for awhile and looked out the entice of the room to see if the coast was clear. It was and joe decided to read a little, to learn a thing or two for now.

  164. [Elderon] Eldy felt a little sad, “Well, I welcome you to the family Mike Analas.”, he said bowing, “As the humans say, I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.”, he said with a smile.

    [Sam] Sam smiled and kissed Mike deeply. “I don’t care if you don’t have a last name, you have one now.”, she said happily. She held Mike close and thought very quickly. A small plan forming, her quick mind hard at work. “We should find a quiet place alone.”, she said kissing him softly again.

    [Scarlet] She smiled hearing Sams comment, “Well, we won’t stop you.”, she said as she laid down on Eldy gold pile, waiting for Eldy to turn in for the night.

    [Issaic] Issaic changed into his monks robes and kept practicing. A couple minuets later he stopped, coming back to his room, quarterstaff in hand. He came in and saw Joe looking at one of his books. “Read as much as you want cousin, I don’t mind. Just please, don’t burn my books, most of those are either the only copy ever made, or the only one left destroyed.”, he said in a stern voice, pushing his point across. Then with a smile he patted him on the shoulder, “I’m going to go to bed.”, he said as he took his clothes off and laid down on the pile of blankets and pillows in the corner of the room. A wing resting over his waist as his tail curled up around his body, he looked alot like a cat sleeping the way he did. He closed his eyes, “Good night, and don’t stay up too late. Also, this is the only bed here. I have no problem with you sleeping here.”, he said as moved over a bit, making plenty of room for Joe to sleep on his bed.

  165. joe says:

    [Mike] mike smiled and gave a nod. “That sounds wonderful.” He replied, rubbing one of sam’s horns and gazing at her. Mike looked at Eldy and Scar. He blushed with a small smile, cleared his throat a little and spoke. “Well, I thank you both. I wish you two a goodnight.”

    [Joe] “Very well then.” “I’m almost finished.” Joe says in a soft voice, trying not to disturb issaic. Joe finally finished the chapter and laid the book down on the table. Joe took a sip of water from the small stream and laid down on the bed beside issaic. He put both of his hands under his head and laid on one side. Soon he began to get tired. After awhile, Joe was at the point of passing out, but he was still awake. He had to say it, he had too. “Issaic?” *sigh* “I don’t know if you can hear me but,…..thank you.” “Thank you …..for everything.” “I’m not sure why you chose me to have this, but I’ll find away to return the favor.” *yhons* “I’ll stay by your side to the end….cousin.” Joe smiled before he finally drifted off to sleep. Slowly breathing and silent snoring. Joe was out cold.

  166. [Sam] Sam lead Mike to her room, an elegant place, the glass walls had a powdering of red crystal in them, giving a nice effect to the walls. She had an actual bed, goose down, very soft. a few blankest laid in top of the mattress. She had a wardrobe where she kept her clothes and a few of her weapons. She smiled and kissed Mike, “This is my room.”, she said as she went over to her running basin of water, taking a small drink and stripping down and getting naked. She giggled and got in bed, waiting for Mike. Her tail flicked happily as she smiled at him, “We can go to sleep, or we can play a few ‘games’. I’m up for both, it just depends on how long you can hold out.”, she said with a little blush. And a simple move of her hand made a door appear, blocking any weary eyes from peeping in on them.

    [Issaic] Issaic had heard everything Joe said. He smiled, a tear coming to his eye. “You are so very welcome.”, he said softly, as he put a hand gently on Joe’s shoulder for a moment, then he closed his eyes, “You won’t have to repay me brother, but whatever way you see fit, is fine by me.”, he said in a whisper as he yawned himself, falling asleep quickly. He slept well, snoring softly as smoke drifted out of his mouth and nose.

  167. joe says:

    [Mike] mike was thrilled at the sight of sam’s room. Impressive indeed. Mike smiled after hearing sam’s suggestion. He also noticed she made a door appear out of nowhere. He smiled again and turned to her.”Well sure. I’d love too.” He says as he sat on the bed beside her. He leaned forward and gave her a kiss on the lips before she even replied. Mike gave a wide smile and stared in to her eyes. He’s filled with lust over her. He saw her still with his mothers necklace around her neck. “You look good with that on.” He says as he looked back up, making eye contact with her.

    [Joe] joe could faintly hear the sounds of issiac’s words. Joe could tell issaic is a true friend. Joe felt safe, secured and most importantly. Loved. This family really shows affection. And that’s defiantly not a bad thing. These people, er uh, dragons are very nice. If I would have known about them sooner, I would have gone here. Through out the years of human history, everyone knows what to think when a human hear’s about dragons. It’s always the same thing. Smash this, killing that. Stealing cows, burning a child to a crisp for fun. Ha! These creatures show more affection then humans do! Everything we know of a dragon’s personality is wrong. Only a stupid human would think dragons are evil. If there’s anything evil in this world, it’s are minds. We think and judge but don’t use are hearts. Our minds are tools. And our body’s are temples of love. But we fill it with fear and depression. But in a way, that’s alright. Because it makes an adventure more interesting. And I think that’s worth living for. Then again, that sounds pretty saddening.

    Joe OOC: well, sorry to keeping you waiting. I was working on a little project. And it’s burly been worked on. I have tried and failed many times to make your portrait. But, I realize true failure is when you stop trying. Oops,…did I say “your portrait?” Oh crud. Well yes, I’m working on your portrait. Eldy’s happy, in his hoard and wallowing around in gold. Don’t worry, I made his face match with the picture up top. As for the rest of him, I don’t have much of a clue. But I accidentally found a picture of eldy blowing a candle on top of a birthday cake! So, I know a little. I’m assuming you made that picture. If so, I really like how it turned out. And the sunglasses make him look cool. :)

    Mike OOC: yeah, what (she) said. Okay he’s not a girl. But he sounds like one from time to time. Anyways, I’m the one responsible for encouraging him to do this portrait and finish it. So, just to let you know, I do like you. :)

  168. OOC Eldy: Hugs all around.
    OOC Sam: Kisses Mike for encouragement.

    [Sam] Sam kissed Mike smiling. “Thank you, you look wonderful with that.”, she said tapping the pendant that hung around Mikes neck, the necklace that essentially gave him immortality. She kissed him again and pushed him back on the bed, pulling away his clothes away slowly. {Sexyness follows} Sam awoke with Mike in her arms, the morning was good, she felt a little tired, but after last night, that came at no surprise. She got out of bed slowly, not to wake Mike, then got a drink. She turned to Mike and gave him a kiss before going out to go relieve herself.

    [Issaic] He slept soundly as the sun rose and he got up. Grumbling a bit he found that he had rolled off his bed and woke on the stone floor. It was cold and he was stiff. He stretched and got dressed for work. He put on his pants and then shirt, buttoning it he slipped on his vest, fitting between his wings. He smiled and looked down at Joe, “Do what you wish brother.”, he said as he walked outside, seeing Sam down the corridor, he guessed she was going to the bathroom, or to wash, considering she was still naked. He chuckled and wondered how Mike was liking it, considering in his sleep he had received a very touching dream. He saw the wedding of his sister through Elderons’ eyes. He was happy for her, and guessed he should congratulate Mike. He nodded, and then turned into Sams room, pulling a stool close to the bed, he sat down and looked at Mike in the bed. “Sam already broke you in has she?”, he said with a smile, and a laugh loud enough to wake the human. “Welcome to the family Mike. You may wish to tell Joe the good news, he’s asleep in my room.”, he said as he poked Mike a little, trying to bring him all the way from sleep.

  169. Elderon Analas says:

    ((Also, the pic at the top is Expy.. he is the Dungeon Mastering dragon (mascot.. don’t tell him i said that) not me… if you use the link here on this comment, you can find a pic of me. http://elderonthedragon.blogspot.com/2010/03/me-in-my-draconian-intirety.html ))

  170. joe says:

    [Mike] Mike was in a very deep sleep. The erosions of pleasure last night was phenomenal. Soon, mike felt heard issaic talking loudly. Issaic was poking him. So very quickly he grabbed a hold on issaic’s arm. Mike opened his eyes. Mike was quite startled. Before mike bugged up a fist to punch issaic he recognized him. Mike began to calm down, but he felt uncomfortable of being nude. He let go of issaics arm. Mike grabbed a hold of some blankets and hid his junk from issaics view. “Don’t do that.” He says with closed eyes, a chuckle on his face and rubbing the back of his stiff neck. Then he felt the necklace of which giving him the extra hundred’s of years. “Where’s same?” He asked looking around as he rubbed his eyes, getting rid of the sand.

    [Joe] joe woke up. He had quite a good sleep. He noticed issaic is already gone. Joe stood up and rubbed his eyes. “It’s a whole new day.” Joe says to himself with a smile. Joe stretched out his legs and did is exercise routines. Exercising was a lot easier and joe had to do five times more then wait he usually did. Soon joe was a bit sweaty. Joe began to wonder out, exploring and observe. He needs a shower. He didn’t want to stink up the whole cave.

    Joe OOC: wow, well I got some work to do. Thanks. But don’t hug me to tight. I’ll get squeezed. We humans as you probably know, are very fragile. :)

    Mike OOC: mike with a blushed face, leans forward for another one of sam’s kisses. Mike likes them. He likes being loved.

  171. Elderon Analas says:

    [Issaic] Issaic let Joe grab his hand, abd watched him make a fist. “I wonder if he’ll hit his brother in law?”, he thought, smile creeping along his face. That would give him a reason to break his nose.
    “Mike, you really don’t want to do that.”, he said as Mike realized it was him.
    “And as for your wife, and my sister, well last I saw her, she was walking naked down the hall to go our indoor lake we use to wash in.”, he said with a smile. “And what’s the matter, shy about your manhood being so small?”, he asked, a laugh building at the back of his throat. He liked Mike, but he was always one to make a quick dirty joke, at anyone’s expense. He didn’t notice Joe walk past, and his body was blocking Mikes view of the door.

    [Sam] Sam was washing and didn’t hear the footsteps coming down the corridor, she was busy rubbing herself over with her lavander scented soap. She whistled a small tune, and then tossed the soap to the bank along and then she dunked herself in the water, nearly just laying face down in it for a moment. Then she came up quickly, tossing her head back and whipping her long wet hair onto her back. She was facing the door now and saw Joe. She let out a loud, but short, scream as she covered herself, an arm going over her large bust, and a hand covering her nether region between her legs. “er… hello Joe. Um… you should have warned me. Um… you look different, did you get a haircut?”, she asked as her wings folded around her body much like a bat, covering herself easily. She wondered what happened to him, he looked much like her brother now,
    “Did Issaic do something to you? If he did, I swear I’ll…”, she started, but didn’t really know what she’d do. Her wings almost unwrapping in her moment of anger. She eeped again and they wrapped tighter.
    “Well, Joe, um.. you caught me at a bad time… um I was done, but, if you would be so kind as to just turn around for a moment. I’ll get dressed. And no peeping, or you’ll lose your eyes.”, she said, ending in a chuckle, just trying to give a little false fear, she wouldn’t hurt him, he was family now.

  172. Elderon Analas says:

    OOC Sam: She kissed Mike again, a smile on her face, “Glad to have you helping keep Joe in line. It’s making Eldy real happy.”, she says kissing the human again, “And don’t worry Mike, I won’t let Joe touch me in that pool, I’m your mate now… unless you want to um… make it a party?”, she says giving a small wink at Joe and kissing Mike again. She giggled happily.

  173. joe says:

    [Mike] “damn, I should have punched him, right then and there when I had the chance.” Mike humorously thought in as he formed a smile to issaics’ not so wonderful sentiments. If anyone could talk dirty, it would be Mike. “oh, not at all issaic. I have…… I just don’t want to make you cry that’s all. But my snake has been known to do far worse.” Mike wondered why would issaic bring something like that up. Well, where Mike comes from, he’s use to being talked like that. But he never thought issaic would talk the same way. “Poor dragon, being polluted with human garbage.”

    [Joe] Joe saw sam in the bathroom naked but she covered herself. Joe had such a blushed face and he didn’t want to intrude. Joe did turn his back, quite quickly. “Uh,…..that’s..that’s okay sam. It was so quiet in here I thought there was ……..nobody in….. I uh, I’ll jus…I’ll just leave. We can talk about my hair cu…. Uh, I mean,…my changes at a better time. Joe stuttered, trying to just find a mental happy place. Joe took a few steps away from her, wanting himself to just get out of there.

    Mike OOC: well, I’d probably beat anyone to a pulp if anyone did that. So, joe. Do you want to come and have a party? I got some knuckles. Would you like to see how they feel? Also me and joe could put a link to the portrait. If joe wants to that is.

    Joe OOC: Well yes, of course we’ll put a link, when I’m finished. But in the meantime let’s do what we do. Mike, you know I can totally take you. But I don’t really have the heart for that. Now Sam, I’ll pass on that party. And I don’t steal others wife’s or girlfriends. There doesn’t seem to be much respect when it comes to that. But maybe me and you could do something together in the next life. But I’m not counting on it. *winks back*
    Oh, by the way. I like that you are taking the nickname “eldy.” You like it?

  174. Elderon Analas says:

    [Issaic] “Really, you want to get into this with me… I’ll get mine out right now if you really want to go through with this little pissing contest of yours. I’m sure you’re not eighteen inches long mate, not humanly possible.”, he said as he stood from the chair. “and if you want to hit me… go right ahead. I don’t care if you are my sisters’ husband, I’ll fuck you up.”, he said growling.
    “wux tepoha thric ulhyrr svaust wux re jekipir mrith.”, he added, bearing his teeth. Issaic took a step back, closing his eyes, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. “I’m sorry Mike. I, well, you learn to be hard in a bar, to return peoples threats with worse threats. When someone shoves you, you punch back, you know. You can’t show weakness, or you get walked all over.”, he said as he opened his eyes looking calm again. “And as for the dirty jokes, I just like messing with you humans. If one thing pisses a guy off the most, it’s saying he has a tiny cock.”, he added with a small smile.

    [Sam] Sam came out of the water and got dressed quickly, just having to snap her fingers and her clothes appeared on her. She smiled and walked up behind Joe, putting her hand on his shoulder as he started to walk away. “No, no need to leave, I’m done, see. I can put my clothes on with magic, I just wanted out of the water. I hate wet clothes, comes with being a fire dragon, makes me cold.”, he said as she walked around to the front of him, her hand still on his shoulder. “And we can talk about what my brother did now, unless you really don’t want to talk about it?”, she said, hoping to get back on a good side with him. What little time she met Joe, he seemed nice, but she loved Mike. “I’m guessing you want to bath too? Um, the soap is there, the water there obviously, and here.”, she said, closing her eyes, a couple big fluffy towels appearing in her arms, “Here are some towels. You can talk to me while you wash. I won’t look.”, she said smiling, holding up her hand showing her ring, “Wife’s honor.”, she added giggling a little. She sat down with her back leaning against the wall of the corridor leading out. If Joe wanted to leave he could, and if he wanted to wash, Sam would just turn her back to him, still being able to easily listen to him. “If you want to just go, I won’t stop you.”, she said as she looked up at him.

    OOC Sam: “Now Boys, no need to fight. That’s not the right kind of party. I was gonna invite a few of my human friends and we could get a bard for music and a bit of food and stuff, and we could have a party in the deserts night air. I don’t know what you two were thinging about, you and your dirty human minds.”, Sam said giggling, she knew exactly what they were thinking, she read their minds. (A skill everyone in our family has, along with most dragons)

  175. joe says:

    [Mike] He paused. He found this one …quite different. Mike stood from the bed putting his face very close to issaics. As if mike was threatening to kill him. Mike then cocked his head. He chuckled and it actually lit up his whole face. “I’m liking you already.” He says as he began to smile wider. “This family just gets better and better.” He added, laughing a little. If there’s one thing mike admires, it’s a man who has the balls to back himself up. And mike admires issaic. Mike took a step forward. He would give him a hug but he was still completely nude. And mike doesn’t really like hugging guys wile his junk swings carelessly around. In other words, he’s not a homosexual. Mike smiled again and said, ” ….If I wanted to fight you, I might as well simply ask you to just kill me. We both know I wouldn’t win. And besides, I just simply returned your piss poor joke. Like you said. Someone insults you, insult back. And that’s what I did.” He says as he grabbed his pants that allied on the ground. Yeah, you could say he liked issaic immediately. The only reason mike thought about punching issaic in the first place was because it sounded like issaic was curios about what mikes cock looked like.

    [Joe] joe smiled and set the towels and robe aside beyond the water edge. “Your brother issaic. He, well, I’m not sure how to explain. He said something of why he did it. He said something about him not wanting to see me die of natural causes. He bit his finger and he…well, stuck it in my mouth. I past out and woke up to find myself like this.” Joe says as he stepped in to the water. Joe was a bit embarrassed of bathing in someone else’s presents. But he trusted sam to do the right thing. Keeping her eyes away from joe’s private time. Then joe remembered seeing the ring on her finger. She didn’t say anything about being married to mike, but joe knows. He saw the marriage himself. Well, most of it. Just to the exciting part. “Uh, so. Did you like my friend mike?” He says as he smiled, waiting for the answer he already knew. He just wanted to hear it in her own words.

    Mike n joe OOC: “no, we would never fight each other.” Mike says with a chuckle. “Yeah, where brothers in bond, and we will stay that way. We just talk that way to each other. It may sound weird but that’s actually how we communicate from time to time.” Joe says as he rested an arm on mikes shoulder. Mike just smiles.

  176. Elderon Analas says:

    [Issaic] He almost laughed, sensing a bit of Mikes’ inner thoughts, “WOW! You thought… HA! No wonder you wanted to hit me!”, Issaic said laughing so hard he was puffing out fire. “Mike, no! I’m in no way like that! I just wanted to make you mad. Though, I would have had no regrets letting out my cock to show you up.”, he said as he calmed down a little. He smiled and backed up a little, turning toward the door. “Oh, I almost forgot.”, he said turning back to face Mike. “I’m so glad Samantha found a man that I can tell you will treat her right. I also know, she will never let you down. If you need someone by your side, Sam will be there. She will fight for what she loves, and when I say fight, I mean kill.”, he said as he gave him a nod and a smile, turning to leave the room again.

    [Sam] “Like him. Joe I love him.”, she said happily, almost turning around. But, she stopped herself, she was just used to facing who she was talking to. “Joe… Mike and me are married. And yeah, I know you know. And I’m glad you’re happy for us, or at least you seem to be.”, she said with a smile. She only pried into his mind a little, not wanting to disturb too much. “And Joe, Issaic performed the Blood Joining. It is a way to give people powers of a dragon. This is something usually done by full dragon, those of the more evil variety, to gain worshipers and slaves. Or sometimes as an initiation to some dragon cult of some kind.”, she said as she wondered why Issaic did it. But, Issaic had his reasons, and it was probably because of a need for a friend. He knew that Issaic had outlived many of his human friends that would visit the tavern, so she guessed he just wanted someone that would live almost as long as he would. She felt a little sorry for him. “I need to go give him a hug.”, she said, thinking out loud.

  177. joe says:

    [Mike] Mike was a bit confused. He started laughing and saying that he was not like that. Mike didn’t know he had telepathy. In fact, he didn’t know sam did ether. Issaic exited the room and mike was still holding his pants. Mike just stood there for a few seconds, lost and completely confused. “What the hell just happened?” He said out loud. “*sigh* at least he didn’t see my junk he says in relief. Mike looked down and realized he was still nude. And he was exposed. Mike figured issaic did see his manhood. Mike was a bit angry about that. “God da.. It!” He muttered in rage. Amusing though, non the less.

    [Joe] joe turned and smiled. “So telepathy does run through the whole family after all.” He said as he grabbed some soap. He noticed how the wet soap oozed through the scales of his hands. Seeping deep in to the outlines of the scaly pattern. It was quite interesting in his prospective. “I wish I could do telepathy, but than again, some things are worth not having.” He says as he scrubbed his hands and hair. He didn’t really like what he heard her say about evil dragons and what they do with humans. But, he’s learning more, and he likes learning about dragons. “Yeah well, your brother is a grate friend. He gave me something I don’t even deserve. And I doubt your brother serves in a cult.” He says as he rubbed the soap all around. “Oh and I don’t think I introduced myself. Would this…. be a bad time to start?” He asked wile grinning in humor. He remembered that she had to look within her own mind to find out what was the disturbance, when they first met. She never had time to talk, and she had the hots for mike.

  178. Elderon Analas says:

    [Issaic] Issaic kept walking out of the cave, talking his leave and flying towards town. He needed to get to work, open the tavern and start bar tending. He was already late, but he thought it was worth it.

    [Sam] Sam smiled, “Yes, I know Issaic isn’t in an evil cult. I was just saying that was where I had learned the name of the ritual. The books he has said a bit about it, giving some long complicated process, but really all you need to do is drink the fresh blood of a willing dragon to gain its powers. If the dragon wasn’t willing to give this gift, then the blood would lose almost all of its magic, and the effects wouldn’t happen.”, Sam said, remembering what she had read. “And I think now is a perfect time to get acquainted, don’t you think? I mean I couldn’t care less to see you naked, I walk around here naked all the time, so does Issaic. We only wear clothes to seem more human around the general populace. Though I tend to wear nice panties… just because the silk feels nice um, down there. Anyway, I’m still going to be respect your privacy, but I wasn’t really that bothered when you walked in on me. You just startled me a little.”, she said chuckling and blushing a little. “Your name is Joe right? I had met you earlier, and I’m sorry for just running off on you like that.”, she said, adding an apology. “you can tell me a little about yourself, I always like learning things about people, and meeting new people.”, she said as she glanced over her shoulder, blushing a little as she looked at Joe, a small smile on her face. He had some nice muscles, and was fairly well toned. Though he was also covered in scales, which glistened as the water ran over them. She giggled a little and turned back around, “you know, you’re pretty sexy. If i wasn’t mated in a closed relationship with Mike, I’d be all over you. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.”, she said chuckling as she contemplated getting up. She wanted to swim, she loved the water. She just kept thinking of just diving into the deeper end of the pool, and swimming around under the waterfall.

  179. joe says:

    [Mike] put his pants on and zipped up. He knew there would probably traps somewhere and sam might not save him next time. So mike decides to play things safe. But he didn’t know what to do. Mike is by himself in sam’s room. He wanted to look around and see some of the things she has. So he did. He went and looked around.

    [Joe] “sam, come on. Really?” Joe replied, about her being with him and not mike. Joe could tell she’s not a very outgoing person. She doesn’t really have human like manners. But he assumed that she was trying and he respected that. Joe’s not really that interested in her. Not that she’s a half bread but because it seems she’s…well, a sex edict. the signs where clear to him. She was talking about, liking the feel of pants. And now she’s talking about having sexual thoughts about joe. Joe didn’t like that at all. And the marriage, well, joe doesn’t want to desecrate it by having it with sam. Joe was about to just get out and leave the room, but joe held it in and try’s to stay calm. “*sigh* Look sam, I like you, but I could never betray mike. He’s really all I got.” Joe says wile shaking his head in a (no) gesture. Joe splashed some water against his face, trying to forget her little comment out of his head.

  180. Elderon Analas says:

    [Sam] Sam smiled, “Good, I’m glad you don’t feel comfortable doing that to Mike. And I’m glad you have high respect for me. And NO, I’m not addicted to sex. I just have to get it through my thick skull that I’m only going to be with Mike now. You see Joe, dragons take multiple partners. I’ve seen Elderon fly off to who knows where for months, while I’ve seen mom come back here with another dragon. I know what they were doing, and well, it’s really a thing that was passed down to me and Issaic. I just try and keep telling myself that I’m staying with Mike and he’s the only one that gets to be, ‘close’ to me now. And I’m sorry for doing that ot you Joe”, he said, feeling a little bad for what she did. She acted inappropriately and she regretted it. But, she still thought he was a good looking man, she knew he would make a girl really happy some day. “One thing Joe, how can you not like the feeling of silk, it’s so smooth and soft. I love it, that’s why all my robes are silk, even Issaics’ are too. And I like it because it’s not as irritating as cotton when um…”, she stopped blushing a little. She wanted to stop talking about dirty things to Joe. He liked Joe as a friend and if she kept talking like this, it would only add to his thought of her being a sex addict, which she wasn’t. She liked silk better than cotton because when she got horny and wet, it let her slide and move better, unlike cotton which stuck and clung to the skin.
    Sam looked over her shoulder again, Joe looked like he might be done… she was so eager to swim, “Ok well I’ll just go outside.”, she said to herself. She got up and left the room, hoping to have left on a good note with Joe. But before she went outside to the oasis to swim, she thought she would go get Mike, see if he wanted to swim too.
    After a couple minuets of walking through the caves she made it back to her room, just in time to see Mike snooping through her things. He was holding her spellbook, her only spellbook. She came over quickly pulling it from his hands and clutching it to her chest, “Mike leave this alone. This is a very important book. You can touch or use anything else here, just please leave this book be. *deep breath* Sorry, but this is my madagtija, my spellbook. It holds every spell I’ve ever found and copied into it. If this book were damaged, I would lose much of my life’s work, many of the spells in this book no longer can be found outside this cave.”, she said as she rubbed the old leather bound book carefully, holding it like her life depended on it. “Sorry to have snapped at you Mike, it’s just.. this is the most precious thing I own.”, she said as she set the book back in its drawer in her nightstand and shut it carefully.

  181. joe says:

    [Mike] “You know what me most precious thing I own.” He asked wile taping on his new wedding band. He leaned forward and gave her a kiss on the lips. “Sorry for snooping around. I just was curious.” He said with a smile as he sat on the bed. “So, how are you.” He asked, just wanting to keep conversation going. He looked at the book and saw writing that he did not understand. If spells are real, what kind could ally within the book.

    [Joe] joe was almost finished washing and he felt stupid for thinking out loud so much. “Some times, I hate it when they read my mind. Oh well, better they read my thoughts then me read there’s. Especially sam’s mind. I may not like what I hear.” Joe could tell, she was obsessed with sex. No matter how much she rejects it. Otherwise, why talk about silk? But joe can forgive her. To joe, he thinks of her as…a teenager. In a way, the things she said sorta seemed that way. He also noticed that mike’s necklace was around her. Joe still couldn’t believe it. As if mike jumped in the way of a odd coming horse. Just to get lucky enough to live and tell the tail. He must see something very special about her. So, the question is, what does he see in her?

  182. Elderon Analas says:

    [Sam] Sam smiled and kissed Mike back. “Well, Joe walked in on me when i was taking a bath, we talked for a bit, he started bathing, and well we talked some more. I made a fool of myself and now Joe thinks I’m a sex addict. Um, well, not much really.”, she said, summing up mostly all of it as she remembered it. She wanted to change subject so, she thought of an interesting subject, “Mike, do you know how old you will live to be? Well, an average human lives to be about 70 or 80.”, she siad tapping the wedding necklace he wore, “With that, the magic inside it grants you, almost eternal life. You will live about as long as any other half dragon, like me. Do you know how old I am Mike? And before you say somethign stupid, I’ll just tell you. I’m 750 years old. That’s very young. The average half dragon lives about 4 to 5 thousand years. If I were a human, I’d say I’d be about 16 or 18 years old, give or take a year. So, I have a good long time to be with you, and I know I will love every day of it.”, she said as she held her arm around his waist, pulling him a little closer. giving Mike a kiss on the lips and a little squeeze on his butt. She smiled at him and then remembered why she came here, “I almost forgot, I came to get you so we could go swimming. Come on, there’s an oasis at a side entrance to the cave here. We can go there and skinny dip.”, she said giggling as she got off the bed and pulled Mike to his feet. Sam had always had the personality of a child, she was easily amused, always excited about something, and even though she tended to talk of very adult things, she still loved games and jokes. And, if she was lucky, she would always be this way, a big ball of energy and love.

  183. joe says:

    [Mike] Mike smiled an thought it would be grate to go for a swim. He likes water, and never refuses a chance to do so. “Sure my love.” He said softly. He loved her, no matter what age she was in. To him, she looks really good at age 750. Usually people would be nothing but fossils at that age. He thought age 18 would be a little early for her to get married. But she is a different kind of species. So it’s probably normal. Humans usually prefer to get married around their twenty’s to forty’s. He didn’t mind though. He was quite young himself. Actually, he’s seventeen. Not even an adult yet. But, he drinks boos, rarely. He’s not suppose to drink at all, but he does. And Sam looked very sexy with her hair wet. Very very sexy. He wanted to eat her up. Well, not literally. Sam might want to eat him though. She might even have a comfy spot for him, in there. Of course, mike started to daydream about silly things with her. He held her hand and was ready to walk, or run. Which ever sam preferred.

    [Joe] joe was finally finished. It was hard to scrub the scales but he was done. Joe looked towards the waterfall, and he liked this place. Very, peaceful. A place that should be in a book. The rocks glittered with sparkled colors. Joe hoped he didn’t annoy sam to leave. This place is amazing. Joe steped out of the water and grabbed his towel. It was nice of her to make them pop up for him. But, she probably doesn’t want drip marks all over the floor of the cave. Joe smiled and started to dry himself off. “Now I owe both of them a favor.” He said, referring to issaic and sam. He finished whipping himself down. Then he swung the towel over his shoulder, letting it hang.

  184. Elderon Analas says:

    [Sam] Sam giggled and started running, letting go of Mikes’ hand. He could keep up, but, soon she was running on all fours, going in an all out sprint. She came to a sweeping turn in the corridor, and smiled, running up on the wall and going around the corner. Then the echoes of scratching claws on stone as she came to a grinding halt. She had stopped, amost forgetting about Mike. She waited a few seconds for him to catch up, taking in the smells of the desert drifting in from the open cave exit behind her. When Mike finally caught up, she hugged him and held him as he panted. “Sorry love. I just, well, my insticts took over. And, I just really want to go swimming.”, she said as she kissed him. Holding onto his hand as she walked outside with him. A short walk later btrought them to the grass of the oasis and the cool spring water rising there. A few shrubs and trees grew here. “Welcome to our oasis. This is fed by the same spring that gives our entire cave water. So it is very clean.”, she said smiling as she took her robe off, letting it fall around her feet. With a smile she watched Mikes eyes wander over her naked body a couple times, then she lifted his chin with a finger, kissing him on the lips. She stepped close and wrapped an arm around his back, pressing her body against his. She smiled and whispered to him, “The really good thing is… you get to look, AND touch.”, she said before kissing his cheek and turning toward the small lake. Walking into it with that sexy swaying motion of her hips, and gentle flicking if the lower half of her tail. She looked back over her shoulder at Mike when she was about knee deep in water, giving him a wink before diving into the water, going under and coming up, laying on her back, gently floating in the water.

  185. joe says:

    [Joe] joe grabbed a hold of his robe and put it on. He then stepped out of the bathroom and want to go look for mike. Joe tracked sam’s sent and found foot prints. Sam’s and mike’s. Joe followed them to the cave’s exit. Joe didn’t fallow anymore. He knows they are having personal time. So he walked back. “So, issaic is gone, sam is taken by mike and for some strange reason, Cyberkyd is nowhere to be found. Hmmm, I guess I could show eldy what happened to me. I just hope I don’t disturb him wile he’s in a private time, like I did with sam.” He said, walking back and searching for him. Joe liked the cave. It’s not what he’s use to, but very well done.

    [Mike] he smiled and took of his pants. He charged and splashed into the water. The water splashed on sam too. Mike new he got her. He wanted to play with her. Mike likes water. He’s almost a whole new creature when water is involved. He swam down as far as he could, trying to reach the bottom. Success! He finally touched the floor and looked up. He could see the black shadow of sam and the sun glowing down upon her. He loved her, very much. He didn’t know what to do. Swim up and surprise her or just sit down here and watch her from above. She did look like an angel. The bright glow looked like she was being cast from the clouds and felt at peace. He must have been 30 feet or 40 feet down in the water.

  186. Elderon Analas says:

    [Sam] Sam smiled, and giggled as water splashed over her, Mike jumping in. She spread her wings a little, her tail swishing in the water slowly. She wondered what Mike would do.

    [Eldy] Elderon sat in his library, reading a book. He was in his human form, the only way he could really handle the books with the care they needed. He looked up as Joe came in. He looked different, much more like Issaic than when he saw him last. Elderon chuckled, “Well Joe, you got a haircut. Huh, and it seems my sun did the Blood Joining. Hmm, I thought I sensed something. I was just a little busy.”, he said as he shut his book and put it on the table beside him, getting up from his chair. He smiled and walked forward and hugged Joe. “Glad to have you in the family, son.”, he said smiling. He was glad to have Joe in the family. He liked Joe, he was a good friend.

  187. joe says:

    [Mike] her wings where open. Mike could see her extending out. She must be waiting for something. mike was happy to be with her. Nobody really liked him as much as she did. He wanted to play some more. Mike gave a smile. He let out some air bubbles from his mouth. Letting them flout up to her. The air bubbles slowly rolled across sam’s back. Mike was messaging her. Letting her know that he was there. Mike was okay at holding his breath. About two minutes long. But mike lost a bit of his oxygen. He had less time. Sam looked beautiful and mike didn’t want to wait another second. What seemed like under two minutes felt more like two hours.

    [Joe] He smiled. “Hehe, your quick eldy.” Joe says, wile still in the hug. Joe was a bit surprised how fast elderon picked up on joe’s situation. Joe couldn’t believe elderon called him “son.” It was quite the surprise there too. Joe didn’t even know about being included in the whole family. He knows issaic is his cousin or brother, but it never occurred to him that elderon was technically somewhat his father. Joe didn’t feel strange at all about what was happening. He is family now and he couldn’t believe it. Joe was hugging a little tighter. As much as he hates to admit gushy things, joe loves this family. He was going to cry but he didn’t want to look like a softy. “Thank you elderon. Er uh, dad.” Joe says with a struggling voice. Joe chuckled and patted him a few times on the back.

  188. Elderon Analas says:

    [Sam] Sam smiled, feeling the bubbles roll onto her back. Her scales were so sensitive. She giggled and concentrated, the water began to get hot, moving and writhing. The hot currents lifting Mike up to the surface. Same hugged him, “I love you.” She said as the water stopped moving around.

    [Eldy] “You can call me whatever you like, I may stick to calling you Joe. But I want you to know, you are part of this family, and you are my son now.”, he said as he held Joe at arm length his hands on his shoulders. He came forward and kissed Joe on each cheek. “And I want you to know, if you ever need any help, you can always call on me.”, he said letting go of Joe. Eldy walked back to his chair, setting down and grabbing his book again. “How are you adjusting to your new body?”, he asked, a small smile on his face.

  189. joe says:

    [Joe] joe smiled. He was willing to show exactly how well he had settled with his new changes. Joe knows the library is filled with old books. So, joe made a very small fire burst on the ground. Joe took a few steps forward, walking in to the fire. “I think I’ve adjusted alright.” He says with a grin. Joe noticed the robe he was wareing was starting to burn. Joe felt really stupid for not thinking ahead. “Uh, I don’t mean to bother anything, but I probably shouldn’t have done that. Do you have something I ….could ware?” He asks with a blushed face and a embarrassed smile.

    [Mike] mike floated in to sam’s arms. He raped his arms around her. He was comfy, and he snuggled with her. “I love you too.” He says before he gave a kiss on her lips. He smiled and gazed at her, butterflies in his stomach. He rubbed along her back and laid his head against her snout, shutting his eyes slowly. He spoke softly,”I will always be with you, sam. Always.”

  190. Elderon Analas says:

    [eldy] Elderon quickly moved a hand, the fire snuffing out instantly. Though he made another motion with his hand, Joe’s clothes fixing themselves. Though he looked at Joe with an angry scowl. “Joe, you don’t know my rules here so I won’t hurt you this time. But I will tell you only once. There will be no, hear me NO FIRE in my library. If you even think of pulling that trick again, and I’ll have to punish you.”, he said almost in a growl.

    [sam] She kissed Mike back, letting him caress her. It felt so good to be the one being caressed for once. She smiled and listened, a look of sweet loving compassion on her face as he said he would always be with her. That made her feel loved more than he could ever know. “I’m so glad to hear that. And I will never leave you, never ever.”, she said, a tear coming from her eye, though it was quickly mixed with the water on her face.

  191. joe says:

    [Joe] joe frowned and backed up a little. He nodded and hung his head. “I understand. I’m sorry.” Joe thought eldy’s remark was a little harsh, but he could see how special the books where. Joe lifted his head, took a step forward and looked around. The library was filled with hundreds of books. It was marvelous. “So,… You have a thing with books too? I can see issaic inherited that hobby.” He says with a small smile, trying to brighton things up.

    [Mike] he tilted his head and noticed a tear coming from her eye. Or maybe not. He couldn’t tell. But she’s beautifully amazing. For once in his life he found someone that loves him. He never thought head live lng enough to see the day but it was true. The angel that saved him is now in his arms. He gave a slow and steady kiss. Breathing heavy, and stroking his fingers in her hair.

  192. Elderon Analas says:

    [eldy] “Well, I’ve always craved knowledge. Because as they say, knowledge is power.”, Eldy said as he smiled at Joe, his face becoming kind and soft again. “And I’m sorry for snapping at you, it’s just, most of these books are hundreds of thousands of years old. And as well as the books being here, I also keep my personal journals of my life here as well”, he siad as he sipped at a cup of tea from a table next to him, a couple other cups and a steaming kettle there, as well as a little honey and some whole milk. “Care for a cup of tea, I’ve been trying ot stay away from ale, it puts on to many pounds. I’m trying to stay under 4 tons.”, he siad chuckling as he took another sip, motioning ot the soft leather chair across from the table with the tea trey on it, “Please sit, I don’t bite. Much.”, he siad smiling.

    [sam] Sam smiled, she loved being held like this, and him kissing her made it all the better. With a smile as he held the kiss, her tongue tickling his lips. Her tail moved and rubbed him between the legs in a soft caress and she giggled before wrapping her arms around his back, holding him close, one of her hands running through his wet hair.

  193. joe says:

    [Joe] Joe smiled at elderon’s joke and took a seat. “Well, if you don’t like to drink ale that much, mike could have some of it, but only if you want him too. And, I don’t mind having a little tea.” Joe looked around and saw more books. He liked his hoard of books. Knowledge is indeed power, but joe has also heard (money is power.) But joe never really believed that. But, joe does have a few secrets when it comes to wealth. Joe pored some tea sat it out to cool down. But joe probably forgot he’s fire proof. Not even Expreso Coffee would burn him. But he’s still getting use to all of that. “Elderon, let me ask you something. Do you wish to extend your hoard amount of gold?” Joe asked with a serious face.

    [Mike] mike enjoyed the feeling of her teases. She probably didn’t know it yet but he was willing to tell her. He held her gently and closely neared his head aside with her. “Your my first.” He whispered as he smiled. Then he gave another kiss.

    Mike OOC: quick question for Eldy. Dear Elderon analas, you seem to have a lot of wisdom. And obviously this is a question only a dragon could answer. How does a dragon die from a battle against a human? Now don’t misinterpret this. I’m just asking because it seems that it is impossible to actually slay a dragon. I’m not interested in doing any of that. A dragon has twenty times better instincts then humans. And you reek of powerful magic. Believe it or not, there’s stores of humans that have been known to actually kill dragons single handed. Like st.George. I’m not sure if the stories are true. It just seems that a dragon death of a human, in my opinion, would be the most embarrassing death imaginable.

    Joe OOC: wow, never in my life has that question ever wondered through my mind, but I wouldn’t want to know the answer to that. I don’t want to kill dragons. I want to be friends, and get to know them. Many humans would rather not be near a dragon, and I think the only reason why dragons get angry, is because I think dragons hate it when humans run away, rather then just sit down and talk. Being nice to each other. A dragon having some company. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just crazy. But I do know, is that I love dragons, and I am proud to admit that!

  194. Elderon Analas says:

    [Eldy] Elderon’s eyes lit up, “Do you think I would ever say no to that question?”, he asked as his voice filled with excitement. “Of course I do, I would be doing my kind shame if I said no.”, he said as he started to fidget in his hair a little, tapping a foot to an odd rhythm.

    [Sam] Sam smiled, she had no idea she was Mikes first mate. From the way her performed, he seemed like a seasoned pro. “I never would have guessed.”, she said as she teased him a little more with her tail, a smile splitting her snout.

    [Issaic] The day had been going just GREAT. He had had to break up 3 fights already and had gotten a wing sliced open by an axe. He was loving this, not. He hated it when there were fights, just because he was breaking them up, and not fighting himself. Though, the last one got so bad he had to step in and break it up himself, by breaking a few ribs and an arm. If the men wanted to fight they’d take it outside and let the town guard deal with it.

    Issaic now sat at his stool on a short break, nursing his injured wing back to health, using a little magic to fix it, though it was slow going as he really had nothing else to do right now.

  195. joe says:

    [Joe] he smiled and began to speak again. “Well, don’t use telepathy on this one.” He says as he leaned forward. “Now elderon, your son has given me something special. You’ve given me something special. Now, it’s my turn. I want to give it to the whole family. This is something that my human side of the family has kept secret for over 700 years. Give or take a decade. It’s a little early for me to ask you this. Now, you don’t have to go. Nobody’s forcing you or the others.” He says while using hand expressions. “But, I think it’s time to show you, ……..my home.”

    [Mike] mike noticed sam smiling. She must have figured it out. Well, I probably did a sloppy job when it came to being in bed. But she can teach me everything. He thought as he began to play with her lags. He had one hand around her back and the other with sam’s lags.

    Mike OOC: eldy? Please, Tell me! I want to know!

    Joe OOC: Not me, so I’ll just cover my ears. *joe covers his ears so he doesn’t hear the horrible answer* Okay, go ahead.

  196. Elderon Analas says:

    [Eldy] “Joe, I think I may be honored to do such a thing. I may begin to make preparations immediately. Do I need to be formal?”, he asked as he thought of his past, and his long forgotten status as General of the WarFang army. He gave a small sigh and thought he may enjoy wearing his old armor again, the magic metal always fitting comfortably. “I may have something I’d like to ‘dust off’ so to speak. Back in the day when I used to have a rider. Yes, I used to have a rider.”, he said as he set his hands on his knees, he was really quite interested in this.

    [Sam] Sam smiled, “You weren’t that bad in bed, you were very good. And, well there are a few more things I could teach you. Ever have sex while free falling toward earth, a few thousand feet in the air?”, she asked a smile on her face. She loved taking her mates up, but only one had ever been willing to try. She hoped she could coax Mike to go on up with her.

    OOC Elderon: Well, Mike… I have heard of this St. George. And we dragons have talked about that story as well. And, you are not always right. I have seen many an evil dragon. One that would rip my wings off, just to hear me scream. But, I was young then, and not so strong. But, that is off topic isn’t it. There are those who call themselves ‘dragon slayers’ and I have met a few. I have a few scares to prove it too, but I haven’t come very close to death at the hand of a SINGLE human, no. But, I have actually infiltrated a guild of these ‘dragon slayers’ once, some time ago. They are powerful fighters indeed, they carry weapons crafted just for fighting of our kind, it was uncomfortable just being around them. Armor that our breath weapons had no effect on, or even turned them against us. Swords made especial for cutting through our tough scales, all sorts of things that brought fear even to my heart. *deep breath* I was actually found out, there in the middle of that horrid place. They caught me because someone had goggles of True Seeing, or something of that sort, though I think it was actually a helm. They had… they had… had tested things on me, found new ways to hurt our kind. Eventually I escaped, and when I had enough strength back, I returned, after gathering a trusty band of assassins. One thing they forgot about was my photographic memory. I had teleported the entire assassins guild into them idle of their compound at night, killing them all before the next sunrise. Destroying everything there, all the weapons and armor. Well… not all. I keep a set of everything they had, knives, swords, shields, armor, bows, arrows, all in a secure vault, held tight with my most powerful wards, spells, traps, poisons, and foulest creatures imaginable. I keep them so I may study them, and so I never forget the pain your kind may give, and the destruction you are capable of. Not to mention I have been working on modifying and using the same magics and such to craft my own weapons. Because, I have to occasionally fight dragons… like in the Great War. Though that was again so long ago, and I have never took rank of general of an army since. Though the grand dragon capitol of WarFang is no more, our war lost, I still visit the ruins to remember. Sometimes wearing my battle armor of old.

    Scarlet OOC: Sorry boys, Eldy doesn’t really like talking about those days. He will but, the memories haunt him so. I remember that war, we were young and had just started courting. And I had also lost my father in that war. It was not a good time, the time when humans, elves, dwarves, and dragons were fighting almost nonstop. But, the fighting finally came to an end in one huge battle, dragons and humans taking both sides. Two massive armies coming in for a final war on the capitol. But *sigh* I really don’t want to tell this story, it brings back bad memories for me too. I am sorry, I may finish some other time. *turns away* I hope you two enjoy your time with us, and I am very happy to have both of you in the family. *walks away holding back tears*

  197. joe says:

    [Joe] “Ah, a rider huh?” Joe says with a small smile. “Well, you can bring whatever you like. There’s not a lot of people that live where my place is. In fact, about one hundred, including children. where I live is at a farm, an old house mike owns. Well, we own. And we have lot’s of cows. More cows then people on the land. And you and whom ever you want to bring along. He says, making elderon have some excitement.

    [Mike] mike was shocked! He had no idea how she knew that. He, he forgot all about having sex at 10 thousand feet while in free fall. He was more in to knowing how she could read his mind. But he also likes the idea of doing it while falling. “Sam? Did you just… Read…my…?” He asked as he stoped playing with her lags.

    Mike OOC: sorry, I ..I didn’t…know. Mike hung his head, realizing that he asked for more then what he wanted to conceive. Well, at least it’s over. No more fighting, no more violence. The world is softer now, so we should make the best of it.

    Joe OOC: hmph, I knew the answer would surely suck. I covered my ears but my hearing is better, unfortunately for this moment. My heart is very heavy for your painful past. I can’t even imagine what kind of hell you went through. Mike here is just a chorus kind of person. That’s all. *sigh* I once said that death wasn’t what man fears the worst. Now, I know that for a fact. Death would probably be good option if I went through such horrific …..well, you know. ……I’m sorry. I’ll shut up now….

  198. Elderon Analas says:

    [Sam] “Mind?”, she said finishing his sentence. She smiled swimming back to the shore, pulling Mike along with her. And she sat on the grass. “Yes Mike. And I want to show you something very cool.”, she said crossing her legs, setting down. “Come sit with me, and hold my hands.”, she said laying her hands palm up on her knees, waiting for Mike. “You have to trust me completely, if you don’t it may not be good.”, she said as she watched him sit and grab her hands gently. “I will show you a place no one has ever seen before, or at lease, no one outside this family.”, she said very seriously. She squeezed his hands and closed her eyes, Mike would feel as if her were falling asleep, his eyes shutting and his body relaxing. Then, he was standing beside Sam in front of set of very large ornately made wood doors. Sam pushed the door open, walking into a marble floored foyer, marble pillars holding up a domed roofed skylight, everything here was extravagant, the top of the pillars decorated with gold leaf. She walked Mike inside, turning to him. “Mike… welcome… to my mind.”, she said as she moved a hand, the large doors closing. Several other doors were along the walls here, in between the pillars. “This is a very special place to me, and it holds many secrets, many things I don’t want anyone to know, many things that are very private. I can easily read surface thoughts, but I can also enter your inner mind, bringing me to a place like this inside your mind, though it would be different looking, something more suited to your subconscious.”, Samantha said very seriously as a few of the doors changed forms, the materials and styles changing, though one door remained the same, a solid black door, made of marble, and rippled with grey streaks.

    [Eldy] Elderon smiled, standing as he changed into his dragon form, though a bit smaller to fit the room. Covering is body was a set of dragon armor. Metal plates laying over the back of his neck, something of a helm over his head. His paws covered over the top with metal plates that worked up his legs. A saddle rested at the base of the neck plates, made of durable and worn leather, strapped around his forelegs and chest. His tail was covered in the flexible plate armor and tipped in a razor sharp barbing down the last forth. Metal siding like chain mail and then plate armor covered his sides between his legs and under his wings, held together by plates at his spine between his wings, held with studded leather straps. To top it all off he wore a large breastplate stamped with the WarFang crest. The armor itself decorated like that of a high ranking officer. Every plate of armor was edged with gold, or silver. The entire suit looked heavy, but Eldy moved as if it was light as a feather. The suit also permeated the air with the hum of magic, though it soon dimmed in intensity. Elderon then sat on his rear haunches, though he sat with a position of pride, honor, head held high, forelegs set firmly, confidently. He moved his tail around beside him and let it rest, the armor making only a small whisper of sliding metal. Elderon took a beed breath, a look of pride, confidence, honor, and one of a strong leader, one who would stand and fight, even if the battle had no hope, Elderon would be the last one fighting, fighting to the death if he had to. He glanced down at Joe, “It feels good to wear this armor again. I almost forgot what it felt like.”, he said as he gave a small smile.

    Elderon OOC: The world may be safer, but it does not change what happened. It does not bring back my friends, it does not bring back my family. It doesn’t rebuild our city, our homes, our lives. What was lost is lost, and will always be lost. But we survive, and that is good, we survive, move on, and learn. But, I will not forget, and I will not forget what the humans did, none of us will.

    Scarlet OOC: It is not your fault, and you were ok to ask. And I thank you for the sympathy, but I don’t need it. I… I just *starts to sob gently* I just miss them so much. I know it was before your time, and you… you cant apologize for an entire species, but… I thank you and I know you mean well. *continues to cry as she sets her head down close to Joe*

  199. joe says:

    [Mike] mike was….. Well…this whole thing took his breath away. She had quite a beautiful mind. Mike could see what her personality was like. But he sort of knew. But it was unexpecting to see that she had such powers. That he could see all of what was inside. He followed sam and was a bit shy. But then again, who wouldn’t? It’s not very often you get to go in someone’s mind. He didn’t know what to say. Mike didn’t want her to see his mind. It’s not that he doesn’t trust her. If he doesn’t trust her he wouldn’t be there right now. She said so her self. He just doesn’t want her to see the world in his head. She may not like it. Mike has been true a lot of up’s and downs. But, he has a lot of downs. So, he didn’t want her to observe it.

    [Joe] joe was speechless at first. Eldy looks awesome. Like something of a book called Eragon, but the armor was magnificent. Joe smiled, “dang, you look ……good hehe. You look….grate, ha! Joe says while laughing in amazement. Joe liked his uniform. Had a large touch of pizazz. Like the kind of dragon look that nobody would dare mess with. Joe chuckled and spoke again. “So, will you be able to fly with that thing on?” Joe asked. As he giggled at the fact of how heavy it looked. The armor looked like it would shred his wings apart if he tries flying. He had that honorable look to him, and if he wasn’t a high ranking officer of his men he would sure look like it. He looked like he was ready to take on the whole world by himself. Joe never imagined anything like it. He noticed a saddle was on the base of the dorsal side of his neck. Joe assumed that was where the rider would be.

    Mike OOC: mike didn’t say anything. Mike isn’t a therapist, but he was saddened by the dragons history. Mike sighed and just sat, watching the tears leak from their eyes.

    Joe OOC: joe felt really bad. He knew now, that it was pointless to apologize for what happened. He took a deep breath, exhaled very calm and slowly. He shook his head. ” Your right, it’s too late to change what has happened, but making the best of what you have now can make the rest of you life’s easier. Joe paused for a moment and regained more advise. He doesn’t know if a short living human like him could make them change there minds, but he figured that he has to say something. “You can’t live in the past, it’s over. But you have a home, husband, children, a town. No matter how bad a storm gets, there will be a time when the sun over takes and casts a shine of light. And scarlet, I think that shine is now.” He says looking at her as he gave a short small smile.

  200. Elderon Analas says:

    [sam] Sam smiled and watched Mike, “And Mike. I have been in your mind. Or at least the place in your mind like this, your subconcious foyer. I didn’t want to really snoop, I just wanted to see what it was like up there.”, she said as she gave him a kiss and then walked to a door, opening it to an extravagant corridor, the floor here a smooth polished marble of checkered back and white. Soft lighted brazers burned lihting the room, but most of it came from the skylight that ran the legth of the hall. There were doors and objects here, some things on pedistals, others on the floor. This room, and the doors branching from it were for sections of her childhood. Sam smiled and gave a sigh, “Things had been simple then.”, she said as a few good memories came to her, and they would have come to Mike too.

    [Eldy] Elderon smiled and laid down, moving a wing so it would act like a ramp up onto him. “Climb on Joe and find out.”, he said as a smile crept across his face. He hadn’t had a rider in so long. If Joe looked now, he could easily see the reigns that were fastened to Elderons helm, then end of them resting on the saddle’s horn.

    Elderon OOC: I will go, I need a moment alone. And I thank you for listenening, for careing.

    Scarlet OOC: *smiles and licks Joe on the cheek with a single fork of her tongue* Thank you son, that makes me feel so much better. And I don’t dwell in the past, I just remember. We all need to remember, that way things are not forgotten, that way we don’t let it happen again. *smiles softly and stands* Joe, my son, I am so happy for you and what you are about to do. No one has ridden my husband in so long. *small chuckle* Well, I have, but I’m sure you don’t want that… you’re too small. *turns and walks away, laughing a little to herself*

  201. joe says:

    [Mike] mike could see her memories when she was a child. It was quite present, but if sam was that curious of what it was like in his, he may show her. But in his opinion, it’s not so special. His child hood, well, not a good thing to look at. But mike has a wondering mind. Where he would daydream once in a while. A place where he could escape from the cruel world. Anyways, mike was amazed at how the world of her mind looked. Mike didn’t say anything. When he learns he does not speak. Unless he has a question. But he wants to wait until sam shows him everything she wants him to see.

    [Joe] he chuckled and took his first steps. Joe was worried that he might, if the armor would make him fall like a rock. Joe reached the top, grabbing a hold on the horn on the saddle. Joe sat on it, and it was comfy. Joe could see both sides just fine. Since the saddle was on his neck, the wings wouldn’t be in the way. It was a clever design. Joe gripped/ clinched on to the horn. “So, your not gonna do anything crazy, right?”, joe asked, feeling a bit nervous.”Your not going to do any barrel rolls, somersaults or flooptylous are you?” Joe added, as he leaned to his left side, looking eye to eye at the dressed up worrier creature, known as Elderon Analas. It probably wouldn’t be fun for eldy, and he has his armor on. But in truth, joe had a small voice that was praying for elderon to go crazy in the sky.

    Mike OOC: *he looked at the two dragons that walked away. Then he turned his head to joe* “So, you alright?”

    Joe OOC: *joe smiled and nodded, while staring at where the two couple had gone* “Yeah….. *He paused for a few seconds, thinking about what they said erlier* ………..Come on. Let’s stretch our lags out.”. *turns to Mike and they grabbed hands. He helped mike to his feet. Mike stuck out his fist. Joe touched it with his.

    Mike OOC: that was a pretty poetic speech you gave. I liked it.

    Joe OOC: “hmph, thanks.” Joe says with a smile. Then he began walking out.

    Mike OOC: Mike gave a funny looking chuckle and walk along side with joe, heading out of the cave.

  202. Elderon Analas says:

    [Eldy] Elderon laughed, standing back up. He waked gingerly out of the cave, forcing himself to act as if the armor really was heavy. He lugged his limbs, his tail dragged the ground. He smiled and kept chuckling, coming out into the foyer where he turned and started up the corridor to leave, trudging along. “I had forgotten how much this stuff weighed. It’s about 1200 or 15 hundred pounds. About half my body weight.”, he said with a smile, the armor weighed that much, but the armor was magic, and it was virtually weightless to him.
    “Joe, you may want to grab those reigns and hold on tight.”, he said as he looked back at Joe for a moment, lowering his head and walking along. He started moving a little faster, his tail lifting off the ground, moving faster, his legs going along. Soon he was in a fast trot, then a run, and just as he was coming out of the cave he was going about 80 mph in a full gallop. He was laughing as he burst out of the cave, spreading his wings and taking flight, making a quick climb. He was climbing fast, the wind rushing past him, he was glad to be in the air, knowing he was the strongest creature here and having aerial dominance over his land. He smiled and looked back to Joe, then the ground, he was about 5,000 feet up now. “so, Joe, you were talking about doing, something ‘crazy’ I think that sounds good.”, he said smiling. He laughed, a loud rumbling laugh. He folded his wings to his body, his head going down, going into a vertical dive. The wind started moving faster and faster, and soon they were flying at over 150 mph. Then he spread his wings again, angling himself upward and pulling into a loop, and when he reached the loop and was upside down, he did a roll, Joe back on top, but he kept looping. And when he leveled out, the loop finished, Joe was under him, and if he looped up, he would see the ground a couple thousand feet under him (or technically, above him). Eldy smiled and the rolled over. “Well, I hope you liked that. And as you can probably tell, this armor weighs close to nothing.”, he said laughing.

    [Sam] Sam kept walking through her mind, moving through the room. She turned and walked through the far door, coming back into the foyer. “Yes, I know we moved in a strait line and made a circle, but, these doors lead where I want.”, she said chuckling, turning toward the dark balck marble door. “I think you may want to see this.”, she said walking into the door, coming into a huge rectangular room reaching left and right as far as the eye could see, but that wasn’t that far considering the only area lit was about 200 feet of of corridor both ways. Hundreds of large double doors in this room. One was made of old greying wood, and embeded in it in gold letters, tarnished slightly with age, was ELDERON, on the next door, made of aged red cherry, was SCARLET, then a set of doors for ISSAIC, and then, two single doors, marked JOE and MIKE. as well as several others, some broken, others looking ancient and a bit rotted with age. “Mike these doors lead to our family members minds, it lets us stay linked no matter where we are. It lets us use telepathy easier, and communicate and meet just like we are now, though we respect privacy. If I were to see Issaic in his mind, I would end up in his foyer, and we really go no farther. Then I would call out to him, my words ringing in his head. From there you really get the idea, but since you are part of our family now, you and Joe have doors just like these. The next time you come here, either in your dreams, or through meditation, or strong concentration, you can contact any of our family, though I would stay away from the older doors, lest you anger my great grandfather or uncle or someone. That wound not be good.”, she said before turning to face Mike, “And I would stay away from the broken doors, those are the doors of our dearly departed.”, she said with a nod, “You may not like what you find, the minds of the departed are not a safe place.”, she said as she walked out of the room, gently pulling Mike along with her. “I don’t want you walking here alone, not yet, you may get lost, and that wouldn’t be good.”, she sad as she walked to the double doors, leaving and pulling Mike along with her. Then as they walked out into a bright open space they each returned to their respective minds, control of their bodies returning as they awoke from their trances. “Mike, I hope that really wasn’t too much to take in, but I also didn’t want to show you more. I’m sorry, but your human mind taking in so many years of memories and things , you would have information overload.”, she said as she kissed him, squeezing his hands a little.

  203. joe says:

    [Joe] joe was clinching on tight to the reigns. Elderon was scaring the hell out of joe. He noticed earlier that eldy was walking as if the armor was too much to handel. Joe really did think eldy was going to crash. Then he tells him that the armor weighs close to nothing?! That reptile was teasing him? Joe was a bit angry for that trick. Joe felt like he was getting ill. “Eldy, unless you want my sick all over your armor, you’ll level it out. Okay?” He says with a smile. Joe (did) like the ride, but now he has a bit of fear in heights, thanks to elderon. Joe looked down, trying to see where they had to go. “Do you know where your going?” He asked as he looked back up, away from the surface.

    [Mike] he gave a chuckle, wondering if he should take her remark of his mind as a insult or thank her for her concern. But he did nether. He leaned forward and gave a kiss. “So, you can read anybody, and I can read anybody?” Mike cocked his head feeling somewhat confused. He doesn’t know how to use telepathy. He never noticed sam’s mind reading powers before, so some of this was strange to him. Mike looked up to sam and gave a wide smile across his face, still holding her hands. “Can you teach me?”

    Mike OOC: well, the whole freaken world is coming to an end at Japan. I hope there won’t be anymore bloodshed. This sucks. One of the largest earthquakes ever, and now a tsunami, wiping everything out?! God, forgive us.

  204. Elderon Analas says:

    [Eldy] Elderon was flying level and steady, the slow flapping of his wings giving his body a slow wavelike motion. He smiled and looked back at Joe, going into a steady glide, though he was barely descending. He moved a bit and then made a quick barrel roll staying level again. “sorry Joe, I just haven’t had that much fun lately. And you know, you can steer and control me right. Just like a horse, except you should work with verbal commands too, considering I do alot more than turn left and right, go and stop. But, I can generally understand what you want me to do just with the reigns, and the fact I’m inside your head too. And don’t be mad, it was just a joke.”, he said as he kept gliding, wondering If Joe would try and take over.

    [Sam] “i just don’t want to give you some kind of mental damage. I’ve seen what happened to one man who got lost in Elderons brain. When he finally came out, he was stark raving mad, a complete lunatic, babbling on about all sorts of things, attacking anyone that got close. But then it got worse, his brain shut down, and he went into a vegetative state. It wasn’t pretty.”, she said holding him close. “I don’t want that happening to you.”, she said almost crying, just thinking about it made her shiver. “And no Mike, you can’t read minds, but you can talk with our family, that is as far as your control goes. And to after a little training it would be easier for you to talk with us in our heads for you, but I… I just want to sit here with you now. I don’t want to talk anymore about this.”, she said kissing him, she was still a little scared thinking of what might happen to him inside her head. She didn’t want her husband to go crazy because of her. She moved and sat in Mikes lap, leaning back against him as he wrapped his arms around her, she smiled and closed her eyes, loving his soft embrace. “I just want to be here with you, that’s all I need right now.”, she said as she started to relax.

  205. joe says:

    [Joe] joe smiled. “Yes,I know it was a joke. But I would never play a prank on you.” He says, as he clinched tighter on the reigns, looking at which direction of where the sun is. Joe could figure which direction they where going just by looking at where the sun is. It was still morning, and joe knows which direction he needed to go. “North east, turn slightly to the right eldy” joe thought out loud, trying to control the plane, or I mean,..the dragon. “Okay, I need to know a few things before going too far. I need to know how fast your speed is, so I can estimate what time we’ll be near. Otherwise we will ether pass my home or if we still need to keep moving. So, how fast are you going right now?” Joe asked.

    [Mike] he coiled his arms around her. She seemed frightened. Mike assumed that she’s afraid if he go’s deliriously crazy. Mike understood, but little does she know, mike kinda is crazy, in a good way. He snuggled with her and put her head against his chest. He began to rub her back, his hand between her wings. And his other hand was around her. He gave a silent “shhhh.” And whispered very softly. “It’s okay sam, I will always be the same as you want me to be. I won’t leave you.” And with that he started to hum in a slow soft tune. He carefully laid his jaw on her head and continued to hum, rubbing her back slowly and gently. The tune he was humming was the same one his mother sang to him when he was four.

  206. Elderon Analas says:

    [Eldy] “Not very fast, I’m just relaxing now. Only about 50 miles an hour i suppose. I can easily go 200 if I get a good dive first.”, he said looking back, pumping his wings faster now, pulling out of his glide and turning to the right a little, first his head turning to where he wanted to go, then the rest of his body following.

    [Sam] Sam smiled and nodded as she listened to his soft humming. She relaxed even more as she started to purr. Her body vibrated a little as she purred and said softly, “i know you won’t Mike… you love me too much, and I love you more.”, she said smiling a small smile as she gently drifted to sleep in his arms. Her body going lax as she went to sleep.

    [Issaic] As his palm connected with the mans sternum he felt it break under the hit, and four of his ribs shatter as well. The human flew back twelve feet and landed on a table, coughing up blood. The others backed away from Issaic as he looked around. “Now get out of my tavern! And don’t come back!”, he yelled at him, pointing to the door, picking the man up off the table and throwing him through the doors.

  207. joe says:

    [Joe] joe began to squint his eyes, for the wind was blowing hard. Joe was having some fun. He didn’t feel sick this time. He began to laugh, enjoying the jet stream. His hart rate elevated and he began to get a rush of adrenaline. Joe has ridden a horse a few times, but this was more of joe’s fitting level. As they dived, a bird accidentally smacked into joe’s face. The bird made a few squawks as it hit joe. Joe had a mouth full of feathers. It tasted…pretty bad and joe spat the feathers out. “Yuck!” Joe says, wanting the bad taste out of his mouth.

    [Mike] Mike was also a little tired too. But he stayed awake, protecting/guarding her with his life. He began to silence his humming, and began to gently brush her hair. Mike was protecting the jewel of his life. And he didn’t leave her asleep. He stayed, unlike the other men that slept with her in the past. He griped his mothers necklace that was around sam’s neck. He smiled, and whispered to his mom. Trying to, in a way communicate with his departed mother. “You where right mom. There is hope.” He said as he looked down at sam. She looked so cute the way she slept. He smiled again. “And I found her.” He add, quietly enough that he probably didn’t disturb sam at all. He rubbed the necklace a few times and kissed it. Then he gently set it back on sam.

  208. Elderon Analas says:

    [Eldy] Elderon looked back, seeing the bird hit Joe. He burst into laughter and kept flying, still just flying strait and level, but pumping is wings steadily. He was going about 90 now, and he was comfortably at ease. “want me to go faster?”, he asked as he glanced back.

    [Sam] Sam moved a little in her comfy Mike seat, snuggling against his chest as he stroked her hair. She murrmered in her sleep, a smile on her face, “Yes Mike… love you… so good.”, she said moaning softly as well. It was quite apparent her dream was a tad naughty. She moved a little in Mikes arms and started licking his chest.

  209. joe says:

    [Joe] before he answered, he tried to find the strength to ignore the bad taste of the bird. “Ahhh. Pla, eish, yea- yeah, sure.” He says as he spat out the taste. He hang on tight, preparing for another dive. Just in case another bird hits him in the face again, he lowered his head so he wouldn’t get smacked with feathers.

    [Mike] He looked down at her, feeling the licks she gave him. She was speaking of him in her sleep. He obviously figured she was having a good dream. He smiled. Mike thought about waking her, but he’d rather not. Plus, he kinda likes the feeling of her tongue licking his chest. Mike was flattered that she was dreaming about him. He wanted to play with her a little. He slowly stuck one of his fingers between the forks of her tongue and began to wiggle it, playing with her gentle tongue. he smiled even wider and he could hear her moan in pleasure.

  210. Elderon Analas says:

    [Sam] Sam moaned, her tongue gently wrapping around Mike’s finger a she started to gently suck it. She was getting hot, her juices from her nether regions dripping onto Mikes bare legs. She kept moaning a little, whispering and talking sweetly in her sleep. Her body was warmer and it was easy to tell she was very horny now, though still in a deep sleep.

    [Eldy] Elderon folded his wings to his body, going into a dive, moving his wings only enough to keep them moving forward as well. At about 500 ft off the ground Elderon spread his wings and leveled out, flapping quickly, but still in a smooth fluid motion. They were moving about 250 mph now, though As Joe held the reigns, the saddle would adjust and fit him well, a sloping part of the leather coming up just at his butt to make a seat so he wouldn’t slide off the back, the reigns wrapped around his wrists, holding him tight. The stirrups tightened on his feet. Elderon was puffing smoke with ever breath, his eyes focused ahead, tracking everything that wasn’t sand. His heart was pounding and he was ready to fight, moving at this spee, this close to the ground, and in his armor. It brought out the fighter in him, the pasrt of him that all men feared. He kept his claws ready to attack, though still pulled close to his body. He focused ahead, though his voice ran into Joes mind, “How long till we’re there, how far, what are we ding, and when can i kill something.”, he said, stressing ‘kill’.

    [Issaic] Issaic watched the men scatter and run out of the tavern. Many of the others were looking at min, but not with fear, but with admiration. They had wanted those men gone, and they knew Issaic was doing the right thing. Issaic casually walked back behind the bar and started cleaning a glass, soon the tavern was back to its usual bustle of conversation and games.

    [Scarlet] After waking a little later today, worn out from last nights’ lovemaking, she looked at a few of the cuts on her legs and a tear in her wing. Eldy was a little rougher that usual last night, but she would heal.
    After she washed and got a small meal for breakfast she soon found that she was the only one left in the cave. She gave a sigh, but could sense that Sam and Mike were close.
    Scarlet trotted out of the cave and saw the oasis, then looked and saw her daughter settign in Mikes lap, but she was asleep. She wondered why they were naked but just guessed they had been swimming. She smiled and tried her best to sneak up behind Mike, bringing her head close. She gave him a lick on his back, her big forked tongue covering more than half his back in saliva. She snickered and set her head next to him as she laid down, looking at him and Sam with her large red eye. “Did you two have a nice swim?”, she asked, catching a whiff of Sam’s musk, she wondered what sort of dream she was having. “Am I interrupting anything?”, she asked looking back at Mike, her pupil focusing on him, her eye squinting a little.

  211. joe says:

    [Mike] mike couldn’t believe it. At of all this time mike was with sam, why did it have to be now, in the most acquired position? Mike looked down at sam, seeing her suckle his finger a bit. He looked at his nude lags and saw sam’s honey. Scarlet sure has good timing when it comes to mike and sam interacting. “Mike looked back to scarlet and it took a few seconds for him to think of what to say. ” Uh,..no, not at all. I’m just, guarding my angel while she’s in slumber.” He says as he pulled his finger out of sam’s rapping tongue. The tongue made a wet sound as Mike took his finger out. His finger was coated in her saliva and it oozed and dripped from the tip. Mike didn’t know if sam was licking her lips over his flavor but mike was a bit scared.

    [Joe] joe gave a wicked grin, and he was a little hungry. Unlike Scarlet, joe hasn’t had anything to eat. But the flavor of the bird earlier made him loose most of his appetite. But eldy however was most likely hungry. “Well, I’m assuming your in your 250 mile hour speed. So, I’m thinking it should be an hour and a half. But the area is littered with cows. It should take around thirty to forty five minutes for the first cow to come in to view. So stay easy tough guy. You’ll get your meal.” He thought out loud, patting eldy on the neck.

  212. Elderon Analas says:

    [Eldy] Elderon pumped his wings harder, going even faster. He was so full of adrenalin, and so damn hungry. “That’s good, I’m starving.”, he said in Joe’s head.

    [Sam] Sam licked her lips and cuddled closer to Mike. Her breathing was getting just a little faster, her body was a few degrees warmer.

    [Scarlet] Scarlet chuckled, “That’s sweet of you to guard my angel so. But, I know what you’re thinking, and I’m sorry for showing up now. I really just woke up and well, I got lonely. If you want me to leave so you can… do whatever it is you want to do. I will.”, she said as she moved a bit, taking a drink from the cool water. Then coming back over she looked at her daughter, then she closed her eyes for a moment. Scarlet began to murr a bit, a single soft moan coming from her throat as she took a deep breath. “And mike, don’t worry. She doesn’t want to eat you, she’s really thinking of sucking something else besides your finger.”, she said as she opened her eyes, looking down for a moment then coming back to look Mike in the eyes. “You mean the world to her… and you can satisfy her well… something I didn’t really need to know, but I needed to do a little looking. I don’t want my son-in-law scared of my daughter, and his wife. That makes for a bad relationship.”, she said, her voice compassionate and caring, even though she had just looked in on her daughters dirty dream. She tried to shake the subtle feelings it had left in her as well.

    When scarlet entered Sams dream, she would see what Sam saw, feel what she felt, and the like. So, since Sam was oh so horny in her mind (and body) those feelings passed on to Scarlet as well. Scarlet blushed a little and took her eyes off Mike, she didn’t want to look at him, not when she was like this.

  213. joe says:

    [Mike] “Well, unless you want some company, you can stay. I don’t mind, it’s just you cot me in a personal position.” He says as he held sam against his chest. “And you do realize we just swam naked in the water you drank, right?” He says as he grinning at Scar. He thought it was amusing but he didn’t find it funny enough for laughing. He doesn’t have a strong sense of humor, but he has his moments.

    [Joe] Time had passed till finally, that not so lovely stench of manure filled the air. “There must be a cow near, but where?” Joe thought as he looked around for the fat fleshy cattle. Soon there was a cow, actually a whole herd of cows bunched up together, dead ahead. “Hehe, aren’t they in for a surprise, huh eldy.” He says as he chuckled.

  214. Elderon Analas says:

    [Scarlet] “Eh, doesn’t matter. I’ve eaten ork, so, some dirty water is really nothing compared to that. And it doesn’t leave a horrible aftertaste either.”, she said chuckling a little herself. She still didn’t dare look at Mike. Scarlet thought about how sam would react if she woke to Mike and her in some ‘close’ engagement. That short thought snapped her out of any residual effects of her daughters dream. She would feel horrible if that were to happen and she couldn’t let that happen. She liked mike, but not that much. Scarlet glanced at Mike, “And I would like the company, thank you. She’s always been pretty, even as a little thing. I have a few paintings of her when she was a little girl. I was always a good artist.”, she said smiling, looking at her still young daughter.

    [Eldy] Elderon smiled, a deep rumble coming from his stomach. “Oh, for sure!”, she said out loud. He was oh so hungry, he focused on a few cows, picking which ones he wanted. He smiled and dived down, snatching one on each of his front paws, and another in his mouth. He pulled up into a climb, swallowing down and then hovering, swallowing the cow and moving another to his mouth, where he promptly crunched it into pieces and swallowed it too. Finishing off the third by holding it and eating it a half at a time. With a few pumps of his wings he flipped back in a tight loop, diving back down at the cows, a mighty roar coming from him, the entire heard scattering. As Eldy leveled out he latched onto another one, his mighty claws rending it in half as he bore down on it. The rear half of the cow was left on the feild as Eldy climbed and gobbled down the cow.
    This tactic of dive, snatch, climb kept up for about 2 more minuets. By that time he had chowed down on more than 15 cows. He had since landed and was licking the blood off his claws and armor. He had also kept a leg and a few of the more savory organs, like the heart. He laid these out. “Here you go Joe, eat up, I know you haven’t eaten yet either.”, she said as he kept cleaning himself. He was quite full and was happy, and he was still excited about seeing Joe’s home, and seeing how they would react to Joe coming in on a dragon, and how he looked now.

  215. joe says:

    [Joe] that was petty intense. Joe never thought elderon could be so gruesome. There was blood spots all over the field. Joe noticed eldy’s belly was a little larger. He was like an eating machine. Joe then looked at the entrails heart and severed lag. It looked disgusting by joe’s opinion. Joe looked around at the leftovers and looked back to eldy.

    [Mike] mike smiled. He likes art work. It’s always been fasinating to him. But joe probably has more interest in paintings then he does. Mike’s more of a sketching artist. But he would be delighted to see some of the work Scar has done.”Well, I didn’t know being artistic ran in the family.” he says with a chuckle.

  216. Elderon Analas says:

    [Scar] “Well Mike, we all need hobbies. Me and Eldy have been painting for well, several hundered years. We took on painting and book jewlery making. As well as blacksmitting.”, she said smiling, “and we are all a bit artistic in our own way. Elderons battle armor was designed and made by himself. I’ll have to have him drag it out and show it to you… I think it makes him look sexy.”, she said smiling as she had actually went by the armory, and the armor was gone, so she knew Eldy was wearing it right now.

    [Eldy] “what, are you not hungry? You do know you are your own oven. You can easily cook your own food, though i prefer mine still kicking.”, he said laughing. Elderon stood up and stretched a little, he felt fat, it was a good feeling. He knew that all those cows would last him a few hours, and he could just wait hold out the rest of the day by snacking on something. If he needed to he would just eat dirt. He’s done it before.

  217. joe says:

    [Mike] mike really wanted to see their artwork. 700years of experience sounds very impressive. But sam was still resting on him as if he was a chair. He looked down at sam, watching he sleep blissfully. He smiled and looked back at scarlet. “Well, maybe you could show me them.” He says as he rubbed sam’s back. “But, are angel deserves a fitting rest.” He says as he began to brushed sam’s hair. Mike liked Scar, but there first encounter wasn’t really all that grate. Mike thought that it was good to finally make peace with her. It’s better to have friends then enemies.

    [Joe] he looked back down at the nasty food and began to cook it. Medium well. Then joe grabbed a hold of a lag and sunk his teeth in, feeling regret. Joe never ate like this before. And the food tastes terrible. But he knew it was an offering from eldy. Refusing would be very rude. Joe choked the meat down and gaged a bit. He made his move to the heart. He cooked that as much as he could. When he took a bite, there was a loud crunch sound. The outer lair of the heart was nothing but black charcoal. Then blood started to gush out! A splattering pop emerged from it and blood splattered all over the ground. This really was a drag for him, but he did it non the less. Joe ripped some of the heart with his mouth. Blood ran down joe’s jaw. He chewed and chewed but that only made the heart tougher to chew. So, he mad a big swallow. It felt bad when it slid down his throat. He could only imagine if he swallowed something alive. He was nearly going to puke. Then, the entrails! He figured he would eat them like eating noodles. But suddenly, he heard a man in the distance. He was cursing and he sounded very upset. “Who the hell did this to my f***ing cows?! Who’s the cock sucker out here who just signed his god d*mn death warrant?!” The man shouted,looking for the cause of the cow devastation. The man was armed with a rusty machete. Joe quickly looked at elderon. “Eldy, we need to get out of here. Now!” Joe says, fearing that they would be compromised.

  218. Elderon Analas says:

    [Eldy] Elderon watched Joe, he really didn’t like what he was eating. He was just about to tell him he didn’t have to go on when he heard the farmer. He looked at him, seeing he had nothing more than a machete. He chuckled a little, licking some blood off his lips, the Joe started blathering about leaving. Elderon looked at him and cocked his head, “Why, what can that insignificant little human do?”, he said as he crouched low, laying back down so Joe could get on if he wanted too, but really he was just hiding for now, a small hill separated the farmer from Elderon. “I think I might have a little fun with him. It’s not like he could hurt me.”, he said a little anxious, a bit of battle would really make his day.

    [Sam] Sam grumbled moving an opening her eyes. She smiled up at Mike and then saw Scarlet. “Oh, um… hello mom. Um, what a surprise.”, she said as she moved a bit and got off Mike, using a little magic to clean herself and she got dressed, tossing Mikes clothes inot his lap.

    [Scarlet] Scarlet chuckled a little and watched Sam wake up, getting dressed and handing Mike his clothes. “Well, Mike there you go. But, if you still want to stay here that is fine. But, all you have to do to see our art and pictures Mike, is simply walk the cave, we’ve hung some things up in the more secluded sections, as well as most other places, except the parts that normal visitors would see. We try and make the more traveled areas seem scary, we need to keep our image.”, she said chuckling. “Just come find my room when you have the time, I keep all our really good art in my own personal gallery.”, she said as she laid back down, giving Sam a gentle nuzzle.

  219. joe says:

    [Joe] It’s not your safety I’m worried about, it’ s that man out there I’m concerned for.” Joe says as he slowly crouch walked to elderon. joe thought about what to do, he didn’t want the farmer to end up like the cows. *sigh* “alright, but please don’t hurt him. I hate to admit it but I grew up with people like him.” He says as he walked quickly, climbing on board the armored hunter. “So, your not going to hurt or…kill him, are you?” He asked as he sat on the saddle.

    [Mike] mike grabbed a hold of his pants. Mike nodded to Scar, replying and excepting to her invitation to the gallery. As he stood, sam’s musk began to run down mike’s lags. He looked down and watched it ooze slowly. Mike smiled and looked back at sam. “Had a nice nap?” Mike asked, feeling happy that sam was having a good dream.

  220. Elderon Analas says:

    [Eldy] “No, just scare him a little. I’m full.”, he said as he heard the farmer coming closer. Then Elderon stood and took a few steps to crest the hill, “Are you looking for me?”, he asked as he looked down at the farmer. The human fell back and screamed, dropping the machete and falling back onto his ass. Elderon chuckled and took a couple steps forward, looking down at the man as he shadow looked over the human. “I thank you for the meal, it was quite filling. Now, if you want to pick that weapon of yours back up, so we might do battle, then that would be nice.” He said as he flicked the machete closer to the farmer with a claw. The man moved away from it, “No no great dragon, I… I have no problem with you… I… I just…. Please just be on your way…. I… I just want to live. I’m just glad you are full now… right you’re don’t want anything else to eat?”, the man said, his voice shaking, clearly fearing for his life. Elderon chuckled and took a few steps back, turning around and starting to walk in his original direction of flight. He didn’t want to fly just yet, and scaring the shit out of the human (literally) made him quite giddy. He was going along at a quick trot.

    [Sam] Sam blushed a little watching her honey drip down Mikes leg. She was a little uncomfortable talking about this in fron of herm other. “Um, yes. It was very nice.”she said as she kissed Mike and smiled. “you were in it.”, she said giggling.

    [Scar] Scarlet sort of just looked at the water, ignoreing the two of them, she didn’t want to be in the way, she just wanted to be around someone else. When Sam said that Mike was in her dream, she rolled her eyes. “I’ll say he was in it alright.”, she muttered as she rolled over onto her back, taking in the warm sun.

    OOC: Musk is JUST the smell, technically musk is pheromones, chemical endorphins produced by the female to entice and excite the male. The lubricant produced by the female when she is aroused is general referred to as ‘honey’ though it has many other names, mostly slang. The proper name I have no clue on. But, no need to be so very technical, it’s just please try and get a few basics right please. But, don’t take any offense to that.

  221. joe says:

    [Joe] joe wasn’t surprised how fast the man gave up. But he sounded very familiar. He looked back and he saw the man running oddly to his barn. He probably ran like that because he craped himself. Joe just shook his head with a grin. He turned to the front. It looked like eldy had a lot of fun. “So uh, how are you?” Joe asked, snickering a bit.

    [Mike] mike smiled when scarlet said that. Mike turned back to sam. “Yes well, I’m sure my finger was also in it.” He says with a grin, showing her his saliva coated finger. This time mike was on the verge of laughter. But he held it in. Sam must have been quite embarrassed. Hopefully not too much.

    Joe OOC: Thanks for the correction. And technically, those fluids don’t just come when a girl is aroused but the chemicals in the so called honey is meant to clean the insides. It’s a very powerful disinfectant defense against possible certain bacteria and other harmful buildups. Males have it to, just not such a large amount. So, really those chemicals quickly clean everything down there, so sex is more cleaner and safer. When we are aroused, it’s a natural reaction that signals our bodes. I’m not a doctor or anything, it’s just..I thought that would be something good to point out. But still, where safeties. Some times your body isn’t enough.

  222. Elderon Analas says:

    [Eldy] Elderon chuckled, “Stuffed to say the least.”, he said smiling. He moved into a gallop and wondered how long they would have to go. Then after a couple minuets of running he took to the air, souring over up about 500ft before just gliding and flapping just enough to keep himself up at that height.

    [Sam] Sam just looked down, grabbing hold of Mikes hands, squezing a little. She gave him a look as if to say, “please, stop talking about this.” She was blushing deeply, and her was clearly a bit nervous.

    [Scar] Scarlet smiled and looked at the sky, “Don’t worry honey. I don’t care what you two talk about.”, she said inside Sams head. She was always compassionate and understanding. Scarlet rolled over onto her feet and took a few more drinks of water before she turned back toward the cave, “If you need me, I’ll be making some new jewelry… Sam knows where I’ll be.”, she said as she nuzzled both Mike and Sam. She smiled as Sam hugged her snout. Then she walked back into the cave, a bit more of a livelyness in her step.

  223. joe says:

    [Joe] joe smiled. Well, since that ordeal is n..*belch*..is now over, I believe it should take under two hours to reach my home and trust me, it will be worth the trip.” He says smiling and whipping the blood of his face. Joe still wondered if he knew that farmer somewhere. But he couldn’t remember. “So eldy, do you like scaring people?” He says as he chuckled a little.

    [Mike] mike felt guilty for teasing sam and the facial expression she had made him feel even worse. He no longer had a smile on his face. He had a frown. He walked forward and wrapped his arms around her, giving a gentle hug. “I’m sorry about that.”He says before kissing her. “I didn’t mean to be a jerk.” He says as he looked down at the ground, rolling around some rocks with his foot.

  224. Elderon Analas says:

    [Eldy] “I like scaring people that don’t know me. If I went around scaring the people of Silverton, I’d feel bad after doing it.”, he said chuckling. “I’m a little excited to see how your townsfolk will react to me.”, she said as he flew along at his steady pace.

    [Sam] “It’s ok. I… I just don’t like talking about that stuff around mom. You can understand right, I mean it’s a private affair you know.”, she said hugging him. Then she raised his chin with a claw and kissed him.

  225. Elderon Analas says:

    OOC: I have my own Role Playing Forum up and running. Please visit here http://tomorrow-after.forumotion.com/ and tell me what you think. Mike, Joe, i would be honored if you two would join, I would make you moderators and therefore you would have the ability to edit the forum yourselves, but I would also like ideas and suggestions on how i can edit and improve the forum itself.

  226. Cyberkyd says:

    Sorry that I haven’t been RP’ing here lately. I have been preparing a short story for a special competition. Yesterday I went to the competition and my story passed, so I’m back to roleplaying. Really sorry that I have been behind! Elderon, you said you made an RP’ing forum. It looks interesting, and I’d love to give it a shot if you don’t mind.

  227. joe says:

    [Joe] he smiled and shook his head. “Yes well, don’t underestimate my people. They may not be armed with sharp teeth like you an me but they are quite the fighters. One man will most likely runaway. But in numbers, they can be the very humans you read stories about that slay army’s.” He says as he pounded his own chest, showing respect for his fellow town folk. Time had passed till finally joe saw a area he was familiar with. “You see that large highway? Just fallow it till we reach a river. Then turn right and fallow the river to my house. There’ll be time to be acquainted with the town.” He says as he could see the crops and gardens slowly passing by.

    [Mike] once there kiss finished mike replied. I know what you mean. My mom would probably do the same.” He says, as he blushed a bit. “You know, you are very lucky to have a mother that cares for you.” He added washing off sam’s honey from his lags. Then he pulled his pants back on. “She has a very good heart. I see that you inherited that from her.” He says, as he zipped himself up.

    Joe OOC: it looks grate! And I defiantly want to be a moderator. I’ll be looking more into it and I will see what I can see. Then I’ll give my ideas when they come to me. :D

  228. OOC: Can someone please remind me of which time frame we are playing in… because ‘highway’ totally threw me off there.

    [Eldy] Elderon flew to the road and made the turn, following, his nose picking up the scent of water already.

    [Sam] Sam smiled, “I’m glad you like my mom, cause well she likes everyone. And don’t let the first encounter fool you, she wwas only testing your love.”, she said as she looked at the water, then to the south. “Hey, wanna go see my brother, get a drink or something? I feel like a trip to town might be good. I haven’t really been there but a few times… I don’t like going alone… all the men stare at me… and a few women sometimes too. It makes me feel, weird.”, she said as she shuddered a little.

  229. joe says:

    OOC Joe: You know, I was totally lost about what time frame we’re in, but eldy said he was a very young dragon when it was the time of jesus christ’s passing. So, I assumed it was around the present time. So, if you want this to be like a thousand years back or so, you can do that. I’m sorry, I just thought…it was the present time. I should have asked from the very beginning.

    [Joe] he noticed that they really are on the right track. “It won’t be long now eldy. We’re in my hiking distance.” He says smiling, feeling happy that he was back where he grew up in. Soon, there it was!! Out in the middle of the field. But the place was covered with hills on all sides. On the ground not far from the house where long hollow metal rods, sticking out of the ground. “That’s it eldy! That’s home! He thought loudly, felling excited.

    [Mike] The human felt sad for her. Well, I’m having a tough time not looking at you, so I can see why. You’re so irresistible, and very beautiful.” He say, smiling and brushing some hair behind her horns, trying to make her feel better. “You don’t need to be afraid sam. I’ll be with you.” He says as he placed his forehead against her snout.

  230. OOC: Modern can work, just gonna have to update the cave with an armory, and the standard tank Elderon has parked there. Plus, the art galery will now have paintings, and photos, because cameras exist now. Um, lets see, the the storage area for his vintage muscle cars, and the small bank vault of current era cash and gold bricks. I can make it work, but Eldy and Issaic wil be carrying guns now too, Issaic a .44 Mag Revolver, and an expert shot. And Elderon, dual .45 ACP pistols, silver plated and magically enhanced. (it shoots flaming bullets)

    [Eldy] Elderon landed outside of town, coming down on the road, the asphalt cracking a little under his weight. He could easily tell the streets were too narrow for him, “Ok Joe, give me a second.”, he said as he began to shrink, and in a few seconds he was about 15ft wide, 18-20 ft tall at the shoulder, and had a total length of 45 ft. All his armor had shrink and adjusted to the new size, and Joe would not really have felt much of a difference, the saddle having adjusted proportionally as well. Elderon started walking down the street. The town was nice, and now he weighed a little less than a semi, he wasn’t breaking the road. “This really is anice place, reminds me of Silverton when it was smaller.”, he said smiling as he glanced back at Joe.

    [Sam] Sam smiled and kissed Mike, “I’m glad you’ll be there, maybe if they see I’m with someone, then I won’t be bothered.”, she said as she blushed a little, glad that he called her beautiful. She kissed him again and held him in a tight hug. “I wasn’t going to go if you didn’t come.”, she said as she smiled and nuzzled her head against his chest.

  231. joe says:

    OOC Joe: so, you need ideas for …..what exactly? I noticed that there’s a made up world where humans face imminent extinction, as well as dragons and other living life. So, is this like a made up version of fallout? Or am I completely missing something?

  232. OOC: Yes, basically fantasy + fallout + D&D = my RPG… I was using fallout as inspiration, but, no power armor or any of the more advanced weapons… I never really liked that. But, I hope to have a grand fun time I’m still working on geography, and such. Joe if you could register, you could help with that, I’m pretty sure I left the suggestions are open for guests to write in.

  233. joe says:

    [Joe] he smiled and nodded. “It is a nice place, isn’t it.” He says as he was riding on elderon. Joe quickly figured why he shrank. Thanks for not destroying the road. They surely wouldn’t like that.” He says as he made a small smile. “This town I sort of new. Been around for 150 years. Now, my house is unfortunately on the other side of town. And people will most likely notice you. Dragons don’t come here VERY often and I don’t want any trouble. They’ll probably accuse you as a terrible monster, and accuse me as some disgusting mutated freak or something. So, it’s best to keep a low profile.” He says, being absolutely serious.

    [Mike] mike smiled and blushed. He held her hands and gazed his eyes at her. Well then, let’s go.” He says, feeling excited. “So your brother just so happens to own a pub?” He added, cocking his head.

    Joe OOC: Well I registered, I think. I’m very new to this sort of thing but I probably didn’t do it right. Please let me know if I even exist in there. :-)

  234. [Eldy] “Right, low profile, got it.”, he said as he closed his eyes and they both turned invisible. Elderon kept walking down the street like nothing was wrong. “Just use the reigns to guide me.”, he whispered back to Joe. The goo thing about this spell is that, while they were invisible, they could still see their own bodies and each other, although they were a little more translucent.

    [Sam] Sam smiled and kissed him, watching as his eyes closed, she closed hers and then teleported them to the back storage room of the Red Dragon Inn. “And here we are.”, she said smiling a she let go of him and started up the stairs out of the basement cellar. She came out in the kitchen and then made her way to the common room, pulling Mike along carefully. She took a seat at the bar and watched Mike sit next to her.

    [Issaic] Issaic was cleaning another mug when he saw Sam and Mike come out of the back from the kitchen. He raised an eyebrow, but then just supposed she teleported here, and the residual aura of magic around her supported that theory. He smiled and came over to them, “What’ll ya have?”, he asked as he gave them both a smile, “The usual sis?”, he asked as he set a scotch glass on the bar with 2 ice cubes.

    [Sam] Sam nodded, “Yeah of course.”, she said as she moved her hand and ten and a five dollar bill appeared on the bar.

    [Issaic] Issaic picked up the bill and put it under the counter, then he turned around to one of the shelves behind him holding many bottles of different alcohols. And in the center of it all, was a beautiful framed painting of Scarlet setting with Elderon, on a pile of gold. Signed in the corner was Issaics name. He brought down a bottle of scotch and filled the glass 2 thirds full, then he brought out a bottle of cola and filled it the rest of the way, finally dropping two slices of cut strawberry into the drink. He pushed the glass closer to Sam, “There you are sis, just the way you like it sis.”, he said smiling and then looking to Mike, “And what about you?”, he asked as he tapped the counter rhythmically.

  235. OOC: No you still haven’t shown up. If you click register on the pop-up that appears when you load the site. And to help, i have changed the link on my name to the forum’s main page. So Joe, I think you need at least 4 or 6 letters as your username, so Joe won’t work.

  236. Steps to account creation:
    1) go to site, a pop up (that I made) will come up and ask to either log in, or register…. click register.
    2) say you accept the terms of use
    3) Create a username, give your email, and think of a password
    (not making another profile so next steps are not certain)
    4) will have to re-enter your password and then it should direct you to the site, or will send you an email or something for you to authenticate yourself.

  237. joe says:

    [Joe] joe didn’t know that they’re invisible. Joe thought that eldy was just trying to be funny when he blinked his eyes like that. Eldy was also whispering, as if they where sneaking in town, but they’re right in plane view. “Uh,….you do know we humans aren’t blind, right ? Do you want them to see us?” Joe asked with his mind. They where heading right into town, and there was a clear visual of people up aways. Soon they would be crossing them.

    [Mike] mike looked at issaic, all dressed up and ready. Mike smiled at him and leaned forward. “I’ll have a Vodka Martini, extra dry and with 3 olives. He says as he put a gold coin on the counter, pushing it issaic. He took a look at the panting and it was so,..unbelievable. It was so detailed. Mike smiled again, and faced sam. “I guess it really does run in the family, he says as he held one of her hands.

    OOC Joe: okay. I figured out what’s wrong. Apparently I might need toget a new E-mail address. Because it says my E-mail address already belongs to another register user. Imagine that! Well, it’s alright. I was going to make a new E-mail soon anyways. But thank you for everything. We will get in as soon as possible.

    I do have lots of work to do. And the portrait is coming. I’m doing it as a school project, and I work on it every wednesday. I don’t really want to go buy my own paints, so I’ll do it the more cheaper way.

    OOC Mike: say!! I know I should put these ideas of mine in your new thing but you said something about geography. Why don’t you make all the continents form together!? Call it Pangea! The tech tonic plates in the earth had shifted continents more server and catastrophic by the cause of the bombs! I don’t know. It’s a fantasy like idea. You don’t have to take it. It’s just a thought. ;-)

  238. [Eldy] Elderon gingerly stepped over a couple people as they walked across the street, raising his midsection as much as he could. “Joe, you do know we are invisible right?”, he asked in Joe’s mind, to close to normal people to even whisper now.

    [Sam] “The ability to paint was one thing that has been passed down from generation to generation, and to other people as well. I assume you know Michelangelo, well Eldy taught him how to paint, or at least showed him the general concept… In the stories I hear, I think he’s just being modest.”, she said as she smiled when Mike held her hand, leaning over and giving him a kiss.

    [Issaic] Issaic smiled and took the coin, putting it away. Then he got the drink, mixing at pouring it, giving a bit of flair, bottles flying up and flipping in the air. Less than a minuet later Issaic sat Mike’s drink in front of him. “There you go, And I do hope you enjoy it.”, he smiled at Mike and moved down to tend to other customers..

  239. OOC: Sorry to hear that mate, hopes you can get a new email up soon.

    And, Mike, i kinda already have a general geography in mind, but I do thank you for the idea. and I’m glad you want to help.

  240. joe says:

    [Joe] Joe didn’t know till now that eldy did a spell. Joe understood, that they could see themselves but the people in town couldn’t. They wore cheap clothing. They looked like healthy villagers. Joe thought that elderon’s spell was a clever trick. People where walking past, but there were times where they would walk right in to elderon and joe. Eldy would have to avoid and be stealthy. Which he was very good at. The armor didn’t make any sounds. He was so careful. Joe was surprised but he figured the army eldy had served taught him to do so well. Joe guided elderon up hill, out of town. Up the road aways was a house and a small corn field. The house was made of wood and stone. It is very old. Out in the corn field there also was long pipes sticking out from the ground. Each pipe had a small cover so rain or snow would get inside. “Well eldy, here we are. Home.” He says, smiling. There were trees that where practically glinting in he sun. In the distance there was hills, beyond that was mountains. A small lack stretches to where the rive connects and even farther.

    [Mike] after issaic’s bottle spinning tricks he wasn’t sure if he should pay for the drink or for the show. Mike always pays with gold coins, never ca$h. And he knows that coin is probably worth all the drinks in the bar, but mike really just wanted to give it to issaic. Where mike gets the gold is a secret that he promised to take to his grave. Mike turned to sam and smiled. “So sam, how’s your drink?” He says as he began to take a sip.

  241. [Eldy] Eldy hurried along, the spell fading as the went down the hill. But, by the time they were visible only a few people might have seen them. He stopped next to the house and sat down, letting Joe get off as he changed into his human form. “This is a nice home Joe… and your town does remind me of a young Silverton. Maybe one day it will grow and prosper just as my own little village did.”, he said with a sense of encouragement. He stood politely waiting for Joe to invite him into the house, not wanting to be rude and just walk in himself.

    [Sam] Sam smiled as she sipped her drink, “Just the way he’s always made it for the past *mumbles* years. I don’t really know how long, but it’s been a long time.”, she said smiling a little as she sipped it some more. She giggled a little and set it down. She looked at Issaic flipping a few more bottles in the air and pouring drinks like a real pro… “He always was a show off.”, she said as he finished with 5 drinks and passed them to the lot, collecting about $80 from the lot.

    [Scar] Scarlet sat atop the barrel of the tank they had in the armory, looking over the many weapons and little toys of destruction. Everything from pistols to bazookas, and grenades to land mines. She was setting on it in her human form, just wondering if she should start it up and take it for a little drive. But, she also wanted to take her Boss 304 out for a spin too, it was a hard choice to make. The A1 Abrams or her ’69 muscle car, “OH, I’ll be here all day thinking.”, she said as she stood on the barrel and walked back to the turret, laying down and thinking.

  242. joe says:

    [Joe] joe smiled. It was amusing to him that elderon would say that. “Well actually it could, if I wanted too.” He says as he bent down and grabbed a key underneath the welcome mat. Joe unlocked the door and stepped inside. He turned and found that eldy was outside, waiting for something. Joe smiled an sighed. He knew that eldy was being polite. “Come on in.” He says, swinging his arm, inviting him inside.

    [Mike] mike watched as issaic performed. Mike chuckled. “So I see.” He says, replying to sam. He took a sip from his cup. It was really dry, but it was probably the best drink he’s had in a long time. He sipped up a few olives and chewed and swallowed them. Mike hauled loudly, like a wolf. He liked it. He turned and smiled at sam. Mike began to sniff and hang his tongue out. He was doing a wolf impression, but he didn’t want to make too much of a fool of himself. After all, he’s in public now.

  243. [Sam] She smiled and chuckled a little, kissing him on the cheek. “You are just so… odd sometimes you know that. But, you do make a good wolf, I may polymorph you one day, I don’t know.”, she said smiling as she drunk a little more of her drink.

    [Eldy] Elderon smiled and came inside the home, “Thank you Joe.”, he said as he looked around a little. The house looked simple, modest, and functional. “But, what do you mean, are you keeping this town from growing? Why?”, he asked a little confused.

    [Scar] “Ok, that it.”, she said as she got up, and off the tank. She walked out of the armory and down the large corridor to the garage, walking down the isles of hundreds of cars, she stopped at the end of the line where everyone had picked out their most favorite car. Scarlet go in her flat black ’69 Mustang Boss 302. She smiled and started the engine the car roaring to life, she smiled and just listened, the tanks were always full of gas, a simple spell placed on every car when they got them. It meant they could drive for days strait if they wanted too, as long as the rest of the car held out.

  244. joe says:

    [Joe] he grinned a little. He would have to show him, why he doesn’t want the town to prosper. “Please, you have to understand. I,..I would like to, but I can’t. Something holds me back. I have to show it to you. I can’t put it in words.” He says as he shut the door behind elderon. Joe stepped to a large window. joe took a look at the view. He smiled. Then he fluffed a pillow and cleaned the dust off and sat it on a couch. “Please, take a seat eldy, I want to show you something.”

    [Mike] mike blushed. He didn’t really want to be a wolf but if sam wants her pet wolf, she can have her pet wolf. “Weird? I’m not weird.” He says with a wide smile. He looked away from her with a funny looking grin on his face. Then he looked back at her again. Then looked away and then looked back again. “Well, maybe a little.” He muttered, pretending he was hurt and crushed. He knew she could read him and see that he was just acting goofy. But maybe that wolf thing was uncalled for.

  245. [Eldy] Elderon sat next to Joe, “What do you want to show me son?”, he asked as he got comfy on the couch.

    [Sam] Sam smiled and giggled, “I didn’t call you weird, i said odd. I like your oddness, it makes you funny and nice to be around.”, she said smiling, laughing a little as he goofed off. She didn’t know he wanted to be a wolf, she was respecting Mikes privacy and staying out of his head, at least until her curiosity became too much.

  246. joe says:

    [Joe] joe turned his head away from elderon. Joe was looking through the window. He could see the landscape in the distance. “That,…right there.” He says as he pointed at the view. “Just look for a minute. See and feel all of that…. all that beauty.” Joe smiled. He gazed at the view. Mountains with snow on the tops, the woods below them and the streams of rivers connecting into the lake. “This is what holds me back Elderon. Because we humans destroy things like that, to populate. There are 6.5 billion humans out there. There’s so little places that don’t have population. But this place… This place…………..is completely free.”. Joe took a deep breath and looked back at elderon. He held eldy’s hands tightly. It looked like joe was about to shed tears. But joe had a smile on his face. His eyes were shiny, reflecting eldys face. “You do understand… what I’m trying to say?”

    [Mike] mike made a wide smiled. “Well, Odd, weird, I don’t see a difference in the meaning.” He says before taking another sip. Mike smacked his lips and stared at sam. Already, mike began to feel a little hammered. Alcohol drinks always worked fast on him. But he was fine. “So, do you get out much?” He asked, staring at her with a small smile.

  247. [Eldy] Elderon nodded, “Yes Joe, yes I do. I have never forgotten what beauty was in pure nature. And what civilization has done to it. But, out in the desert, expansion really doesn’t do much, sure a new dun might pop up here or there, but really, nothing much changes.”, he siad as he looked back out the window, a few birds flying past. He let out a little sigh and looked down, pulling his hand from Joes.

    [Sam] Sam smiled but looked away, back at her drink, “No, I don’t get out much, not much at all. This is the first time I’ve been back here in the city in the past 50 years.”, she said as she downed her drink in one go, ice and all. “Everyone treats me… different. I don’t know if it is becuase of my body, or what I am. I had one man try and feel me up right here in this bar.”, she said as she set the glass down gently.

    [Issaic] Issaic came over as Sam set her glass down, hearing the conversation, “Yeah, i remember that day. I stopped his little game right then and there. With a bullet to the head. No one touches my sister like that, well no one she doesn’t want. But Mike, I’m sure you understand.”, he said as she filled Sams glass with a different drink, this one a deep red, a few bubbles coming off it, as well as a thin fog. “Sam, you may need something a little stronger if you’re traveling down that road in the past.”, he said as he watched her nod.

    [Sam] Sam nodded and sipped the drink, the strongest drink they had here, dragon bitter. They made it themselves, it was what Eldy drank to get drunk. She smiled at the stiff taste and sat it back down, “Don’t worry Mike, my brother won’t shoot you. Knock you around a little sure, but he won’t shoot you.”, she said as she kissed his cheek and held his hand.

  248. joe says:

    [Joe] joe smiled and pulled his hands away. “I’m sorry. I just..I’m like a father myself you know. Trying to take care of this place.” Joe paused for awhile and stood up. “Well, can I uh, get you anything? Are you thirsty?” Joe asked as he looked around the room.

    [Mike] “Well I figure he won’t. I would never want to hurt you sam.” Mike gave a big smile. “Plus, I’ve been shot before. It’s not very fun,…unless your the shooter of course. I’ve been there, done that. And I have the scares to prove it.” He says as he shows a scare on his right shoulder. “I have stab marks too, but I don’t want to …strip in public. Even if you wanted me too.” He says, before he took another sip of his drink.

  249. [Eldy] Elderon nodded, “Yes a drink would be nice. ight you have any Dragon Bitter, or something else as strong?”, he asked as he gave a small chuckle, already knowing the answer. He knew that Joe wouldn’t have a drink as strong as he wanted, or in the quantity he needed to get him drunk, but it would be nice to be a little buzzed. A drunk dragon was a public hazard to the entire town. “If you don’t have that, could you give me a cup of tea?”, he asked as he smiled and sat back in the couch.

    [Sam] Sam smiled and kissed Mike, “I’m sure we could change that. But first, lets have a little more to drink.”, she said as she drank some more of her drink. She sat it back down and gave a small burp, a puff of fire coming from her mouth. She covered her snout and giggled, “Excuse me.”, she said as she giggled a little more. She kissed Mike and then finished off her drink. She moved her hand over the glass, and it slowly refilled itself. She giggled and looked to Mike, “A simple spell i learned when i was younger.”, she said giggling a little.

  250. joe says:

    [Joe] He smiled and nodded. “Your asking the right human. But, I don’t have any……..Dragon Bitter.” He says as he walked in a the hallway. “Make yourself at home eldy. A lot of the things in here aren’t that valuable. So, don’t worry.” He says as he walked in the other room. Joe pulled out a dusty old chest. It was locked. Joe walked up to a wall and started to hug it. He knocked on the wall in different areas, till he found a hallow spot. Joe bunched a hole in the wall and found a small box with the key inside. Joe unlocked the chest and inside was a whole collection of drinks back to date of the year in 1940’s and 50’s. “How does Irish Rum sound?” Joe asked as he smiled widely.

    [Mike] mike grinned. “Younger, huh? Well, the law where I come from, you have to be a bit older then 17 or 18. He said with a smile. Then he reached for his glass. except it was SAM’S GLASS! Mike wasn’t even looking when he grabbed the drink. Then he took a sip. Mike’s face practically shriveled. That drink was so strong. Mike tried to speak but it was impossible. Mike began to feel so dizzy. Mike shut his eyes tightly, trying to resist the strength of the drink. Mike’s face began to get red. Mike spoke only a couple few words. “Holly sh………..what is in that stuf…..?”

  251. Elderon Analas says:

    [Eldy] Elderon laid down on the couch and smiled. Letting out a small sigh and blowing a couple smoke rings. He chuckled and looked over at Joe when he punched a hole in his wall, “Yeah, that sounds good.”, he said smiling as he looked back at the ceiling. Eldy wondered what he would do for the rest of the day, maybe stroll down the street of the city, or go drink the pup dry.

    [Sam] Sam started to speak but before she could get a word out Mike had already taken a drink of her Dragon Bitter. “Mike, that is our family’s own brew of Dragon Bitter, the strongest drink known to dragon-kind. Please don’t drink any more of it, you’re already close to alcohol poisoning, maybe. I’m going to start fearing for your health now. But, at least that single sip got you quite drunk.”, she said as she took her glass back from him and downed it in one go. She closed her eyes and shook her head a little then set the glass down and looked back to Mike, “Now Mike, there are many things that could go wrong here. But I just want… want you to breath and look at me.”, she said a she grabbed his hands, looking him in the eyes. She was worried for him, but was also starting to get a little drunk herself, her speech slurred a bit and she was hissing more than usual.

    [Scar] Scarlet stood in front of her mangled and broken car, cursing to high heaven as she paced in front of it. She had hit a large rock after jumping a dune, the car rolled about 7 times and ended up on its top. Scar was fine, a little cut but all the more unharmed. She hated that she broke her car, but she also hated herself for not driving a little more carefully… she also hated the rock for being where it shouldn’t have.

  252. joe says:

    [Joe] joe carried the chest and sat it next to the couch, where elderon is sitting. ” Alright, I’ll go get a couple glasses and some ice. Just, do what you want and I’ll be back in a few.” Joe says with a smile, stepping down into the seller. He walked to a small refrigerated with a key lock. “I really got to stop with this key thing.” he says to himself after words grinning. Joe went up to a light switch. He popped of the switch cover and inside laid keys, for the fridge and cabinet where wine glasses and other cups where.

    [Mike] he barely understood what she said, but he did look at her. Well, several of her. “Sam, there’s like,….ten of you. Th…that………….that’s not right. Mike was completely intoxicated. “I swear to god that ………that there was like… one of you a minute ago.” He says, hovering his head around. Mike began to notice sam was speaking a spell and he could hear her hissing. “Hehe, you sound like….. a snake.” He says, snickering a bit. Mike was acting like a complete idiot, for the intense alcohol over took him. “Oh sam, you’ll always be an angel. Helping a drunken fool like me.” He says with a big smiled.

  253. [Eldy] Elderon smiled as he opened the trunk. He saw there was only 5 bottles there and they were in fact as old as Joe said they were. He picked one out and popped the top off, and tilted it back, taking a good draught of it. It was good, and was just in his time frame too, back when he was small. He took a bit more of the ale and smiled, soon he finished the whole bottle. He left the oher 4 until Joe came back, not wanting him to be to angry with him.

    [Sam] Sam smiled a little but just felt too concerend for Mike. “Ok Mike, time to go home. You need to lay down.”, she said as she stood up, swaying a little. She looked to her brother and beconed him over. “Issaic, my dearest brother, do you think that you can… can teleport us home? I… I’m to under to try it myself, I might not get there in one peice. Please, Mike really needs a good day to sleep this off.”, she said as she kept trying to steady Mike and keep him calm and not too loud.

    [Issiac] Issaic nodded and began to speak the spell, sending them back to the soft sand outside of the cave entrance. That way if they fell they wouldn’t hurt themselves.

  254. joe says:

    [Joe] He washed the glasses and grabbed a few ice cubes from the Ice tray. Then he put the ice in to the glasses and he headed up the steps. “Okay I got our glasses ready so I……” Joe paused, looking at the empty bottle. Joe shut his eyes and shook his head a little. “Did…did you drink that whole bottle wile I was gone?” He asked, believing his eye where deceiving him. He sees that there was now 4 bottles left. He realized eldy was just being nice. Leaving him a few drinks. Joe shook his head in a no gesture.”I must be the worst host ever. Go, drink some more.” Joe says as he crouched down next to him. Joe set the glasses away. He figured eldy wouldn’t need them.

    [Mike] Before they teleported mike spoke. “Hey issaic? Thanks for not being a prick. Next time I’ll came,….. I’ll give you two gold coins from now on. He says as he smiled and raised his arms. He began to lose his balance, so he clanged on to Sam’s shoulder. “Sorry sam, but your driving.” He says with a smile, making a small joke for her.

  255. [Eldy] Elderon pulled out a second bottle and popped the top off it. He took a deep drought of it, downing half the bottle. He smiled and set it down, looking back at the chest. “Thank you for being so kind Joe, and I’m going to assure you, I’m not going to drink it all… maybe. And, if you want, I can give you some Dragon Bitter. I think you, with your new-found bloodline, may be able to take it.”, he said as a shot-glass appeared, the same dark red drink appeared, gently bubbling, lightly overflowing with fog. “And, that is Dragon Bitter. He also looked to the empty bottle, it filled with the red drink and the top appeared back on it, sealed as if it had never been opened.

    [Issaic] Issaic nodded, he knew Mike meant well and was only drunk. But his words were sencier. He smiled and finished the spell and watched them disappear, just catching Mikes’ joke. He gave a small chuckle and then went back to work. “He’s gonna make her so happy.”, he said knowing inside it was the truth.

    [Sam] Sam smiled and giggled a little, falling back into the sand as Mike leaned on her. She thought his joke was funny, even if her brother was the one technically ‘driving’. She got up and helped Mike to his knees, still giggling as she felt hot and quite happy. She was clearly a good bit drunk, but nowhere near Mikes’ level of intoxication.

  256. joe says:

    [Joe] joe looked at the dark red fluid. It was interesting to look at, looking quite tasty. Joe wasn’t sure if he should drink it though. After all, he’s 3/4ths human. The chances of being alright afterwards seemed slim. But he took pride and grabbed the glass of dragon bitter. He made a toste to his guest of honer. Joe, with little regrets took the first sip. He closed his eyes and shook his head a little. Joe looked up at elderon and smiled. “It’s different, but very good.” He indeed liked it. It was strong but he didn’t have the same affects that mike did. Joe pored another glass, and he grabbed and pored a glass for elderon. “You can have some too if you want, I doubt I can finish the bottle as fast as you can.” He says as sat the bottle back down.

    [Mike] mike rubbed some sand out of his hair. He tried to stand on his feet but he would fall over. Mike looked up at sam and he smiled, watching he giggle. It made him feel happy. “So…so sam. It’s a goo…good thing your brother got….us out of there. I thought I *huccup* ……I was going to puke all over the tavern. Then your….bro…brother would have to shoot me.” He says, laughing a bit. He brushed some more sand out of his hair and made a pointless snicker. “I sware sam, if I ever……. drink that stuff again, tell your bro…brother …to give me a mercy killing. Cause that drink messed me up.” He says grabbing a hold and pressing his face on her arm. “Always an angel.” He added, shutting his eyes and smiling.

  257. [Eldy] Elderon watched Joe take the shot, nothing much really happening. He raised an eyebrow a little confused. He filled one of the glasses Joe brought and drank it down. It burned his throat and was as strong, if not stronger, than it always was. He growled and shook his head, filling the glass again. A bit of it spilled out onto the wood table it was sitting on, and fizzed a little and ate a hole into it. “Um, sorry about the table.”, he said as he snickered. He downed the second glass just as quick. He burped a puff of smoke and smiled, it was just the way they’d always made it, and just as strong. Few more glasses of this, and he’d be out cold. He smiled and grabbed the bottle, downing the entire think, always loving to drink. He set the bottle down, and it began to refill itself, the liquid seeming to just spring from the bottom of the bottle. “Don’t worry Joe, you’ll never run out of this. We have kegs that do the same thing.”, he said smiling, knowing before he left this house, he was going to be quite hammered.

    [Sam] Sam shook her head, “I.. I would never te… tell Issa… Isaaa… my brother to do that. Not ever sss. You are sssoo sssweet Mike. I… I love you.”, she said as she kissed him and fell back into the sand. She got up, and helped Mike to his feet, then she cleaned his hair and started to lead him inside. And about 30 mins later, finally made it to her room. “sss Mike. Jusst lay down. You need sssleep.”, she said mostly just hissing at him. She sat him on the bed and then she took a seat in a soft leather chair.

  258. joe says:

    [Joe] it wasn’t before long joe was starting to feel a bit buzzed. A few drinks later he was feeling wobbly. Joe thought he was alright but he was getting pretty drunk. Joe is a strong drinker. But he wasn’t strong enough to not feel the affects. Joe could see the wooden table having a melted hole in it. “You don’t need to wor……worry about that. I told you…this stuff is almost completely meaningless. I can pay for it. Just…just …..enjoy yourself.” He says, stuttering a little. “I want to ask you something elderon. I don’t know if this is a personal question, but please tell me about your history. I’m very chorus.” He says as he sat his glass down and looked at eldy.

    [Mike] mike was completely decimated by the intense alcohol. He was starting to fall asleep. He was laying on his back, facing the sealing. He looked down and saw sam. He smiled and gazed at her. He knew that he was very close to death, but issaic and sam didn’t think that would be the case. Mike was dozing off to sleep. Mike has had a tough history when he was a young child. The only bright side was that he was with sam. He looked over to her again. Sam? I don’t think I’m over reacting but if I never wake up, just know that if god asks me if I had a good life, I would say ‘yes.’ Only because of you. I’ve dreamed of you, before I met you. Now, my dreams has come true. He says smiling. “This isn’t the alcohol talking. I mean this with every fiber of my being.” He says as he laid his head back against the bed.

    Mike OOC: just to ask. Do you think putting the time frame to the present was an okay idea? sam said she was stabbed in the heart by a knight. Knights are from rome and Rome had fallen long before 750 years ago. Which is sam’s age. So, I don’t really know. I’m sorry if I’m being picky. I don’t want to be a nuisance.

  259. OOC: The time shift was a problem, but I really just want to keep the time frame the same. Though with current time frame, using THIS worlds history, Elderon was born in 1,510-1,520 BC.

    [Eldy] Elderon smiled, “My past… well where to start. I grew up well before your time… I lived most of my life in that desert, in my cave. But, I did travel abroad. I trained in many guilds and became a great assassin, killed a king when i was 300. I was wanted for about 50 years for that. But, I do love the fact I can shape-shift. No one ever knew I was a dragon, which just helped me blend in. And I kept honing my skills, I trained with knights, became a great sword fighter and combatant. That iw when I moved to WarFang. I trained there as myself, I learned to fight as a great dragon, I learned to lead. I moved through ranks quickly, making great leaps in expanding the cities territory. I soon became a general. I had my armor crafted under my supervision. I led the massive army into battle, the first full scale war I had ever been in. And I was leading it. But, we eventually repelled most of the enemies. We had lost so many, and there was so much death. Many dragons, like myself, were devastated by what had happened and decided to leave. While I was gone, another war came up, and I never received word. The city was all but destroyed, and the second war ended in a treaty. Though all but a handful of the dragons stayed, inhabiting the city was not possible. I was about 1,500 then. I came back here, and traveled to the northern mountains. I found a monastery there and soon became a monk. Learning the ways of martial combat and how to focus my body to do the impossible. I became a master monk in the temple, and stayed their for a long time, but I did move on. I moved to dark cities and places, and finally came across an assassins guild. Letting them take me in and let me learn their ways. I excelled their, though it was a little harder for me to do so. I became a deadly poison smith, deadly with a blade, able to kill in seconds, or prolong death until I wanted the target dead. I was very good, and I even assassinated a king, or was it a president, I’m not sure. I was wanted, or my human form was wanted, for a long time. But I easily outlived the bounty. After about 50 years, they had forgotten about me, or just gave up the search. I came back home, a small village had sprouted up not far from my cave. I decided to befriend the people, though I did so in my true form. And after much explaining and assuring. I became the towns protector and good friend. I watched it grow, expand, people grow and die, new life get born and families be made. It was a good thing, and I was loved and excepted, and city planning was so nice, the streets made wider for my body to pass through easily. Durring my time in comming in and out of the city, making a good time there. I soon had Issaic and I made my time with Susan well, that was my human mate. But, one day I decided to return to WarFang… and low and behold. I found Scarlet, I had befriended her when I first came to WarFang as a young dragon. And well, we caught up on alot of things… and well. One thing led to another and after about 60 years we got married and soon moved her hoard in with me and we started living together. And I finally met Samantha, my new daughter in law. She had been away in distant lands exploring nature and such. But, we finally had the family all home and it was good. The town accepted my family well and everything was good. And it has been that way, until a couple days ago that is, when you and Mike showed up.”, he said, retelling most of his history, downing another bottle during the tale.

    [Sam] Sam laid on the bed next to Mike. “Mike, that isss so sssweet.”, she said, though she was a little worried about what he said, about not waking up. Because he had filled his body with so much alcohol it scared her. A human was never supposed to drink that much. She wasn’t going to sleep, she wanted to just sit here, watch Mike, make sure he didn’t die. And, if he did, she would be there to bring him back.

  260. OOC: Joe, I went ahead and activated you TTA account. you forgot to activate it through an email they would have sent you, but, it’s ok now, I got you in. *smiles to self muttering, “I love admin privileges”* Now you’ll just have to start working on a character. I have 2 now and will be starting on a 3rd design. anyway, hope to see you out there in the wastes soon.

    Happy Posting

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  261. joe says:

    [Joe] he was very interested in elderons past. But, it seemed sort of sad. Through most of his life he has fought and slayed many. Joe smiled, he couldn’t help but feel irony. “So much for NOT being a killing machine.” He says as he grined,taking a final sip. joe couldn’t drink anymore. He still had to show him, the reasons why he brought him to his home. “Well, you seemed to be living in a charmed life. My life’s different, but eccentric. I could tell you all about it, but you might get board over the stories of my human life. It’s special in most cases, but in your case…… it may not.” He says, staring at the shine on the glass. He set it down on the table and looked back to eldy. “Hmm, anything about you when you where a hatchling? Or perhaps anything of your rider?” He says as he settled his siting position.

    [Mike] mike cuddled against her. He slowly grabbed one of her hands, very gently pulling her hand onto his chest. “I’m am more happier then I’ve ever been sam. And don’t worry, if the alcohol doesn’t kill me, the hangover will. He says, snickering a little. His attention was drawn to the necklace she was waring. He smiled and poked his finger on the tip of her snout. He came closer to sam and began to hug her. “Sam, I love you, and what ever happens, I will always be with you,…. always.”

    joe OOC: I really am glad I’m finally in! I don’t know how you did it but I’m happy. But, the posts. Are they for messaging ideas or creating actual characters? And be a bit specific. I don’t know if I said this before but I’m very new to this kind of thing. *scared to ask after getting so much help in the past* I’ll get a manual for this if I have too. But really, it’s nice of you to do so much for me. You’ll be rewarded, possibly soon. ;)

  262. [Eldy] Elderon gave a small sigh, a little to drunk to try and keep telling stories. He had started hissing a little now, but his speech was quite fine. “Sssure Joe, I’ll tell you of my rider. Susan was her name. I met her in Silverton, and we became good friends. She had actually came from WarFang, but at that time it was still a ssmall-ish city, not like it was when I arrived. Her stories were grand and I so wanted to go there, we fell in love. But, she was a rider herself, or at least a trainer. She taught the others how to ride and live with their younger dragons. You see in WarFang, if a dragon mother does not wish to keep an egg, then it will give it up… as does happen many a time. That egg is then given with either another dragon family, which is rare, or a human couple to care for it. Some of the humans learned to ride their young dragons, and Susan was in charge of training and teaching them proper technique. Well, we had a saddle made for me, and we started riding together… and that is really when we felt the closest, was in the air. You get a special bond with your rider, you know. It’s a bond that nothing can break… and i was really heartbroken when she passed, even though i knew it was inevitable. But, she had given me Issaic, and she lives on in my heart, and in him. But… I have moved on, in my own way i guess.”, he said as he gave another sigh and took another drink.

    [Sam] Sam started to cry, she was so happy, no one had ever treated her as lovingly as Mike has. “I… I know you will… and… and I’ll always be with you.”, she said as she wrapped her arms around him, hugging him so tight she heard his spine pop a few times. “I love you so much.”, she said as she let him go and kissed him, tears rolling down her snout and onto the bed.

    OOC: There is a section called Characters. you look there and there are 2 forums one is locked (red radiation symbol) and it is called Character Template. You need to go there to get your character sheet template, meaning there is a post explaining what to have in your sheet, and what each thing means. The other topic in Character Template is Character Sheet (code) This one contains all the BBC code that lets you have things bolded and colorized, but you really don’t have to worry about that. I can edit you sheet and format it correctly if i need to.

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    And thank you for this, this shows me I’m going to have to make a Topic on hos character creation will work and how things will be going about in the forum. Thank you.

  263. joe says:

    [Joe] joe looked down. He felt a little sad and guilty to ask of his rider. Probably not the best thing to talk about. Joe was wanting more of elderons’ dragon bitter but joe didn’t want to get too hammered. It was hard to resist. Joe will wait for eldy to settle a little. And then, joe will show his familys’ new-ish heritage. A gift. Joe paused, almost for ten seconds. But he finally replied. “Well, I’m sorry to her of her passing. I lost a close friend. Very close. I have nightmares from time to time. *sigh* I’m not saying I know how you feel, I just can understand that there’s a lot of gravity of emotions of the fact of loosing someone close. But, I just try to concentrate on the better things in life. Look in the more positive sides.” He says having his head down but his eyes up, looking at eldy.

    [Mike] mike could feel pain and love at the same time. Actually, I didn’t feel any pain at all. The dragon drink made him so drunk that the alcohol worked like morfing. Meaning he couldn’t feel anything. He could see sam was crying, so he gently whipped her tears. “Don’t cry….don’t cry. Y- you and me sam. Just…just yo…me………. We stay..we stay…together…forever……an…forev…..n…eve…………………..” Mike closed his eyes slowly. His words softened till silence and he past out. He was now asleep in sams’ arms. He’s snoring was quiet and he relaxed. His had and arm dropped from her face onto the bed, feeling the damp sheets of tears on her bed. Mike just had a small smile on his face. He was sleeping so peacefully. He hadn’t slept this good since…ever. He felt safe, and loved. He never felt anything like it before.

    Joe OOC: your welcome..and thank you for telling me what I’m suppose to do. I have thought for awhile about a character, and I think I have done enough thinking. Thank you so much for helping me… =D

    [Mike] sooooo…..can I be a ‘badass’ and be like a companion with joe? Or do we need to be separated. Wow, that last part I said sounded kinda………, never mind. XP

  264. OOC: @Mike: Yes, you need to be separate, I will not allow you to do what you are doing here, just because it would get confusing, and that I have a system to run and if you two are posting as one person, the system breaks down. Now, that is not to say that you and Mike can not be together in like the same room and such and that you can’t interact with each other, it’s just that i want one profile and account per registered user.

    one exception, Mike, you can post in the same thread as Joe, but you would have to make a character sheet all your own in his account. That would allow you two to post, but you would have to separate which character is which pretty clearly, I use a blank line then a bunch of ~~~~~~~~ and another blank line.

    [Eldy] Elderon smiled and nodded, taking another long drink of the bitter. He held back a strong urge, the ale working on him now, he was quite drunk at this point. He stood up, swaying a bit, “Joe, I’m… I’m going to… to use you… your bathroom.”,. he said as he started walking toward the front door. He fiddled around on it until he pulled it open, taking one step outside and falling face first onto the stone walkway, out cold. His body went limp, as he then pissed himself.

    [Sam] Sam smiled and kissed Mike on the forehead. “I know..y-you will.”, she said as she moved and covered him up, smiling as she left and went to the do-jo. She grabbed a katana and walked to the center of the mat. The knelt down and placed her hand on the symbol there. It glowed for a moment then 5 flesh goloms appeared. Each of them holding various weapons, swords, guns, and one had a sword and shield. She smiled and stood, taking the katana in an attack position, she gave a bow, and the goloms cam at her. She began attacking and defending against them and taking out the one with the gun first, dismembering its arms at the elbow. She kept at this for as long as she could.

  265. joe says:

    [Joe] he noticed elderon went to the wrong door. Before joe could say anything elderon had fallen. Joe was surprised, and ran to where his sleeping friend was. “Elderon?! Eldy!” He shouts as he sprinted out the door. Joe flipped eldron over. His back against the ground. He looked like he was dead. Eldron had a huge gash on his forehead. Joe was now scared, fearing eldron died or something. Joe pushed two fingers against eldy’s neck. Joe found his pals. Joe smelled something bad. He looked to the side of him and seen that he wet himself. Joe just shook his head. He realized elderon was just wasted. ” You mean to tel…tell me I got to drag your sorry butt in there?” He asks as he looked up. “*sighed* alright, hang in there buddy, I’ll take care of ya.” He says as he hooked his arms around eldy’s pulling him backwards, inside the house. Elderon was very heavy. Even heavy for joe, even though joe’s five times stronger than before. He dragged him into the real bathroom, and sat him gently against the wall. Joe patted elderons’ face a couple times. “Eldy? Eldy, are you with me? Come on dad, ….wake up.” He says, starting to shake him a little.

    [Mike] after a while, mike was waking up a little. He rubbed his eyes, slowly looked around and saw that sam was not there. He didn’t mind, he was drunk and happy. He thought about looking for sam, but maybe it wasn’t the best time to do that. Mike just sat his head back down and tried to fall back to sleep. But he couldn’t. So, he decided to look for scarlet’s art work.
    After all, she did invite him to come see. So he got out of bed. He was less drunk but had a raging headache. Of course, it would only get worse. Mike went out the room and began to explore and have a drunken adventure. Mike didn’t think of the possible traps in the cave but there might not be any around. Hopefully for him.

  266. joe says:

    Mike OOC: alright, sweet. I’ll shoot for it. Oh, could we give our characters our real names? Or do they have to be named something else?

    Joe OOC: just to point one thing out, Admin and I almost have the same birthdays. I’m just a day older. :)

  267. [Eldy] Elderon groaned his eyes opening, “Hey… you c-c-called me dad.”, he said with a smile, the cut on his forehead slowly healing. He groaned some more, “What happened? My my head hurts.”, he said as he leaned back against the wall. “Hey… go get my drink… I’m sssstill thirsssty..”, he said as he closed his eye, no longer wanting to look at the moving world around him.

    [Scar] Scarlet was standing in her human form before an easel when Mike came into her gallery. “Hello Mike.”, she said without looking away from her work. She was painting the scene of Mike and Sam at the wedding, bringing her favorite moment to life from her memory of the event. Scarlet never really liked camera, so she always painted everything, or drew it with pencil. She took a few sniffs of the air, “You’re drunk aren’t you? Well don’t go throwing up in here, if you do, you’re cleaning it. But, please do look around.”, she said as she kept painting on the 5ft wide, 4ft tall canvas. The painting was coming along nicely and she thought she might get done before tomorrow, but she was also ignoring a guest. She sighed and put down her materials and turned to face Mike, walking over to him. She gave him a gentle hug, “So glad you decided to come see our work.”, she said as she let go of him.

    OOC: You can use your real names, but please, do not use them as you username, just your character name… that way you don’t run the security risk or whatever. But really, you can do whatever you want, you have free will.


    Dang Joe, that is an odd coincidence. And you do know, I’m Admin right, it’s my forum and all that.

  268. joe says:

    [Joe] joe shook his head. “No, I don’t want you drinking anymore today. But i can get you a pare of pants. Cause,..you look like you could need em.” Joe says, pointing to the large wet stain on eldys pants. “Just wait here. I’ll go get you a pare of mine.” He says as he quickly walked out of the bathroom, heading into his room. There was not a lot of things in there. Joe is more of an outside person. Joe looked in his dresser, there was one pair of pants left. Joe didn’t do any laundry before he left. It’s been quite some time since he’s been home.

    [Mike] mike smiled. There was some irony about this and Scarlet. “Yes, nice to see you but, h..how…how are you?” Mike asked. Mike has never seen scarlet in her human form. In fact, he doesn’t know that dragons could shape shift at all. Mike wondered if this was scarlet or if it was someone he hasn’t met yet. “Are you a friend of Scarlet’s?” He added, rubbing the back of his neck.

    Joe OOC: well, I’m sure mike will make a grate character. And yes I know your Admin, I was trying to be funny. But I can see that I failed miserably. But it’s okay. I’m not a very good comedian to begin with.

    Mike OOC: after a few seconds mike covered his mouth with his sleeve. “He didn’t know.” Mike says at the same time pretending to cough. Making fun of joe.

    Joe OOC: joe made a evil glare at mike. Joe grabbed a shuffle an swung it against mike’s Xbox. It broke into peaces. “Yes I knew and I’m kinda surprised your birthday is so close.” Joe says, pretending that little out burst he made never happened. Mike’s mouth was gaping open, his eyes opening wide and he was shocked.

  269. [Eldy] Elderon groaned and turned over, sticking his head in the toilet as he threw up. Smoke and an acidic smell coming from it. He then sat back down, wiping off his mouth. He tried taking off his pants, but he couldn’t figure out the button and zipper. As usual Dragon Bitters effects were delayed… he wondered how Joe might handle it. He grumbled and changed into a dragon form, the size of a hatchling, he climbed into the bathtub and laid down, his tail turning the water on hot. It felt good and he was relaxed… he started to fall asleep with his head handing over the edge of the tub a bit, having enough common sense to make sure he wouldn’t drown if the tub filled up.

    [Scar] Scarlet was offended. She gasped a little, holding her hands to her chest as she backed up a little. “Why, that hurts. Of course it’s me. And yes, we can shape-shift, how do you think I HAD Sam, someone your ‘size’ really wouldn’t um… fill me up. So to speak.”, she said as she blushed a little then her face became serious again, as she turned around and made a ‘Hrmph’, noise.

    OOC: Yeah, ok, but, just stay away from my PS3 with that shovel. And, our hatchday is like 5 months away, that’s not soon.

  270. joe says:

    [Joe] As soon as he went back in the bathroom he saw eldy, having a nice hot bath. His head was hanging over a little. Joe smiled and took the cloths elderon squeezed through. Joe wanted to set the new pair of pants on the toilet lid, but he spotted eldy’s puke in the toilet. It looked kinda like cow parts. Maybe it was. Joe flushed it down, closing the lid and setting the pants on top. Joe threw eldy’s clothes in the laundry basket. Joe went to his closet in his room to grabbed a towel, so elderon could use it later. Joe went back in the bathroom and sat the towel on top of the pants. Joe looked at him for a moment. It seemed the gash was healing quickly. Joe smiled and new that his friend/dad would be alright.

    [Mike] he smiled, almost laughing at scarlets remark of someone his size not filling her. “I’m sorry. ..i- I didn’t mean anything by it.” He says as he took a few steps forward. He felt upset now. “How am I suppose to know. How should I know anything?” He asked, before siting on the ground and laying against the wall. He sighed. “Your just like all the others.” He muttered under his breath. He almost began to brake into tears. He sobbed a little, silently. Mike was braking down fast.

    Joe OOC: ah, that is awhile. And as for your PS3 I won’t …….oof!

    Mike OOC: mike tackled joe to the ground. “You f***ing a**hole! That cost $500! I’ll kill the s*it out of you!!”. ………………………………….

    ….-We’re sorry, but your subscriber has temporarily been disconnected-………
    ……-Please stand by until further notice-…….
    ……..-Thank you and have a nice day-…..

  271. [Eldy] Eldy napped gently, his tail swishing in the water and his wings twitching gently. He snored loudly, smoke coming from his mouth as he slept.

    [Scar] Scarlet smiled an knelt in front of Mike, “SSShhh…. quiet my son. But, no one is allowed this deep into our cave unless we are with them, so, a normal woman wouldn’t be back this far. And, I am sorry to snap at you, I forgot you wouldn’t know our customs here.”, she said as she hugged Mike, “It’s ok son, you’ll be ok.”, she siad before giving him a kiss on the cheek, and smiled as she stood up. “Now, to fix that little problem of yours.”, she said as she placed a hand on his forhead, his vision clearing and he became progressively sober. Soon, he was just fine and Scarlet let go. “There, all better.” she said before turning and going back to her painting.

    OOC Eldy: Eldy snaps fingers and stops time, “What am i going to do with these two?”, he says to himself and takes the brass knuckles from Mike, and the shovel from Joe before snapping his fingers again time moving normally. :”Now, stop it you miserable excuses for humans. Friends shouldn’t be fighting like this! Now! If you want to keep fighting, at least do it with honor!”, he bellowed as a sword and shield appeared in front of both Joe and Mike. He stomped his paw on the ground, with a loud thud, a few cracks forming in the rock. “Now, you can go to first blood, or, death. Do this however you wish.”, he said with a bit of a growl, backing up to watch the fight.

  272. joe says:

    [Joe] joe took the laundry basket down in the seller. Down inside also had a washing machine and dryer that seemed to still be functional. Joe loaded the washer, putting so soap inside. Then he went back up and checked back with elderon. The bath room was steamy. The mirror above the sink was fogged up. The water in the tub was starting to reach the rim. Joe slowly turned the water down till it was off. The water was on the verge of spilling over. Joe smiled, hearing elderons loud snoring. Joe closed the bathroom door when he went out, letting the steam stay inside. Joe’s going to make some dinner. He went back down to the seller and opened the fridge. He grabbed a frozen stake and went back up steps, into the kitchen. He placed a pan on the burner. Joe was thinking about poring some wine to give the stake a bit of more flavor but he decided to use Dragon Bitter. “That’s gonna hit the spot.” He says to himself, then walking into the living room and grabbing the bottle of the dragon drink.

    [Mike] he felt so much better. He could see the fantastic paintings Scar has made. They where amazing. Mike wondered around, looking at all the work. Mike couldn’t see any sloppy edges. The blending was so precise. Theydidnt even look like paintings. They looked like photographs. “You, you did all this?” He asked as he looked around. Then he spotted the painting Scarlet was working on. Mike gasped, surprised to see the portrait of him and sam. It was grate. She must be a very fast painter.

    Joe OOC: joe no longer had his shovel and mikes brass knuckles had disappeared. Foe noticed elderon was angry, but it seemed he wanted joe and mike to fight with weapons. “Well you sound pretty upset.” Joe says to eldy.

    Mike OOC: mike grabbed his sword and shield. “Not as upset as me joe!!” Mike says as he charged at joe. Mike took a first swing but joe’s agility was helpful, for joe quickly dived underneath mike’s swinging arm. Joe somersaulted to joe’s shield and sword. Joe armed himself quickly and took a fighting stance. “I don’t want to hurt you mike!” Joe shouted, still and fluent.

    Mike OOC: mike turned to joe and took a fighting stance. “Well that’s fine by me joe, because I’m going to hurt you!”

  273. [Scar] Scarlet smiled, and kept working, “Yes, I’ve had a few thousand years to learn, and of course, did you know I taught Michelangelo how to paint? I bed you didn’t, know one does. He always lied about how he became so good, kind of heart my feelings for those few hundred years. Anyway, I’m glad you like our art, Because I didn’t do all these, Elderon has art here as well.”, she said as she smiled at the finished painting. With a smile she dipped her finest brush in red paint, going to the lower right corner she signed her name and the date.

    OOC Eldy: He watched with surprise, they were actually going to kill each other. He smiled a little, it reminded him so much of Rome, and all those grand gladiator duels. He put a paw out and stopped Samantha from running into the battle. He said in her head, “Don’t worry, I won’t let it go to far. They won’t die I won’t let that happen. But, just stay back.”

    OOC Sam: Sam was about to rush in and stop this, but Elderon stopped her. Her words comforted her, though she knew he loved this sort of thing. She knew he wasn’t going to let them get too badly hurt. She still felt a little uncomfortable about this.

  274. joe says:

    [Joe] joe turned the tempter of the burner to low, so the stake would thaw out. Soon the smell was bursting out of the fumes. Joe sniffed and it was a good smell.”Ah, finally. A meal that isn’t soaked with blood.” He says with a smile.

    [Mike] he gave a smile, placing his hand on his chest. Well, you are quite talented…..” Mike wanted to call Scarlet ‘Mother’ but he stopped himself. He had a mother once and he didn’t want to feel like he was replacing her. He sat next to her and looked at the painting. Mike wanted to say something funny, so he did. “Well, that mike looks better than this mike.” He says as he pointed, made hand jesters.

    Both OOC: joe and mike stayed still for a moment, staring at each others eyes. But finally mike charged and took a swing. Joe blocked mike’s attack with his shield. A long metallic clang emerged. Mike and joe took stances again. Mike is simply studying joe’s movements, to find a weakness. Joe was also studying mike. Mike is barbaric and has grate stamina. Joe is agile, quick and light on the feet. However, calm and lightness maybe a lecturey joe can’t afford. The battle would be indeed interesting. Strength vs speed. Joe held his ground but mike charged again. Mike was going to make a grate blow but joe smashed his shield against mike’s. Mike fell onto his back, while joe charged and leapt. Mike saw joe coming and put his foot against joe’s chest, stopping him in his tracks. Mike lunged his lag at joe and joe fell backwards. Mike quickly got back on his feet and charged at joe while he was recovering. Joe soon recoverd and stood with his sword out, but mike easily swung his sword at joe’s. Joe’s sword was out of his hands and was now armed only with a shield. Joe tackled mike, and they both hit the ground. Mike tried to raise his sword but joe grabbed his arm with both hands. Joe slammed mikes armed hand several times to the ground till mike finally realest his sword. After joe disarmed mike he elbowed mike in the face. Mike was now very angry. Mike grabbed joe’s shoulder and fling joe off. Joe’s back hit the ground. he laying beside him. Mike then bunched up a fist and socked joe in the stomach very hard. Joe got the wind knocked out of him but he quickly jumped to his sword and did another somersault as he grunted. Joe had his sword again and he was back to his feet. Mike slipped his foot underneath the sword on the ground and flung it up. Mike grabbed the hilt of the sword and soon after, he griped the handle. They both took there fighting stances again.
    This was only ROUND ONE.

  275. [Scar] Scarlet chuckled, “Yeah, I guess I do tend to make people seem prettier on my paintings than in real life.”, she said teasing Mike. Scarlet smiled at her work, it would take a few days to dry. “So Mike, how has my little angle been treating you?”, she asked as she motioned to Sam in the painting.

    OOC: The entire Analas family had since gathered to watch this fight, it was quite entertaining, though there was no blood yet. Issaic was a little disappointed at that but he thought there would be blood soon. “So who do you think will live?”, he asked Sam, Sam hit her brother, “They both will!”, she said a little angry, though she was secretly rooting for Mike to win. She wasn’t going to let anyone die. Or at least stay dead.

  276. joe says:

    [Joe] joe began to turn up the heat, making the meat cook nicely. Joe poured a little bit of Dragon Bitter. The large sizzling sound was deceitful, the food was gonna taste so good. Joe quickly ran down stairs and grabbed some frozen veggies and a few more stakes. Joe knows eldy might want some too. Joe went back up the stairs and the stake smelled wonderful. Joe put the vegetables in a bowl and put it in a microwave. He put the time in and pressed start. “Oh, eldy’s going to love this.” Joe says with a smile.

    [Mike] he smiled at Scar’s kind sentiments of how ugly he is. Now she’s asking mike the most obvious question in the world. “Our angel, has been treating me like…a painting.” He says, making more jokes. He’s pretty sure Scarlet already knows the answer. She probably just wanted to here it from him.

    Both OOC: mike and joe began to slowly walk in a circle, looking at each other. Mike clanged his sword against his shield and charged. He swung his sword but joe put his shield out. Mike’s mighty hit caused joe’s shield to hit the ground. Joe slung his sword at him but mike put his shield out too. His blow wasn’t as powerful as mike’s was. They pushed each other away. Joe’s back hit the wall and mike charged. Mike stuck his sword out into joe’s path. Joe dogged and mike’s sword was now stuck in the wall. Joe retreated back but noticed mike was now vulnerable for attack. Joe began to charge but mike pulled his sword free, just in time. Joe and mike both took a big swing and there swords clanged together. Sparks spat out from the colliding steel. Joe quickly ran around to mike’s side and leapt, lunging his sword at him. Mike blocked joe’s blow with his shield. This time Joe’s blow was so powerful it made a hideous dent in mike’s shield. Mike took a swing when joe was running backwards. The blade slashed the surface of joe’s left lag. Joe made a muffled yelp. His blood began to drip down. Joe kneeled in pain and looked down, seeing he’s bleeding cut. Mike just stood and waited. Joe looked up, and did not look happy at all. It took a few seconds for him to get up, and he struggled to stand. Joe took pride and got into a Martial Arts stance. Mike is now in big trouble. Mike ran at him, ready to strike again. Joe made a fast spinning back kick, hitting mike in the face. Joe took his stance again, waiting for mike to recover. Mike shook his head at joe while giving a smile. “Is that all you got?” Mike asked. Joe shook his head, and gave a head signal, practically telling him to engage. Mike chuckled and he quickly thrust his sword at him but joe dogged. Joe RELEASED his own sword and grabbed mike’s arm with both hands again. Joe gave a quick twist and soon, pulled mike’s arm to his back. Mike was in pain but he did a backwards kick at joe’s ribs. The force of the hit caused joe to move back. Mike turned around and charged. Joe unsleeveed his shield and threw it like a Frisbee at mike’s face. The metal plate bounced of his face and spun across the ground. Mike fell backwards and dropped his sword. Mikes face was now covered with blood. “That’s what I got.” Joe said, giving a small smile. Joe finally gave mike a wound, but joe is now completely defenseless and can no longer run. For his lag needed medical attention. Mike was down but not out. Joe is now armed with no weapons. But joe now has a fighting chance.
    ROUND 3 has begun.

  277. joe says:

    Really OOC mike: Alright, so five months or so, that’s grate. And yet again, we have more questions. We want to know if it’s safe to use…well, bad language. We want to…., Joe want’s to know if he could do…sexual things in character. To dumb it down, is the new site PG13, or what?

    Really OOC joe: shut up, no I don’t want sexual things with my character! Anyways, hi, how are you?…okay seriously, I would like to know….and I’m embarrassed to say but we’ve been having some trouble to find where we go to submit our characters. I already got mine in mind and so does mike. We went to Awaiting characters, but still nothing we could find showed where to put our …murderers. We went practically everywhere. So, is there something we’re doing wrong??? Must be…

  278. Real OOC: The character sheet can be found here. http://tomorrow-after.forumotion.com/t1-character-sheet This explains what you put, and what you need, some of these are optional and thus say so in the descriptions.
    This is where you post your character sheets http://tomorrow-after.forumotion.com/f7-awaiting-characters I suggest either copy/pasting the entire other post, or doing what you can.
    OH, and I’m guessing you don’t know how to make a new post… well in awaiting characters you will find no topics, above the grey box that says topics, you will be should see the forum chain, the yellow words showing where you are in the forum, generally speaking. To the left of that, just above the grey box, is a little oval button that says NEWPOST you have to click that. When I figure out where my computer saves screenshots to I’ll put a screenshot of where the button is in the beginners guide.

  279. joe says:

    Really OOC mike: yeeeeaaa!!! I think we figured it out!!! Now I can finally post my character!! First I gotta fill Description an title of topic and bla bla bla! This is going to be so cool! But, I still wish to kick joe’s butt in front of the. Analas family. >:)

    Really OOC joe: yes well, okay…weirdo. Anyway, thanks a bunch. Looking forward to this. Can’t wait for 5 months. Totally awesome! And mike, let’s not fight in front of the children…well, not in front of sam. If I kill you, she’ll probably kill me. :/

    Really OOC mike: well, if it comes to that, at least my beloved Samantha will get the last laugh. Hehe. >:P

  280. [Eldy] Elderon awoke with a bit of a stir, his tail moving off the drain and the water started leaving the tub. He smiled, it was a good nap, and he wasn’t quite as hung over as he thought he would have been. He smiled and trudged his way out of the tub, raising is body temperature until the water on him turned to steam and he was dry. He could smell food and smiled, he felt like he could eat a little. He walked out of the bathroom and followed the smell, his mouth watering a little ash is tail swished happily, all 20 of his claws clicking on the wood floor as he went. He looked up at Joe, “What you cooking? It smells delicious…. Wait, don’t tell me, I want it to be a surprise.”, he said as he walked into the den and curled up in front of the fireplace. With a paw he scraped some of the soot out and started to draw on the floor with one of his sharp claws, making a simple sketch of the new Joe, it may have been done with his claw, but it was as artful as if he had done it with a steady hand and a drawing pencil, shaded and proportioned perfectly.

    [Scar] “Well that’s good, I’m glad she’s been so kind.”, she said chuckling a little at Mikes joke. She smiled, thinking he would get a real good laugh out of what she wanted to do next. “Hey Mike, want to go see my car?”, she said smiling, she still had yet to fix it and it was basically a pile of parts and scrap metal, setting neatly in her parking space.

    [Sam] After killing about 100 of the creatures she leapt into the air and came down with a palm strike onto the center of the mat, a wave of fire coming out from her and destroying all the creatures, no more of them came. Hitting the center of them at turned off the magic that commanded the creatures. She smiled and panted lightly, “Well *pant* that was *pant* fun.”, she said with a chuckle. “Well, I think *pant* I’ll need a bath and… then, eh then I’ll treat myself to a nap.”, she said as she headed off to the washroom.

    OOC Sam: Oh now boys. Joe, if you kill Mike, I’ll only horribly maim you, then bring Joe back to life, and let him finish you off. I’m a fair lady. And once Mike kills you Joe, I might be persuaded to bring you back from the cold darkness and then everything should be settled. *smiled playfully* You two just keep having your little spat. This is nothing like when mom and dad get in a fight. When that happens expect craters and rock melted to lava, lightning flying and roars echoing. Not a fun place to be.

    OOC Eldy: We don’t fight that much, and it’s been 100 years since our last argument.

    OOC Scar: Yeah and if you remember we only destroyed one small town to the north, nothing major.

    OOC Issaic, “ok ok enough, can we please just finish this fight, I want to see who the better man is here, unless you two are chicken to finish this. What, you think you are too good to take a life, that we all haven’t seen death in ours, that we haven’t GIVEN out our fair share of death and destruction. What you two are doing, is stalling. And by doing so, are disrespecting us and our ways, this is how we solve problems, not always, but you seemed to piss dad off enough to warrant this. So one of you will die today. But do rest assured, both of you will see tomorrows sunrise.” Issaic said sternly and coldly, almost yelling as he came forward to the two of them. He gave each of them a long hard stare his red eyes, a look almost like disappointment in his eyes, though his body showed an expression of anger. “Now, finish this, before I finish it.”, he said with a growl before coming back, a ring of fire coming up around the two of them, big enough to give ample room to fight, though not enough room to try and chicken out and run.

  281. Real OOC: Joe glad to see you joined, congratulations. I’ll be happy to help you in any way, please feel free to PM me in the forum.

  282. joe says:

    [Joe] he smiled at the reptile and continued cooking. the sizzling sound was so loud that joe didn’t hear elderon scratching the floor. After awhile joe was finished with one of the stakes. Joe didn’t know how eldy likes his stakes but joe figured if he could eat a row cow, he could probably eat anything. Joe placed the stake on a plate. He put some veggies on the side of the stake. He figured eldy would be hungry, so joe decided to give the first stake to him. Joe wasn’t sure if eldy liked vegetables but he wanted to see dad’s likes and dislikes. “Alright eldy, dinner is served.” Joe came to where he was and saw that he was scratching the floor. “Hey, what are you doing to my….?” Joe was speechless. Joe saw a scratched portrait of him. It was amazing. “Di..di…did you do ….al ..all that…?” Joe never saw anything quite like this. “Wow, that joe looks better then this joe.” He says as he made hand jesters.

    Mike: mike of coarse wanted to see her car. Humans could own some really cool looking cars. He could only imagine what a sweet ride a dragon could own. Soon they entered the garage. Mike saw a pile of car parts but didn’t see a car. Then he figured that the pile of metal was the car. “Uh, I don’t mean to be rude but, what kind of car was..er, I mean ‘is it?” Mike says, surprised to see the car totaled. “Did she sit in that car when she was in her fully grown dragon form?” Mike wondered.

    OOC mike: “oh, okay.” He says as issaic turned away and walked. Mike pretended to rubbed his right eye, with the middle finger. Mike was really just giving issaic the ‘Fuck You’ sign. He thought issaic’s ‘kind sentiments’ where really uncalled for. Mike didn’t really listen to issaic’s babbling. Mike didn’t care, he just wanted to destroy joe.

    Both OOC: joe grabbed his shield and sword and waited for mike. Joe’s left lag was bleeding profusely. Joe could no longer run. He could only defend. Mike wiped the blood of his face. There was a big nasty gash on his forehead. The blood ran down to his eyes. Mike’s vision was blurred. Mike wiped his face again, trying to find a shield and sword. And so he did. “Let’s FINISH THIS!” Mike says, as he clanged his shield and sword together and charged. Joe unhooked his own shield and threw it like a Frisbee, again. Mike put his shield in the way and blocked the large spinning metal disk. “Not this time.” mike says with a wicked smirk. Mike swung his sword at joe, but he ducked under mike’s strike. Joe limped backwards, joe was really hurt. Joe fell down on the ground and dropped his sword. Mike turned and could easily conclude that the battle would end soon, mike slowly walked toured’s joe. Joe could see mike approach. Joe turned and knew his fate was sealed. But he saw his sword glinting in the light of the fire around them. Joe crawled to his sword. Mike quickly noticed that joe was heading to his weapon. Mike was willing to take the chance, letting joe grab his blade. Joe finally retrieved his sword and he slowly, with struggling pain, raised himself from defeat. Joe didn’t look so good. Joe’s skin was pail, and he had shaded dark bags under his eyes. Joe rouse his head and open his eyes. “Let’s finish this.” He says, with a harsh and determined voice. Mike grinned and took stance. Joe gave an angry face and charged with a loud roar. Mike charged too, engaging with a loud roar. Soon, they and there war cries collided. Mike swung and so did joe. There swords clanged and sparks shot out from between. There blades where now pined. Mike and joe pushed and pushed there swords together. As they did, mike kicked joe’s wounded lag. Joe’s lag was now in intense pain. All he could do is struggle, or so he thought. Joe slid his sword away from the pin, and they both broke free. Joe and mike swung and collided the swords multiple times. Mike swung his shield at joe’s sworded hand. Joe’s sword flung out of his hand and into the fire. The sword bounced across the ground till it stopped, right in front of issaic’s feet. The sword was hot and steamy from the fire it passed threw.

  283. joe says:

    Both OOC: Mike has now completely disarmed joe, and there was not much more that could be done. Mike shoved his sword into joe’s left side of the chest. The other side of joe’s body, the end of the blade was covered in his blood. Joe dropped to his knees and felt off balanced. Everything seemed to go in slow motion through joe’s eyes. The fire was slow, his breathing was slow. It was as if time was slowing down. Joe slowly fell onto his right side, hitting the ground shoulder first. Blood began to drip from his mouth and his vision was being clouded with lights that swirled around him. He could hear his heart beating an his warmth was slipping away. Mike towered over joe. Mike was insanely tired. He couldn’t believe that he actually won. The fight was intense. His energy was drained, but it seemed that he was the victor. ……or was he…?
    Joe could feel himself slipping. He no longer felt any pain. Joe opened his eyes. It was so hard to see, but when he squinted his eyes, he saw his shield. The shield he threw at mike earlier. Joe slightly turned his head. He could see mike, he had his back turned. Mike was whipping the blood off his face. Joe slowly and silently crawl to his shield. Joe gave a tight grip on the shield and turned his head to mike. Mike turned and saw joe, still alive. Joe swung his shield as hard as he could at mikes lags. The shield struck mike’s bottom limbs and the bones actually broke. Mike dropped to his knees in pain. He began to scream in agony. Joe lifted his uper-body and he grabbed a hold of the handel of the sword, that was still in his body. Joe pulled with all his might and tugged on it. Joe was screaming loud, in pain. It hurt so bad. But, joe successfully pulled the sword out, from inch by inch. Mike slowly looked up at joe. He gasped in fear. Mike couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Joe stood on his knees and rammed the sword into mike’s chest. They both collapsed, falling on there shields. How joe was abel to pull this off didn’t seem humanly possible. But there was no champion. Mike began to choke and gagged on his own blood. Mike’s last words was “samantha……..” He spoke softly, gurgling a little. Joe had a punctured lung and took one last breath of air before he fated away. Joe died first and mike went second. There pupils dilated wide and they where turning pale.

  284. Eldy: Elderon smiled and looked at the plate, then the little sketch he’d made in the floor. “What this, I was just doodling. But yeah, I did that, all with this claw and some soot.”, he said as he looked up to the plate, “Is that for me?” he asked. He could smell sweet steak, cooked vegetables, and a good bit of seasoning, he couldn’t help but start to drool again.

    Scar: Scarlet laughed, “Yeah, it was my favorite car too, I came over a dune and hit a rock, flipped it and rolled about 15 times over some more rocks, about 2 or 3 hours ago. I haven’t started fixing it yet. It used to be a beautiful Blood Red 1969 Mustang Boss 302.” she gave a small sigh and and looked at the twisted wreck, then the three other cars that belonged to the rest of the family, then back over her shoulder at the other 300 + cars in the huge garage. They had one of almost every car ever made, though they stopped buying them about 15 years ago. “Well, I best get to work.”, Scar said as she laid her hands on the hood, the the car slowly beginning to take shape again, metal grinding and scraping as it crumpled itself and took it’s old shape, parts sliding across the floor and under the car, working back into place, others just disappearing and supposedly going to their appropriate home. In less than 5 minuets, what used to be a destroyed heap of metal and broken glass was now a perfectly new car. “Well, there you go, that’s what kind of car it used to be. and I suppose is again, magical parts and all.”, she said as she sat on the hood and looked out into the sea of shiny metal and glass. “You want to know a secret?”, she asked a faint smile on her face.

    OOC Issaic: He moved a hand and and the flames died out. He then turned away and started to leave the fun over he went back about his business of training in the do-jo.

    OOC Eldy: “It is done. Their quarrel now settled. Now, My lovely daughter, go bring them back, Mike first as he is the victor and as such must be congratulated.”, he said as he watched Sam run into the circle even before the flames were gone.

    OOC Sam: Sam knelt before Mike and Joe. She rolled Mike onto his back and placed her hands on his chest. Closing her eyes her hands began to glow blue, and then the glow enveloped Mike. The humans wounds began to close, and his heart began to beat again, his body becoming warm as he slowly came back to life. Then she let go as he opened his eyes and gasped for breath. She smiled and then ripped the sword out of Joe, handing the blood covered thing to Mike, “This is yours. And, you did very good.”, she said, looking at him still a little shocked from seeing his afterlife most likely.
    Then she rolled Joe onto his back and repeated the process, though it took a little longer as she was already a bit weak from doing this to Mike, When Joe came back she smiled and stood, helping him up as she did.

    OOC Eldy: “Now that you two have that out of the way, I will say congratulations Mike. You are the victor, you survived the longest.”, he said as he nodded to Mike then to Joe, “Now I hope you have settled you little problem and can be friends once more.”, he said in a kinder voice.

  285. joe says:

    Really Realy OOC Joe: uh, I don’t think that part existed when we wrote the ending of the fight. I could have sworn ‘I pulled his sword out of me.’ And I rammed it into mike. There was no blade in me when I passed away. Mike was the one who died with the sword stuck in his ribs, Silly dragon… ;-)

    [Mike] mike loved the car. It had such class. in mike’s terms, the car was sick, meaning that it was cool. Mike wondered what kind of secret Scar had in mind. “Well, if it’s a secret, you’ll have my word. I won’t tell anyone, not even joe.” He says with a smile. He took a moment and looked at all the cars. The gorge was so huge. If all the cars had alarms, it would be tormenting if all of them went off.

    [Joe] he smiled. “No eldy, this plate is meant for the fire place.” Joe was doing a little tease at elderon. He noticed he was salivating for the meal. Joe slowly tilted the plate near the fire. But joe stopped and grinned. “Unless, you want this one.” He says, stopping the tease, but the plate was still remaining near the fire. It looked like eldy was going to tear if the food fell in. His big innocent dragony eyes, much like how a puppy dog would bage for food under a table. Joe didn’t want to admit it, but Eldy looked kinda cute at that size. And the big shiny eyes nearly made joe feel so guilty for the tease. Joe almost said,”awwww.” But joe has to remember that Eldy is a friend, a dad, not a adorable pet.

    Mike OOC: mike didn’t feel victorious, he felt bad, bad for killing joe. Friends should never do that, even if they can revive back to life. “Yeah, we’re done.” He says to eldy and turned to joe. “Joe? Are you with me?” Mike asked as he stuck out his hand. He was meaning to give joe a handshake. “Joe sighed. he turned and gave mike a hug. “I’m sorry I did that to you, mike. I can’t believe I…I did …” Mike interrupted joe. “It’s okay, joe. I feel the same way.” He says as he gave a small smile. Joe gently grabbed sam’s shoulder. “I’m sorry. I’ll never do this ever again.” Joe says, feeling heart broke for killing mike in front of her.

  286. OOC Alan: *looks back at Eldy as he sits at computer. They talk in draconic for a moment* “Yes sorry, we got confused with who did what, though we both agree that we knew someone died with a sword in them. Please forgive us, and lets just try and move on. And we also apologize to anyone who may read this in the future or is actually following our story.”

    [Scar] Scarlet smiled and leaned close, whispering into Mikes’ ear. “Ok, now you have to not tell anyone ok? Well, Mike and Joe are going to get to pick a car from the entire garage, and that will be their car. Now, don’t tell them ok, because it’s going to be a surprise.”, she said with a smile as she looked at Mikes face. She knew what she said, and she purposefully worded it as if she wasn’t speaking to Mike.

    [Eldy] He stood up, using his nose to hold the plate level again, “NO! Don’t you dare!”, he said, his voice sounding like he was going to cry. He watched Joe set the plate down and nipped him on the wrist when he started to pull his hand away, “That’s for being mean to your dad.”, he said looking at the marks he made on Joes hand. “But, thank you for the lovely meal.”, he said before he started to eat. The food was wonderful and he did all he could to slow down and savor it. He moaned and made groans of enjoyment.

    [Sam] Sam had finished washing and dressing, then she came to the garage. A smile on her face as she followed Mikes scent. She couldn’t nap, not after finding her lovely husband gone. She walked down to the two of them, Mike and Mom. She smiled and looked at her car, it was a dark black 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Super Sport. Though it seemed to have a bit of a shadowy visage about it, like it was very hot, distorting the air around it, but it was quite cold. She set her hand on the hood in the middle of the grey racing striped running from hood to trunk. “Well, glad to see you found the garage ok.”, she said with a smile.

  287. OOC Sam: Sam smiled, “No need to feel bad hun, it was fun to watch. Reminds me of when i was little and we used to go to the Roman Colosseum to watch the gladiators.”, she said with a smile. She hugged and kissed Mike, then hugged Joe, “You two made me feel like a kid again.”, she said smiling at both of them, “Thank you.”, she added.

  288. joe says:

    Really OOC joe: Hey, it’s alright. I never really wrought an action sequence before. Plus, I didn’t spend to much time. So, I guess I should practice more. And yes we can move on. And yes, I can always forgive you. ‘YOU ARE A FRIEND’ or in eldy’s language… *clears throat* Wux re si bensvelk thurirl. And eldy, wux re si bensvelk thurirl too. ;-)

    Really OOC mike: okay…? Wait! Eldy is with Alan? I thought…I….oh my. So, eldy’s….er..alan…ne- never mind. wait, joe can speak dragon now? What the hell is going on around here!?

    [Joe] he could here elderons groans as he ate. Joe rubbed his wrist. That nip wasn’t very pleasing but he figured he deserved it. Joe looked back at eldy. “Are those sounds suppose to be normal?” ,he asked as he smiled a little. Joe didn’t hear eldy make sounds like that when he ate the cows. Joe concluded that elderon liked the stake.

    [Mike] mike smiled. He was so excited. he was a bit startled when sam suddenly spoke. He new he had to keep a secret. But he new he would face a problem. (Sam reads minds.) So, uh oh. “Ah, yes. The garage is….very amazing.” He said as he rubbed the back of his neck.

    Joe OOC: joe shook his head and slowly walked away with his head looking down low. Joe grabbed his sword and kept walking. He felt so ashamed of himself.

    Mike OOC: mike looked behind his sholder and saw joe walking slowly away, drowning in guilt. Mike sighed. “Yes well, your…welcome, sam.” He says before giving her a kiss. He still felt a little bad for what happened. He didn’t know what to do.

  289. Real OOC Alan: Don’t worry Mike, I’m just a translator, I’m the one that works the computer. I don’t tend to speak much, but when I do, it’s only for something very important.

    Real OOC Eldy: Thank you Joe, and Mike he can speak Draconic because the knowledge of our language transferred with his new ‘self’, so to speak. See our base knowledge of our language and writing are engrained in our DNA, which includes our blood.

    [Eldy] Elderon nodded, “yes, they’re normal, mostly. This food is delicious, you are a good cook.”, he said smiling, then returning to the plate. Soon, he was licking it clean.

    [Scar] Scarlet smiled and started to leave, “Well, now if you excuse me, I’m going to go take the tank for a little spin. The oil and grease needs to be moved around anyway.”, she sad as she started off toward the armor, her clothes changing to something more like a mechanics jumpsuit. She knew she’d be getting dirty.

    [Sam] Sam looked at Mike, “Something wrong?”, she asked as she ran her hand over the hood of her car. She yawned a little, and wondered what she was going to do for a little while, hopefully something fun with Mike.

    Sam: Sam nodded and let Mike go, smiling as he kissed her. She concentrated on talkign ot her brother, “Issaic, now that they had their little game, how about you and me go a couple rounds?”, she asked him in his head.
    Issaic: Issaic heard Sams voice, he smiled a little and teleported back to the foyer where the fight had happened. He handed Sam a quarterstaff and took hold of his own, “And no strong magic this time, it’s not fair when you stop time.”, he said as he smiled and grave a small flourish as he took a fighting stance.
    “Of course, no strong magic.”, she said as the ends of her quarterstaff sparked and crackled with electricity. She took her stance, then came in at her brother in a dash, one end of the staff coming up low at his side, then quickly switching and bringing the other end down toward his opposite shoulder.
    Issaic took a firm footing and blocked both blows, then came with a forward thrust of hsi staff, hitting Sam in the gut and pushing her back. He came forward as she was regaining her balance and brought his staff down toward her head.
    Sam brought her staff up quickly, holding it with two hands, Her brothers staff slammed down onto it, and a splintering of wood followed by a loud crack. Sams staff broke in half, a piece in each hand. She knocked away one end of his staff and blocked as Issaic came around with the second end. She came at him with a flurry of blows with the two pieces of staff, now having two weapons instead of one.
    Issaic did his best to hold off the attacks, but his stamina was draining. He reached down deep and let out a roar, coming back at her sister furiously, his staff whirling and whistling in the air, a series of cracks and then soft thuds as Sam managed to block most of his attacks, but he was soon hitting flesh.
    Sam Groaned in pain but came forward and leaped over Issaic’s staff as he came into a swing. She kicked him in the head as he was moving forward with the spring and watched him fall to the ground. She landed behind him and turned to face him, throwing aside the pieces of staff and taking a fighting stance again, waiting for her brother to stand. She was above fighting a downed opponent, there was no honor in it.
    Issaic hit the ground hard but he got up. seeing his sister unarmed he tossed aside his staff and smiled, taking another fighting stance as he waited for her move.

    END ROUND #1

  290. joe says:

    Really OOC joe: that’s probably why I can read their books. Hmmm, who would have thought.

    Really OOC mike: you can read their books, too??? Where the hell have I been? Can you teach me the language, joe?

    Really OOC joe: well, I’m not the teaching type, but I could try. Unless Sam could teach you that is. Oh, and mike. I think killing me over an XBox might have been a little harsh. And XBoxs brake down all the time, unlike the beloved PS3. <3 Your worrying me, Mike. :(

    And alan, if I could interrupt. You can translate, so there must be two explanations. Ether eldy has taught you, or he gave you the blood bond, like what issaic did to me. If he did do the bond, would you be a half dragon?

    [Joe] joe smiled at elderons compliment. He was happy that he made him happy. But, eldy probably will get a little more happier. "Well, I'm glad you like it. I gave it a secret ingredient. Speaking of ingredients, can I keep this?" He says as he held the bottle of Dragon Bitter. "Oops, I just gave away my secret." He says with a grin. "Oh, speaking of secrets, I want to show you something. But first..*grabs another stake off the burner* would you like some more?" He asked as he smiled, looking at eldy cleaning the plate with his forked tongue.

    [Mike] he gave a small smile. "Nothing sam. everything is fine." He says, looking at sam's pretty face. Mike walked a few steps forward and gave her a hug. "I missed you." He says quietly before letting her go.

    Mike OOC: See joe, that's how you wright a freaken action sequence!!! Go sam!! Beat the living scales out of him! <3 :) <3 :) <3 :)
    3l:) <—– That is a new symbol I'm trying out. It's a king, meant for champions. And sam's my champion. Why am I telling you this…? I have no idea.

  291. [R] OOC Alan: Nope, I learned it the old fashioned way, no blood mixing for me thank you. But, glad you asked, no, i had to spend years studying the scripts and language, though Elderon is a very good teacher.

    [Sam] Sam smiled and hugged back, “Aww, such ha sweet heart. I was just a little worried you might have wandered off drink and fallen into a pt trap ,or had a few poison darts in you, or were cut in half by some falling blade. But, you’re safe and sober now, so yay.”, she sad smiling as she hugged him again, giving him a kiss and looking at the car then Mike. “Want to go for a drive?”, she said as she put a set of keys in Mike’s hand.

    [Eldy] Elderon nearly leapt at the steak, “Yes, please do, and you can keep the bottle, it’s a lifetime supply. That bottle will always refill itself.”, he said smiling as he looked at the steak, his tail swaying slowly as he kept his eyes locked onto it.

    *groans* Too tired to keep writing… I’ll keep the fight going when I am not sleepy, that way it will be good, not… that other thing that’s the opposite of good.

    3|:) This may work better, not sure how the DMing.com font may change it, but the | should work better than an l.

  292. joe says:

    [Joe] well, thank you. And I try my best to please.” He says as he placed the stake on another plate. “Here you go, dad.” He says with a smile as he handed the plate to the dragon. Joe liked that elderon loved the food. He new eldy would be even more happier when joe revels his deepest secret. But, he figured to save the best for last. “Later, I’ll show you around the town. If you wish.”

    [Mike] he looked at the keys for a moment then turned his attention to Sam. He gave a wide smiled at her and spoke. “I thought you’d never ask.” He says with a chuckle as he threw the keys up in the air and catching them when they fell back to his hand.
    (Looks like sam and mike are going for a ride.) <3


    Mike OOC: 3|:)» <—— I made a beard!
    The opposite of good. Hmmm. Uh, is it 'bad?'

    Joe OOC: yes, mike! You get a cookie.

    Mike OOC: oh cool. Is it chocolate chip.

    Joe OOC: no, it's oatmeal.

    Mike OOC: damn it!!!

    OOC Joe:
    Okay, I love the action short story so far. Better already then the one I did. And issaic interrupted and called us chickens/cowards, but it's okay. I can always forgive him. *looks at scales and smiles* After what he did. :)

    OOC mike: yeah, I can always forgive issaic too. *rubbing eye with middle finger*

  293. OOC Issaic: You wanna lose that finger you little shit? I don’t care if you are my sisters mate, I don’t take kindly to that sort of disrespect. *growls as he bares his teeth*

    [Eldy] He comped away at the steak, it was so tender. He smiled soon it too was gone, down to his tummy. He murred happily and looked up at Joe, “Can we go now?”, he asked smiling a little, “But If anything I’m just going to get a little bigger, I’m not in the mood to walk on two legs just yet.”, he said chuckling.

    [Sam] Sam got in the passenger side of her car. “Ok Mike, ever drive a standard?”, she asked as she made her wings and tail disappear so she could sit in the racing bucket set correctly. She fastened the 5 point harness and fixed the straps a little. “Because I don’t want you breaking my transmission, or overheating the engine. And just take it easy leaving the garage, there’s over 15 million dollars worth of mint condition cars here, all bought brand new, or so my parents say.”, she said smiling as she watched Mike get in, the car was upholstered in red and black, the gauges glowed a soft red, the needles were a neon green. The car was clearly very customized. On the dash were gauges for turbo pressure, NO2 input, and remaining NO2 supply. “And please, no nitrous, I don’t want you blowing a gasket.”, she said motioning to the two red buttons on the steering wheel, one marked PRIME, the other FIRE. One more interesting thing, the speedometer was marked to max out at 350 mph.

    Sam chrged at Issaic, a roar exscaping her mouth. She came at him with a flying kick.
    Issiac grabbed Sams foot and slidd back a bot, though he moved her up and used he momentum to slam her into the ground like a club. She bounced a little and then kicked him in the face.
    That slam hurt, but wasn’t enough to throw her off her game. She smiled and stood again. coming at a disoriented Issaic with a hard hitting flurry of blows to the head and gut. And ending with a sweeping kick.
    Issaic fell to the ground, but he regained his senses long enough to dodge a fist coming for is head, he heard it hit the ground and break stone. He growled and stood up, but he swayed a little.
    She was wearing her brother down, that kick to the head started it all, but she was tired, and that miss broke a couple fingers. She growled and her hands and feet became surrounded in an aura of cold. She came at her brother again.
    Issaic put up a fierce guard, though every block made him colder, even defending was hurting him. It soon became too much, his body gave up on him. As she hit him with a strong uppercut to the jaw, he was out cold.
    Sam quickly came around and grabbed her brother just before he hit the ground. She sat down cross-legged and let he res in his lap, waiting for him to wake. She smiled and healed a few of his wounds as well as he broken fingers, the throb going away.

  294. joe says:

    OOC Mike: mike turned and saw issaic. “A little shit, Is that right?” Mike says as he put his hands together and crackling knuckles.

    OOC joe: alright, that’s it! Enough, both of you! Whether you two like it or not, your going to sit down and talk. I’ve noticed you two never got along that well, and as god as my witness, you two will BOTH treat each other with respect! Got it?! *growls and shows dagger sharp teeth* joe was a little surprised at how he made his own growls. It’s never happened before. But he had more attention on mike and issaic.

    [Joe] joe smiled and almost laughed. “Well, if your going to walk on all fours, I’m going to have to explain to everyone that your not a choupicobra or a monster.” He says smiling a little. “I think we should start AWAY from any bar’s. All Bartenders have concealed weapons, and I know they probably will kill first and ask questions later.” He says as he rubbed his neck with a bit of a frown. “I don’t doubt you could take care of all that, it’s just that I don’t want such a panic. But really, I suggest you stay here. I could bring some familiar friends over. Start slow, before doing anything too hasty.”

    [Mike] mike felt amused at how sam asked him if he could drive standard. He chuckled. “Believe me sam, there’s nothing to worry about. I’ve handled babys like these when I was a older kid.” He made the engine roar a few times. He liked the sounds. It brings back good memories when he was a racer in the streets. Mike made the car give away a few more roars. Then he looked make to sam with a grin on his face. He raised his eyebrows up and down in a amusing sexy way.

    Joe OOC: wow, I feel so, weak compared to these two fighting. Mike if I was you, I’d leave issaic be. :)
    Mike OOC: well, we seem to have a firm grasp on the obvious! *steps away little from issaic*
    Joe OOC: ah eh, stay here mike. you two need to sort things out.
    [R] OOC joe: “I am never staying up this late again.”joe was very tired and made no groans. Instead, joe fell and landed face first on the ground. *snores*

    [R] OOC Mike: “well, here I am again.” *takes out 357 magnum with full medal jacket rounds and guards joe while he sleeps*

  295. [Eldy] Elderon smiled, “That sounds nice. I’ll wait for your friends.”, he said as his tail swished a little. He smiled then laid down a bit, pushing the plate aside and laying his head down. He watched as Joe went outside and he wondered how his friends would react to his new appearance.

    [Sam] Sam smiled and looked ahead, really just waiting for Mike to drop it in gear, though she could hear the fire popping out the tailpipes. She wondered how far he would push his baby, this car was her pride and joy. An ever full gas tank, turbo charged, nitrous injected, engine. Magically enhanced, super performance. The car can easily go 300, but she barely ever pushed it that far. “Now, take care of my baby. Just please take it easy leaving the cave.”, she said as she watched Mike settle into the seat and strap in.

    Sam smiled at Mike and Joe, “Yeah you two are weak, but we like you none the less. A little training and you two might be as strong as us.”, she said with a kidding chuckle.
    Issaic grumbled, “Eh, we’ll train them… we’ll train them well.”, he said before snuggling against Sam a little, fading back into unconsciousness.

  296. joe says:

    [Joe] He began to walk down the hill and soon walked down the street. Joe looked around and saw familiar homes and people. Some of the people in town looked at him in a weird way. Joe didn’t care. He was happy and exited to see some friends he could trust. Joe walked in to a small bar and made his way to the bartender. There were some big guys staring at joe and some even grinned at him. Joe took a seat at the front of the counter. The bartender was scrubbing a glasses and didn’t even notice joe. Joe cleared his throat loud, trying to get the man’s attention. The tender turned and saw joe. “Well, look who’s dressed for Halloween. What can I get for you sir?” The bartender asked. Joe smiled and looked around for a moment. “I don’t want anything to drink. I’m looking for a few friends of mine and I was hoping if you seen them.” Joe says as he looked at the bartender. “Who’s the guys?” The bartender asked. “I’m looking for a Josh Dillon, Tim Fabian, and Simon Walter.” Joe replied. “Well, Tim was here about 7 minutes ago. But he went to go settle in the park.” The bartender said. The tender squinted at joe and his eyes widened. “I only know two people that know those guys. Me and joe. Are you …him?” The man asked. Joe smiled and nodded. “Yes, I am.” Joe says with a wide smile. The man smiled and laughed. “Hey everyone! Our Trick Or Treater here happens to be joe!” The man shouted, getting everyone’s attention. The people where excited to see joe and they all stood up and started to shake his hand, greeting him and welcoming him back.

    [Another chicken] The bird was pecking at the door and bocking around. It jumped and flapped it’s wings and landed on a window sill and saw eldy. The bird just cocked it’s head at him and found eldy curios. It stood there, just looking at the new looking creature.

    [Mike] Mike shifted into gear. Mike gave a little gas and the car drove past the parked cars. Mike noticed the speedometer on the car could go 350 miles an hour. He smiled and shook his head. “Oh man. Have you ever raced this thing?” Mike asked as he cruised around and headed for the exit.

    [OOC Joe; “Yeah, thanks sam. Maybe we’ll even be better some day!” Joe says with sarcasm. He was on the verge of laughter.

    OOC Mike: mike just rolled his eyes. Yes well, me glad that your gonna make us big n stwrong.” Mike says with a baby-ish voice, being immature and sarcastic.

    [R] OOC Joe: I just made a character on the site. Do you see it? ;-)

    [R] OOC Mike: wait what!!! You made your character without even telling me?!! I should kill you,…… again! You know what, I’m not talking to you for the rest of the day. >8P

  297. [Eldy] He started to nap softly, though he had taken the time ot put a note on Joes front door that said, KNOCK LOUDLY on it, just in case he was asleep when he came back.

    [Sam] Sam smiled, “Haven’t raced, ran from the cops alot, even pegged her out a few times. I’ve had a digital speedometer once, clocked her real max at 425. She’s a beast, and I love her, Just please take care of her, this car as a few secrets.”, she said with a smile as he patted the dashboard of the car, the RPM’s spiked a little and settled back down. “Anyway Mike, you can race her if you want, but stay off public roads, or at least ones you could hit another car. We been through alot, and got real close me and this car, so please do take care of Shadow.”, she said as she watched Mike pull out of the cave and into the sand, the closed road was half a mile to the south.

    [R] OOC: Ok, yeah Joe I saw, and I approve. Good Job.

  298. joe says:

    [Joe] he smiled and shook more hands. “Yes, thank you all. It’s good to be back.” he says as he waved. “wow joe, did you get a new haircut?” The bartender asked. Joe just laughed. “Yeah, I got a haircut.” He says with sarcasm. “Look you guys. I got to go so….” Joe was interupted by the crowds pleads. “Come on joe. Hang out for a while.” A man said. “Where have you been the last few weeks, hun?” A woman asked. Joe smiled and happily replied. “I’ve been making some new friends, out of town. One of them, he happens to be at my place.” He said with a blush. “Well, let’s see him.” A man said. Another woman spoke from the crowd. “What does he look like? Is he hot?” She says with a smile. Joe smiled and rubbed the back of his head. “Well, you can be the judge of that.” He says as he gave her a beer. He put down a gold coin on the counter for the bartender. “You remind me of my other brother.” Joe said to the tender, referring to issaic.

    [Mike] he drove a little slow-ish. He didn’t know how fast she wanted him to go. “I have to say, your baby is nice. But, I have to ask, why does our family own so many cars?” He asked as he drove a little faster. The speed was about 70 miles per hour. There was a small smoke trail of dirt and rock behind the car.

    [Another chicken] ………….. XP

    Joe OOC: mike, no more chickens.

    Mike OOC: *sigh* fine.

    [R] OOC Joe: Well, yes I think I did alright. But I noticed that there was some spelling errors. Including one in particular. ‘He saw scallions on the floor.’ Actually, it was suppose to be ‘skeletons on the floor.’ So, if editing would be alright, I’d love to have that part in particular to be changed. And thanks for approving. I gave a bit of effort for John and perhaps I worked to hard to see any slight mishaps. And mike’s character is well on the way. ;-)

    [R] OOC Mike: it better be, jerk. Er, I mean joe. >:D

  299. [Eldy] Elderon woke up, his nap not so good, he kept getting a feeling Joe was either really stressed, or something of that nature was wrong. He needed to help his son, townsfolk or no. He stood up and stretched, his joints cracking a little, and when he whipped his tail a couple times, it sounded like a machine gun was going off. Eldy walked to the door and made a motion with his paw and the door opened, he smiled and started outside, the door closing behind him. As he walked he turned himself invisible. When he got to the bar, it wasn’t too much trouble just coming into the front door. He saw Joe was practically being mobbed. He smiled to himself and eased his way through the crowd like the assassin he was. He took the seat next to Joe on the bar. “Hey Son, watch this.”, he whispered into Joes ear before he turned himself visible again. Many people in the crowd gasped and he heard the cocking of a shotgun, it sounded like a 12 Gauge, Remington most likely. “Sir, I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”, he siad calmly, “Please put the gun down.”, he said in the same calm voice. He knew he could break that gun and slice the man’s hands off even before he could start to pull the trigger of the gun.

    [Sam] Sam smiled, he was taking it easy alright. “We’re dragons, we hoard. We hoard gold, and money, but since gold has stopped being a mainstream form of currency, we started taking in other things, and since cars were expensive and really go up in value when they become old and are still in prefect condition, they are a very valuable asset. My parents are obsessed with having more and more treasure, as are all dragons. It’s just we are collecting different forms of treasure now.”, she said smiling as she looked at his speed, “Come one, you can drive faster than that.”, she said chuckling a little. then the tires squealed a little and the jar bumped a bit, they had drove up onto the road now. “I suggest going North, it’s about 100 miles of strait flat road, our family had it built because we used to use it as a sort of drag strip for localized street races, but that was a long time ago.”, she said as she looked down the road, it was solid before it miraged out into a wavering sea of heat.

  300. joe says:

    [Joe] the bartender couldn’t believe what he was looking at. Some winged scaly long necked creature appeared out of nowhere. And it talked. The man still aimed the shotgun and was trembling in fear. “What….the…hell…..are you?” The tender asked with a struggling voice. Before elderon answered joe had spoken. “He’s my friend. The one I was talking about.” Joe says with a small smile. The crowd was silent and where huddling close to each other. They where terrified. Joe looked at eldy with a wide smile. “I told you they would react like this. I said you could come but no bars. Your very persistent aren’t you?” Joe thought out loud. Joe turned back to the bartender and gently grabbed his shotgun. “Is that a proper hello for a friend?” Joe asked The tender said nothing and joe lowered his weapon. “He means you no harm.” Joe added

    [Mike] he shifted to second gear and gave some gas. The car was going about 112 miles an hour. “So, the family owns all that wealth, and just, get more? What does it do for you guys?” Mike asked as he gained more speed. The car was now going 155 miles per hour.

  301. [Eldy] Elderon chuckled and sat setting looking over the people, “Thanks Joe.”, he said chuckling a little. Then, he looked back to the bartender and made ‘hrmph’ noise and got off the counter, setting down next to Joe. His head coming up to shoulder height for the human. “So, are these the nice people of your home you talked about, cowering together like a scared heard of sheep?”, he said as he smiled, “MMmmm sheep.”, he said as he licked his lips a little, the crowd backed up a little. Elderon just laughed.

    [Sam] “We don’t do anything with the wealth. It just collects. I’ve seen dad rolling around in his gold piles like a pig in mud, and I suspect that he get the same kind of pleasure from it. But really i think it’s a psychological thing. Dragons and my kind seek power, and people always say money is power. I myself have about a billion dollars put away in several banks.”, she said as she patted the car, “Though I’ve spent nearly 500,000 dollars on Shadow here, most of it just on getting the right parts that are in as good a condition as she is, and then enhancing them with magic.”, she said as she watched the speed climb. “Hey Mike, quit pussyfooting it.”, she said as she grabbed the shifter, and the clutch pushed in without Mike pushing it, then she moved it into third gear, the speed climbing a little faster.

  302. [R] OOC: Joe, I’m not editing your posts, ok. I’ve got to run the site and work on new sections and more important business. I can’t go around being the sites personal spell checker. Now if you need help formatting and structuring, then talk to me. Also you may want to learn how to use the sites Personal Message system, I’ve sent you one and have yet to get a reply.
    Also, Mike hope to see you’re sheet soon.

  303. joe says:

    [R] OOC Joe: huh? No, I was asking with your permission if ‘I’ could edit. But, I never got an answer………..so, I made my tweaks anyways. Besides, your probably to busy working on other stuff. Like, taking some time for elderon and what not. All dragons deserve atention once in awhile. Even if the guest happens to be a dumb knight thinking to actually win a so called battle. But anywhom, I’m liking your new sight already. It’s…really a big step from …well……this sight. But I wish eldy was in the wastelands. But, he probably wouldn’t like living in such a place. :-/

    [R] OOC Mike: I’m going to make my character. Don’t worry. But if it really has to be soon I guess I could around a soon-like time. Oh, and I haven’t really planed on my character yet but bits and peaces are coming into what I hope to be a stable character. And by the way, I viewed some characters and I noticed that none of them have details of their shoes. I’m gonna get steal toed boots. A nice hidden blade that pops out from under the toes. One kick in someone’s jugular vane, and the are done for!!! *evil laugh*

    [Joe] the crowd gave cheesy smiles and pretended to laugh along with the small dragon. They where a lot more scared then joe would have thought. Joe couldn’t help but laugh too. The yummy herd of sheep..or joe’s friends had slowly quieted themselves. Joe smiled as grabbed a hold on elderon’s arm. Joe nipped eldys wrist. “That’s for teasing your son’s friends.” He says with a chuckle. *dayshavow*

    [Mike] mike gave a wicked grin. He turned to sam. “Pussyfooting?he asked as he looked back to the road with the same evil smile. “Alright, I’ll show you pussyfooting my angel.” Mike quickly shifted to the highest gear there was and put the peddle to the metal. Mike drove the car way at the far right. Mike took his foot off the gas and made a sudden turn to the left. The car spun 360 digress 5 times. The car was amazingly sliding and spinning down the road perfectly. The sound of skid marks and the view of thin smoke had trailed across the long road. Mike made a sudden turn and the car was driving strait again. Mike was laughing his butt off. As for sam, well, he didn’t pay much attention. He was living in a flashback when he used to race when he was 9. He felt like the child he was. It was such a relief to have that good taste of adrenaline rush again.

  304. [Elderon] “Hmm, right, now, how about I look a little less threatening?”, he asked as he shape-shifted into his human form. He leaned causally against the bar and smiled a kind smile. “Well, maybe we got off on the wrong foot. My name is Elderon, Elderon Analas. Joe here is sort of my adopted son, he wanted to show me his hometown, since he’s been all through mine.”, he said smiling as he moved his hands a bit as he talked, a common habit of his side of the family, he was very expressive.

    [Sam] Sam smiled and laughed, she was having a great time, though the world slowed down as she was focusing on everything, adrenaline pumping thorough her body. Her heart was racing and she was loving it. Though she could tell Shadow wasn’t seeing it that way, but she was still glad to be driven like this, though he was treating her a little rough, you don’t go from 3rd to 7th gear in one shift. The car drove along and picked up speed, and as it topped 180, the radio switched on, the LCD readout giving a soft red glow from the numbers, as the stereo started playing AD/DC’s “Highway to Hell”, at a fairly loud volume, but not deafening. Sam smiled and chuckled as the car kept speeding up. “Well, Mike, that was fun, wanna see how fast Shadow can go?”, she said smiling, hoping to peak Mikes interest, and she wanted to have a little fun too. But, with the way Mike was treating Shadow, she was worried with how she would take it. “Mike, see how well you do with a few more tricks eh?”, she asked, wondering if he’d try a few more slides, maybe even a revers 180, 360, or some other stunt. She always liked stunts, but she also wanted to make Shadow a little mad.

  305. joe says:

    Joe: I don’t know how I was able to get back in here but I’m worried that this might be my last message on here. there is a lot of problems I recently discovered. It’s odd. Now, one thing is for sure, I can’t seem to message you anywhere on the new site you made. I can’t go and type anything in the “message body”. Not in OOC’s section or anywhere else. I can’t even PM you for some reason. I don’t know if that’s a real glitch in your site, or something is wrong with how I’m connection. So, please check to see if you can still message in it and if you can, I’ll know I have some sort of computer problem.

  306. ok, I’m not sure, maybe your font color was set to black, I changes a few things and that may have been bad, so I reverted them to the way they were before. I’m not sure if that was the problem, i looked through my admin stuff and everything seemed to be in order as for the posting allowances for you. I also tried posting and it works, so I’m not so sure… It may be somethign i did somehow, but as far as I know, you should be able to post… I may have to delete your account, and then you remake it, and this time, make it a capitol J. Or, I can make it, and them PM, your existing account with the new info. I’m going to be sending you an email, so it will do 2 things (1) add you to my contacts, (2) make sure I don’t lose your email and let me have it so I can create your new profile, using your email.

  307. joe says:

    OOC: don’t know if your still there, if your having internet troubles or worse. I’d like to know what happened. You ant dead are ya?

  308. Dragonsbane says:

    Great post, befriended a lot of dragons, including a ghost very young brass dragon! One last queston, would this work on evil non-true dragons? Like pseudo-dragons and drakes?


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