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Ideas from Game of Thrones season 5 premiere

Written by MythicParty - Published on April 13, 2015

GoT S5Another Game of Thrones season, another army of ideas for your D&D games.  And although HBO GO recently became available via Apple products, (coincidentally in time for the premiere) if like me you don’t have an iPad/iPhone/iInput you can still watch (legally) via an Amazon app called ‘Sling Television.’  So what can we borrow from GoT S5-1 for D&D? {SPOILERS, duh}  Here’s some thoughts I had- in order- while watching the episode twice.

  1. good bad guys have good backstory  A young Cersei is already showing signs of Cerseiness but apparently had someone who was a genuine friend to her.  And you have to be a friend if not a BFF to go into a witch’s den, & then not leave when said witch tells you to leave.
  2. if you’re going to be ‘God’ act Godlike  It would be a intriguing character background if a PC had a prophecy about them, especially if this happens.  As the DM, if you could make such a premonition later actually ‘come true’ it would be something to WOW your player with.  Particularly if said premonition had been paid for in blood & was not predicting the sort of positiveness coming from fortune cookies.
  3. sorcerous power is serious  Melisandre, aka The Red Woman, shares with Jon Snow a noticeable feature of her abilities; her skin radiates the heat from being in service to the Lord of Light.  Shouldn’t all spellcasters & soothsayers have some tell-tale sign of their otherworldly abilities?
  4. gay people exist, even in fantasy worlds  This episode has more male butts than female boobs.  Yet how many famous homosexual characters from fantasy RPG’s are there?  (seriously, I don’t know, yell at me in the comments below).  You don’t need to push a gay agenda on your group but never having any gay folk in your game world just isn’t realistic.  I’d suggest making it a part without making it a big deal.
  5. Dragons stuck in a dungeon become angry Dragons stuck in a dungeon Too many modules stick monsters into various rooms without considering the ecology of the place.  A Dragon (or really any monster) that can’t escape it’s confines would likely slowly grow insane.  So unless you want to roleplay an insane monster- which, hey might be awesome- make sure there are appropriate entrances/exits for them to enter/leave.
  6. honor means burning rather than bending  There are those who put principles ahead of person, & would literally die for their beliefs.  Even if its a horrible death.  And this episode had that, with Mance Rayder being burned alive but not before giving gracious last words.  Honor, duty, & sacrifice shouldn’t just be words on a character sheet.  If a PC is properly playing a knight or simply someone of Lawful alignment, then their words matter.

Ok, I’m sure that even after catching it twice, there were other ideas from ‘The Wars to Come.’  What did I miss?  What didn’t I write right?  I’ll be adding more to this piece as I watch it again, but let me know in the comments below.

Written by MythicParty

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4 Responses to “Ideas from Game of Thrones season 5 premiere”

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  1. Benjamin Hagen Says:

    Great list, as I can see my DMs being able to incorporate some of these ideas. Also, since Game of Thrones has a lot of political intrigue, incorporating that could be very interesting as well. The only issue, I think, that might come up is trying to give every PC something special. Some players might feel left out, others might want to be plain, normal adventuring folk. But, I would definitely like seeing some Game of Thrones aspects in any campaign I am in.

  2. MythicParty Says:

    Hey Benjamin, thanks for the feedback. GoT is absolutely a politically-based show. The question is, how to successfully transport that into D&D games, which, let’s face it, tend to focus on combat.

    I have bought a GoT RPG called ‘A Song of Ice And Fire’ https://greenronin.com/sifrp/

    …and sometime in the future will look to do a piece that Idea Mines the heck out of it. Meantime, these little starters will hopefully help!

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