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Is Your DM Out Of Ideas?

Written by Expy - Published on July 2, 2010

Burn out…It happens to all of us, no matter how gifted and talented we are at any aspect of life. Even story telling! It’s easy to fall into the lazy habit of using the same old scenarios while tweaking one or two aspects and changing NPC character names but secretly everyone knows it’s the same storyline your group played 3 months ago. It happens! Never fear, thats why Dungeon Mastering is here =).

There are now 740 unique posts on the subject of Dungeon Mastering and RPG’s here at DMing and if that weren’t enough, we’ve got links to 83 free DnD adventures, a monthly Adventure Club, and a marketplace where you can pick up a new adventure anytime you want. But as good of a resource as this site can be for DM’s, it’s just not for everyone. And honestly, there are simpler solutions out there.

For a few days I’ve been pre-occupied with GnomeStew.com’s latest creation “Eureka!” Eureka is a compilation of 501 different adventure plots to add to your arsenal and provide a little “flavor” to freshen up your DnD group. It’s received rave reviews from all the major DnD bloggers on the scene, and we’re adding our stamp of approval to it as well. It’s really quite impressive. If you haven’t heard about it yet, check it out.

Between all the resources listed above, and the “Instant DM” (downloadable for free when you subscribe to our mailing list), you should have more than enough ammunition to keep things fired up for awhile…

So, can I recommend that you send your group’s DM here to check out some new stuff to liven up your games? Eureka would make a great birthday gift, or just a way to say thanks for all the preparation your DM puts into preparing adventures for you and your group.

Eureka is in pre-order now, and you can get it from GnomeStew.com.    


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Written by Expy

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5 Responses to “Is Your DM Out Of Ideas?”

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  1. Martin Ralya Says:

    Thanks for the write-up, Brian! I’m glad you’re enjoying Eureka. :-)

    Here are a couple of direct links for folks who might be interested:

    Eureka’s product page, with tons of info plus reviews and more:


    …and our online store for preorders:


  2. Philip Reed Says:

    Appoximately how long/detailed is each of the plots in the book?

  3. Martin Ralya Says:

    Philip: Around 400 words apiece, on average; about half a page each in the book. The best way to get a feel for them is to check out our free 19-page PDF excerpt at http://www.enginepulishing.com. :-)

  4. Philip Reed Says:

    @Martin – Thanks! I’ll check the preview PDF.

  5. RPG Review: Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots To Inspire Game Masters | Moebius Adventures Says:

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