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The King and His Men

Written by Krystal - Published on May 21, 2010

The king and his men sat lonely again as the halls were empty and laughter was lax, there was a jester or two with upside down smiles and empty juggling acts, if only there was a good joke or two! Perhaps the king and his unmerry men would be happy again!

Dungeons and Dragons doesn’t have to be all serious all the time, it should also be a time to relax and enjoy with friends and experiment with other methods of gaming! Whilst talking to a friend the other day, I realized that so many people stress out about DnD when it should be purely an outlet and not a source of frustration and unhappiness. So, forgive me if this seems a little off-the-wall, but I thought we need a little reminder of a little bit of a crazier side of gaming!

Musical DM’s!

A simple concept really, but insane to implement. Find a keyword, phrase, or something such as a song ending or something that is the “Trigger”. When the trigger is spoken, happens, or happens in any way you switch GM’s! This is a multiple story telling method of enjoying a game with friends and is good for constantly laughter, please don’t try this if you are expecting an uber serious game unless each GM can agree to be serious and to tell a rather effective story. This is also good because it’s random enough that it’s hard for the DMD to set their characters up for something amazing since they don’t know when the trigger will happen, and hopefully no on will attempt to much god moding…but it’s till a fun theory hehe.

You can also switch DM’s each time you play DnD, so one day it’s one DM the next it’s another, these games can be a bit more serious since it’s not in random intervals and consists of a bit more planning and heads up. It can also be confusing as well though, and everyone’s gotta be under the understanding that they  need to be versatile as one GM could turn the game completely around and throw off another GM’s groove, so preferably do this with understanding people.

Playing DnD Alone!

Aww, DnD alone is sad but very possible..this involves a LOT of random table usage and creation, but these things can be implemented in your games when you can’t figure out what to do, too! Hehe.

The Wild Card

Imagine if every time you rolled a seven your character turned into a chicken? Or every time someone rolled a 99 you were accosted by a bunny stampede? Throw a wild card into your games by adding certain numbers as being numbers that will randomly cause certain effects to happen to your players!

I stand corrected.

Remember in school when you had to pass your papers to someone else so they could correct them since your teacher was too lazy to do it themselves? Well now you can reenact that memory by passing your character sheet to the left! Have someone else try and play your character for a bit, and then switch them again randomly! Similar to Musical DM’s only this is with characters. You’ll never know what could happen!

The old switcheroo!

The oldest trick in the book! Changing races, classes, languages, alignments and the like. Turn their favorite elven range into a frog! Hey, the good news is you can trick the ladies into thinking you are a froggy prince!

Another variant of this is changing some of your players’ favorite equipment. Imagine your players face when they find out their favorite sword has been turned into a fish! Or when the leather armor comes alive and attacks them – that ones gotta suck!

Holiday Gaming Twists

Did the Easter bunny go wild? Santa clause is taking back gifts for his own personal gain? Perhaps your game is one big easter egg hunt! Or they have to go around to everyone’s house speaking a key command until the finally collect certain items, give them some jokes and riddles, keep them on their toes!

DnD has so many outlets you can take with it, it can be anything from a big joke to a serious gaming session! This is just a friendly reminder to enjoy the game and let loose once in awhile, it really is rather relaxing! Sorry if this seemed a little bit odd, but sometimes we just need a reminder that we are playing a game and it’s okay to let loose and relax or even have a session that’s a complete and utter joke! DnD is a stress relief, don’t let it become a source of stress and if you find it dragging you down remember to visit us and ask us any question you might have so we can take off some stress!

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Written by Krystal

At a young age, my mother opened up her own gaming store. We had two game rooms, an office, and the front area which had a ton of miniatures and books. I helped manage that store for several years, my mother teaching me the ropes and treating me like an adult so I could learn. Even beyond that she played games at stores like Haster Hobbies and several other places. In fact, my parents met gaming! DnD kind of runs in my blood, as well as any other gaming you can think of. I’m simply a gamer at heart, an artist, and a jack of all trades. I love to write and that’s why I’m here at Dungeon Mastering! I’m going to be going to school for Video Game Design, and my bf is going to school so he can publish Core Rule Sets. In the short few years I’ve been with him I’ve learned all about how to create my own rule system and create a game from the ground up! But my expertise is not limited to DnD alone. I’ve ventured far into Call of Cthullu, and beyond to games like Shadowrun and some White Wolf games..though I’m not a big fan of dice pools. :)

Anyways! Gaming is my passion and my life. I game constantly, go to conventions, and so much more! Maybe I’ll see you there! Happy Gaming!

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2 Responses to “The King and His Men”
  1. Noumenon says:

    I like the idea of solitaire D&D! Although I guess a computer makes more sense at that point, but sometimes I just wanna play my wizard.

  2. Elderon Analas says:

    I like the holidays ideas. One question. Who else here besides me and my town (and a few close to me) celibrate Dragons’ Day? Anyone? No. I thought not. I’ll tell you what Dragons’ Day is then. Dragons’ Day is the day that gives honor and tribute to all dragons. The celibration is held every 2nd full moon of the month, or every Blue Moon as you humans call it. But, the official day falls on the 4th day of the 4th month. On this day people leave offerings of food and dring in places dragons are known to pass through and feasts and celibrations and parties are held in their honor. If a dragon or one of dragon decent (Half-Dragon) attends one of these feasts or celibrations it is considered a good omen and that town will be very productive untill the next year. As per tradition no buissiness shall take place useing money, this dishonors the dragons and is frowned upon. All transations are done through barter, or all nonessensial buissinesses close for the three day celebration. If a dragons’ lairs’ location is know offerings are left inside and it is decorated with flowers and gold. There are a few more minor points but they are not as importand and need not be listed. I hope you like this holiday and will begin celibrating. I know your local dragons will apriciate it. They may even not eat as many of your towns livestock that year for it.

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