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Written by Marc_Radle - Published on October 15, 2014

pen2Welcome back to Pen & Pixels, where I share stories about of the the RPG images that I’ve created as a professional artist.  Here’s a Halloween-ish piece I illustrated for Four Winds Fantasy  for one of their monster books. This particular creature was a Mannegishi, a trickster race from Cree folklore. In doing my research on this one, I learned that Mannegishi were semi-humanoid, six-fingered creatures with thin and lanky arms and legs and large heads but no nose! Now THAT sounded like a fun illustration to do.

Mannegishi lived among the rocks in rapids. They delighted in tipping over canoes and then drowning people once the’d fallen into the water. A charming and friendly folk to be sure!

So, I needed to come up with what a creepy little water-dwelling trickster with thin, lanky arms and legs, six fingers and a large head but no nose was going to look like!Mannegishi

The resulting illustration is what you see here. I gave my Mannegishi long stringy hair that looked partially wet and added little water droplets to his skin. I also sometimes like to add little extra details to my illustrations, so I gave him tattoos on his chest and forearms that resembled stylized American Indian symbols. I can’t remember for certain anymore, but I think I even based the tattoos on symbols for actual American Indian water spirits.

Now that I’m looking at the illustration and remembering the fun details of these nasty creatures, I think I need to find a way to incorporate a few of them into a future adventure. All I have to do is figure out how to get the PCs into a canoe …

Coolest Comment
Since this dude is so creepy and odd looking, post you best caption for the illustration. It can be funny, witty, clever or just cool. Best caption gets the  Mannegishi original art

Written by Marc_Radle

I’m a professional graphic artist and designer by trade. In my copious amount of spare time, I also do freelance illustration, writing, and graphic design. I’m also the Art Director for Kobold Press (sleep is highly overrated!)

I started playing D&D as a kid in the late 70s—good old 1st Edition AD&D! My friends and I also played many other RPGs back then—Marvel Superheroes, Champions, Elfquest, FASA’s Star Trek, Star Frontiers, the list goes on—but it always came back to AD&D! I faded out of gaming sometime after 2nd Edition came out—partially because 2nd Edition just didn’t quite do it for me (although I did play 2nd Edition a little though and certainly enjoyed some aspects of it) but also because my gaming friends all turned into grown-ups, got real lives, and moved away when I wasn’t looking!

The 3rd Edition of D&D really pulled me back into the hobby again, and I’ve since become a HUGE fan of the Pathfinder RPG.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with lots of great game companies, including Kobold Press, Super Genius Games, Raging Swan Press, Jon Brazer Enterprises, Tricky Owlbear Publishing and even Last Unicorn Games (back in the day)

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One Response to “Mannegishi”
  1. My caption entry:

    Who’s that skulking in the waves?
    Mannegishi, Mannegishi
    Who tips the boats of kings and slaves?
    Mannegishi, Mannegishi
    Whose six-fold claws cut like a knife?
    Mannegishi, Mannegishi
    Who drowns your child and drowns your wife?
    Mannegishi, Mannegishi!
    – Cree Nursery Rhyme

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