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Pimp my character #1 – The Magical Thief

Written by Expy - Published on June 3, 2008

What’s this “Pimp My Character” project?
You’ll find a character concept below (sent by reader Ian Winterbottom). Let’s all suggest ways to make this character unique, fun, rich, deep, and PC-party-friendly – we don’t want characters so crazy that they can’t fit into a PC party. Ian can then choose the ideas he likes the most and incorporate them into his PC. And we all can use the character as an NPC in our own games.

An incentive

I would like this community project to generate great PCs / NPCs that all Dungeon Masters can use. So here’s a little incentive to boost everyone’s motivation.

  1. If we get 50+ comments, I’ll buy Ian a character sketch from AvatarArt (basic art level) for his PC.
  2. If you leave a comment, you enter a draw to win a character sketch from AvatarArt (basic art level) for your own PC or one of your own NPC.

Pimp this character!
From Ian:

An Illusionist/Magical Thief. Think of the FUN for an egotistical rogue who is capable of Invisibility, shape or face changes, hypnotic spells and the like?

Suggest anything from backstory, to cool abilities, to reasons the character fits well in a party – anything that could be applied to this character concept.

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Written by Expy

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62 Responses to “Pimp my character #1 – The Magical Thief”
  1. Joey says:

    What makes this character great is that rouges with illusions and enchantments are always better then plain ol’ Thiefs.

    hmmm… Backstory…. Was a rich boy (or girl) in a well to do family. Became an apprentice to a wizard at a young age and was pretty good at it but wished to seek a little more thrill and began pulling pranks on others and grew into a Magical thief that way

  2. Yax says:

    Here’s my twist on it. He’s a good guy. He fits well in a party. But the Mage/Thief is aware of all immense talent and likes to handle situations the spectacular way, because the efficient way is boring. Of course his party ends up in trouble all the time because of it. But he’s a good guy, so what can they do!

  3. boxman says:

    i like this!

    im going to go for it…

    alright how about, a thief with a set of very special throwing daggers, but hers the thing, when struck, the person or creature, with anything lower then 7 wisdom (for will saving) will become under the mind control of the thief.

    so, it has to be someone or something kinda stupid, but still, this should work for orcs, ogres and the like! also the ability to control a tank could be useful for pillaging (by tank i mean strong creature)

    one thing though, with every cool ability, comes a sacrifice.. the thief must concentrate hard on his control, so it leaves him fairly vulnerable…

    back story: what a thief takes varies by the thief, some take simple things like gold, and treasure, some take complex things, like potions, and enchanted items…

    this particular thief had a liking for scrolls… and found a very useful one indeed….

    while skulking in the midnight, this thief came across a strange sight: two giants fighting each other. well, although giants fight each other all the time, what was truly weird was the old man standing mere feet away from this epic struggle…

    also another oddity, one of the giants appeared to be making parry attacks with his club! the thief crept up to have a better look… the old man had his eyes closed and his hand were focused on his temple…

    one of the giants tackled the other and commenced gnawing his arm, and the thief noticed the old man seemed to express a look of pain on his face, all the while concentrating.

    the giant battle became fierce and raged, and suddenly, without warning, both giants fell on the old man.

    the thief was hiding in the tree line, and watched in horror as the old man took the full weight of the giants…

    a silence… and then the giants got up again, and seemed to be friends…. they walked off together, clubs over their shoulders.

    the thief ran up to the corpse of the old man, and found a set of daggers, and a scroll… and things changed dramatically afterwards for the thief

  4. Dave says:

    I’m actually playing a very similar character in our home D&D campaign. He’s a halfling beguiler (from PHB2). The class abilities from that make for a very efficient illusionist/thief (although Dale, my halfling, is more of an enchanter/thief).

    With regard to backstory, he’s an orpan who grew up on the streets of one of the world’s largest cities, making his way through life by stealing food. Overall though, he’s a good guy and never stole more than he needed – or from people who couldn’t afford to lose a little food anyway. As he matured he developed skills [spells] that few others seemed to have; the ability to momentarily daze the guard chasing him and being able to run a lot faster when the need arose. He developed these skills [spells] further until he was able to rise above the other unfortunates around him. However, he never forgot his roots and uses these abilities to aide those less fortunate.

    This type of character fits in well with almost any group of PCs (including lawful types) because he is constantly working for the greater good, although his methods are unusual.

  5. Ethalias says:

    Similar concept to a character I’m planning on playing in an Eberron campaign, as it happens :) A Changeling Beguiler (PHBII). I’ll focus on the main strand of back story, hope it may be of use!

    Your mother was a changeling of the becomer philosophy (meaning she chose a single personality/visage and kept her race a secret, ‘becoming’ a member of another species). She had aspirations above her standing; she wanted her child to be a member of a dragonmarked/noble house. So she spent her evenings in high class taverns flirting with members of the aristocracy until, one day, she met her husband to be. They were married soon after and she fell pregnant with you.

    She spent 9 months living in luxury, all the while praying that you would take after your father and be born a human. Sadly, at least for her aspirations, you were a changeling and, upon discovering what had transpired, your father flew into a rage, and threw you and your mother out into the street, disgraced and destitute.

    She survived however she could, stealing and turning tricks in dark alleys of the city, all the while looking up at the houses of the rich, wondering at what might have been.

    As you grew older she came to depend on you to help you both survive, and you became quite adept at thievery and deception. When you hit adolescence you found yourself able to perform minor magical cantrips to aid you in your endeavours. You have no idea where this ability came from, but you don’t think to hard about it so long as it can help you find a meal.

    Eventually you grew tired of your mother’s constant and increasing dependency, as well as her lack of ambition, and left her to her own defenses. Whether it was from years of poverty, or something in the noble half of your heritage, you had a thirst for wealth, and the comfort it brings, as well as a sense that you were capable of attaining it. And so now you seek a life of adventure, of treasure and glory, wherever it might be found, where it may take you.

    [EDIT] Somewhat, though not totally, and rather coincidentally, Ninja’d :S

  6. Butch says:

    Certainly a character that I would like to play. I think that the combination of wizard/thief is a positive one. Having the ability to usurp all possible diplomacy encounters from the steadfast paladin is always a bonus.

  7. Sean Holland aka Knight of Roses says:

    Well, I think a lot of fun could be in the interaction of mundane and magical skills. Disguise kits plus magical disguise, Bluff and slight of hand to simulate minor magic, mixing both so that those dealing with him or her cannot tell if they are facing trickery or illusion. A trickster that uses all of the tools available to confuse and bamboozle his or her enemies and rivals.

  8. I’ve played a similar character. The usual back story of a rich man who mingles with the successful and famous during the day and robs them at night (a bit like Raffles). He could also have killed the parties original thief and through illusions and other trickery be passing information back to the authorities, the parties nemesis or a rival adventuring party. A high risk / high gain strategy to be sure.

  9. Alphadean says:

    Well I’ve always been the old fahion kinda rogue. So all his illusion abilities are for mis-direction and concealment of what he really does. Use all sorts of ilusion that cover up all his nefarious doings. The back story could something like this. Rogue X is the son or daughter of the a thieve’s guild leader. Said leader does not know of the child, and won’t acknowledge his/her exsistence. So the character sets out to be so damn good that the parent has to take notice

  10. Sancta Ira says:

    I’m with Alphadean, I think a rogue who uses these illusions as mis-direction could be great. Imagine hiding around a building and casting an illusion of yourself running through the street and into an opposing alley. Or perhaps you’re wanting to distract that thug so you can pick his pockets, just whip up an attractive lady-of-the-night in his path and have her play hard to get for a while, might be rough if you’re stuck using soundless illusions, but he’s just a thug; he probably won’t mind.

    There’s always a lot you can do with illusions and bluff as well, sneak your way through town being a prisoner to your own illusion, or lock yourself in some illusionary stockades so you can get the city’s guard schedules and patrol patterns down, then sneak away in the night without a trace.

    All in all, I think you could have some great fun with thieving abilities and imaginary constructs.

  11. What Sancta Ira describes is very similar to some of the skills of that members of the Tribe in the Tales of the Otori books have. They are more Illusionist/Monk or Illusionist/Assassin though. The books are well worth a read by the way!

  12. Thain says:

    Well first off the character himself has multiple options in building. A wizard/rogue would make for a character with boat loads of skill points (always good for rogues who want to make sure they can do everything) however I personally would see this character as being a sorceror/rogue and taking illusion spells. His high charisma combined with some social skills makes him a great person to deal with any social event. Also sorceror lends itself more to the carefree life of the rogue, even the most gifted wizard still spends much time in books preparing spells.

    Backstory, lived on the streets and in small time crime houses. He discovered his innate ability one day when an adventure had turned into misadventure and he was captured by guards. “If only I had just a momentary distraction I could escape,” he thought to himself, and in the midst of his thought a bright flare of light appeared not 10 feet away and his guards took notice long enough for him to escape. Since he discovered is newfound abilities he has decided a life of petty crime is beneath him and seeks out the treasures and fame of the world.

    His role in a group is either as the partys frontman for any social event. Of if the party has a cleric or other do goodly type as the common speaker for formal occasions, he becomes the voice for more underworldly encounters. Of course he can also easily serve as a scout for the group, however on more than one occasion he has been known to assume that lifting a few of his targets possessions is part of scouting.

    Alignment likely Chaotic Neutral altho his life changing experience could have changed him to feel he must help the world.

  13. Reverend Mike says:

    The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland comes to mind…as does Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV from Cowboy Bebop…best thing that could come out of that, I’d say, is speaking in character in a very cryptic (or just weird) yet meaningful way…our group once had a bard that spoke only in iambic pentameter…mind you, he didn’t speak much, but when he did!…it got kind of annoying…but talking like a crazy person wouldn’t be anywhere near as such…

    Best yet, you could fuck with people’s heads…make them think they’re in an alternate reality, have them experience so twilight zone hooha…like turn a guy invisible and mute, make him think everyone is ignoring him…then at the peak of his naked ranting psychotic breakdown, let him go…man, that’s sadistic…but it’s FUN!…

    As far as his typical rogue activities, create incredibly impractical, but still applicable, illusions and disguises to make theft easier…or perhaps with the Brew Potion feat you could apply some of that devilish misguidance towards creating hallucinogens…it might also be fun to induce some of these illusions on your party at times…make them think they’re crazy or that something’s not right…nothing to hurt the game, just something to spice it up…though that’d have to be played carefully…

    But where does a trickster fit in a party?…why does he adventure in a group rather than solo?…perhaps there are family ties…the fighter in the party becomes your legal guardian because everyone thinks yor crazy and he’s always on the defense when you get in trouble…it’s just an obligation he complies with without question…maybe he’s got a mind very similar to a child…not necessarily lacking in intelligence, just an overabundance of playfulness…in such a case, he’s comfortable working either solo or in a group and the group picks him up either because the trickster tricks them into doing so, or they see his ability and wish to put it to use, even at the expense of having all sorts of crazy talk being spouted off at them…

  14. Fishercatt says:

    As a backstory, make him a student at the wizard school, but very shy. So shy, actually, that he did his absolute best to never get noticed. He taught himself theiving skills so he could get some food without anyone seeing him and find his way along shadows and corridors without any of the other students noticing. Dissapearing became such a passion for him that he wants to master invisibility to the point of dissapearing altogether. So he likes to become invisible and have his illusions carry out his daily tasks. Illusions can’t carry purses or food, but a thief can sneak it away. He fits well into a party because either the party doesn’t know he’s there or they are only aware of his illusions. The party was expecting a wizard from the school that they think never showed up, or maybe they think their contact in the thieves guild was wrong. I had a player play a gnome illusionist like this. He made his character an invisible goth who never spoke. Lots of fun, especially because his illusions would never do the things his party wanted him to because they never could tell if it was an illusion or the real thing. It’s one of our campaigns most memobable characters, and he never said a thing.

  15. WilliamS says:

    If you have the books or can get the stats, Changeling Spellthief comes to mind. If not, I’d say a gnome Illusionist/Rogue or even a Sorcerer/Monk or any combination there-of.

    Backstory: I had a lot of fun once playing a Changeling Rogue that pretended to be a Half-Elf Cleric. Sort of a Robin Hood flair, preaching and taking “Donations” from the wealthy. The reasoning was that his family actually came from a line of Clerics who were betrayed/expelled/murdered (as you will) by the Church. Pretending to be something you aren’t adds a lot of fun and a whole lot more suspence on those bluff rolls. An idea for a Spell-based thief? He has the identity that is passed along. Something along the lines of the Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride. The thief has been given (or has taken) the name, identity, so forth of some underground identity. A name that is known by a few of the most well-learned or most-frequent tavern goers. The party may know and be bribing the PC, or perhaps they know of his identity and see the benefit of such a long-lived and time-tested scoundrel.

    The PC’s Role: That depends on the classes. A Spellthief is a rogue specialized against enemy spellcasters. Get in and take that spare fireball they had, fire it into the minions and establish flanking to help against the enemy fighter. An Illusionist/Rogue would be all about the Sneak Attack. Distract or disable the foes and go wild. Sorcerer/Monk is a little trickier. I’d say that the key would be touch-spells. Cast Shocking Grasp, run across the battle field, discharge with a stunning fist or what-have-you. Off the battle field, it’s a little easier. Odds are, you’d have a high Charisma, making you the face of the group. Skills I’d focus on would be Bluff, Disguise, Diplomacy, Hide, Move Slienty and maybe Sleight of Hands (depending on what kind of thief). The Sorcerer/Monk would make for an interesting Second-Story thief, as they don’t have Sleight of Hands but are great Jumpers and Climbers. That with the Sorcerer’s Bluff skill makes for a decently well rounded character.

  16. catdragon says:

    Lets give him (or her) a psychological flaw) Perhaps he can’t admit when he is wrong. And uses his illusions and charms to either cover up any mistakes or to keep people from finding out about the mistakes. Now this is treading close to the line (at least for me) that a PC shouldn’t cross — after all party/player trust is important. But some games thrive on stuff likethis.

  17. catdragon says:

    Another idea is what if the character was more illusionist that rogue. perhaps he has a low charisma and thus has never had a mentor in the magical arts. Maybe the only way he could learn stuff was to steal other wizards spell books. This gives him a reason to have levels in rogue. It also is great back story ’cause every now and then a wizard might show up and the rogue/illusionist would have to hide/disguise himself.

  18. Or perhaps he was a poor street urchin who fell in love with a young wizard apprentice. He followed her everywhere and eventually joined up using his rogue skills to pay for tuition or for spying on her.

  19. Micah says:

    I played a similar character in the past. My backstory was that he was a wizard’s apprentice for a year or so, but then his master’s tower was attacked and razed by unknown assailants. He fled the burning tower, but vowed to return and find out what happened to his master, and avenge him if necessary.

    From them on, he was forced to live on the streets, stealing to get by.

  20. Ray K says:

    Since he’s got a leg-up on other, non-magical rogues (assuming a surplus), he could possibly be cocky in how he conducts his business. Sure, he can change his face or turn invisible, but maybe he always leaves a token behind or maybe some aspect of his attire follows a certain theme. He’s not stupid enough to leave enough clues that lead right to him, but smart enough to have a little fun with whomever he deals with.

    Some mystery novels might be good examples. When the detective (or whomever) reveals the culprit with a minute detail (“So-and-so favors the same kind of flower that matches that pollen found on all 4 victims, and he always wears those flowers to the kinds of special occasions where the murders took place!”) creates a moment of “oh, duh” and admiration for the astute. This character would do the same sort of thing knowingly, but use his magic to be unreachable should any silly person make the connection.

    Becomes too dangerous? Enemies getting too close to finding him out? Plant the evidence of thievery on someone else and adopt a brand new theme/item/token/what-have-you. Problem solved!

  21. sean says:

    Really hope you are planning on taking some levels of beguiler because that would be awesome for that character type.
    Also look at the skill tricks in complete scoundrel.

    I’m thinking the dude’s mom was a rogue and swindled a wizard out of some cool info and treasure. Part of the swindling is getting the wizard into bed. Little does the roguette know that Olidammara has big things planned and she gets pregnant. So then the character is born! Destined to be a force for Olidammara whether he knows it or not. With magical powers that are very synergistic to his skills he could go a long way and get out of a lot of situations using a combination of magic and ability. From this point you could go a classic route where he bests other thieves with his magic and beats wizards by being sneaky. He could already have a backstory of a ton of different adventures before you even start playing. A cool familiar for him would be a weasel or maybe an otter depending on what type of environment the campaign takes place.

    He could also be insanely lucky ( to represent the fact that he is being watched over by powerful forces) Take some luck feats!

    Your magical thief is helping his mom because his mom no longer works for her previous thieves guild so she has a price on her head. While your character is on a burglary mission he encounters a wizard, a duel erupts and the wizard figures out that this character is his son. The wizard still has bittersweet feelings about the rogue who swindled him but he is happy to have a son. He decides to help the rogue by sheltering her in his tower. So now the magical thief has to make sure no one knows where his mom is and try to avoid the temptation of stealing all the cool treasure, magic items, and maps that his father has accrued over the years. Little does the thief know that he could simply ask his father and he would probably give it freely.

    Finally temptation gets the best of him and the thief absconds with a map in the night from his father’s tower. He says nothing to either of his parents, but in his head he thinks that with the treasure he can find, he will make sure his parents live happily ever after.

  22. Tomacticus says:

    Here’s a similar backstory to #14:

    The young noble (middle to upper class, certainly not royalty) who has been enrolled in the best wizarding school in the land. He excel ls in everything he is challenged with but is extraordinarily bored with it all. Thusly, his kleptomaniacal roots show themselves. (S)He ends up stealing something (insert magical item here) from a high ranking member of the school and is either put out and disowned (after returning the item or possibly hiding it) Or runs away from the school (with the item) and is on the run from the school (thereby opening up possibilities for the DM)

    That way, the youth is both able to use magic, since he’s been trained, and is beginning to discover his thieving abilities.

  23. Yax says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of info already. Keep it coming! We’ll see what Ian has to say about all this.

  24. Alphadean says:

    What if you truly take this to the man of thousand faces level. Give this guy/girl uber ranks in disguise, bluff, impresonate, and perform. Then have him establish 4 to 5 fully fleshed perosnalities which become well known across the lands. These would be his core identities that he’s use where ever he went, maybe each persona was indictive to a paticular town or area. His impersonation ability cuopled with his magic would make him a true force to be reckoned with. Especially if you are willinfg to give a leve or two to pick up the basics of a few other classes that would sell it even more

  25. Yax says:

    I like that idea, Alphadean.

  26. Sara no H. says:

    Some nice ideas going here, but to add my two cents:

    How about a young woman who grew up in a fairly rural area governed by a strict, if not outright oppressive, duchy. She’s a natural and talented sorceress (high Charisma) who detests the way the nobles of the land look down upon her family and others considered beneath them. So she uses her magical powers to pretend to be a lady of some wealth and renown, and by way of various disguises and her considerable charm, finds herself a guest of nobility quite often. Of course, she makes use of the opportunity to heist items of tremendous wealth – magical items and artifacts when she can get them, but also irreplacable works of art, family heirlooms, and the like – which she then disguises and spirits away to a hidden location. One day she hopes to gather enough stolen property to arise as a duchess in her own right, so that she can treat the people who work her land better than her own folk were treated, and attempt to wield her influence on behalf of others in worse straits.

    Of course, the danger for her is becoming the exact sort of person she currently despises – a situation not entirely aided by her tendency to be quite taken with her own cleverness. She (rightly) considers herself to be very intelligent, and is disgusted by people who “don’t put what the gods gave them to better use,” which may eventually lead her to hold the very same scorn and contempt for the little people that other members of the noble class hold.

  27. sean says:

    If you go with alphadean’s idea you might want to think about looking at the chamelon prestige class in races of destiny or the mountebank or master of many masks from complete scoundrel. This way when you have your different personas they can be known for different things. Maybe in one town you are just a hired thug looking for a quick buck, in another you could be a wandering merchant and in another you could be an up and coming aristocrat who travels the world. Then each established personality can work off of another.

    Say you are working the thug angle and you recognize somebody in the bar that is a familiar face when you are in your aristocrat persona. You find out that they are looking to hire someone to kill your aristocrat persona. You could take the job ask for half now, then you could uncover what the dude’s plot is then when you are in aristocrat mode you could reveal that there is a traitor in your midst and you lay the diplomatic smackdown and the potential ursurper has no clue how you got so accurate of information, plus you made some money on the side accepting a contract to kill your self.

    If you want to stay the more thief type I really like all the transmutation spells and thief acrobat prestige class. Spider climb, haste, invisibility, cat’s grace. You would be a cat burglar super star!

    Also, don’t forget mage hand. It can lift five pounds of stuff so you can do a lot of distracting. Also if you are low on food you can always kill a rabbit or a chicken silently with mage hand, then cast it again to bring it to you. ( I really love mage )

  28. Klaive says:

    I love this character, as it is an old but reliable concept. My first D&D character ever was an illusionist Gnome Thief.

    But as it is stated earlier… Ego is a big part of this concept and I believe this position for this type of character is not as a dungeon dwelling master thief. But, as a merchant that one would normally encounter on the streets… the information gatherer of the party. Although they may feel at home in a crawl they are more of a people person. They seduce/intrigue into talking with at the same time they are picking your pockets. No shame or hiding committing the crimes in the open during the day. And, better yet an arcane trickster style character works great for this. you not only loosen peoples pockets but you have a cart in the middle of town in which you sell the goods back to the original owners prior to pick their pockets again for more.

    This is my twist, an Egotistical Arcane Trickster, who robs people blindly in broad daylight. Then sales the wares back to them under a different face/identity prior to rerobbing them and resales the same wares once more.

  29. Ian Winterbottom says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying this, folks, already got lots of food for thought. Some of the ideas I have trouble with, as I am only familiar with 1e, although I own 3e I haven’t played it, so Kits and even Feats are something I don’t know. Glad you all seem to like the idea however, I have been playing with this guy for years on and off! Lots of the backstory ideas were very like my own, I had Magnus growing up on the backstreets of a City as a child stealing to survive, but somehow hanging onto a sense of honour. Joining the Theives’ Guild he had the beginnings of a great career Rogue, but was wrongly accused of selling out a raid due to in-Guild rivalry and treachery, and had to run. On the run, he met a Carnie caravan and tried to steal food from its resident Magician, who caught him at it but took pity and first fed, then adopted him, discovering his innate talent and training him. The Magician turned out to be a REAL wizard as well as the ordinary sleight-of-hand Conjuror, and secretly much more powerful than he appeared, as the hidden Guardian of a powerful Magical artifact. He was murdered and the McGuffin stolen by another adoptee. So Magnus had many skeletons in his closet and appeared as an NPC in many of my GM’d adventures at various stages in his career (I never have actually PC’d him, worse luck!). I had him appearing as a freelance thief who broke into a clandestine Cult HQ and stole the wrong idol, then had them and the local Guild on his trail, my PCs had to get him out of that! He also appeared as “Lucky”, the Gambler who broke the Bank at ????, with thugs on his trail, and “Claude Duval”, the highwayman who danced a measure with his lady victims in the moonlight… Con artist, Acrobat, Pirate, swordsman, strolling player etc. I based his concept, as mentioned above, on “Honour among Thieves”, ie. he will never betray a friend – it has happened to him, and he remembers. Also on a Robin Hood concept, succouring the weak and poor where possible, again he has been there. Mainly however I think of him as supremely egotistic, he is convinced he is smarter, faster, stronger and more powerful than anyone, and cannot resist testing himself, he will do everything the hard way, and take on the impossible for practice! Also someone made the point of his low boredom threshold? He can be both a supreme asset to a party, and a liability, as his influence gets them in deeper and deeper trouble! Also his Companions may get involved in either his get-rich-quick schemes, or in one of his long-running feuds above?
    I like Klaive’s comment about robbing folk blind and then selling back the goods as “Someone Else” (Another of his/my Secret ID’s was as “Camouflage”, who is never quite what he seems) Sean also made a nice comment about the various “Identities”, could be a useful plothook were he to be accidentally recognised as one of his other IDs, by someone he wasn’t aware knew that “Face”? Alphadean too made that point! In the original Oriental Adventures the Ninja could masquerade as anyone/thing, of any social class, changing his mannerisms to fit?
    I too see him as the debonair, handsome, irresistible type (my own story entirely – I wish!), whom people instinctively trust when he uses his natural Charisma and his judicious Friend or Charm spells. One I had not thought, of, Sara, was making “him” female, a beautiful and athletic GIRL would be even more deceptively dangerous! Also like the idea of reversing my story by making him a Noble coming DOWN, rather than a thief going up in Social level. Also the Spellthief, specialising in nicking stuff, particularly Spellbooks, from other Wizards, getting cooler by the minute!

  30. Will says:

    Here’s a slightly different idea, because I like tying in NPCs to help give the DM plot hooks…

    What about giving him/her a lover? The illusionist/thief fits superbly as Romeo with a forbidden love for Julient but having all the techniques to try and make sure no-one else knows.

    If it’s a forbidden love then there needs to be some reason it’s forbidden; possibly taking the West End Story approach with this character and his lover being in different street gangs. Taking it a step further, they might have run away from both gangs to be married, knowing that they couldn’t emotionally keep it secret any longer, and now believe both street gangs would hunt them down, preferring to see them dead than allow their secrets be passed to the other, rival gang (a belief that may, or may not, be true).

  31. Bob says:

    I’m playing a somewhat similar, but not identical, character currently. One great feat that I discovered was “Jack of All Trades,” which (according to the WotC Consolidated Lists Archive) can be found in three different books: Complete Adventurer; Faiths & Pantheons; and Song and Silence (A Guidebook to Bards and Rogues).

    In this way, your illusionist/rogue can literally use ANY skill, even without ranks in those skills that are said to be only usable trained; he would thereby be able to disguise himself as any sort of character with any sort of skill or trade. This helps keep everyone, PC’s and NPC’s, guessing as to the character’s true nature…

    Are you starting off at first level, or are you beginning the character at a higher level? In either case, I’d suggest starting the character off as Rogue at first level, because you get so many skill points as a first level Rogue. Then add in mage/illusionist at 2nd or 3rd level. Just a thought.


  32. Noumenon says:

    I saved three ideas from this list into my “cool ideas” file, which is a lot. As far as actually helping the submitting character though you might want to specify whether it is a just-rolled-up or existing character who already has a backstory.

  33. Mat says:

    PC is a wizard-in-training in the King’s court (or City Council, etc.), who is recognized for her athletic and stealthy abilities. She accepts a covert mission from her superior, who happens to be a high ranking official in the city/kingdom. She is “spying” on various high ranking officials to pursue a rumor of an assassination plot involving the king (or mayor, some other important person). The rumor is not to be discussed, to prevent panic or chaos through the spread of the rumor. If the PC is caught, the king and her superior will deny any involvement in the operation.

    The PC uses alter self, invisibility, etc. when spying on her targets and gathering information. During one such mission, she overhears talk about the head organizer of the plot having a pawn he’s using, some thief mage, to take the fall for the assassination. The PC realizes that she is the pawn, the rumor never existed other than from her superior, the King was never involved in the mission, and she may be the only one that can stop it. She flees to the court to warn the king of the plot. As she debates on whether telling the king or not (will she be dubbed a heretic?), she sees a copy of herself killing the king (her superior after an alter self spell?). She must flee from the city and use her abilities to keep from getting caught. Perhaps this is the point where she meets up with the other PCs/the group, to flee from the city and escape from being caught. She will never be able to live in this city as herself again, and it is possible that she may be recognized outside of the kingdom/city as well.

  34. Alphadean says:

    Tell me are you gonna Update this character to 3rd edition….then speakinf of your robin Hood take I would look into the a few levels in urban ranger from the PHB 2. This would lend itself well to city skulking, hiding, tracking, and so forth. It also toughens the character a bit if he’s gonna be an urban type. I would also focus on skills like diplomacy, gather information, appraisal and the like. Tell me which directions are most appealing and I’ll attempt to do a mock up for you.

  35. Kent says:

    The thief is my favorite character to play, when I get a chance, and I had gone what a magic casting thief combo once. The difference was I played a mage/thief. I was a female, but nobody else knew that, because of the change-self…disguise things like that. However, for a twist, I would hire/encourage the party to engage in different situations (benefiting mostly me) in the guise of these different personalities. I ended up developing mock character sheets for each of the personalities (8 in total).

    I would go with something like that…perhaps the thief started out as a mage…because of his abilities he found an easy notch in the local guild, and developed into a the thief/mage that he is.

  36. nfirm says:

    I’m with Ian on the kits and feats… 1e only, picked up 2e books at one point and have nothing of 3e or newer. My group had switched games for a while and then when we came back to D&D we just stuck with the books we already all had.

    If I was using such character as an NPC, I think I’d give the appearance that he is a lawful neutral (who avoids sharing the fact that he has thieving skills) who gets the party in trouble with an evil tendancy at a bad time. For example, run him in a manner so that he appears as a lawful neutral mage only rarely shows any skills that might be thought of as thievery who is assisting the party only to leave them stranded at a key moment by stealing an important weapon or item… When run into later, the character would use his charm to explain away how he had no choice to take the item to save them while barely escaping with his own life (even though he actually pawned it and avoided all danger).

  37. Yax says:

    13 more comments and Ian gets a free character sketch! Keep the ideas coming. They don’t have to be long text. A few words can be enough.

  38. Klaive says:

    I am anticipating the 50 reply/responses but in the event we indeed do not get the magical number… I will lend my artistic abilities for Ian’s character free of charge.

    And as stated earlier this character archetype plays well as a charismatic egotistical full of them self kind of character. Even at low levels this character plays well as believing they can do everything better than you sort of attitude. Often making blatant mistakes in the open but not worrying much as the crime is usually committed under a false personality that he/she only lives up to once or twice in the same town.

  39. Brett says:

    I believe it would be interesting if this character had a two separate lives. Such as, by night be the notorious rogue that steals from the oppressive or sleazy nobles, while by day being a wizard for hire that specializes in hunting down rogues. It would be an easy way to gather information on any investigations on you, or to lean an investigation the wrong way if they get too close. It would also be nice to take out any competition, and since your a rogue yourself, thieves would have a hard time against you. And since you have a foot in both the underground and aboveground worlds, you would have a vast information network, especially if you develop the right contacts. This character is obsessively cautious, and has never shown his true face or given out his real name. I picture this particular character’s race as a Halfling. He hasn’t had a single “real” friend his entire life, not because of a lack of personality, but because he is very intelligent and finds people boring and a waste of time. He has never been outsmarted or outmaneuvered, and I think it would be fun if along the road he meets someone whose wit matches his own, and it alters the way he looks on things completely.

  40. sean says:

    I don’t know a whole lot about 1e rules. However I am sure you can charm people then get them to steal things for you. However if he does have a big ego maybe he wants to steal things and leave a trademark. This would be along the lines of “haha I did it again and you can’t stop me.” Maybe if you are in a lawful society you could have people think you stole something but if they don’t have enough evidence they can’t bust ya for stealing.

  41. fishercatt says:

    I’ve just re-read through Mr. Winterbottom’s comments, and now have a fresher idea of what he may be looking for. An egotistical rabble rousing thief mage player? How about a fellow that looks the part of the greasy-haired, pale skinned, big nosed, stuttering skinny shy street rat who knows enough tricks to make him look taller, stronger, and tanner, with a booming voice and sparkling eyes? The mage tricks will be used like one of those special baseball hats that has the fake pony tail coming out the back that boost your confidence and make you go from loser to hero by wearing a hat. You know what I’m talking about, and you know they work.

    The ongoing struggle in playing a thief is that of motivation. He steals to make money. Then what? That’s why I rarely allow thieves or mercenaries in my playing groups. If they wanted to make money (and stay alive) they’d finish their first adventure then open up the “Start Your Adventure Here Tavern”.

    I suggest having this Wormwood fellow learn his Gypsy tricks then adventure in the big world, using his thief abilities to steal information about the coming war or Gypsy genocide that’s scheduled to take place. Perhaps the man who taught and adopted him was traveling to stay away from the mage guild who had framed him, and Our Hero has to find a way to clear his name? If Ian allows this chap to have an ultimate goal that could be tossed into a story line then it’s little additional work for the DM. Change the accent or the illusion and he can be tossed into just about any campaign as an NPC.
    Just make sure he wears a cape.

  42. Alphadean says:

    Hey Ian,
    You made me go dust off my advanced D&D books. Ok this the take I would do for this character under1st edition rules. 6 levels of magic user or illusionist, 2 levels of cleric, 2 levels of fighter and from there nothing but thief (maybe thief-acrobat).
    Identity 1- Magic User – very sage like and regal, maybe even a noble or an aristocrat. Runs in the upper circles of the lands basically in the know of the upper crust of society. Perhaps even a court wizard
    Identity 2- Cleric- the devout, yet fresh faced acolyte, friend to the people
    Identity 3- Fighter- Tough as grizzled war vet. Lives on the edge always doing menial muscle for hire jobs. Keeps a job as a guard and such through various towns, maybe he likes to work the docks, maybe he’s known as street tough
    Identity 4- Thief- The Invisible Man. Does what he does but is more like a ghost or Urban legend.

    I don’t know what level he is supposed to be, but in AD&D there is no level Cap. Also if need be cut the extra class levels in half if you need him to fit into a lower level adventure.

  43. Ian Winterbottom says:

    Yet more stimulation! Thanks, you guys! Yax, my comments don’t have to count toward the 50, if you like, I just can’t resist joining in!) Klaive, I’d love to see your take on Magnus – his working name – whether or not I get my sketch from Yax, all contributions gratefully recieved! I have enough material here for more than one character, in fact. It is great to find so many people interested enough to add imagination to my original idea. Alphadean, I like the “Identities”, he could be a “Civilian” at will. I thought that he might tend to hide one at least of the strings to his bow; if in his MU pose he would hide his thief side, and vice versa? If indeed he revealed either. When my players first met him he was posing as the “Young sprig of minor Nobility” who needed temporary bodyguards. I loved the devout and freshfaced Acolyte – the innocuous-seeming Cleric. Very easy to underestimate, Magnus’ Stock in Trade. The seeming run of the mill street fighter, too, the tough “Basher” masquerading as a Guild member, the Caravan Guard persona to get from town to town unnoticed? As a thief, definitely the Invisible Man, he won’t connect with local Thieves’ Guilds on principle, why should he give them a piece of HIS action, when they do nothing to earn it? Urban legend is VERY stimulating, we have a TV show in England about a Gang making a comeback, they are nominally retired but keep coming back for “one more score” for personal, rather than financial reasons! It is called “The Invisibles”, their name years ago as they were never caught!
    I also leaned toward Illusionist rather than MU, uses Mind Magic, fool-the-eye, distraction a lot. Likes to make himself look either weaker, or stronger, than he actually is; either way confuses the enemy. Yes, very much the Thief-Acrobat, I am thinking the Prince of Thieves in the Hercules TV show with Kevin Sorbo? Level, he could be any as an NPC, my players ran across him at various stages in his career, often not aware it was “Him again”, due to an appearance change! But often he would give himself away by his irresistible urge to Grandstand!
    As a backstory, what I in fact did was to think of several “Capers” and link them together through HIM. Some of them were my Players’ adventures, in which he appeared in a Cameo role! He can even appear offstage as a drifting Rumour, the Urban legend surfacing.
    I used the “By day…by Night” for another character, a Lady Thief this time, “Kitty” Catt, by day and early evening gorgeous barwench of the Green Goblin inn, her icy blonde beauty lusted after helplessly by the clientele who steered clear of her known penchant for a concealed knife and a handy knee. Offduty she was the roofrunning, cat-masked “Alleycat”, who turned over anyone staying at the Inn who looked as though they could stand it, as well as roaming the City’s roofs on her own account. She was hooked into the Guild through her Daddy, “Long Tom” Catt, one of its gang leaders! when someone betrayed him (Nominally Magnus,. that was why he had to run as a boy!) she declared her own private feud. Handy with a rapier too, she proved a match for some of the guild’s Bashers.
    The Romeo and Juliet idea is also a beauty, either the two characters above (two Thieves’ Gangs?) or any two opposing factions like the Montagues and Capulets. Even if they are both NPCs it provides a good way to drag the PCs willy-nilly into the running battle, perhaps have them hired as Muscle (by BOTH sides?) before finding out about our young couple?
    Fishercatt (Sorry about nicking your handle, and me name’s Ian!), i like your idea of the baseball cap thing as an origin for either Magnus the Magnet or another Illusionist, good motivation! My take on the roving Rogue is that he is not after money, but adventure. Magnus in particular is scratching his itch for risk, and something to test himself against. He only feels truly alive when something is after his skin!
    He certainly had an ultimate goal, two in fact, one was to prove himself innocent of betraying Kitty’s dad, and the other to find the man who killed his Wizard mentor (who appeared as the Boss Villain in a later adventure).
    I hadn’t thought of the gypsy bit, you have just given me an idea for yet another character or even two, brother and sister or a couple, Roman and Romany (?) with the girl as a dancer-acrobat with a mix of ballet, bellydancing and Kung Fu, and her counterpart as a swordsman or knife artist? Leaving his Trademark is like my old friend Simon Templar AKA The Saint, lovely idea. In the earlier books he is an anonymous “masked avenger” and thief, later his ID is known; but either way nobody can ever PROVE his alleged crimes! He drives his “nemesis”, Inspector Claude Eustace Teal, crazy.
    Brett, I like the two opposites, the man who preys on rogues, but secretly IS one – see the Theiftaker, Jonathan Wilde, of 18C London. the mix of Robin Hood and a Wizard is irresistible! He could get into endless trouble as someone finds out his secret Identity, etc! And another opportunity to award him a “Lover”, or Significant Other, as a potential plothook?
    As to the Editions, I would love to update Magnus to 3e, good to see anything you come up with; you have given me much to do, that (I have a copy of 3e), plus the idea of several Charactersheets for his various Identities, etc.
    Mat, you have come up with a scenario I have also tinkered with, as I say I was inspired by the idea of Magnus as a female – using change Self etc to disguise it, as someone said – and by the thought of seeing a copy of “himself” killing the King – now is a good time to let your real sex show through! And become that Urban Legend, before you become the Ghost *for real*! In passing, there were quite a number of Lady Duellists in the days of the French Nobility, say the swashbuckling Musketeers, or the days of Piracy, so being female is not only no handicap in a brawl but could be a positive asset as you hand some bullying bravo the surprise of his life!
    Thanks folks,

  44. Alphadean says:

    C’mon guys don’t mkae write 7 more comments so we can get some sweet Avatar Art. I’ll do it…I really will

  45. JC says:

    Make him an over-the-top travelling con artist a la Dr Feelgood. He can swindle fools by selling them fake trinkets and medicines and use his travelling peddler guise to actually steal from the local borgomeisters or landowners – by the time they realize they’ve been had, Dr. Feelgood is already on his way to another town, and another easy mark. This is also a good way to help the party – if he owns a cart, he can offer transport; furthermore, his lifestyle can offer endless excuses for all kinds of different adventures.

    I also offer my artsy services if you want an alternate take on your PC portrait.



  46. JC says:

    Also, his ability as a master of disguise/illusionist shapeshifter allows him to be a different doctor in every town, confounding the authorities and giving you, Ian, another excuse to make up cool/funny names and identities every time you introduce yourself…

  47. Theeo123 says:

    I played a similar character to this concept only I made it a bard as the base, rather than rogue.
    Race is something you should think about carefully here. A half-elf could be nice, it bridges certain societal gabs, and gives a little lee-way with disguises, making it easy to impersonate Elves and Humans. Plus can give a certain dramatic flair to the back story. I mean, half-elf that wasn’t taken in fully by either race would feel a little outcast, turn to the life of a rogue, but still feels the lingering sense of his magical heritage, and studied a little illusion too. Along the same lines, the Gnome if i recall has some basic aptitude with illusions. And a Egotistical Gnome is sure to be a memorable thing in any campaign.

    perhaps beign the rogue that he is, Be flamboyant, wear the brightest most distracting, stand-out type clothes you can find, a rogue who has magic, could care less about the clothes he wears whiel performing his craft, and it makes it that much more impressive, (at least the way you’ll tell ig) to say that you wore, bright orange, and purple flaring robes with bells on every corner, and still broke into the kings keep and made off with his Daughters necklace, plucked right from her neck, and no one the wiser

  48. Yax says:


    Yeah, sure, your comments (and mine) count toward the 50 comments milestone. The goal is to give away stuff (and get talked about!) so I’m happy to count all comments.

  49. Klaive says:

    Well Ian, Glad to see one of your character ideas is Autolycus “King of Thieves” from the Hercules and Xena TV shows. This was my thought of the Acrobatic side of Magnus.

    I will start some character art ideas for you later this week.

    I also had a strange thought on his multiple personalities… what if He formed a solo Guild with what seems to be several members… But in actuality they are all just other forms of Magnus himself. So, now Magnus can leave a calling card at his places of businesses (places his has committed crimes) but in the name of the Guild. It would be a pride thing, as he would be the only that knows he is the sole member of said Guild. It was just be one more charade Magnus can pull over the eyes of his victims. Giving him a more elusive “House Name” under that of the guild. Each personality could specialize in a particular type of espionage or talent. But, in the end contribute under the name of said Guild.

  50. AvatarArt says:

    What if he rode around on a shade-wearing red dragon? Hi, I’m Steve G. & I make up 1/3 of the creative talent that is the AvatarArt team. We’re responsible for giving Expy his makeover & when Ian has finalized the Thief concept, will be {cue ad music} “drawing his imagination.” Along with a lucky winner.

    I think it’d be cool for various artists to show their visions of the same character, so by all means, the more the merrier.

    But before that though, it would be neat if there was a side-thread discussing various physical details, features, etc. Sort of a sequel. Once the personality & backstory are set, its time to talk over the actual appearance- the inside is no doubt reflected on the outside right?

    My appreciation to all who posted & Mr. Yax will soon be announcing the lucky bonus winner. If you don’t get chosen this round, have no fear: ‘Pimp My Character’ is going to be a regular, monthly event courtesy of both ourselves, Yax, and of course, Expy.


  51. Yax says:

    50 comments! Yay! All rights, I’ll announce the winner sometime next week and it’s going to show up on the homepage under “in the news”. Pimp My Character will be upgraded to a monthly (or more frequent) event, thanks to everyone’s participation and there will be prizes every time.

    So stay tuned for the winner of this contest. Thanks again to everyone who chipped in.

  52. Ian Winterbottom says:

    This is turning out better and better! I now have (I think) three artists offering to draw my first, daft concept (I began by drawing him myself years back) Please do continue to Pimp the Character, either Magnus or any other, and I’d love to see any artwork if you don’t mind.WOW, I inspired a Feature! I am way, way back on “developments”, it is great to find I can still put an inspiring idea forward! I will continue to shove in my Concepts and/or mt comments on anyone else’s; I figure, Edition independent, we can come up with some beauties of concepts for Characters, and especially NPCs!
    Thanks a lot, folks,

  53. Yax says:

    All right. The AvatarArt guys and Ian will be working on the character sketch. We’ll come back with an archive of character with sketches (no stat block) and with a second round of Pimp My Character in a few weeks.

    Thank you all for making this fun and worthwhile!

  54. TWISTEDPEN says:

    I know I’m late on this but I have to put in my two cents. How about a thief/mage who impersonates other thieves and mages. This could cause all kinds of problems for the King’s wizard when the populace see him shoot fireballs at local guards and set free prisoners (mabey allies?) from the gallows. What about making it look like the Head of the Thieves Guild publicly chalenges the local athorities, rival Thieves Guild, or Assassin’s Guild. You could even go with the mage who makes a point to learn his craft not by time consuming and dangerous research, but by stealing from other magic users work.

  55. Doug says:

    This character could be a solipsist, even a relatively benevolent one. Deep down he believes that everyone else isn’t as ‘real’ as he is, that on some level the world is there for him to play in. He takes threats a lot less seriously than others, and this leads to a life of adventure almost automatically because it’ll be easy to convince him to do things like “go down into this Goblin-infested dungeon to risk your life for some gold.”

    He’s found that he enjoys manipulating other people through his illusions and enchantments and seeing what he can get them to do. He sees this as a benign pastime, and when caught in the act, he has trouble understanding why he should take their anger seriously.

    One way to make him fit into a party is to have him believe that each of the other PCs are aspects of his personality which have splintered off so that he can learn something from them. Therefore, he cannot dare to manipulate them and will feel that he should stay in their good graces because he wants to understand what these parts of his psyche have to teach him.

    To not be annoying, this kind of character would have to be willing to cause trouble and smooth trouble over with the same enthusiasm and easy-going spirit. He doesn’t want to ruin a world made just for him to play with, after all!

  56. Juan Navarro says:

    Bon, the Potion Popper
    Imagine a magic using go-getter type looking for the next big thing, as he travel around ,working in various magic shops and such. Naturally he would come across different adventurous scenarios but at the same time, is known to be a great brewer of potions and has many connections in magical artifice. He also uses it in his work, at any time using alchemy to amplify at his prowess in combat and sneaking and maybe on occasion, “borrow” a recipe form a fellow wizard. He could also help an adventuring group but always be a bit ogreedy in his pursuit of new more powerful formulas.
    But lets says for all this ability, he’s hooked? He has to be on SOME type of potion everyday? He’s some potion swallowing addict?
    Could be fun.
    Dropped some stats and tweaked off of hailscape:
    male human Rog3/Wiz3 CR 6
    HD 3d4+3d6+6 hp 29
    Init +4 Spd 30 ft AC 14, touch 14, flat-footed 14 (+4 Dex);
    BAB +3;
    Melee quarterstaff +6 two-handed (1d6+1), or light mace +5 light (1d6+2); Ranged hand crossbow +9 (1d4/19-20);
    SA sneak attack +2d6;
    SQ evasion, summon familiar, uncanny dodge (AC);
    AL CN;
    SV Fort +3, Ref +10, Will +8; Str 12(+1), Dex 19(+4), Con 12(+1), Int 16(+3), Wis 14(+2), Cha 10(+0).

    Skills and Feats: HIDE+10(6), SPOT+9(7), LISTEN+6(4), MOVE SILENTLY+10(6),Alchemy+8, balance+12(8), climb+3(2), concentration+3(2), diplomacy+4(4), disable device+5(2), escape artist+11(7), gather info+3(3), heal+4(2), innuendo+3(2), jump+5(4), knowledge(arcana)+4(2), open lock+6(2), pick pocket+9(5), read lips+12(9), scry+4(2), spellcraft+5(2), tumble+5(1), use rope+6(2); Brew Potion, lightning reflexes, run, scribe scroll, Skill Focus:Alchemy.
    Skill Extras: +2 to bind another.

    Wiz Spells Prepared: (4/3/2) (DC = 13 + spell level) 0–Ghost Sound, Open/Close, Resistance (2); 1–Identify, Magic Weapon, Shocking Grasp; 2–Endurance, Leomund’s Trap.
    Spellbook: 0–Arcane Mark, Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Disrupt Undead, Flare, Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Mending, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Read Magic, Resistance; 1–Cause Fear, Detect Undead, Hold Portal, Identify, Magic Weapon, Shield, Shocking Grasp, Silent Image; 2–Endurance, Leomund’s Trap.

    Equipment: MW hand crossbow, +1 light mace, 29 MW bolt(s), MW quarterstaff, Potion of Levitate, Potion of Neutralize Poison, Potion of Protection From Arrows, Potion of Reduce (at 5th level), Potion of Speak with Animals, Potion of Spider Climb, Potion of nondetection, 2 gp.

  57. Bob says:

    >Doug: “This character could be a solipsist, even a relatively benevolent one. Deep down he believes that everyone else isn’t as ‘real’ as he is, that on some level the world is there for him to play in.”

    This is a great character concept, especially for an illusionist. I played a gnome illusionist, I think in 2nd Edition, that thought essentially this same thing; he felt that all of life was but a dream, and that illusionists (and spell casters in general, to a lesser degree) were merely folks skilled in manipulating that dream. As such, and with the general gnomish flair for goofing around, he was constantly playing practical jokes on enemies and party members, figuring none of it really mattered anyway. I made him just annoying enough for laughs (by players and their characters) but not annoying enough to be aggravating (it also helped that his illusions were immensely helpful to the party); this was difficult, but I managed to pull it off. Won’t work for every group of players, though, I just happened to be lucky in this regard.

  58. Francois B. says:

    Why he was born :
    Elven lord gave his second daughter in marriage to human merchant second son after losing wife and first son in saving important shipment. Elven daughter never loved human husband or half-breed son.

    Current life :
    Unloved by his new wife, human father is now to occupied with his father’s lucrative merchant business to care for his son
    PC is unwelcome in both families, because of resentment from human family (reminder of a great tragedy) and the lordly elven family disagrees with interbreed marriages.
    PC wants to earn respect from his elven wizard grandfather, after finding he/she had magical abilities
    PC is very curious and, since father and mother did not care what he did, was involved mostly in mischief to get parent’s attention and avoid boredom

  59. Juan Navarro says:

    @Francois B.
    Nice! I love the angles there. If the player ever says “Whats my motivation” I’ll send him to you….

  60. Hmott says:

    Hmm… Thiefs are pretty materialist, so it would be interesting if he considered his illusionist abilities just as a tool, y’know, not like a religion or cult or anything. Also, what if he took a bunch of different skills instead of focusing on getting good on a few? that would make him feel superior to regular people (commoners) in almost every way. However, he wouldn’t flaunt it because rogues are secretive…. So overall, he would consider himself a rogue, would be very practical, and would occasionally get into situations he couldn’t handle.

    Suggestion for future Pimp My Character: A Rogue or Fighter Transmuter. They would be able to move around the battlefield alot, and could buff themselves up….

  61. Andreas Leidinger says:

    Not only in order to be a true illusionist, which woud turn the build in a sort of infiltator but also in order to deal damage. The Arcane trickster PrC ofers the posibility to deal sneak attacks with spells, wich is pretty broken! Think of a 20th level character with all the rougish sills, a great sneak attack bonus damage and also the posibility o cast meteor swarm. Awesome! n fact you could trade some sneack attack dice in order to take the Achmage prstige class asi well. A polar ray turned into fire plus 15 d6 of sneak attack damage would hit around 31d6 of damage. The feat ocular spell of the “”Lord of Madness”” would alow you to store 2 scorching rays (6 rays, 4d6 each). So if you cast a quickened scorching ray w/sneackattack in the same round at the same character considering a 10d6 of senak attack damage, arround level 12 with the ocular spell and quicken spell feat you could deal 3x3x(4d6) + 20d6 for a total of 56d6! Imagine tha: toping 300 hp at 12th level.!!! Great idea, poster!


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