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RPG Marketplace Finally Here!

Written by Expy - Published on April 13, 2010

Many of you have been looking forward to this for awhile now. It’s the first of many new additions to come to DungeonMastering.com in the near future. The above video will give you a quick walk through of how it works. It’s pretty straight forward.

If you have an original RPG you’d like to sell online, you can do that without actually having a website now thanks to the Dungeon Mastering RPG Marketplace. We have several categories for you to list your campaigns, adventures, and original RPGs for sale in. You can sell your NPC Character Sketch packages, or services…Or perhaps cartography services. Maybe you’ve got other RPG related content that would be helpful and fun for other gamers to use…Well, list it in the marketplace and share it!

The main differences between our marketplace and others you may be familiar with such as RPGNow or those that are similiar to it, are as follows:

1.) VERY SIMPLE – You don’t even have to create an account to get started. Just upload your image, provide a download link, and tell us which paypal account to send your sales to.  After typing in your description and selecting your listing options, your ad will show for 30 days in the marketplace.

2.) NO TRANSACTION FEES – We won’t take a cut of every sale like the other places do. We’re here to promote gaming fun, and innovation. So there’s only a simple listing fee for each game you want to sell, and 100% of the procedes go straight to your paypal account, NOT OURS.

3.) EASY TO USE – If you want to check out a new game, adventure, or the like, its very simple. Click on “View All Products”, and browse the categories until you like one you find. Click on the description, and purchase it through paypal. After your purchase, you’ll be redirected straight to the sellers download link, and can contact them with any questions or support you need playing the game.

If you’re a seller, you simply click “List Your Product”, fill in the details, and you’re ready to go make a name for yourself.

We’ve got humble beginnings with a small number of listings available to browse initially, but we’ve got high hopes for this marketplace to be used by gamers all over the world, soon providing players like you and me with a large selection of original games to choose from.

If you have any suggestions for how we can make this marketplace better, from either the seller or buyer side of things, please post them here and we’ll see if we can work them in.

Happy Gaming, and Enjoy!

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Written by Expy

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26 Responses to “RPG Marketplace Finally Here!”
  1. Swordgleam says:

    Might I suggest allowing free products to be put up for free? I’m considering the marketplace, and if I do list my products I’d like to list all of them, but I’m not going to pay $10 to let more people find my free products!

    Also, do products remain up after the 30 days, simply in a less prominent place? Or would I have to resubmit my entire catalogue every 30 days?

  2. Brian says:

    Great idea! I think I’ll have that added in this week!

    As of now, your listing is a 30 day listing, and afterward it will expire. Think of it more like a very cheap classified ad spot.

  3. Brian says:

    Great Idea! I’m gonna have that added.

    As of now, your listing will expire after 30 days. Think of it as a very cheap classified ad spot that provides a lot of exposure

  4. Swordgleam says:

    Awesome. Submitted my first product. It was a rather, err, rocky experience. Sent you an email with some concerns/suggestions.

    Maybe you could have a page somewhere with previous listings, showing just the “short description” information and a buy now button? Would make it handy for consumers, who might be on the fence about a product, not realize the listing expires in three days, and then come back and be unable to find it.

  5. Brian says:

    Good suggestions. Checking my email now. Congrats on being the first to list a product!

  6. Brian says:

    Hannah, thank you SO MUCH for all the valuable feedback in your email. I’ve sent you one in reply. We’ll be adding all of those features ASAP to make it smoother. Thanks again for being the first to step out and give the marketplace a shot!

  7. Swordgleam says:

    Thanks for the quick response! I look forward to seeing how the Marketplace develops.

  8. Krystal says:

    Hmm, I’d love to participate but I’d have to make something first hahaha. :P

  9. jonathan says:

    We would love to participate – but being that our (currently) only eBook is for sale on RPGNow.com, and via our own store on NMP’s site – we don’t have a link directly to the PDF anywhere.

    For example – I can’t give you the download link from RPGNow.com – becuase it’s behind a paywall. The e-junkie.com storefront is also the same: it’s behind a paywal. We don’t have a free and open direct link to the PDF anywhere.

    It seems to me that the way you have your service set up now is that people have to provide you with a free and open PDF URL they they get pointed to after they make the purchase. And you site handles all the “transactions” but none of the digital inventory. What’s the $10/month for then? It seems that Dungeonmastering.com could easily set up an e-junkie.com storefront to handle all this instead of the way you have it set up now. Don’t you guys already use the e-junkie service? (which is great btw – acutally I think we started using it after Yax suggested it).

    Our concern is that, once a purchase is made – anyone could then share the “destination PDF URL” with anyone else. Is that correct? (this is not possible with e-junkie or RPGNow.com unless someone also were to share account information).

  10. Tom says:

    What is the listing fee?

  11. Brian says:

    @Tom, the listing fee is $10 for a 30 day listing to advertise your product on our site.

    @Jonathan, There are a few options, and I’m having our programmer work a few in as we speak, but you can trust that the delivery of your product will be secure on our end, and if someone was going to share your product, it wouldn’t matter if there were a password protected directory anyway, they could simply email the file to a friend.

    However, we will work to make this process better…And I’ll give a few options in a comment later this afternoon of places you can host your product securely.

    Thanks for all the feedback guys! Realize the marketplace is BRAND NEW, so it will likely evolve quite a bit over the first few months. So keep the feedback coming.

  12. Elderon Analas says:

    This is a great service you guys offer. Too bad I’m only 16 in real life and have no PayPal, or bank account to link said PayPall account to. I have tons of preverbial gold, but only a few dollars cash to my name. I have a savings account but it is cosigned by my mom and I don’t really know any of the info on it. But all that aside, like I said before. This will be a great service and it will be very good to anyone looking to get a foot in the door to becoming a RPG publisher. Good jod Brian, Yax, and everyone else on the staff. Yes you guys. The programmers, the scriprters, the webpage designers, all you guys are what makes this possible and a sencier (? can’t spell) “THANK YOU!” and I would like to be the first to offer that. If I could I would give all of you enchanted scales of good luck, but that is a Crystal Dragon ability. (I can just put you to sleep) So, thank you guys, everyone of you that includes the writers, the lifeblood of the site. Without you all the people who make the site will have nothing to do, and Yax would have nothing to be proud of. (not that he probably doesn’t have other things to be proud of, i just only know of this site) Ok, thanks and congrats out of the way. I say that this will bloom and flurish into something great.

    Wishing all of this the best of luck,
    Elderon Analas

    PS. “Everything’s going great and it can only get better.” — Me

  13. Elderon Analas says:

    Could you email me so I will have you address and would be able to send you private messages, and or play D&D via Google Talk. my email is elderonthedragon[at]gmail[dot]com

  14. Swordgleam says:

    @Brian, a couple more questions/suggestions for you: will I get a payment from paypal every time someone buys a product of mine, or one payment from you at the end of the month?

    Is there some way to track statistics on my products – marketplace views total, views in my category, clicks on the “more info” link by my product(s), etc? A way to access these constantly would be nice, but a report every 30 days would also be fine. That way I could see if my product is/isn’t generating sales because of how many eyes are on it vs how much interest the short description generates vs other factors.

    This is getting kind of advanced, but if there were a way to split test in addition to the report, it would put the marketplace a head and shoulders above most places out there.

  15. Brian says:

    @ Elderon- Pretty busy this week man, but would love to hook up sometime. I’ll shoot you a message when I get a free day

    @ Swordgleam – You will receive a payment everytime someone purchases. It’ll go directly to your paypal account, and you should receive an email notification if your paypal account is set up to do that .

    The suggestions you gave me are solid…I like the idea of having a page view stat tracker, and the split testing option…However, it might be a few weeks on that one =)…But maybe we can work in the stat counter at a minimum a lot sooner.

    Our new programmer, (Karl), is phenomenal, and he’s very fast with most things….He’s working on some major DM Tool upgrades, and other minor marketplace tweaks as we think of them (or you guys tell us what you want), and I’ll pass all of it along to him.

    Keep the feedback coming. A marketplace that is “head and shoulders above the rest” is what we’re going for. I think we have a good principle foundation in place…With time, it’ll be awesome!

  16. jonathan says:

    So, the elephant in the room is One Book Shelf publishing; or as most people know them : Drive Thru RPG, or RPGNow.com, etc.

    I think you should look at the publisher resources they have available, and start there. I firmly believe you should be the one hosting the files. Secure on your end is fine; that’s the paypal transaction – the RSA security is handled by paypal, yes? But, I’m curious how a publisher is supposed to implement a secure file location without needing a customer login? Are you going to give us an API so that we can set up a service on our servers to listen for dungeonmastering.com customers coming from PayPal who are tagged with something that says “Hey, I just paid – let me in”.

    I hope this is clear enough – but I don’t see how to handle this otherwise; you are basically asking us to handle 100% of the material transfer when you are handling all the transactions.

    You mentioned “Advertising” above… which seems basically what you are going after. Why not just cut the transactions completely, and have people pay $10/month to have their products listed.

    Wait — is it $10/PER PRODUCT? I think for most small press publishers, that’s not going to scale very well. Think about it. Let’s say LPJDEsigns or Allelia comes in here and says “cool! I have 500 $2 PDFs to sell”… then they are going to pay $5000 in hosting costs, have to handle the material transfer themselves, and then need to sell 2500 PDFs to break even.

    Don’t get me wrong – the PDF market could use some more outlets; but I’m just not sure this is the right model to pursue.

    How about $10/month for all your products to be listed, or $10/month for 10 products. Just brainstorming here…

  17. Brian says:

    @ swordgleam- You can now list products for free, by placing a 0.00 amount in the price text box. This SHOULD cause you to bypass the listing fee page.

    @ Jonathan- Lots of good thoughts Jonathan.

    First off, we are going to be hosting your products server side after all. To make sure the URL is secure, we would have to have the deliverable on our servers. We would store them in a non-web-accessible part of the site and then have a script to pull the data out and make it available to the buyer, but first checking that the buyer is logged in and has bought the product. I personally was hoping to keep it simple by not requiring a signup process, but I think we’ve found a happy medium by using the built-in WordPress login system, and have people log in using a WordPress subscriber account.

    The next thing we plan to add would be a “My Products” page where logged in users can view and download things they have purchased. Looks like that would be handy as well.

    We’ve made it so users can upload products other than PDFs now, and Hannah “Swordgleam” has been very helpful as our first “guinea pig”. So the listing phase is much smoother now…but not perfect, yet.

    As for the $10 per listing model, our thoughts were that by keeping the marketplace fresh, customers could see “new listings” more often, and this sort of model would provide an even amount of exposure for each publisher. Since we don’t currently offer regular advertising in any paid way on our site (which may change in the future but as of now we receive no money for ads on the site), we felt that $10 for an entire month was more than fair considering the amount of targeted traffic DungeonMastering.com receives. (About 1,200 unique visitors per day, or 36,000 per month, and about 80,000-100,000 page loads per month).

    So I guess you could say we were approaching it as a hybrid between an ad platform and a marketplace. But it seems that we’ll be moving more towards pure “marketplace”.

    The last thing I’d like to throw in is a comment about your suggestion on the current listing model not being scalable for all publishers, especially those with hundreds of products.

    We’re considering a “store” option, that would allow unlimited permanent listings for a slightly higher fee. Something similiar to a fee structure like eBay stores, (except obviously a little cheaper, and without an “auction” format).

    I’d like to hear some more feedback from you all on this topic. Thanks for all the input thus far!

  18. jonathan says:

    Excellent. Nevermet Press would happily throw $10 your way to try out the new secure version of the service. Just let us know when it’s been tested and verified. Or, if you want another “guinea pig” – we’d also consider that as well – just let me know! Cheers — Jonathan.

  19. Swordgleam says:

    Just tested the free upload with a price of “0.00” and it didn’t act any differently than a paid listing.

    You might consider having a separate “free” category, so that consumers can easily find free stuff and companies don’t have to worry about their paid ads getting pushed down the list by free products.

    I like the secure hosting and the permanent marketplace idea. For the store option, the company to beat is e-junkie, which has no transaction fees and starts at $5 a month.

    Thinking a bit more, another service you could offer that would play to your strengths – pick products from the marketplace to review. Not a guarantee that every product in there would be reviewed, but a higher chance. As long as the reviews are unbiased, it’s a win-win-win for the customers, publishers, and you.

  20. Brian says:

    Sorry about that. Looks like Karl hasn’t made the free listing option yet…I spoke too soon.

    I thought about making a free category, but didn’t want publishers who were charging to lose attention by everyone simply downloading the free stuff only. So having them parsed through out I thought would be better.

    eJunkie isn’t exactly the company to beat. They may be able to offer you a store for $5/month, but you won’t be getting any exposure to real customers unless you go drum it up yourself. Simply creating a better listing method should be easy, and for transaction purposes, we may even consider using ejunkie. But the real value to authors in our marketplace will be the ability to generate exposure and get sales.

    As for the review idea, I like it. I’ve been thinking about eventually offering blog reviews as an upgrade, and also offering a mailing to our newsletter as an upgrade too. But another idea I was thinking about adding was a user based review system by customers who purchase it. Maybe like a 5 star scale? What do you guys think?

  21. Swordgleam says:

    User reviews are always great, and anything you can do to encourage them would help.

    I don’t think offering reviews as an upgrade is a good idea, simply because having someone pay you to review their product opens up all kinds of murkiness. Even the appearance of unethical conduct is a problem, and it would be hard to avoid at least a few people thinking that’s what’s going on. A featured spot in your newsletter as an upgrade wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    Let me know when the free thing is up, and I’ll give it another try.

  22. Elderon Analas says:

    I give this blog a 5 out of 5 on the AWESOME scale!

  23. Elderon Analas says:

    no make that 20 out of 5

  24. Brian says:

    Free listings should be enabled now =)…And they don’t have to be renewed every 30 days. They’ll just be bumped down by paid listings.

  25. Guy says:

    I’m really excited to hear about this, since I’m working on an RPG right now, and hope to market it if it gets finished. I’d also considered getting into the business of custom minis, and it sounds like that could happen here. Anyway, I think the five star customer reviews are a very good idea. There isn’t any better advertising than a bunch of customers sharing a positive impression.
    Thanks for making this wonderful service available!

  26. Brian says:

    Ok, MOST of your requests have now been integrated. We now have a secure hosting platform for your products so there is no worry of them being shared. Users now login with a wordpress member login to purchase and download their products from a secure area on our server!

    Also, you do now have the ability to make “free” listings. Just put $0.00 in the price field and you’ll bypass the payment page.

    Next on the docket, is creating a new listing fee structure to make it more practical and scalable for those who have dozens or even hundreds of listings they would like to make.

    We’ve got a few more updates that have been made, and more to come, but wanted to let you guys know…I’ll be making a blog post about it this week!

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