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Written by Marc_Radle - Published on May 10, 2014

pen2The good folks at Super Genius Games (now known as Rogue Genius Games) commissioned me to do an entire series of illustrations for a product called Monster Menagerie: Howl at the Moon. This supplement detailed maybe a dozen or so unique were-creatures. This product was not about your garden variety werewolves and weretigers! This was going to be all about bizarre and interesting creatures like the werefrog, werescorpion and the topic of this week’s post – the weretyrannosaurus!

As always, I started the illustration by doing research. I found a few good images of a tyrannosaurus and then started thinking about how what a weretyrannosaurus would look like. I wanted him to walk upright and have two muscular arms – I know it would have been more realistic to give two tiny little forearms, but there was simply no way to draw that and not look really silly!

So, I decided to make him big, burly and wielding a massive sword – sort of tyrannosaurus rex meets Conan.

One of the nice things about working with Owen Stephens of Super Genius is that he trusted me enough to rarely ask for preliminary sketches. This means I
had the freedom to dream up what my big, bad weretyrannosaurus was going to look like, draw it and then send it off. Working like that is always fun, although it’s also a little nerve-wracking since the first time your client sees the illustration is literally when he sees the final, inked piece.


Luckily, the weretyrannosaurus met with full approval! Personally, I think Owen just didn’t want to tick that weretyrannosaurus off!


Coolest Comment 

Since we’re talking about bizarre and off the wall were creatures, tell me what combination you think would make the most interesting, the coolest or the funniest were-creature. Best one gets the weretyrannosaurus original!


Written by Marc_Radle

I’m a professional graphic artist and designer by trade. In my copious amount of spare time, I also do freelance illustration, writing, and graphic design. I’m also the Art Director for Kobold Press (sleep is highly overrated!)

I started playing D&D as a kid in the late 70s—good old 1st Edition AD&D! My friends and I also played many other RPGs back then—Marvel Superheroes, Champions, Elfquest, FASA’s Star Trek, Star Frontiers, the list goes on—but it always came back to AD&D! I faded out of gaming sometime after 2nd Edition came out—partially because 2nd Edition just didn’t quite do it for me (although I did play 2nd Edition a little though and certainly enjoyed some aspects of it) but also because my gaming friends all turned into grown-ups, got real lives, and moved away when I wasn’t looking!

The 3rd Edition of D&D really pulled me back into the hobby again, and I’ve since become a HUGE fan of the Pathfinder RPG.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with lots of great game companies, including Kobold Press, Super Genius Games, Raging Swan Press, Jon Brazer Enterprises, Tricky Owlbear Publishing and even Last Unicorn Games (back in the day)

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4 Responses to “Weretyrannosaurus”
  1. Bill says:

    When will the product be available? Will it be sold through DTRPG or a similar site? I can never get enough were-monsters.

    Great illustration!

  2. Marc Radle says:

    Thanks Bill!

    It is indeed available from all the normal places, including DTRPG!

  3. Years ago, back when the first edition of “Werewolf: The Apocalypse” was out, there were fan-made versions of almost anything you can think of. I remember a were-cow and a were-penguin.
    How about a were-goat? You’d look like the classic image of Satan (huge intimidation bonuses!) but your only real powers would be to eat just about anything, and smell bad (more huge intimidation bonuses!).

  4. Changing_Man says:

    So, I reckon I can toss a few contenders into the ring, and see how they fare:

    First up- The Were-Manatee/Dugong ! In their human guises, they prefer to be referred to as ‘portly’, and generally they are well-mannered, easy-going folk. But when the full moon rises, the wereblood takes over, and they go on rampages, savaging local all-you-can-eat salad bars before taking off for a midnight swim. Fortunately, lycanthropic infections from this subspecies is uncommon, considering their generally peaceful nature. But there are always exceptions, and one should take particular precautions, especially after ‘getting frisky’ with that chubby barmaid after hours in a port-town where were-manatees are known to reside…

    Next up- The Were-Pangolin ! Another relatively peaceful folk, these lycanthropes would prefer to be left alone more than anything else. Usually the targets of hazing and bullying by more predatory lycanthropic species, they have the particular adaptation of improved natural armor above-and-beyond their usual wereblooded resistances. One thing is for certain- you’ll never find a were-pangolin’s house infested with termites or similar vermin pests.

    And what could be better than- The Were-Platypus ! If there is one lycanthrope that confuses the heck out of taxonomists, this is it. A bill like a duck, tail like a beaver, poisonous spurs, they basically have blindsight via electrolocation, and the Purebloods lay eggs?! It is probably because they tend to get picked on for being such an evolutionary smorgasbord that these otherwise shy and introverted fellows get particularly rambunctious when the moon gets full. If you’re wondering whether that mysterious lady might be a Were-Platy, check her chest- even though Were-platypuses possess mammary glands, they don’t have teats. [More fun facts about the really weird world of nature!]

    Or maybe the slightly more conventional Were-Weasel ! Sneaky little rascals, one and all, and they can get more than feisty regardless of what phase the moon is in. They are particularly agile and swift, and aren’t afraid to bite or claw in any scrape. Particular caution for those traveling in wintery-climes: word has spread of a Great White Were-Weasel (Ermine), whose skills at natural camouflage and stealth make traveling in the snow even more hazardous than it would be normally!

    And finally (my personal favorite), Scarabaeoidea, The Were-Dung Beetle !

    Purebloods of this species have long served the Ivory Pharaohs as local protectors of mausoleums, treasuries, and the like. In their hybrid form, with their natural armor glistening and two muscular arms wielding twin khopesh (while two smaller arms prepare stand at the ready), these Lycanthropes make for the perfect, intimidating guards. Known for their strict adherence to discipline and order- regardless of its effect for weal or woe- and their deadly dual-khopesh attack style, these warriors enjoy a position of honor in their homelands rarely found by any other lycanthrope species.

    If only the same could be said about those afflicted with this form of lycanthropy, however. These poor unfortunates find themselves typically amongst the lowest castes, relegated the the duties of cleaning sewers and latrines and other manners of digging and labor. Those who seek to liberate themselves often band together- perhaps out of some sort of peculiar ‘hive mind’ formed from the odd mixture of insectoid ichor and mammalian blood, but more likely due to shared circumstances- and they can be quite daunting raiders and foes. A favored tactic involves certain members of their band rolling large, boulder-sized balls of dung down hills to crash into unwary targets, while other member emerge from ambush to hurl smaller balls of fecal matter at opponents before engaging in melee with their claws and mandibles.

    For some reason which no-one has ever been able to explain, all were-dung beetles, regardless of caste, have a particular penchant for astrology, and find themselves as much pulled by the calling of the sea of stars as by the light of the moon…

    May all your Hits be Crits!

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