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WTF: Evil name generator

Written by Expy - Published on October 16, 2007

Weird Tool Files #8: Evil name generator

We’ve all spent weeks looking for the perfect name for the ultimate villain in a new campaign… or not. In any case, using this evil name generator will keep you from naming a villain “Douchebag”!

At first, random or semi-random name generators seem pointless.  But give them a try, and they’ll become a fun time-waster, then they’ll create a spark and fuel your imagination!

There’s an evil genius in it…  Anyhow try these fun online namers and generators:

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Written by Expy

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22 Responses to “WTF: Evil name generator”

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  1. sean Says:

    i tried the random name generator with devouring, seduction, and disgusting for word modifiers. Here’s what i got:

    Carnallust The Rancid
    Hungerpus The Beguiler
    Lovebelch The Eater
    Stenchpassion The All-devouring
    Stinkcharm The Seducer
    Stinklover The Hungry
    Stinkpus The Flatulent

  2. Phil Says:

    Man these sound like Fantasy STDs!


  3. Dave T. Game Says:

    “The Fantasy STD Generator” is an even weirder tool, and something that I even think the Book of Erotic Fantasy missed…

    …not that I’ve read it (cough cough)

  4. Yax Says:

    Can you name the villain in your campaign Hungerpus The Beguiler? I don’t think so. My players would make fun of it for years – unless it was meant to be funny.

  5. Fargalas Says:

    Evilspawn the Sorcerous.

    Err… That’s really threatening, I’m sure.

  6. sean Says:

    yeah i couldn’t realistically use any of those names. The evil name generator is a cool idea however it skews towards the side of humor. Don’t get me wrong humor is an essential element, but if the main villain in my campaign was stench passion the all devouring i don’t think i could take him serious.

    However, think about stench passion the all devouring. What would that be and how could it be cooler? Maybe an ooze dragon that dissolves organic material into a poisonous cloud that constantly surronds it and the cloud can dissolve things too. That covers stench, and all devouring. Its personality could be very passionate about consuming anything around it. Now it just needs a better name. The point is I think the generator works to start the wheels turning.

    Granted i am stretching it a little bit because i don’t think everyone would have this same approach. I sat there hitting the “generate names” for a while until i decided how i could make it work for me.

  7. Yax Says:

    Generator have that power over me too. I sit there hitting the submit button to see what comes up.

  8. gnome Says:


  9. Bartoneus Says:

    Random Name Generators are great when you just go through until you find some you like and pull them out, that’s how we ended up with the Halfling Paladin named Mimosa Hornblower!

    Sean: hahaha, watch out for Lovebelch the Eater!

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  11. Skyler Kuhn Says:

    i tryed it and got “lovelover” lol

  12. Max Says:


    …. I was generated by http://www.tools4name.com/en/ :)

  13. Max Says:

    Sorry, “It was”*

  14. Trisn Says:

    Some of my select favorites…

    Brainslash The Witty
    Killcontrol The Crafty
    Masterthought The Boss
    Mindsnare The Smart

    I couldn’t see many DM’s allowing Slashmaster or Killcontrol as Pc’s unfortunately…

  15. dora Says:

    LOL good for game characters. You should try this too: http://www.ninjaname.net

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  17. ugly pussy cat Says:

    These are some names I have used for evil characters in some of my stories I have written:
    Lord Kris
    The Fornicator
    The Slaughter Activator
    The White Violator
    Zone Princess
    Scythe-loving Shitbag

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  19. Me Says:

    LOL at Scythe-loving Shit-bag. I’m taking that.

    But really. You want evil names? Look up some evil names in google. You get good ones like Abaddon, which means Devil.

  20. Rissa Says:

    I got:
    Brainsneak The Crafty
    Brainwit The Fallen
    Demonwit The Clever
    Evilspawn The Smart
    Sharpsneak The Mad
    Slycraft The Crazed
    Slysneak The Damned

  21. cameron Says:

    hi guy im 13 and creating a fantasy book with everything u have here and i found it very helpful keep up the good work

  22. Kam Selia Says:

    Nice post! I was really searching hard on Google for this and luckily ended up reading your post. Keep up the great work :)

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