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WTF: iPhone dice roller

Written by Expy - Published on August 26, 2007

WTF : Weird Tools Files #6

I stumbled upon this article on how to kill your iPhone cool factor – if you’re not a geek, that is. I know that if I showed up for a game with a iPhone that has a dice roller on it, I’d be the coolest person in the room for at least 12 seconds.

Maybe more.

The iPhone dice roller

After a little research I found a bunch of websites talking about this dice roller. It’s great that D&D gets some publicity in the iPhone-totting in-crowd. But after reading different articles on this dice roller I get the feeling it doesn’t look as cool as the picture here suggests.

Wait! Doesn’t this look like crap?

I’m not sure how the iPhone works but the commercials seem to suggest that you can surf the web with it. If you can surf the web, why would you use the crappiest-looking dice roller on the internet? This is the webiste that is referred to as a D&D roller web-app. Maybe it fits on the iPhone screen? Maybe the dice appear on the screen like they do in the picture? Maybe there is something special that I don’t know about. Let me know if you have an iPhone.

Feel free to forget your dice

Anyhow, you can now feel free to forget your dice bag if you have an iPhone. But it never is an issue for my D&D group because everyone brings one set of dice and all the players have a binder with their character sheet, dice, pen and paper, etc.

Does anyone use online or software dice-rollers?

Let me know.

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Written by Expy

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12 Responses to “WTF: iPhone dice roller”
  1. Stûnibu says:

    i think it a stupid idea, i h8 the ones on the pc 2! i wouldnt bother, i keep die at my pc anyway!

  2. lvwr says:

    it is much different than pc dice rollers. iphone s size certainly helps playing. it is a nice tool for keeping results hidden from players 2.

  3. Mike says:

    im still of a fan of the look players get when i roll my die. if it has the sound i might……….

  4. the worlds worst DM ever says:

    The one pictured is lame, there are a few other nice ones out there I have been downloading them and trying to find the one I like best. the greatest thing about them is how smooth big rolls go. If your about to cast fire ball with your high level wizard and dont want to have to count and do mental math on those 10d6 then just hit the d6 icon 10times and a number pops up, game play is not slowed and you dont look like a full for having to add a bunch of 3s and 5s together on your fingers.

    the only app I have seen with the sound effect kinda sucks and doesn’t allow for complex rolls that use multiple size dice. i.e. sneak attack with a dagger from a halfling

  5. swankalot says:

    There is a dice poker game by MotionX (called “poker”) that is bad-ass in terms of the physics, sound and feel of the dice roller. Unfortunately, it only allows for 1d6 to 5d6 dice rolls. Another app, called MachDice, is decent — and especially nice for large numbers of dice (as noted by “the worst DM ever”). While I still miss the old-school approach, the ease of the virtual iphone die roller has me hooked — too much functionality and speed to bother with a bag full o’ dice anymore.

  6. J.R.McDowell says:

    Ok, so we have these kick ass apps for the iPhone, why not for the PC or MAC? can we please get a port of these too the PC? Hey Id love to have a Physic Dice roller on my laptop.

  7. Aurora22Craig says:

    Buildings are not very cheap and not every person can buy it. However, personal loans was created to support people in such kind of hard situations.

  8. Chris says:

    I use Feudz Dice Roller. It looks nice and works really well in a D&D game. I’m not a big fan of the 3D dice although some of them are pretty fun to use.


  9. cyberkyd says:

    I have an iPod Touch, and I personally feel that the Pocket Dice app works fine. You can color the dice, choose how many of each type, and change the background. It even rolls when you shake the iPod! Best of all, it’s free. So, the physics and sound stink. It still beats most other dice apps, online or offline. (And most of those you have to pay for!) Get this app.——————-
    Check out my site at http://www.chaoscreatures.com

  10. Dragonczeck says:

    Best DND Die Roller I’ve found is this site:
    Keeps everything fair and on record

  11. Alex says:

    For me the coolest is


    The guy posted a demo here


    It has nice sound effects and superb physics. Of course it is better to have real dice, but in case you forgot them, this can be very handy!!


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