14 Valentine’s Day-inspired ways to include Love in D&D

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Beauty is in one of those. Supposedly.
Beauty is in one of those. Supposedly.

With today being Valentine’s Day, love (proverbially) was in the air & it made us wonder about how Love could serve as inspiration for D&D.  Of course this holiday named after a Christian martyr isn’t the only occasion for the passionate emotion but the 14th got us to thinking- what would be some ideas for affection in adventures?  We’ll be using the term ‘character’ as this represents both PC’s as well as NPC’s.  So here are 14 ways to include Love in your D&D games:

  1. A character became an adventurer to prove himself worthy to his betrothed.  He seeks to do something noble or heroic for that goal, while still surviving this test to return. This is a tricky balance & when will such a trade-off have the eventual drastic repercussions?
  2. The character is adventuring only to find the perfect engagement ring with which to propose. However, this drive to find such a suitable piece of jewelry is constant, sure to cause conflict as every ring might be ‘the one’ for The One.  Not to mention, a few fantasy rings have a history of being a problem.
  3. A character is steadfastly searching for his True Love. He only has occasional glimpses of her in dreams, yet still swears to any that will listen- and even to those who do not- that the two of them are meant to be.  But are these dreams actually real or is this all only in his over active imagination?
  4. Despite promises of them being soulmates, the character’s True Love unexpectedly ended their relationship & quickly moved on.  Now, absolutely broken hearted he must figure out how to cope best he can.  But this is easier said than done, as not all wounds can be healed by a Cleric. Where do those despairing have to go for the despair to stop?
  5. The character is searching for an Elixir of Love, the ingredients to make such a potion, or some other magical method to artificially get the person he loves to love him back. When the rest of the party learns of his goal, will they go along or will those who believe in free will speak out against the plan?
  6. Tragically, the True Love died, causing the character to start looking into ways to bring her back from beyond the grave. Some of these aren’t feasible but there are alternative approaches which might be possible.  However not all of these possibilities are Lawful & some of them surely aren’t Good.  If they damn the consequences will they damn themselves too?
  7. The character’s parents want him to finally settle down & are ceaseless in their insistence that he ‘get a normal life.’ They show up periodically trying to convince him to retire, while playing matchmaker by suggesting or outright bringing potential wives. How can he navigate these familial responsibilities?
  8. The character’s True Love has been joined the forces of Evil. He must decide whether he can save her versus the risk of her soul being completely lost.  The goal is to redeem her to the side of Good but when eventually facing his Love will he instead become seduced himself?
  9. D20 gigalo; the character is somehow a Don Juan despite CHA being their dump stat. Although he benefits from the bevy of friends with benefits, there are down sides to getting down. Soon his reputation precedes him resulting not only in groups of groupies but also their seething significant others. And of course a recurring need for Cure Disease. Who doesn’t want his problem, at least at first.
  10. Conversely one of the characters who shouldn’t have an issue with intimate issues can’t ever seem to be lucky getting lucky.  It might be a curse or it might all be in his head but clearly his Charisma isn’t working. The lack of action starts a reaction & not being able to perform creates a problem with his adventuring performance. Yet the harder he tries the harder it all is. How will his dry spell break?
  11. An attractive humanoid monster has taken a romantic interest in the character.  Although their racial backgrounds are different, Love is in the air. The episode soon looks to turn into an example of how all those half-races come into being. Will the rest of the party be supportive of this possible relationship?
  12. A non-humanoid monster has taken a romantic interest in the character. Although their racial backgrounds are TOTALLY different (think Donkey & Dragon), Love is in the air, albeit for one of them. The episode soon looks to turn into an example of how all those absolutely wacky half-races came into being. Perhaps even a brand new half-race if the adventurer is adventurous enough. Heh.
  13. The character is adventuring simply to provide for his new family.  Dungeoneering is just a job, albeit a dangerous one.  Reward is the reason for the risks, yet his motivation for money, while seemingly greedy, is actually as an altruistic provider. Coin causes conflict though, as the character’s drive to be a worthwhile bread winner steadily grows.  When will enough ever be enough?
  14. Replace every male identifier in any of the previous ideas with a female identifier because Plot Twist, the character is a woman. Although this sounds like a simple thing, between traditional gender roles or even people’s expectations this can become a big deal.  Try it yourself & see the difference.

Ok, those are some suggestions for Love in D&D that we were able to come up with on the holiday.  Have any ways these could be expanded or simply improved?  Ever work Love into one of your campaigns? Share with the rest of the class in the comments below.

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