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We’ve previously shared a number of great deals on books, maps, miniatures, and terrain that we thought you guys would like as gift ideas for the holidays.  There were definitely a lot of cool things for your D&D games on these lists, but some of were admittedly not in the copper piece range. (of course hopefully you expect to spend a few silver on custom-made terrain, such as your personal Lothlórien)  With that in mind, we’ve complied another list.  This time of either FREE or nearly Free apps that our gaming groups use that can help out at your own tables.

imagesTinyScan Pro: “The little app that scans everything.” WHAT IT IS- an App that lets you take pics, which it then quickly transforms into PDF files.  HOW WE USE IT: Allows the DM to show parts of the adventure (map sections, NPC illustrations, item images, etc.) when we’re playing without holding the module up and awkwardly trying to cover up the stuff that still remains to be discovered.  When the PDFs are converted to JPEGs (here’s 4 ways to do that) they can easily be used with Obsidian Portal or other campaign site.  But all these PDFs need a place to be stored which leads us to…

blue_dropbox_glyph-vflJ8-C5dDropBox: WHAT IT IS- “a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!”  HOW WE USE IT- DropBox is how our group shares things; from the telephone tree to Player’s Guides to sessions pics to actual book PDF’s.  Their app allows us to do all this via smartphones for the ultimate convenience.  In fact, we use it so much that we’re running out of room- if you’re interested in accessing a gaming library from your hand, please use our referral link: as each referral gives us both 500MB of bonus space!  Which you can use for…

imgresHero Lab character sheets: WHAT IT IS- A free viewer of Hero Lab, “award-winning character management software for RPG’s.”  If you want to give Hero Lab itself a try, The Starter Edition is free, although it only supports Paizo’s Pathfinder Beginner Box and Evil Hat’s Spirit of the Century.  HOW WE USE IT- while Hero Lab is now available for iPad (and 3 members of my group use it on their Apple devices to good effect) Android support isn’t here yet.  Luckily the Hero Lab Character Sheet app let’s us non-Steve Jobs take our characters on our Bugdroid phone.  While the character sheet doesn’t allow editing ala the full version, it still allows tracking for hit points, subdual damage, spells, Stat adjustment, etc.  Basically all the critical stuff.  It’s a great little app.  Speaking of great little apps…

imgres-1DMDJ: “DMDJ is an audio engine application that allows DMs to add environmental background themes to their D&D sessions.”  WHAT IT IS: Sound effects from Dragons to fireballs to light rain.  Or heavy rain.  Or a full-blown monsoon for that matter.  HOW WE USE IT: Environmental sound files like the bubbling from an alchemists laboratory, the crackling of a campfire, and the bustle of a village marketplace instantly set the scene.  While we’re used to having music/soundtracks in the background, actual sound effects completely add a dose of realism to the tabletop experience.

So what do you guys think- will any of these improve your games?  Know any apps that we missed?  Tell us below.



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