Blog and Tools Downtime and General Odd Behavior Over the Last Week‏

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Dear Readers,

By now you’ve noticed that our most recent article, Question Keith #1: Hidden Hit Points was re-sent.  No déjà vu. For a short time the blog was down, then up (albeit with articles from 2010,) then fully restored with Keith’s complete piece. You may also have had trouble logging into your DM Tools account. This was due to a hosting issue on our end. For that, we deeply apologize.

But that’s not enough. So taking our own advice from an invaluable 2009 entry, Oops! How to Gracefully Recover from a DM Mistake, here is the rundown.

  • Step One: Stay Calm- When you run a website and that website goes down, its hard not to panic.  But once it became clear that this snafu wasn’t caused by needing to refresh our browser’s cache, we got on the horn to tech support.
  • Step Two: Own Your Mistake-No one likes having to say they fracked up. But this wasn’t a problem with the ‘flux capacitor’ or an outage overload from an overwhelming response to Keith Baker’s new Q&A series.  Basically this all happened because we were under the hosting of DMing’s previous owner and he apparently didn’t realize we were still using it. When cleaning up his server he asked his hosting to delete the DMing account. Segue to us scrambling for the last weekly backup (April 5th).
  • Step Three: Repair the Damage- now has its own new hosting fully under our control that is solid.
  • Step Four: Do Better Next Time- We don’t expect this to ever happen again and we’re going to pay closer attention to the tech which makes this whole show run. Also everyone here is open to any and all ideas.  Suggest away.
What may have been affected?
If you commented on our blog or used our DM Tools between April 5th and today, there is a chance your updates were not restored. However, if you see something “funny”, please email us and we may be able to restore or fix the issue as well as give you some kind of gift as a thank you for speaking up.

Well that’s the deal.  As Gary Gygax once said, “Random chance plays a huge part in everybody’s life.”  That being something proven to us recently, we’re going to do our best to have as many bonuses ready for that randomness as possible.

We hope you appreciate our transparency and honesty. Thank you for being a DMing reader.

1 thought on “Blog and Tools Downtime and General Odd Behavior Over the Last Week‏”

  1. Let me start off by saying that I like and appreciate what you are doing with the website. The recent news about Keith and updates etc, I actually found quite exciting.
    However, I want to be honest with you. I’d like to see more. A once a month blog, I don’t think is nearly enough. It’s not enough for me, and that probably means its not enough for a large majority of other readers. Your website is a young sapling yearning for further encouragement, pleading for sun and sustenance that it might grow and pierce the waiting sky.
    I speak, of course, of more articles. Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, simply more.

    You have a section for free DnD adventures, however what about feature blog articles of adventures? Maps and puzzle designs(just examples are usually helpful)? DMs are always searching for material they can take, chop up, modify and redistribute as their own. I DM my own game and because of this, I cannot sate my thirst for information. Everything I see, hear, and read is instantaneously boiled down and recast in my mind in a mold of ‘how can I use this in my campaign’.

    Anyhow, thats my two cents. I know you are working to adding more, and I want to support you in this endeavor, because frankly its wanted/appreciated.

    I remember reading that you have written up guidelines for submissions, however I didn’t see a link or any instructions to find the info. I would be happy to submit something to support the community and expand the pool of DM material on the site.

    Last but not least, keep up the good work. you guys rock.

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