Drawing D&D maps


Cartography is an art and a science, yet adventurers running through a daedalus of underground caves and passages while being pursued by evil creatures draw maps with extreme precision. I hate that. So I have developed a way to screw the players over when they’re trying to find their way out of a maze.

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18 ways to increase combat duration

It is impossible to defeat an army of goblins in
5 rounds. It takes at least 6 rounds.

Role-playing sucks?

They’re called role-playing games but for most of us the fun part is killing stuff. Why else would computer games like World of Warcraft get millions of players? Because they got rid of most of the role-playing and kept all the monster bashing.

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Start A Campaign – Part 4: How to prepare a great game in less than 30 minutes

This article is part 1 of the “Start A Campaign… Now! series.

  1. Start A Campaign – Part 1: The first game
  2. Start A Campaign – Part 2: Before the second game
  3. Start A Campaign – Part 3: The second game
  4. Start A Campaign – Part 4: How to prepare a great game in 30 minutes or less

I remember when I had a social life.

I was following up on some horror campaign discussions this morning and someone linked to a helpful article on the d20 SRD. I read the whole thing and it was very interesting but very long. Then I thougt screw this. I just want to have fun with this D&D stuff. I don’t want to spend my week-end preparing a 4-hour game.

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