D&D Monday morning speedlinking – wiki edition

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DNDMMSL 06-02-08

It’s Monday morning a you’re staring blankly at your computer screen, aimlessly clicking on stuff, hoping no one notices you’re not doing any actual work. Don’t worry, the 20 ounce double-caffeinated-latte-with-extra-sugar you slammed earlier will kick in soon.

In the meanwhile here’s something to keep you busy:

  • The Gamer Dome Game Design Wiki is a cool community project, with game giveaways and a chance to show off your designs and design chops. Here’s the link to the official announcement.
  • Obsidian Portal allows you to create campaign websites for your campaign. Every campaign gets a shared blog/wiki to showcase their story, as well as integrated tools to help track NPCs, locations, treasure, and all the other minutae that makes up an RPG.
  • Treasure Tables boasts one wicked wiki. Check out the TT Game Mastering Wiki.
  • DNAphil from Gnome Stew was lovin’ the wiki this week – good article.

Non-wiki links:

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4 thoughts on “D&D Monday morning speedlinking – wiki edition”

  1. Avatar

    great article on the character death. i used to get criticized for dropping my pcs within the first 3 sessions of the campaign, but then, id say, you’d have to be really stupid to go out into the hostile wilderness full of predators alone with no guide and no experience and no clue about what the heck you were doing there in the first place.

    eat my assassin vine, level one bard!

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