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What’s this contest all about?

Dungeon Mastering’s slogan has always been “Thoughts and Tools for your D&D life” – and over the months it has matured into something that really matches the slogan. It’s now a little less DM-centric and I was looking for a way to get the attention of D&D players and casual hobbyists.

The winner of the “D&D4E – Subscribe and Win” will get all three 4th edition core rulebooks when they are published. It is my way of saying that this website is for everyone – not just DMs but also players and monsters!

How do I enter?

Edit: The contest is now open to anyone in any country.

If you subscribe to Dungeon Mastering by e-mail (it’s free), you automatically enter the contest and I’ll send the winner a D&D4E core rulebook gift set when it’s released (scheduled for June 2008). Subscribe by using the form in the upper-right hand corner of any Dungeon Mastering webpage or by using the form below:

Enter your email address:

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Feel free to read the complete contest rules.

What’s this subscription?

To enter you need to subscribe to the Dungeon Mastering RSS feed by e-mail. You’ll receive all Dungeon Mastering articles in your inbox. That’s about 5 articles a week, including the very popular Monday Morning Speedlinking and Sunday Morning Quiz articles.

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22 thoughts on “Win the D&D 4th edition core rulebooks”

  1. Avatar

    5 months of e-mails! you are evil, especially since those of us you read your site through RSS regularly are just signing up in double for the e-mails. But for free books, can’t complain!

    Although… I kinda wish I didn’t have to fill up my inbox with the news that I read in my feed reader already…
    (I prefer to read everything in google reader, E-mail is for business!)

  2. Avatar

    Could I convince you to move the drawing up to at least a few days before the books are released? I’m sure many people, like myself, have already pre-ordered them. That would give the winner a chance to cancel their pre-order.

  3. Avatar

    I am assuming that if we are already signed up we are entered int he contest. I tried to re-sign up and it said I couldn’t cus I was already in.

  4. Avatar


    If you are already a subscriber you don’t need to subscribe again.

    @non-us readers:

    I’ll look at the shipping and probably will change the rules.

    @rss readers:

    I have another contest for rss readers that’s going to kick off in march. Same prize so don’t feel left out if you don’t want the email subscription.

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  6. Avatar

    All right, I officially opened the contest to anyone and everyone, no matter what country.

    I also moved up the random winner drawing date so that the eventual winner has a chance to cancel an eventual preorder.

    Good luck!

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  8. Avatar

    My group and I have been thinking of just sticking to playing 3.5 because of all the material we have bought for it so far. But hey if I end up winning them for free no reason not to play 4th edition. thanks for the chance :)

  9. Avatar

    You can see the number of rss subscriber at the top of the screen, over the subcription form. Not all subscriber have an e-mail subscription. But it gives you a ballpark figure.

  10. Avatar

    Well, there we go.

    I’ll definitely be an early adopter anyways, but not necessarily right at release. I’ve got to finish my current game first, after all.

    In any case, a draw a week or so before the release would be nice, for sure.

  11. Avatar

    Great idea. I am an old hat at this gaming business. Spent a few years in BC gaming with an old friend of Johnn’s. Found out about this from the Roleplaying Tips Weekly newsletter. Been a subscriber since the early days. Keep up the good work!

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