Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition haiku

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The 4th edition is officially upon us

I know all the blogs and forums will be writing and talking about the “news” – the release of dnd4e. Well, I don’t have anything to add to whatever they’re saying.

However I thought it would be fun if everyone haiku-ized their feelings about the new edition. (The traditional haiku is a mini-poem consisting of a pattern of 5, 7, and 5 on – on means sound in Japanese)

Some thoughts on 4e – haiku style

Cool power once a day.

Couldn’t I take a long nap,

Then try it later?

Character concept?

Nope. Didn’t feel like thinking.

I am unaligned.

Here’s one from E – she runs Geek’s Dream Girl:

A gnome in his lair

has treats for all who visit.

It’s like Halloween!

Here’s one from Expy, my red dragon friend and mascot:

Good dragons were lame.
Copper and bronze get the boot.

Good dragons still suck.

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12 thoughts on “Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition haiku”

  1. Avatar

    4E is the Best!
    Wizards wants our Money!! Oops…
    Here is 4.5!!

    (Don’t get me wrong I’ve read the books and like a lot of what I see but… I’ll wait 6 months for 4.5 and by 4e at discount)

  2. Avatar

    Cool new game is here
    Shiny new mechanics too
    Where’s the gnome?

    (I also preordered the books in the pretty slipcase, but looking through them now I’m seeing a lot of the stuff that made D&D D&D for me is gone… probably going to be coming out near xmas in a new supplement. I AM looking forward to the online game table though so I can play with my friends back home)

  3. Avatar
    Reveremd Mike

    Keep on the Shadowfell is fun, but I heavily anticipate getting to a game of my own construction.

    One hundred and six;
    Irontooth’s hitpoints are many.
    Player’s wet themselves.

    Crits do max damage.
    I roll high numbers anyway.
    Who needs nat 20s?

    Cleric and Warlord
    Give bonuses to your roll.
    4 becomes 18.

  4. Avatar

    > Ben: “I AM looking forward to the online game table though so I can play with my friends back home”

    For an internet virtual game table RIGHT NOW and FOR FREE, check out the free MapTool:


    My friends from college and I use it (I live in Indianapolis, one lives in Kansas City and the other near Seattle), and it rocks. Then just use some sort of VoIP chat software (like Ventrilo or TeamSpeak, Google them!) and you’re good to go.

  5. Avatar

    MapTool is way cool…
    no need to waste your money.

    ((I too game with several friends from various locations in the world via MapTool. Awesome utility.))

    Haiku o Haiku
    What to write in a Haiku
    No Familiars?? ;(

    Ooh I am sad Sad!!
    Without my Familiars
    So Sad I am Sad!! ;(

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