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Prepare a better campaign in less time

This is a quick read that will help you shave dozens of hours in campaign planning. A lot of work went into this document and the content was edited and updated since it was first written. Have fun.

Dowload the Instant Campaign Builder (.pdf file) (right-click and “save as”)

Build a great campaign in a great setting

As I edited the Instant Campaign Builder articles to bundle them together I noticed that some of the content was complimentary with another Dungeon Mastering project: the Instant World Builder. If you haven’t read it yet this is your chance!

Download the Instant World Builder PDF (right-click and “save as”)

My suggestions

Make it unique and keep the players guessing by using unique scenes, monsters, and NPCs. Don’t labor over stat blocks too much. Feel free to email me if you have questions – I’m always happy to help out.

Your suggestions

Your comments are worth a lot to me. Help me make this site more useful by telling me what you think of the DMing PDFs and the website in general. Thanks!

27 thoughts on “D&D Instant Campaign Builder”

  1. This is a great tool! I’ve ran and played games everyday for about 6 years while I was in prison (60hrs/week * 6yrs – lock downs). I’m good at the technical details of NPCs and Monsters but on the outside there is so much more I can work with as far as props go. On the inside we would make dice out of bread and soap, and just write treasure on our PCs notes. All of your ideas go well beyond stuff I would have thought about and subsequently make my games that much better. THANKS!

  2. youre all a bunch of fucking nerds. fuck you all i hope to see you all in hell you retarded pieces of shit. Fuck off

  3. I know that this guide was built more for D&D campaign games – but I’m making my own game and have been stuck in the cartography and campaign quests and plot lines. In fact, I’ve been stuck on it for a good year. After reading this guide and throwing some of my old habits out the window (i.e. – creating the small details, trying to make everything link together) it has gone a lot smoother for me and in 2hrs I drew out an entire continent complete with 57 towns/villages, 6 capital cities, regions ranging from savannah, volcanoes, mountains, rolling hills, marshlands, etc, 10 landmarks – all because of the Instant World guide.

    Needless to say, I have to repeat this process to 2 other continents, but it’ll be easier these following times. Just wanted to say how much help this has been applying it to a different type of setting other than D&D.

    Thanks for the guide.


  4. hey this will be my first time DM’ing this thursday! so this will help out a ton, thanks alot! ^_^

  5. This link needs updating: #9 above D&D Instant Campaign Builder RPG PDF | Download Free Games, Free Download Games, Download Shareware Games

  6. There are a couplle of bad links in yur guide you amy want to update since it is great!

    http://www.slacknhash.net/ is the correct one for page 19
    while jamis bucks generator seems to ahve dissapeard
    cant google it anymore either.

    will let you know of anything else i find.

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  8. Hey your tips and web links really help me a first time DM! I’ve seen a few good DMs who ended the game with a whimper and ended a campaign series with a huge bang! A old friend of mine (my step brother now) had a huge series I was in from the first battle. In the very end he asked me if I would like to do the most awesome part of the story. Everyone I was playing with depended on me ( My killer wizard and my werewolf pet) we fought a Black dragon. He let me use a spell we came up with at the end of the game it was I believe we called it… The sacrifice yeah it did huge dmg at the cost of the users life. All my allies were knocked out and had to leave the house for ten minutes came back in (woke up) and I was dead Its was kick fucking ass.

    To the point … your tips helped me finish putting together my first game I got it all ready and my friends will be playing in a few days. Ive created an entire world for several games! You tips helped me come up with an EXELENT ENDING! Thank you very much!

    In my opinion the best way to end a campaign is to introduce death to your PC’s is to have an NPC or a friend die in the end. A good friend a dependable ally. Show story, make it look and feel real. Show that they aren’t gods. Make them feel powerful one second and feel sad and weak the next. Simply show death is a factor in the game.
    You could use this on the site if you want!

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  10. Congratulations on the amazing accomplishment, master Yax!

    May Mystra grant you immortality in order to keep em coming! :)

  11. @stunibu and others who might have damaged file problem:

    It works for me. Maybe try right-clicking the link and choosing “save as”. Just a gues…

    I’ll look at it closely when I come back home. I’m chillin’ in Waikiki right now. Let me know if you still have trouble.

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