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A Complete Guide To Playing A Fathomless Warlock In 5e D&D

Ahoy! Today we’re exploring the Fathomless, a Warlock subclass known for lurking in coral beds, sleeping with the fishes, and occasionally siphoning power off of underwater nightmare creatures. Fathomless is a defensive class, stacking tricks up their sleeves until the perfect opportunity pops up to unleash magic harsher than a tropical storm. Your power comes

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A Complete Guide To Playing An Undying Warlock In 5e D&D

Fair warning: with the right build, the Undying subclass might make your DM tear their hair out. Undying Warlocks tap into the necromantic power of liches and death gods to ensure they never take a trip to the undiscovered country. You can stack defensive spells and Invocations on top of your subclass features to create

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A Complete Guide To Playing A Genie Warlock In 5e D&D

Straight out of “A Thousand and One Arabian Nights” comes the Genie! Complete with magic lamp and wish-granting magic, your patron is a member of this mystical race of elementals. Depending on which type of genie you align yourself with, you can tap into one of the four elements to become a menace on the

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A Complete Guide To Playing A Fiend Warlock In 5e D&D

Immolation is the sincerest form of flattery. Fiend Warlock knows this best, specializing in fire spells that turn battalions of enemies into mass-barbeques. The fire of the Lower Planes runs hot in the blood of Fiend Warlocks, and they are more than happy to share. For sheer damage output, not many classes can compete with

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A Complete Guide To Playing A Celestial Warlock In 5e D&D

There’s this stupid idea that healers aren’t allowed to spill blood. Celestial Warlock heard about this and decided to prove the world wrong, becoming an excellent support class that can also liquefy your brain from across the battlefield. Celestial Warlock has a reputation of being a weird hybrid, mixing Warlock and Cleric abilities but doing

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A Complete Guide To Playing An Archfey Warlock In 5e D&D

Many characters (mostly with big swords) are adept at fighting. Few characters are as well-prepared to negotiate, infiltrate, or humiliate their way into power. One of the most flavorful of these is the Archfey Warlock subclass, a master manipulator acting on the orders of an even more manipulative faerie. Archfey uses magic to cloud the

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Beyond the Table: How to Put D&D on a Resume?

Telling a potential employer about your Dungeons and Dragons obsession in your interview might not be the best idea (unless you work out they’re a DnD fanatic beforehand—then the job is as good as yours). Telling them that you’ve been fighting the Dragon Cult every Thursday for the last year might not go down too

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Warlock vs. Wizard: Which Class is Right for You?

In this world, some spellcasters spend years locked away in ancient libraries, weaving delicate strands of arcane lore into the extraordinary tapestry of magical abilities and knowledge known as a spellbook. That’s Wizard. Some go to their local cult and with a quick blood sacrifice buy into the magical equivalent of a Happy Meal: cheap

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Barbarian vs. Fighter: Who Hits Hardest?

What we love about both the Barbarian and Fighter classes is that most of the time they’re ushered (sometimes unwillingly) to the front of combat. Protecting anything squishy and floppy. I’m looking at you mages. Both of them tend to be melee attackers that can hit hard and fast. Both are able to take A

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Our Favorite Cantrips in 5th Edition D&D

D&D 5e’s magic system has depth. Some spells can stop time, animate the dead, and rain fire from the sky. But in a universe filled with such power and wonder, cantrips are a more humble, everyday kind of magic. The kind of magic your spellcaster can use without much effort. Don’t let this fool you.

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