About Us

Our divination wizards have seen into the future, and we’ve planned our team philosophy accordingly. And they saw us sharing our expert and authoritative guides with players like you to make your Dungeons & Dragons games exceptional!

One of the greatest parts of D&D is getting together as a group and telling a communal story. That’s what we at Dungeon Mastering want to provide: a community. We’re passionate about D&D and hope to open doors for players and DMs to make this great game accessible and welcoming.

What will we add to the D&D community you ask? We bring our collection of helpful guides meant to kick-off your creative spark during your next play session. Dungeon Mastering provides tips and tricks for players, innovative and inspiring ideas for DMs, and rules and roleplay support for all.

So come grab a seat next to the fire, trade your sword for a quill, and let’s start concocting some breathtaking adventures for you to embark on!

Our Team

Dungeon Mastering’s team is composed of the finest adventurers, each sporting a healthy number of owlbear scars. We have decades worth of D&D experience as both players and DMs.


Liam Blackley


With almost a decade of D&D under my belt, I’m excited to share my knowledge and help new people discover this incredible game! Interests include: endlessly worldbuilding, seducing Strahd, and finding new and strange ways to caffeinate myself. For more of my work, check out my website!


Donal Keating


Donal was a closet geek for the greater part of his life. Most of his leveling and adventuring was done alone via single-player CRPGs like Baldur’s Gate, Fallout, and Morrowind. He knew the systems underpinning these classic titles were inspired by tabletop roleplaying games but never had the opportunity to join one. That chance presented itself via an ancient, dog-eared copy of D&D on a shelf in a friend’s bar in the tropics. That friend ran a campaign and Donal hasn’t looked back since…


Cameron Baxter


After a 20-year hiatus of adventuring in D&D (or AD&D as I was playing then). A chance evening in the cellar of a Nepalese restaurant a year ago changed the course of my life forever. New friends, new rules and a passion for the campaign. I found a new desire for breaking into homes, sneak attacking foes, and generally causing mayhem in the land of Faerun (And the Feywild).


Adrienne Hardwick


When I was a child, I wanted to be a writer and Indiana Jones. As an adult, I became both.


Florent Fabre


When I discovered roleplaying at the age of 12, I was instantly hooked by the idea of building a world that was as limitless as my imagination.