83 (Almost) Free D&D Adventures

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Free resources for dungeon masters

Here are a few(!) adventures for you to choose from. Along with a link to the adventure resource, you will find the suggested level range and a short snippet from the adventure itself. The adventures are grouped by publisher.

I hope this tool will help you prepare your sessions faster and have more fun playing them.

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Dungeon Magazine 4th Edition Adventures

WotC has pulled support for most editions beyond the current 5e. You can now purchase modules from DMsGuild.com for usually $0.99. We kept them on our list, hence the “almost” free.

DnD 4e: Khyber’s Harvest (LVL 2) by Keith Baker

This D&D adventure, created for Free RPG Day 2009, is set in the Eberron campaign setting, but it can be adapted for any D&D campaign. Khyber’s Harvest is an adventure for 2nd-level characters who travel to a peaceful village only to discover that it’s threatened by an evil which has crawled up … from below.

Also download: Khyber’s Harvest: 5e Conversion

DnD 4e: Keep on the Shadowfell (LVL 1) by Mike Mearls, Bruce R. Cordell

Test drive the 4th edition rules: includes quick start rules so you don’t need the 4th edition rulebooks.

A priest of Orcus named Kalarel heads the death cult. Kalarel uncovered the truth about Shadowfell Keep a few years ago, after finding records dating back to the time of the original opening of the rift. Since then, he has been ceaselessly researching an evil ritual that he believes will allow him to shatter the seal and once more open the rift.

Wizards Of The Coast Updated Classics

Go old school with these adventures from WotC!

White Plume Mountain (LVL 6-8) by Lawrence Schick, Andy Collins, Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel, and James Wyatt

The characters are hired by one of the three collectors from whom the legacy weapons have been stolen. To retrieve the desired item, they must penetrate White Plume Mountain, locate the weapon, defeat its guardians, and make their way safely back out with it. If desired, they can also try to retrieve the other legacy weapons as well.

Tomb of Horrors (LVL 8-10) by Gary Gygax, Bruce Cordell

The original version of this module was first used for the official ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® tournament at Origins I in 1974. Next it was published as Dungeon Module S1 in 1981 using the 1st edition rules. The module was later expanded in Return to the Tomb of Horrors in 1998 using the 2nd edition rules. However, the original tomb was never actually updated—it was reprinted as it originally saw print. Now, twenty-one years after its first appearance, the original module is finally being updated to the latest incarnation of the 3.5 rules.

Wizards Of The Coast Original Adventures

Never published adventures for all levels from WotC.

A Dark and Stormy Knight (LVL 1) by Owen K.C. Stephens

The unusually violent storms in these parts often drive motley collections of intelligent beings to take shelter together for a time. The tradition of storm-peace ensures that all grudges are suspended for the duration of the storm. But some shelters are safer than others, and not all beings honor the storm-peace.

The Burning Plague (LVL 1) by Miguel Duran

A sickness has come unto the simple mining community of Duvik’s Pass, poisoning their wells and blighting their crops. With the pestilence leaving the strongest men of the town’s guard a few short days away from death, the burden of descending into the mines and purging the wellspring of whatever evil has settled there falls to an intrepid band of adventurers. Can these noble heroes prevail within the depths of Duvik’s Pass, or will they too fall victim to the perils of The Burning Plague?

Wreck Ashore (LVL 1) by Robert Wiese

The number of ships docking at the coastal town of Seawell has suddenly dropped, and raids by the local lizardfolk are increasing. The missing ships were all approaching from the reef side of the peninsula, so something must have happened to the lighthouse that normally guides ships safely past the danger. But what?

Something’s Cooking (LVL 2) by Andy Collins

If you’re looking for a light-hearted adventure, you’ve come to the right place. Can a wizard and her beloved chef live a quiet life of baking and brewing, or is trouble destined to enter their innocent kitchen? It’s up to the player characters to see what these two have cooked up before things get too hot to handle (without potholders, anyhow).

The Ettin’s Riddle (LVL 2-3) by JD Wiker

An ettin has begun terrorizing the hamlet of Newkeep, stealing cattle and smashing homes — and flattening anyone who tries to stop him. Meanwhile, a mysterious riddle has appeared on the walls of the local shrine — a riddle which may hold the key to vanquishing the ettin.

Dry Spell (LVL 3) by Darrin Drader

An unusually severe drought in a remote area recently worsened dramatically when three lakes dried up almost simultaneously. The locals suspect foul play, and the foulest player they know is a bugbear named Relgore — the leader of a highly successful group of humanoid bandits. Could he be seeking revenge for the militia attacks that recently dispersed his band?

Frozen Whispers (LVL 3) by James Jacobs

Many hunters choose to try their mettle against the Timberway lion — a native of the Timberway Forest whose pelt brings top coin in the surrounding frontier towns. Those who make extended trips into the forest often use Bluerock Lodge, a retreat built just for hunters, as their base. But this season, Timberway lions have become quite rare. Why the sudden drop in population? Have they simply been overhunted, or is something more sinister afoot?

Manifesting: A Tale (LVL 3) by Angel Leigh McCoy

Mystery surrounds the fortress of Melinas — Lord Prisius’ daughter has vanished. To find her, the PCs must navigate a fortress full of ghostly manifestations and strange NPCs. Freelance writer Angel Leigh McCoy offers the latest in our series of monthly free adventures.

The Unwavering Path (LVL 3-5) by Kolja Raven Liquette

The Player’s Handbook II introduces the idea of rebuild quests for when players want to alter their characters more extensively than retraining can accommodate. The multiclassing quest of this article is somewhat different in that it deals specifically with granting characters the ability to multiclass “back into” the monk or paladin class after taking levels in classes or prestige classes that do not normally permit a monk or paladin to freely multiclass.

Bad Light (LVL 4) by Owen K. C. Stephens

What’s happened to the Pearl Tower — an ancient lighthouse built to warn ships away from a treacherous reef? Ships are disappearing, and the busy part of the trading season is just about to start. Could someone have taken over the lighthouse and wrecked the ships?

The Eye of the Sun (LVL 4) by Eric Cagle

A strange light shines at random times from a distant hilltop in the Khud-Al Jungle. Unexplained fires plague the town of Tooj-Reh, on the border of the jungle. Is it a coincidence that the fires happen only while the strange light shines?

The Vessel of Stars (LVL 4) by Robert Holzmeier

In The Vessel of Stars, the player characters find themselves escorting a child queen to a mysterious location in an area stalked by extraplanar horrors, their goal blocked by alien assassins and secret forces. Will the queen escape and return home to rule?

Fallen Angel (LVL 5) by Ramon Arjona

In the light of a brilliant new star, a young man arrived mysteriously in the hamlet of Elton. Seemingly in need of aid but unable to communicate with the natives, he was adopted by the village, whose people quickly grew to love him. But after a few short weeks, he was kidnapped in a raid by horrid, buglike monsters led by a blue-skinned ogre. Can the PCs save him before the leader can carry out his nefarious plans?

Also download: Fallen Angel: 5e Conversion

One Last Riddle (LVL 5-7) by David Eckelberry

When the great sphinx Ujaset is slain, his ghost offers treasure to any heroes brave enough to avenge his death. Can your party solve his One Last Riddle to discover and defeat his killers?

The Alchemist’s Eyrie (LVL 6) by Edward Bolme

In The Alchemist’s Eyrie, the player characters are sent to a dwarf alchemist to procure some medicine. Sounds easy. What could possibly go wrong?

The Ghosts of Aniel (LVL 6) by Stephen Kenson

In The Ghosts of Aniel, a small elven village in the Celadon forest suddenly becomes haunted. Since every resident of the peaceful town has vanished, no one knows if other settlements are in danger. Can the player characters unearth the ghostly truth behind the village’s curse?

House of Harpies (LVL 6) by Owen K. C. Stephens

It’s not often that a theives’ guild needs help!

Legend of the Silver Skeleton (LVL 6) by Bart Carroll, Todd Clayton, Mark A. Jindra, and Robert Wiese

Last summer, we ran our first Creature Competition: Head-to-Head, with sixteen deadly competitors battling for player’s favorite. At the conclusion, the lovely succubus paladin Eludecia took the crown.

With the conclusion of our Creature Competition: Dragons event, we felt it was finally time to offer the online adventure Eludecia has long been promised. While her Fight Club stats have been released, the following adventure now introduces Eludecia to your players (that is, should they succeed in its goals)

The Ministry of Winds (LVL 6) by Monte Cook

Deep in the heart of the city lies that strange edifice. Everyone knows about it or, that is to say, everyone knows it is there. No one ever really seems to have much more information about the granite structure, except that it has no windows or doors, and it is surrounded by swirling wind. Most people call it the Obelisk of the Winds. Tales are told of its secrets, but none of them seems to hold the truth.

Test of the Demonweb (LVL 6) by Ramon Arjona

Two weeks ago, a group of four 4th-level NPC adventurers set out from the small town of Lerick and have not been heard from since. The missing adventures were the town’s only protection, and their protracted absence is very unusual. None of the villagers can guess their fate, and all fear that horrible peril may now be visited upon Lerick.

It’s up to the PCs to find out what happened to the group. But will they make it back alive from the Test of the Demonweb?

Hasken’s Manor (LVL 7) by Scott Brocius and Mark A. Jindra

The residents of Haskenport are worried — someone is living at the old manor house. The local druid says it’s a band of hobgoblins. Are they just looking for a temporary shelter before moving on? Or do they plan to bring a whole tribe to live there when the place is secured? Or do they work for an even worse creature that no one has seen yet? Whatever their reasons for being there, the situation can’t be good. It’s up to the heroes to clean the monsters out of the place so the townsfolk can sell it.

Into the Frozen Waste (LVL 7) by Eric Cagle

A druid in a small frontier town at the edge of the tundra is gathering stalwart companions for a trading venture across the ice. Only the bravest need apply, he says, for survival in this harsh environment is not easy. But is there more to his venture than he lets on? What’s a druid doing in the trading business? Who is his mysterious sorcerer client?

Lest Darkness Rise (LVL 7) by Owen K. C. Stephens

The town of Night Falls is in the business of death, and a profitable business it is, too. The nearby Tomb Steppe, a protected graveyard built by a local hero of old, can keep the most restless dead at rest — or can it? An ancient evil is about to be unleashed upon Night Falls. The wards within a protected tomb have somehow been compromised, and if they aren’t restored before nightfall, the ghost within will be released to ravage the countryside. Can the PCs win their way to the tomb in time?

Start at the End (LVL 6) by Rich Redman

Designer Rich Redman takes us to an inside-out crypt. Who, or what, uncovered this forgotten crypt? What lurks inside?

The Treasure of the Black Veils (LVL 7-9) by Skip and Penny Williams

Today, the citizens of the town of Fiore say that the spirit of the dread bandit Mollie McTynker still haunts the ruins of the abbey church. On moonlit nights, they say, one can see her diamond-bright eyes gazing upon the spot where her treasure lies.

What mysterious presence haunts the ruins of the old abbey in the fens? Is it in fact the cunning remains of Mollie McTynker and her Band of the Black Veils?

Environmental Impact (LVL 8) by Ramon Arjona

A mad druid named Drylle holds a grudge against the forest village of Sumpter, which he views as an unlawful encroachment of civilization upon wild lands. In an effort to drive the villagers away, he has brought unseasonably hot and rainy weather to the area. As a result, the nearby river and lake have flooded several times, and crops in the village gardens and orchards have rotted from excessive moisture. Rising temperatures, high humidity, and disease brought by insects attracted to the standing water have already caused the deaths of several villagers, and more may follow any day. Still, the villagers have held on, demonstrating the characteristic stubbornness of pioneers.

Frustrated by his lack of success and determined to put a stop to humankind’s constant expansion, Drylle has spent the past few weeks traveling far and wide, collecting a veritable army of hostile plant creatures to bring back to his forest. Some he has brought through coercion; others have joined him willingly, lured by the promise of rich feeding grounds. With these “troops,” he plans to lay siege to Sumpter, preventing the villagers from going into the forest for food. Once starvation and disease have weakened them enough to prevent effective resistance, he will send in his troops to finish them off. Only the PCs can save the village now.

An Eye for an Eye (LVL 8) by Monte Cook

When your ire has been raised, when you have been wronged, when someone has crossed you too many times — it’s time to contact the Council of Wrath. This small but extremely efficient band specializes in vengeance. And woe to those who find them looking in their direction.

The Council of Wrath is an organization of mercenaries that fulfils a need: revenge. Mainly made up of assassins, the Council will do whatever it is hired to do to get revenge for a wronged party. This includes blackmail, public humiliation, destruction of property, and other illegal activities.

Fang, Beak, and Claw (LVL 8) by Sean K. Reynolds

Fang, Beak, and Claw involves an evil druid of Malar, his cronies, and a tamed owlbear. Living in a sheltered grove altered by the druid’s spells, they are using the beast to harass loggers in the woods and help in their cruel hunts.

Shoals of Intrigue (LVL 8) by Robert Wiese

Spies are common in the coastal cities, and the overlords depend on them to gain information about one another’s plans. One such spy has gained vital information that could prevent a war and stabilize the entire coastal region, but his ship was lost at sea before he could deliver his message. Was it an accident, or could some evil force have an interest in preventing his information from reaching its destination? It’s up to the intrepid PCs to find out!

Cave of Spiders (LVL 9) by Skip Williams

Bandits have been preying on the caravan trade of late, and the number of burglaries and kidnappings is on the rise. Such events might not seem all that unusual, except for the bandits’ calling card — webbing! Can the PCs penetrate the bandit lair and slay the leader before any more locals vanish?

Tower in the Ice (LVL 9) by Skip Williams

A round building with an impossibly tall, conical roof seemingly rises from a frozen lake. Is this structure really as small as it looks, or does more of this building lie hidden beneath the water’s icy surface? What secrets does this odd structure conceal? Are its inhabitants harmless eccentrics or deadly foes?

The Tower of Deception (LVL 9) by Monte Cook

You thought you were teleporting home, but instead you’ve landed in a githyanki’s trap.

Tiger’s Palace (LVL 9-10) by Owen K.C. Stephens

Bhishana Bhaga is an old rakshasa searching for a comfortable place to retire. No fool, she knows she must find a place secluded from the eyes of civilization to have any hope of escaping constant battle with the forces of good. She also wants a place that allows her to live in the rich manner she has become accustomed to, able to support one or more guardians and near some form of settlement to provide her with amusements. Bhishana Bhaga has finally found a locale she likes — a small gnomish mine deep in a mountain range.

Making a pact with a metal-hungry delver named CrushStone to guard her new home, the rakshasa has driven out most of the gnomes and begun to make preparations for her occupancy. Taking the form of an elf maiden, she ordered rich furnishings and decorations to make the mine an underground palace. The Bhishana Bhaga has also charmed the gnomes she’s captured and convinced them to build traps to protect her home from unwanted intruders. Eventually she’ll hire more expert artisans to build truly formidable defenses, making her underground home a fortress as well as a palace. If she is to be rooted out of these mountains and the mine returned to the gnomes, the best time to do it is now.

Jungle Secrets (LVL 10) by Robert Wiese

With its rich history steeped in both conflict and mystery, Xen’drik has a lot to offer those who seek adventure and even treasure. Download a web enhancement that takes advantage of some of the material you’ll find within Secrets of Xen’drik.

Bad Moon Waning (LVL 10) by Stan

When the priestess of Ehlonna was murdered by a werewolf, the townsfolk of Deepwood lost no time in meting out justice, even though the shapechanger turned out to be a trusted friend and neighbor. But his journal has the town worried. Written in an unknown tongue, it seems to contain important pieces of information. Is it a list of other werewolves? Is the threat to Deepwood over, or has it only just begun?

The Sea Witch (LVL 10) by Jason Carl

The sea hag known as Black Molly is a notorious pirate who has plagued the coastal cities for the better part of a decade. A successful Knowledge (local) check (DC 15) will reveal that Molly and her ogre crew have a filthy reputation as merciless killers who delight not only in plundering vessels for their riches, but also in destroying the ships themselves and sending all hands to the bottom of the sea.

The Crumbling Hall of the Frost Giant Jarl (LVL 10) by Andy Collins

The player characters must stand against the machinations of Gungir, self-styled Jarl of the Frost Giants, while simultaneously discovering what evil lurks within Gungir’s ancestral home.

Tarus’s Banquet! (LVL 10) by Sean K Reynolds

An invitation to dinner and a moonlight hunt has arrived from a local nobleman. His reputation is good, but why should he invite a group of simple adventurers to one of his famous parties? Could he be expecting some unusual trouble there?

The Temple of Redcliff (LVL 10) by Eric Cagle

Andalor, the mayor of the town of Redcliff, has mysteriously disappeared. Reports indicate that he may have gone to the long-abandoned Temple of Heironeous. But why? The place is haunted and cursed, and recently strange sounds and lights have emanated from it at night. The circumstances are worthy of investigation to be sure, but the mayor wouldn’t venture up there of his own volition — not at his age!

To Quell the Rising Storm (LVL 10) by Christopher Lindsay

The gnolls are too quiet — and when they’re quiet, it usually means they’re up to no good. But their raids have always been poorly organized before. Have they found a new leader capable of using their abilities and ferocity to advantage? And if so, can they be stopped before lives are lost?

Like many other towns, Evenfall has just begun to heal from the war that ravaged the countryside for so many years. But although peace now reigns with the country’s erstwhile enemies, the folk of Evenfall suspect that a major offensive is brewing in the camps of the evil humanoids who live nearby. If they’re right, it will take more than the impoverished town can muster to save its people.

A Harvest of Evil (LVL 10-12) by Jason Carl

Set away from the town, five older graves, and one very fresh one, mark the location of the Twin Oaks graveyard.

All five of the older graves are marked by weathered headstones proclaiming their names and the fact that each of the dead perished within the last 10 years. The newest grave, however, is unmarked… there has been neither time nor opportunity to craft a headstone for the unfortunate person who died very recently.

Road to Oblivion (LVL 10) by Penny Williams

Oblivion is a town like no other. Situated in a hidden valley within a high mountain range and accessible only via air or a secret tunnel through the mountains, it has remained unknown to all except its inhabitants for uncounted centuries. What happens when a natural disaster exposes the town to the world and lets loose an ancient danger at the same time?

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy? (LVL 11) by Gwendolyn F. M. Kestrel

Long ago, a sinister drider imbued a magical rod with his essence and intelligence — and his hatred of the drow. This dangerous item, called Dark Fate, was responsible for starting a drow civil war that decimated an entire city in centuries past. With the recent return of a visiting comet, an old, near-forgotten prophecy about the rod has resurfaced. Now both a party of holy adventurers and a drow faction journey to the ruins of the destroyed dark elf city to get their hands on the rod. But which group has interpreted the prophecy correctly? And what about the driders who now live in the dark elf ruins?

Sheep’s Clothing (LVL 11) by Robert Wiese

Strange things have been happening at the king’s court, and one of the courtiers is worried. Some of the king’s other advisors have been making unusual recommendations of late, and the king has been taking their advice. Courtiers disappear without a trace or die under mysterious circumstances, those in power change their minds without apparent reason, and courtiers with unpopular opinions encounter personal emergencies that force them to leave the court. Can the PCs find and expose the nefarious source of these strange events?

Fait Accompli (LVL 12) by Owen K.C. Stephens

The white dragon Hinterbite has kept the barony of Icenvale rulerless and poor for centuries. But now his power and that of his secret supporters is threatened by the popularity of an heir who hopes to make a change for the betterment of the people. Can the PCs take on the dragon and his minions and restore power to the barony’s rightful ruling line?

A Question of Ethics (LVL 12) by Monte Cook

Six months ago, an adventuring group that calls itself the Company of the Shining Stone learned of an aged wizard?s tomb that lay in the rocky foothills of a prominent mountain range, and sought to plunder it. What they were not counting on was that a band of stone giants would move into the immediate area to make their lair. The giants have rebuffed the company?s attempts at getting past them and to their goal.

Now is the time of the annual fair in Adurath, a small town located not far from the tomb, and thus, the giants. The giants have no interest in the town or the tomb, but are instead interested in a rare mineral found only in that region. A few of the townsfolk have seen the giants, but there has been no confrontation other than between the giants and the Company of the Shining Stone.

Which group will the PCs decide to help: the Company…or the giants?

Shrine of the Feathered Serpent (LVL 12) by By Skip Williams

The couatl Tlanextic saved the village of Pearlglen from a terrible plague many years ago, and now he has returned. But why is he hiding in an abandoned temple in the woods instead of working in town, the way he once did? And what exactly is the threat to the village this time? Does the mysterious death of the town’s chief warden at the bony hands of skeletons have anything to do with it?

Thicker Than Water (LVL 12) by Monte Cook

Blood is thicker than water, as they say. But what happens when people use ties of blood to exploit others?

Desert Sands (LVL 13) by Gwendolyn F. M. Kestrel

It’s time to heat things up in your campaign with this desert miniadventure. Merchant caravans have been disappearing as they cross the sands. Who or what is responsible and, most importantly, why is it happening? The PCs can make strange alliances or deadly enemies as they seek out answers to these questions.

A Frigid Demise (LVL 13) by Monte Cook

Charasta, an old white dragon, has not reached her age by being unprepared or foolish — she is, in fact, much more intelligent than most white dragons. Her lair is well defended and tailor-made to help her defend herself. Not only that, but when she leaves the caves to hunt, she’s taken to using change self to disguise her exact color.

Ill Wind in Friezford (LVL 14) by Skip and Penny Williams

What haunts the woods surrounding the ghost town of Friezford? And what lurks in the shattered remains of its buildings? Are there really ghosts in Friezford? Or does the place hide more material dangers?

Stone Dead (LVL 14) by Stan

Petrification is one of the worst possible fates in a fantasy game. As a statue, you’re not truly dead, but you’re certainly not alive. You’re held in stasis for as long as it takes for someone to find you and return you to your normal state. This power is certainly what makes otherwise standard monsters such as the basilisk and cockatrice so feared. How much more frightening is it, then, when the source of this effect cannot be seen?

Lochfell’s Secret (LVL 15) by Eric Haddock

Hollyvyre saw her husband eaten right before her eyes by a giant sea monster that walked on water. That same day, a young man found his mother’s grave dug up — and his mother’s body missing. Are the two events connected? What would a sea monster want with corpses?

Matters of Vengeance (LVL 15) by Darrin Drader

It is said that the loss of love can drive men mad, but in this new adventure by Darrin Drader, it results in a search for vengeance that spans more than 200 years. Can the PCs stop the man whose hate has turned him into a death knight before he takes his final revenge?

Black Rain (LVL 16) by Monte Cook

When the dreaded black rain falls, all those who revere deities or rely on them for power and protection cringe in fear. The black rain forms a wall between the mortal and the divine and thus, when it falls, clerics lose all ability to cast spells and work miracles. Only the foulest of villains would use this opportunity to strike against the near-helpless clerics of an otherwise powerful temple.

When the black rain falls, the temple of St. Cuthbert comes under siege and a magical barrier prevents anyone from helping the beleaguered clerics and temple defenders inside. Someone has to find a way to aid them, and quick!

Haunting Lodge (LVL 17) by Owen K. C. Stephens

Set high in a mountain range on the edge of civilization is the Green Lodge, once headquarters for one of the most famous hunting clubs in the world. Its members were not satisfied with mere animals and beasts’ they hunted aberrations, magic beasts, oozes, undead, and even young dragons. The members gathered once a year to boast of their exploits and show off their latest trophies. Ten years ago, bragging rights went to Lord Rowan Fane, who brought in the twelve stuffed heads of a runt Lernaean cryohydra.

Unfortunately for the members of the lodge, the spirits of the creatures they killed for sport did not rest easy.

The Thunder Below (LVL 17) by James Jacobs

The idyllic mountain village of Sarwin has long been one of the most relaxing and secluded locations in the nation. Situated on the edge of civilization in the shadow of remote forested mountains, this tiny town is an ideal place to retire after a long life of adventuring. Watched over by the benevolent Sarwin family in their nearby castle, it is a place strangely untouched by the barbaric orc tribes and sinister monsters of the nearby wilderness. Only the mysterious earthquakes mar the scene, and they’ve been receding in power and frequency over the last several decades until they are now all but forgotten. Certainly nothing dire could happen here. Certainly this place can last forever…right?

Force of Nature (LVL 18) by Mark A. Jindra

Earthquakes, tidal waves, and volcanic eruptions have suddenly wracked Porthaven, a city normally known for its mild weather and calm seas. The root of the problem is an arcane machine built to protect the city 300 years ago by extraplanar creatures called modrons. Now the machine has run out of fuel, and it’s up to the PCs to obtain more by visiting each of the four elemental planes. Can they get the machine working again before the city of Porthaven is wiped from the earth?

War of Dragons (LVL 18) by Robert Wiese

The protector of Silversands — a gold dragon named Miraxacalas — is missing, and an immense black dragon has demanded tribute from the town. Where is Miraxacalas, and why isn’t she driving off the intruder? Can the PCs defeat the black dragon and find the town’s protector and dear friend?

An Icy Heart (LVL 20) by Eric Haddock

Last week, a king’s prophet had a vision of golems made of ice that wouldn?t melt smashing through the royal castle walls, and of crops frozen under sheets of ice formed by the white dragon’s breath. Alarmed, the king has sent word that he desires someone brave enough to go to the dragon and find out whether she’s about to attack. If she is, the party must stop her before it’s too late. But, another prophet warns that the white dragon has an entirely different plot afoot, and that an icy grave awaits anyone who goes up the mountain.

The player characters have to figure out what’s going on — then decide on their own what to do about it, while the fate of a king and his castle hangs in the balance.

Dragonsfoot AD&D Adventures

Dragonsfoot is the home of 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Use the modules as they are, modify them for newer editions or use them for inspiration.

Where The Fallen Jarls Sleep (LVL 3-5) by John A. Turcotte

Her Dark Majesty trilogy, part I – A Moon ago, the six most powerful clans each sent their champion to discover the source of blight. The six never returned, nor has any trace been found. Who can say what evil lurks amid the towering peaks and shadowed fjords?

Beneath Black Towen (LVL 4-6) by John Turcotte

Her Dark Majesty trilogy, part II – Now nefarious things are returning to those fiendish ruins. Where his bravest warriors have failed, Yngvar has called for outlander heroes to aid the Clans, promising great rewards and immortality in song. The heroes are charged with making their way through the perilous Trevärä Peaks to Black Towen and with destroying the source of the evil there. Who knows what danger lurks in those vast shadowed heights where the northern lights play?

Stormcrows Gather (LVL 5-7) by John A. Turcotte

Her Dark Majesty trilogy, part III – This adventure completes the Her Dark Majesty trilogy, following on from Beneath Dark Towen and Where the Fallen Jarls Sleep. Can you save The Land Of Song from the evil that threatens to overwhelm it.

Trident Rock (LVL 5-7) by Michael Martin

Around 250 years ago, Saint Endra the Demonslayer waged battle against an infernal outbreak. All along the rocky, stormy coast of an inland sea, villages and settlements were being decimated by bands of gnolls, ghouls, and worse. Gathering men and women as he went, and from the remnants of the ravaged coastal peoples, Endra soon drew the attention of the foul horde.

The Battle For Gib Rus (LVL ) by Michael Haskell

The druids of Gib Rus have long been tolerant of Ans Neomis and its lords. They felt that allowing the small civilization to flourish near the great wilderness of Gib Rus preserved the balance. The lords Hearst were always allies of the druids, joining together when the occasional band of humanoids or bandits grew too strong and threatened both locations. The druids granted the lords Hearst the right to move caravans of goods through Gib Rus along the ancient road, provided that the animals and wild lands were respected. But something has changed under the current Lord Hearst.

The forces of darkness threaten the natural splendour of Gib Rus. Do you have what it takes to save this idyllic corner of the world?

Also download: The Battle For Gib Rus: Supplementary Documents

Beneath The Darkshroud Peaks (LVL 2-3) by Stuart Marshall

Once again evil threatens the town of Melford and only you can help!

The Melford Murder Trilogy I: The Melford Murder (LVL 1)

This whodunnit will have your players scratching their heads.

The Melford Murder Trilogy II: The Spider Farm (LVL 1)

This mini-adventure for 1st level characters will certainly keep them on their toes.

The Melford Murder Trilogy III: Shrine Of The Oracle (LVL 1) by Stuart Marshall

This adventure can be used either standalone or as a continuation of the adventure presented in The Spider Farm and The Melford Murder.

Goblins Tooth I – Moonless Night (LVL 1-3) by Lorne Marshall

Journey to the border village of Goblins Tooth on the very outskirts of human civilization and discover high adventure! The first instalment “Moonless Night – The Defense of Goblin’s Tooth” gets the story well underway and even better is that there are five great scenarios in total.

Goblins Tooth II – Faces of Love (LVL 2-3) by Lorne Marshall

Return to the border village of Goblins Tooth

High Atop Dragonmount I (LVL 1) by Lucias Meyer

Orcs, goblins, kobolds, and bandits seemed to take turns inhabiting Arolon, but few could hold it long. As a result, it has been a popular place for adventurers to visit. Tales of hoarded wealth from merchant raids fill many a local inn, though the veracity of such statements is seldom backed up with proof. Further fueling the draw of the place is the fact that Arolon is rumored to be built on top of the entrance to the Catacombs of Eryx, the wealth filled halls built by the cult dedicated to Vorcanthanoth.

Also download: High Atop Dragonmount Feature Map

Horror of Spider Point (LVL 7-9) by Mark O’Reilly

Being dropped into the middle of a strange and eerie island, your adventurers have to fight for their lives to escape the evil that inhabits this weird island. Full adventure time plan, guides for the use of music,maps, hand outs and detailed information for the DM are included in this special adventure. A perfect introduction into the Ravenloft world or just to add some darkness into your current campaign world.

Also download: Horror of Spider Point – Map Pack

The Temple Diancecht (LVL N/A – guessing 9-12) by Lawrence Mead and Edward Winter

In modern times, most folk have forgotten the sect of Diancecht and few alive can recall the details of what happened there or why. But the local town clerics keep records and can still remember the “old” days when the supply of golden honey was plentiful. When the opportunity arose, two bold adventurers (the fighter Ejia and the monk Baleron) were sent on the two week journey to the Temple Diancecht to explore and to return with any cache of honey or other clerical items they could find. It is now months since they left the town and the elders are worried about them.

Church Of The Poisoned Mind (LVL N/A – guessing 2-3) by Mik Calow

A Ravenloft adventure for the stout of heart.

Oriental Hardpoints AD&D Adventures

On Oriental Hardpoints you will find several AD&D adventures – more like DM notes and vague plots – based on a pseudo-Chinese Oriental setting, maps with an oriental theme.

The Cult of the Barbed Tentacle (LVL N/A – guessing 2-3)

In this epic tale of conflict and heroism, the PCs are pitted against the denizens of the Shadow Plane who plan the abduction of a holy man for purposes so sinister that only massive wuxia swordsplay can stop them.

Pagoda of the Dragon Sons (LVL N/A – guessing 2-3)

When the PCs visit a monastery looking for their long lost relative, they stumble upon a dreadful mystery which might change their lives forever (i.e. end them)

Raiders of Fei Jian (LVL N/A – no stat block)

The poor village of Fei Jian is raided by 3 different gangs. Can the valiant PCs end this plight?

Tunnel Fighting (LVL N/A – guessing 4-5)

In the hellish depth of the mines of the Nuzumi network a war rages between the ratmen and insectoid terrors from the deep. Will the PCs save rathood from the denizens of the depth or will the richest rat city in the world succumb to terror?

Deep Prison (LVL N/A – no stat block)

Deep below the surface of the Southern Sea the Pcs are kept prisoners by the terrible mind flayers. Can they escape their inevitable doom or will the heroes succumb to brain-eating monsters?

The Water Scroll (LVL N/A – no stat block)

The dark forces stir in the world and some patron or the other hires the PCs to get him what he needs to stop this evil – the miracolous water scroll!

The Assasin’s Blade (LVL N/A – guessing 2-3)

A mysterious murder is blamed on the PCs as usual and they have to prove their innosence to avert a civil war of epic proportions.

Also download: handout #1 and handout #2

Red Sun Rising (LVL N/A – guessing 7-8)

War is stirring in the Shattered Empire. Can the PCs reach a lonely outpost before it is overrun by the forces of the Red-Gloved Daimyo?

Uniting the Scrolls (LVL N/A – no stat block)

Adventures at the court of the Jade Emperor. Intrigue and deception await our heroes in the province of the construct-lich.

Roleplaying Tips Adventures

Roleplaying Tips is THE authority for everything about the game master vocation. RP Tips has an archive of 5 room dungeons. The 5 room dungeons were all created as part of a contest held by Roleplaying Tips and Strolen’s Citadel.

No levels for these adventures, just great ideas wrapped around a great concept.

Download all 18 volumes

One massive, 180 pages pdf!

Volume 1

A visit to the Witch’s Cottage by Gillian Wiseman

Isles of Ice by Mothshade

The Tomb of the Dragon Queen by Joseph Rapoport

The Living Vault by Mothshade

The Sunken Vault by Natha

Volume 2

Warts and All by Paul Darcy

Temple of the Volcano God by DJ Mindermast

The Necromancer’s Cave by Morpha

Merchant’s Crypt by Aki Halme

The Temple Defiled by Tyler Turner

Volume 3

The Haunting by Matthew and Paul Darcy

The Quest for the Rod of Spellius by Davide Quatrini

The Plague Devil by Nik Palmer

Villainous Cellar Pub by Aki Halme

Ye Classic Wizard’s House by Gillian Wiseman

Volume 4

The Sanctuary of Sumuho by Dozus

Crossbones Island by Chaosmark

Swamp Music by Nik Palmer

The Windspire by Nathan Meyer

The Message by Morgan Joeck

Volume 5

Spawn of the God-Egg by Wulfhere and EchoMirage

Foray into the Forest of the Frog King by Thewizard63

Troll Brothers Cove by Nik Palmer

Black Fire Ruins by Will Cartier

Shadow Vault by William K. Wood

Volume 6

Diamonds and the Deluge by valadaar

Bedizen’s Traveling Dungeon by Scrasamax

Thieves’ Guild by Aki Halme

‘Ringed’ by fadeaway1978

Tomb of a Cleric by Uri Lifshitz

Volume 7

Of Pines and Roses by valadaar

The Tomb of Agellar by Dragonlordmax

Deserted Island by Nik Palmer

Henge of Ascension by Nik Palmer

Taking Sides by Uri Lifshitz

Volume 8

To Sell a Gem by David Hickman

Place of the Embalmers by Wulfhere

The Nobleman’s Daughter by Dragon Lord

The Great Gate by Davide Quatrini

Heart of the Dwarves by Paul Darcy

Volume 9

Skanda Biologicals by Siren no Orakio

The Spirit Never Dies by Ria Hawk

Saving Plaque by Strolen

Barrow of the Bored Berserker by DeeCee

The Stone Labyrinth by Daniel Burrage

Volume 10

Revenge of the Urn Beast by Cheka Man

Raid on Tantalus IV by dark_dragon

Sewer Lair by Daniel Burrage

Orcish Olympics by Aki Halme

Pitfall Castle by Nathan Wells

Volume 11

The Mercenary Shrine (sci-fi) by Ancient Gamer

The Cursed Keep of the Wastelands by Captain Penguin

The Well by Bert Isla

The Governor’s House by Anthony Hart-Jones

Blind Pack by Jean-Christophe Pelletier

Volume 12

Stranger Than Fiction by Uri Lifshitz

Aboleth by Andrew Anderson

Dragon’s Lair by Aki Halme

Lord and Killer by Drackler

Upshi Rises by Cheka Man

Volume 13

The Wizard’s Challenge by Thewizard63

Drop of Blood in the Bucket by mrcelophane

Temple of the Four Elements by Nathan Wells

Random 5 Rooms Dungeon Generator by Davide Quatrini

Promised Aid by Jonas Dorn

Volume 14

Caravan of Courage by Nathan Wells

Escape From Slavers’ Isle by Jason Kemp

Vault of the Wiglord by Ken McCutchen

The Towers of Wisdom by manfred

Through the Maze by Margaret Coffey

Volume 15

Prison Break by Nathan Wells

The Company by Nathan Wells

Catching the Traitor by Amy

The Wizard’s Land by Dr SciFi

St. Nathanial – Harbinger of Doom by Thewizard63

Volume 16

The Sledge by Dragonlordmax

The Pyramid by Jeremy Coffey

The Masters of Evil by David J Rowe

Volume 17

Retreat by Aki Halme

Tomb of the Colossus by Bryan Smart

Too Many in the Tomb by John Moseman

Minaret of the Smoking Tankard by Michael Sinclair

The Witchwood by H L

Let us know if you know about other free adventures in the comments.

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  2. You, good sir, are a god, I’m fairly new to DM’ing and needed help making adventures, this is better though, I take way to long to do so. If I ever make any you will be the first to know though, hopefully it goes onto the list if I do so.

  3. Where Once was Light. The PCs wake up one morning in a dark wood. They wander around listening to scurrying and happen upon a colossal green house filled with vermin. As they step closer to this house, a wizard traps them and puts them in his dungeon, insisting that puny commoners have no right to his fortress. The PCs must escape their imprisonment and put a stop to whatever the wizard’s evil scheme is…while battling his army of colossal vermin.

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