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Johnn (from and I were recently talking about the astounding amount of great content being created by passionate RPG hobbyists and we realized only a tiny fraction of that content is ever read by anyone but the author and a handful of people.

We thought we could help people make their work known and help them create an income from the RPG hobby.

Johnn is the author of 4 books. We both have written for Wizards of the Coast. We have written hundreds of articles on our websites and newsletters.

And last but not least, we both receive money every month for our RPG work.

So we created a quick – 5 questions – survey that will help us know if we should reach out and create a step-by-step course to help fellow gamers make a living out of their hobby or if we should just mind our own business!

Click Here to take the 5 questions survey »

To thank you for taking time out of your (probably) busy day we have a few prizes for you. If you enter your email address at the end of the 5-questions survey you’ll enter a draw for 3 DM Tools premium memberships.

We also set up an early notifcation system. If this sounds like the kind of project you would be interested in head over to our website and you will be the first to know when the project becomes reality:

Click here to get on the early notification list

4 thoughts on “The Gamer Lifestyle Project – feedback please”

  1. Hi Sektor,

    I expect to have between 200 and 250 surveys answered by the end of the week. They’re not all interested in the project though. We have yet to look at all the data.

  2. Great. Thanks for taking the time KT. The survey results so far are encouraging and the project could become reality.

  3. I filled one out. I’d love to earn money off my favorite hobby (other than sex). My wife would like me to earn money too.

    Even if it’s just supplemental income, it would be nice.

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