Which classic D&D Character Are You?

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  • D&D Sunday Morning Mega Quiz: Which Classic D&D Character Are You?

    Back in June of ’08, Yax helped you channel your inner 4th Edition D&D character. Now we’re bringing you a quiz that gives you an even deeper insight into your inner PC. Do you live for power, money, fame, or pure adventure? Are you more like Drizzt Do’Urden or Raistlin Majere? Answer the questions below to find out which classic D&D character you are.

    1. You’re at the inn. An old sage sits in the corner, mumbling to himself. What do you do?

    • I pick his pockets.
    • I go listen. Plot hooks often hide in senile mutterings.
    • I get bored and start a bar fight.
    • I ask the old man if he needs our help.
    • I’m not around. I hate the indoors.
    • An inn?! It had better be a 5-star establishment, or I’m gone.

    2. You’re roaming through the bazaar. You catch a street urchin with his fingers in your coin purse. What do you do?

    • I get my coins back. Then I pick his pockets.
    • I zap him with my wand. If he lives, I offer him an apprenticeship.
    • I give him a sound thrashing.
    • I let him keep the money. He probably needs it more than I do.
    • I call the guards. Unless he stained my clothes, in which case I kill him.

    3. You come upon a damsel in distress. She’s being menaced by a band of brigands. What do you do?

    • I sneak into the fray and pick everyone’s pockets.
    • I totally own the brigands. Blind-folded. With one hand tied behind my back.
    • I rush to the damsel to see if she’s wounded.
    • I pick the brigands off from a distance, then rush in to rescue the damsel.
    • That depends. Is she prettier than me?!

    4. Something’s wrong in the local graveyard. The dead are coming back to life as zombies! What do you do?

    • I run for my life!
    • I grab a weapon. It’s whackin’ time!
    • I brandish my holy symbol!
    • I give the zombies a taste of their own medecine – I take bites out of them!

    5. You find a treasure map. It depicts the ruins of a temple hidden deep in a nearby jungle. What do you do to prepare for the journey?

    • I visit the local library to research the ruins.
    • I buy weapons and rations. Nothing’s more important than food and combat.
    • I pray for guidance.
    • I speak with the jungle creatures to see what they know.
    • I get a dagger strong enough to pry the gems from an idol’s eye sockets – just in case.
    • Jungle?! I buy myself a more appropriate wardrobe. Heavy on the leopard-print.

    6. Do you like dwarves?

    • Yes.
    • No.
    • Meh.

    7. When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

    • Powerful
    • Feared
    • Rich
    • Useful
    • Free
    • All of the above

    8. You see a legendary figure strutting through town. What do you do?

    • I try to get an autograph.
    • I try to start a conversation.
    • I giggle with my friends.
    • I put on a hooded cloack and go sit in a dark corner at the local inn and hope the legendary adventurer will come talk to me.

    9. After an epic struggle, you’ve finally reached the dragon’s lair. What do you do?

    • I punch the dragon in the face.
    • I run for my life.
    • I sigh with relief. Finally, a challenge!
    • Depends. What color is it?

    10. You’re walking in the forest when you come upon a wounded animal. What do you do?

    • Case the critter for valuable pelts, fangs, etc.
    • I pour a spare healing potion down its throat.
    • I put it out of its misery. Then I cook it for dinner.
    • I heal the poor creature with my spells.
    • I mend its wounds, nurse it back to health, and return it to the wild.

    11. A new trading company has set up shop in your town. How do you react?

    • I sneak into their warehouse and get a 5-finger discount.
    • I request a catalog of their magical wares.
    • I try to get a job guarding their caravans.
    • I encourage them to donate some proceeds to the poor.
    • I sabotage their animal traps and mining operations.
    • I go shopping!!

    12. The town’s guilds are at war! Whose side are you on?

    • I side with the guild that pays mecrenaries the best salaries.
    • The mage guild – always be on the mages’ side.
    • I kick everyone’s butt, regardless of guild affiliation.
    • As long as they leave me alone, I won’t get involved.

    13. It turns out that the son of the local lord is actually a werewolf. What do you do?

    • I start hoarding silver.
    • I consult my books to learn about lycanthropy.
    • It’s hunting season!
    • I don’t know… Is lycanthropy a disease or a curse?
    • I get out of town until this mess is cleared up by the authorities.

    14. After weeks of campaigning, you reach a new city. What’s the first thing you look for?

    • Wenches.
    • Bulging pockets.
    • The magic shop.
    • The local temple.
    • A way out.
    • A warm bath and a soft bed.

    15. How do you feel about hiking?

    • I love hiking!
    • I don’t get it. It’s just walking but you’re not going anywhere.

    16. How come spellbooks never get ruined, even when mages spend weeks traveling and adventuring?

    • Because wizards are vey careful with their books – they would suck without them.
    • Because the spellbooks are magical.
    • I hate wizards.

    17. An evil deity has offered you vast power in exchange for your soul. What do you do?

    • I try to get him to throw in unlimited wealth, too.
    • Did someone say power? I’m in!
    • I challenge him to a duel. Winner takes all.
    • I refuse. My soul is far more precious than worldly power.
    • Unless he’s a god of nature, I ignore him.
    • If he offers unlimited shoes, I am SO there.

    18. You don’t want to mess with:

    • City guards.
    • Nobles.
    • People who choose to live in ruined temples.
    • Olga.
    • What?

    19. What do you think of fireballs?

    • They are 10d6 of awesomeness.
    • I’ve seen so many friends and foes die in fireballs… Good times!
    • Overrated.

    20. What was your highest level character ever?

    • Fighter / melee combat type
    • Arcane spellcaster
    • Divine spellcaster
    • Archer / Mobility combat type

195 thoughts on “Which classic D&D Character Are You?”

  1. Your inner classic D&D character:

    You are Neeva from Dark Sun! Like Neeva, you’re a tough leader who likes to get physical. You fight viciously for a good cause. Your kids will go on to do great things someday.

    “Not bad for a half-silver dragon, and not bad for a half-elf sort either.”

  2. Wow this is so true!

    Your inner classic D&D character:
    Caramon Majere
    You are Caramon Majere from DragonLance! Like Caramon, you like to take your time and think before you speak. You’re also fiercely protective of the ones you love, even to your own detriment.

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  4. Mordenkainen …. haha anyway, hot, sexy, nerdy, model for the D20 girls <3 Always love to make new friends ;)

  5. “Elminster

    You are Elminster from Forgotten Realms! Like Elminster, you’re eccentric, intelligent, and well-connected. Your humble exterior is merely a mask for your true power, and you’ve always got a trick up your sleeve.”

    Well, that didn’t turn out so bad in the end xD

  6. Your inner classic D&D character:

    You are Cattie-Brie from Forgotten Realms! Like Cattie-Brie, you are tough and stubborn, but wise and pragmatic. You don’t let a little thing like unhealable leg wounds keep you down. When an opportunity ends, you quickly find another.

    So like me!! :-)

  7. Wulfgar

    You are Wulfgar from Forgotten Realms (not the Wulfgar from the 1981 Sly Stallone movie Nighthawks)! Like Wulfgar, you are strong, heroic, and doomed to have many failed romances. Tread carefully, lest you lose touch with your roots and become an alcoholic hermit.

  8. Your inner classic D&D character:

    You are Neeva from Dark Sun! Like Neeva, you’re a tough leader who likes to get physical. You fight viciously for a good cause. Your kids will go on to do great things someday.

    I only saw one other Neeva

  9. Laurana
    You are Laurana from DragonLance! Like Laurana, you can be immature at times, but you show real strength when the occasion demands it. Wasn’t expecting a girl character!

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