Better NPCs, better world

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I bundled the Instant World Builder in a single file but I decided to wait for a few days before releasing the .pdf file. The reason? I want to make it better. So this is an unofficial addition to the project.

Generic NPC quirks

A great way to add flavour to a region of a world you’re creating is to come up with an accent for all NPCs – or any other easy-to-roleplay quirk. For those of us who aren’t good at accents there are expressions. It’s easy to decide on a few thematic expressions that the inhabitants of a region use.

For example, you could easily name NPCs with a Roman sounding names and have them use a few expressions from this list of latin expressions. It’s easy on the DM. It’s easy on the players. And it adds a je-ne-sais-quoi to the campaign setting!

2 thoughts on “Better NPCs, better world”

  1. I’ve been using accents and expressions in my DMing since the beginning. It’s always been really useful at getting my players to talk the way they think their characters would talk, as well. Generally, I find that if the DM can pull of the role-playing bit well enough, players will feel encouraged to do likewise.

    These sorts of generic quirks are always great additions. Definitely a good tip! Again, thanks for the site, Yax!

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