Question Keith (Yeah, that Keith) #1: Hidden Hit Points?

We’re proud to present the 1st in a series of monthly articles by Keith Baker.  Best known for creating the Eberron Campaign Setting for Dungeons & Dragons and the card game Gloom he’s also worked on at least five games that you’ve never heard of.  Yet. Question: My DM has decided to implement a house … Read more

CSI D&D: Creating a Forensics-Based Adventure

After the success of my puzzle-based adventures with my local gaming group, using such puzzles as those found in Scrolls of Destiny I and II, I began looking around for other ways to bring in my and my players’ interests outside of gaming. Since many in our group are avid followers of the forensics shows … Read more

Reality Shift Part 3 – Living to Serve

In Reality Shift Part 1, I introduced the RS concept which asks: “what would our D&D worlds be like if we dropped the idea that the game rules are a model of reality and instead adopt them as the actual reality of this imaginary world?”  Reality Shift Part 2 gave the first answer to that, … Read more