387 Free D&D Maps

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I stopped counting

There’s actually more than that but I was tired of counting!

Given the popularity of the 83 free D&D adventures article I decided to clear a few hours in my schedule and look for free D&D maps. I found so many of them that I didn’t have time to look into map generators! So stay tuned for the map generators list.

I hope you appreciate this free maps list because I got bombarded by pop-ups and spyware while I compiled it!

EDIT: I fixed a few broken links and also thought that you might want to check out my wicked map-drawing skills since we’re talking about maps.

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36 thoughts on “387 Free D&D Maps”

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  2. Avatar

    Marvellous. huge collection, great tools for all DM using rpg-based software (like Fantasy Grounds)

  3. Avatar

    I know this article is old and all… BUT that hand drawn map, is the map from the game ZORK!
    just thought i let you know!!!!

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  5. Avatar

    Was wondering if there would ever be a zipped archive version of this? I can’t be bothered to go through and download what I need… lol. I’d rather be able to download the whole lot, and sift through what I want.

  6. Avatar

    Wizards has put so many things on their website for Dm’s to use in adventures. Thanks so much!!!! It is great to be able to put a visual aspect to the game and you guys help so much.

  7. Avatar

    Does anyone know where to get a map of Graz’zt’s castle in Zelatar from the Demon Web Pits adventure?

  8. Avatar

    does anyone by any chance have maps of Graz’zt the prince of darkness’s castle? I’m creating a module with him as the end fight and i want it to take place in his ardent castle, but i cant find maps of it anywhere.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  9. Avatar

    I believe the http://www.geocities.com/dungeongrids/ ( the dungeon grids) no longer go anywhere. They used to go to this rather good place where there was these boxes of normal lined map grids and i needed the others and it’s gone. I think it went to this place, cause I can’t find it anywhere else and I’m sure it’s this place. Also, is the tools to pay for 45$ on this site worth it? I’m trying it right now and I think it’s pretty good.

  10. Avatar

    The tavern is way overly stereotypical since everyone assumes that every game starts in a tavern and thats just lies.

  11. Avatar

    I need to find maps in playable size for the ready made D & D adventure called, “Pyramid of Shadows”. There are tiny maps in the booklets, but I would like to have matching maps my players could put their pieces on while they are playing. The pyramid is far to extensive to be on one map, so I know it would have to be several. Can you please help me locate them. Thank you very much.


  12. Avatar

    i’m looking for “king’s festival” map

    B11 modul

    i have the original adventure

    but the map is on the missing cover

    can anyone guide me to the right direction ?

    thnx in advanced


  13. Avatar

    I found RPGplaneMapMaker
    it’s way better than the other ones.
    There are 2 tutorial videos on youtube about it.

  14. Avatar

    3 world, 9 years, over 20 permanent players, and a s#!tload of cookies later and these maps are still damn useful. Thanks to all.

  15. Avatar

    There are more at Dungeons Masters .net (If site is still in operation) and you can find Mage Applications, try… CavernMage, DiceMage, CityMage, and Map Mage Generator. All of these can be found by a general search on Google. Make sure they are spelled as I spelled them, (Made SURE I had them right!)

  16. Avatar

    i am looking for playable maps for 2 quests ,one is “orcs of stone fang pass”and the other is “seekers of the ashen crown” please email them to me (if possible) at dylbug1998@ymail.com

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  18. Avatar

    Can anyone tell me the best place to get (Free downloadable/printable) items to use in the Game? Such as tables, chairs, doorways, windows, etc etc…. id greatly appriciate any help anyone cld give me!!! thanks so much! have a good one!!

  19. Avatar
    Tavia Dwinneldth

    I know this is old, but thank you immensely for providing all of these! I’m part of a group playing a tabletop RPG that we’re in the process of making ourselves, and you just saved my hand from having to draw a ton of maps myself!

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  21. Avatar

    could someone send me some maps of towns,dungens and castles?im trying to start a d&d game here in wilkesboro,n.c. and its hard to find some.tks.

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  23. Avatar

    OK, I have been at this ten minutes now. to get your maps, I have had to download yet another downoload manager, dodged an attemp to change my browser, another attempt to change my default homepage, see a whole row of crap added to my browser and my virus program has picked up something.

    I launch the program “miponey” that doesn’t point anywhere where the maps are. Why am I here now? I see no maps, zip and nothing that points the way.

    And the Captcha code says FU? I think this is a clue.

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